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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 25689

Chapter 25689 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hassell M.P., 1968:
The behavioral response of a tachinid fly cyzenis albicans to its host the winter moth operophtera brumata quercus robur d prunus spinosa d corylus avellana d crataegus d sp

Balph, David F., 1961:
The behavioral response of free Uinta ground squirrels to a trap

McLEOD.S.W., 1949:
The behavioral response of patients seized with an acute myocardial infarction

Omelich, Paul, 1967:
The behavioral role and the structure of the aesthetes of chitons

Brooks, Jane Beaver, 1963:
The behavioral significance of childhood experiences that are reported in life history interviews

Schneirla, T.C., 1963:
The behaviour and biology of certain nearctic army ants Springtime resurgence of cyclic function - Southeastern Arizona

Medawar, P.B., 1944:
The behaviour and fate of skin autografts and skin homografts in rabbits

Anonymous, 1965:
The behaviour and morphology of a second tissue culture strain of lymphoblasts from Burkitts lymphoma

Wharton, R.H., 1951:
The behaviour and mortality of Anopheles maculatus and Culex fatigans in experimental huts treated with DDT and BHC

Orosi, P.Z., 1959:
The behaviour and nutrition of drones

Griffiths, D.C., 1960:
The behaviour and specificity of Monoctonus paludum Marshall a parasite of Nasonovia ribis-nigri on lettuce

Lander, H.; Davey, M.G., 1964:
The Behaviour And Survival Of Platelets In Polycythaemia And Thrombocythaemia

D.F.lecan, V.; Bretan, C.; Bretan, I.; Perseca, E.; Bobes, I., 1965:
The behaviour as genitors of some wild potato strains and varieties

Bronitki, A.; Copelovici, Y.; Gruia, M., 1960:
The behaviour in the egg and in experimental animals of the influenza virus strains isolated during an epidemic, Feburary, 1959

Sobel, H., 1958:
The behaviour in vitro of dissociated embryonic pituitary tissue

Markham, N.P.; Heatley, N.G.; Sanders, A.G.; Florey, H.W., 1951:
The behaviour in vivo of particulate micrococcin

Mills, G.T.; Smith, E.E.B.; Stary, B.; Leslie, I., 1950:
The behaviour of -glucuronidase and nucleic acids in rat liver during growth

Wlodek, S., 1967:
The behaviour of 137 Cs in freshwater reservoirs, with particular reference to the reactions of plant communities to contamination

Cope, C.L.; Black, E.G., 1958:
The behaviour of 14c-cortisol and estimation of cortisol production rate in man

Kisiel Klimiuk, Ludmia, 1961:
The behaviour of 17-ketosteroids in urine of patients with chronic right-sided circulatory failure

Viswanathan, D.K.; Ramachandra, R.T., 1943:
The behaviour of Anopheles fluviatilis James as regards the time of entry into houses and feeding

Anonymous, 1944:
The behaviour of Anopheles fluviatilis II Nocturnal movements and daytime resting places and their bearing on spray-killing

Tschermak Woess, E.; Gertrude, H.J.nschke, 1963:
The behaviour of B-chromosomes of a special type in the endopolyploid giant nuclei of the chalazal haustqrium of the endosperm in Rhinanthus

Anonymous, 1950:
The behaviour of B germanica in white light

Anonymous, 1965:
The behaviour of Belba Geniculosa Oudms and certain other species of oribatid mites in controlled temperature gradients

Anonymous, 1939:
The behaviour of Belgian frogs in relation to Trevans dose-mortality curve in the assay of digitalis

Albert, Z., 1962:
The behaviour of Crocker's sarcoma grafted upon transplantable chrysoidin hepatoma and spontaneous mammary carcinoma of mice

Ringelberg, J., 1963:
The behaviour of Daphnia in diffuse light

Doroszewskl, Marek, 1961:
The behaviour of Dileptus fragments after operation

Fisher, Stephen, 1948:
The behaviour of Haemophilus pertussis in casein in hydrolysate broth

Ewer, R.F., 1947:
The behaviour of Hydra in response to gravity

Mach, Z., 1959:
The behaviour of I131 in the thyroid and certain tissues after the administration of calcium salts

Anonymous, 1960:
The behaviour of LB-acidophilus in mixed culture

Mcdonald, J., 1960:
The behaviour of Pacific salmon fry during their downstream migration to freshwater and saltwater nursery areas

