The Pentatomoidea in Czechoslovakia

Stys, P.

Ziva 13(5): 185-186


Accession: 025661247

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The Pentatomoidea in Czechoslovakia are found mostly in southern Moravia and south and east Slovakia, where they migrated from the steppes of the south-east Europe. The Acanthoso-matidae and the Plataspidae are distinguished by their two-jointed feet; A. haemorrhoidale is the largest specie, reaching up to 17 mm in size. The Pentatoninae is the most widely represented group: Aelia acuminata, Palomena prasina, Carpocoris fuscispinus and Dolycoris baccarum live on various grasses; Pentatoma rufipes and Eurydema oleraceum live in trees. In all, over 100 species of Pentatomoidea are found in Czechoslovakia.