Kleczkowski, J.; Kleczkowski, A., 1953:
The behaviour of Rhizobium bacteriophages during and after exposure to ultraviolet radiation

Simons, C., 1941:
The behaviour of Scopulariopsis brevicaulis towards choline

Liem, S.D., 1940:
The behaviour of Spiro-chaeta duttoni and Leptospira icterohaemorrhagiae in Triatoma infestans

Adler, S.; Ashbel, R., 1942:
The behaviour of Spirochaeta persica in Pediculus humanus

Heisch, R.B.; Sparrow, M.H.; Harvey, A.E.C., 1960 :
The behaviour of Spirochaeta recurrentis Lebert in lice

Bergh, H.; Kringstad, H.; Ottar, B., 1959:
The behaviour of Sr-89, Cs-137 and fission product contamination during the brewing of pilsener beer

HALE.J.H.; McLLWAIN.H., 1947:
The behaviour of streptococci of varying virulence towards glutamine

L.C.ur, L.F.; Rutishauser, A., 1956:
The behaviour of Trillium chromosomes in Paris cytoplasm

Holz, Joachim, 1965:
The behaviour of Trypanosoma evansi under the influence of Diacethyl-N-guanyl-N2- -dihydrazone- dihydrochloriden

Urbani Mistruzzi, L., 1957:
The behaviour of Upases in the embryonal development of Bufoi vulgaris at different temperatures

Anonymous, 1929:
The behaviour of Vampyrella lateritia, with special reference to the work of Professor Chr Gobi

Barnes, E.M.; Despaul, J.E.; Ingram, M., 1963:
The behaviour of a food poisoning strain of Clostridium welchii in beef

Betts, Monica M., 1955:
The behaviour of a pair of great tits at the nest

Seel, David C., 1960:
The behaviour of a pair of house sparrows while rearing young

Swift, D.W.; Nixon, W.C., 1961:
The behaviour of a point in a triode electron gun

Juhn, Mary, 1943:
The behaviour of abnormal feather pigmentation in the brown Leghorn toward estrogens

Reed, G.B.; Rice, C.E., 1931:
The Behaviour of Acid-fast Bacteria in Oil and Water Systems

Roebuck, A.; Broadbent, L.; Redman, R.F.W., 1947:
The behaviour of adult click beetles of the genus Agriotes

Nordmann, Martin, 1930:
The behaviour of adult mammalian kidney in tissue cultures

Maffei, G.; Marcucci, L., 1956:
The behaviour of alkaline phosphatase and of thymonucleic and ribonucleic acids in the inner ear and in the trachea of guinea pigs in anoxic conditions

Bernard, A.; Lamelin, P.; Delattre, A., 1964:
The behaviour of amylase in acute pancreatitis

Lasnitzki, I., 1952:
The behaviour of ascites tumour cells in vivo and in tissue culture

Beswick, T.S.; Coid, C.R.; Hartley, E.; Henderson, M.; Winter, M., 1964:
The Behaviour Of Attenuated Strains Of Poliovirus In Monkeys

Joseph, J.; Thomas, G.A., 1958:
The behaviour of autografts of ileum transplanted into the urinary bladder in rabbits

Soding, H., 1958:
The behaviour of bacteria in living leaves

Lavarack, J.O., 1957:
The behaviour of basophil cytoplasmic substances during neural induction in the chick

Butler, E.R.; Parsons, L.M., 1967:
The behaviour of beef cattle in an enclosed building

Zasztowt, Otton, 1961:
The behaviour of blood serum albumin and uterine contractile activity

Wolf, C.G.L.; Haynes, G.S., 1926:
The behaviour of caramelized carbohydrates

Jansen, G.C., 1958:
The behaviour of cattle and the cafeteria-stable

Chambers, D.T., 1963:
The behaviour of cattle at pasture

Beck, J.S., 1962:
The behaviour of certain nuclear antigens in mitosis

Hatton, R.G., 1928:
The behaviour of certain pears on various quince rootstocks

Savulescu, A.; Becerescu, D., 1967:
The behaviour of certain species of Ustilaginales towards the action of radiation in small doses

Hutt, C.; Hutt, S.J.; Ounsted, C., 1965:
The behaviour of children with and without upper CNS lesions

Lee, J.S.uan; Tsai, C., 1943:
The behaviour of cholesterol and lecithin towards normal haemolytic serum

Lee, J.S.uan; Chiao, T., 1943:
The behaviour of cholesterol towards haemolytic immune serum

Eccles, J.C.; Libet, B.; Young, R.R., 1958:
The behaviour of chromatolysed motoneurones studied by intracellular recording

Polli, E.E., 1950:
The behaviour of cromatin in normal and pathological human blood cells

Negril, A.; Militju, I., 1963:
The behaviour of different apple-tree varieties in intensive palm espalier training

Santa Maria, H.C.; Dosso, J.E., 1962:
The behaviour of different fungicides for the control of the main tomato diseases in Balcarce, Argentina

Hartley, Percival, 1948:
The behaviour of different ypes of homologous and heterologous diphtheria antitoxin when administered to pregnant guinea-pigs

Barbieri, G.; Milanese, G.; Rosso, S., 1960:
The behaviour of electrolytic tinplate as container for preserved food containing sugars and acids

Barbieri, G.; Milanese, G.; Rosso, S., 1960:
The behaviour of electrolytic tinplate as container for vegetables rich in sulphur-containing proteins

Madge, D.S., 1961:
The behaviour of free-living mites as affected by humidity

Ibbotson, A., 1958:
The behaviour of frit fly in Northumberland

Howarth, J.V., 1958:
The behaviour of frog muscle in hypertonic solutions

Meldrum, N.U., 1930:
The behaviour of glutathione in yeast

Anonymous, 1961:
The behaviour of glutathiones SH groups during heart perfusion

Thomas, M.T., 1928:
The behaviour of grasses in the seeding year, when sown in pure plots establishment, rate of growth and palatability

Sen, K.C.andra; Mitra,, 1929:
The behaviour of hemolytic serum, complement-free hemolytic serum and normal serum in presence of chemical hemolysers

Wain, R.L., 1964:
The behaviour of herbicides in the plant in relation to selectivity

Free, J.B., 1960:
The behaviour of honeybees visiting flowers of fruit trees

Free, J.B., 1958:
The behaviour of honeybees when their hive is moved to a new site

Reid, B.L., 1964:
The Behaviour Of Human Sperm Toward Cultured Fragments Of Human Cervix Uteri

Venulet, J.; Jakimowska, K.; Urbaska, A., 1956:
The behaviour of hydroxamlc acids in animal organisms

Woodward, Mary, 1959:
The behaviour of idiots interpreted by Piagets theory of sensori-motor development

Johnson, F.R.; Mcminn, R.M., 1955:
The behaviour of implantation grafts of bladder mucosa

Stehbens, W.E.; Florey, H.W., 1960:
The behaviour of intravenously injected particles observed in chambers in rabbits ears

Hales, I.; Newman, R., 1968:
The behaviour of isolated human thyroid cells in monolayer culture

Macgregor, H.C., 1962:
The behaviour of isolated nuclei

Anonymous, 1932:
The behaviour of liver glycogen in experimental animals IV G E MURPHY, and F G YOUNG The effect of some anaesthetics

Aldridge, W.N.; Stoner, H.B., 1960:
The behaviour of liver mitochondria isolated from rats with different body temperatures after limb ischaemia or after injection of 3:5-dinitro-ocresol

Anonymous, 1957:
The behaviour of lumbricids under moorland conditions, I Behaviour of worms associated with dung II Activity related to temperature darkness and rainfall

Richters, A.; Sherwin, R.P., 1964:
The behaviour of lymphocytes in primary explants of human lung cancer in vitro

Gahan, P.B.; Maple, A.J., 1966:
The behaviour of lysosome-like particles during cell differentiation

Cliff, W.J., 1966:
The behaviour of macrophages labelled with colloidal carbon during wound healing in rabbit ear chambers

Service, M.W., 1964:
The behaviour of malaria vectors in huts sprayed with DDT and with a mixture of DDT and malathion in northern Nigeria

Granit, R.; Kernell, D.; Shortess, G.K., 1963:
The Behaviour Of Mammalian Motoneurones During Long-Lasting Orthodromic, Antidromic And Trans-Membrane Stimulation

Barnes, J.M.; Duff, J.I.; Threlfall, C.J., 1955:
The behaviour of mammalian striated muscle in the presence of 2:4-dinitrophenol

Mather, K., 1934:
The behaviour of meiotic chromosomes after X irradiation

P.Hirsch-Ayalon, 1956:
The behaviour of membranes between electrolyte solutions IV Electrochemically active precipitates in membranes; the membrane potential at the barium sulphate-cellophane membrane

Mackaness, G.B., 1964:
The behaviour of microbial parasites in relation to phagocytic cells in vitro and in vivo

Chentsova, N.Y., 1952:
The behaviour of mouse-like rodents in searching for food and the protection of sown seeds from them

Gvozdjak, J., 1963:
The Behaviour Of Myocardial Lipids During Chronic Administration Of Digitoxin

Barnes, T.W., 1953:
The behaviour of nitrogenous materials buried in the soil II The solubilization of nitrogen under full aeration for long periods

Barr, M.L.; Bertram, E.G., 1951:
The behaviour of nuclear structures during depletion and restoration of Nissl material in motor neurones

Valadon, L.R.G.; Myers, A.; Manners, J.G., 1962:
The behaviour of nucleic acids and other constituents on Protomyces inundatus Dangeard

Wirth, K.; Schreier, K., 1956:
The behaviour of nucleic acids in liver, muscle and brain during development of the foetus in the rat

Girbardt, M., 1961:
The behaviour of nucleolar substance during vegetative division of fungal nuclei

Shivas, A.A., 1959:
The behaviour of of Brown-Pearce carcinoma implanted in rabbit brain

Moore, Hilary B., 1963:
The behaviour of organisms constituting the deep scattering layer

McFarlane, A.S., 1935:
The behaviour of pathological sera in the ultracentrifuge

Philpot, J.S., 1935:
The behaviour of pepsin in the ultracentrifuge after alkaline inactivation

Frankel, M., 1937:
The behaviour of peptides in aqueous solutions

Lorenzoni, L., 1956:
The behaviour of perchloric acid-soluble mucoproteins in plasma and in subcutaneous connective tissue of rats bearing transplanted tumors

Anonymous, 1927:
The behaviour of pigments towards the blood and organ-pulp I The behaviour of pigments towards the blood II The behaviour of pigments towards the organ-pulp

Heinrich, H.G., 1964:
The behaviour of plasma clotting factors and blood vessel permeability in different age groups

Silver, M.D.; Stehbens, W.E., 1965:
The behaviour of platelets in vivo

Schmitz, George William, 1958:
The behaviour of potassium in several Ohio soils

Cheesman, D.F., 1952:
The behaviour of proteins at the liquid-liquid interface

Birt, L.M.; Bartley, W., 1960:
The behaviour of pyridine nucleotides of mitochondria in a 'saline medium'

Johnson, Nora H., 1935:
The behaviour of ra-phides during cell division as an indication of protoplasmic viscosity

Fell, B.F., 1960:
The behaviour of rabbit tissues transplanted into the allantoic cavity of the embryonated egg, with observations on growth-stimulating effects of sera from normal and injured rabbits

Frere, M.H.; Menzel, R.G.; Larson, K.H.; Overstreet, R.; Reitemeier, R.F., 1963:
The behaviour of radioactive fallout in soils and plants

Rosenthal, S.; Teichmann, I.; Winkelmann, W.E., 1962:
The behaviour of respiration enzymes in hypertrophic kidney tissue

Roddy, W.T.; O'flaherty, F., 1939:
The behaviour of reticular tissue of animal skin

Piovella, C.; Badellino, F.; Ravasi, G.L.; Fratti, L., 1967:
The behaviour of rigid, microscopic resin spheres in the terminal circulation of tumours

Alabaster, J.S.; Downing, A.L., 1958:
The behaviour of roach in temperature gradients in a large outdoor tank

Miia Salminen; Jouni Pulliainen; Sari Metsämäki; Anna Kontu; Hanne Suokanerva, 2009:
The behaviour of snow and snow-free surface reflectance in boreal forests Implications to the performance of snow covered area monitoring

Duck, Tivadah, 1966:
The behaviour of some brown forest soil types against erosion

Hager, G.; Heinke, W., 1967:
The behaviour of some enzymes in the foetal adrenal of cattle

Gornall, A.G.dfrey; Hunter, A., 1940:
The behaviour of some uramido-acids in the nitrous acid method for the determination of ammo-nitrogen

Cooper, Sybil, 1962:
The behaviour of spindle receptors during muscle stretch

Heisch, R.B.; Chamsa, M.; Seydian, B.; Harvey, A.E., 1957:
The behaviour of spirochaetes in lice with special reference to the negative phase

Anonymous, 1931:
The behaviour of starlings in winter II Observations in Somerset, 1929-30

Reda, I.M.; Ahmed, A.A.S., 1967:
The behaviour of strains of Newcastle disease virus of differing pathogenicity of treatment with ether and hydroxylamine

Buchner, E.H., 1929:
The behaviour of swollen gelatin in water vapour

Hall, A.N.; Lea, D.J.; Rydon, H.N., 1962:
The behaviour of the Bzmethylindoles as substrates and inhibitors for Neurospora crassa tryptophan synthase

D.N.gri, R.D.nes; Buldrini, A.; Luppi, A., 1965:
The behaviour of the Corynebacteriaceae on solid egg-yolk media and on the Tween 80

Iyer, M.S.Muthuswamy, 1932:
The behaviour of the Golgi apparatus in the oocytes of Emyda vittata

Van Der Horst, C.J.; Gilman, J., 1945:
The behaviour of the Graafian follicle of Elephantulus during pregnancy, with special reference to the hormonal regulation of ovarian activity

Svobodova, Jarmila, 1959:
The behaviour of the S-strain of tobacco mosaic virus as determined by biological tests

Campbell, E.J.M.; Green, J.H., 1955:
The behaviour of the abdominal muscles and the intra-abdominal pressure during quiet breathing and increased pulmonary, ventilation

Maelzer, D.A., 1961:
The behaviour of the adult of Aphodius tasmaniae Hope in South Australia

Judenko, E., 1958:
The behaviour of the adult shothole borer under laboratory conditions

Plastino, G.; Fiorio, G.C.; Zardini, V.; Caldera, L., 1968:
The behaviour of the alkali reserve, Ca, P and creatinine in the serum and urine under the stimulus of smallpox vaccine

Breathnach, C.S., 1966:
The behaviour of the bicarbonate ion at biological membranes

Conway, J., 1955:
The behaviour of the blood pressure in normal rabbits in response to L-noradrenaline and to ganglion block by hexa- or pentamethonium

Rizzoli, C.; Coppini, L., 1954:
The behaviour of the connective tissue in the foetal lung during development

Sasaki, T., 1933:
The behaviour of the corpuscles of Vater towards solutions of various concentrations of urea and grape sugar

Anonymous, 1948:
The behaviour of the ecgtype in corpulence and in pregnancy A polemical discussion

Kulpe, W.; Mallach, H.J., 1960:
The behaviour of the glucose level after administration of alcohol

Dimelow, E.J., 1963:
The behaviour of the hedgehog in the routine of life in captivity

Gallo, E.; Gasparini, V.; Diana, G.; Calzavara, F., 1967:
The behaviour of the immunological tolerance to the poliovirus type 2 after injection of Azoyprite

Quesnel, L.B., 1960:
The behaviour of the individual organisms in the lag phase and the formation of small populations of Escherichia coli

Menon, T.B.; Ramamurti, B., 1941:
The behaviour of the infective larvae of Wuchereria bancrofti with a special reference to their mode of escape and penetration of skin

Gould, D.W.; Hsieh, A.C.; Tinckler, L.F., 1955:
The behaviour of the intact ureter in dogs, rabbits and rats

Gould, D.W.; Hsieh, A.C.; Tinckler, L.F., 1955:
The behaviour of the isolated water-buffalo ureter

Gomulka, J.; Juszczynski, M., 1959:
The behaviour of the level of circulating acidophil blood cells in patients after gastric resection during the dumping syndrome

Veenstra, A.J.F., 1958:
The behaviour of the multimammate mouse, Rattus natalensis

Magro, G.; Posteli, T.; Sergiacomi, A., 1950:
The behaviour of the peripheral arteriolar circulation during pregnancy

Gallo, E.; Farisano, G.; Gasparini, V., 1962:
The behaviour of the properdin rate in rats treated with devitalized and lyophilized yeasts

Alpern, M.; Campbell, F.W., 1963:
The behaviour of the pupil during dark-adaptation

Anonymous, 1963:
The behaviour of the quadriceps muscle during walking An electromyographic investigation

Lack, David, 1939:
The behaviour of the robin

Toriyama, Hideo, 1966:
The behaviour of the sensitive plant In a typhoon

Ostrowska, A., 1959:
The behaviour of the serum proteins in leukemia

Lindeboom, G.A., 1948:
The behaviour of the serum proteins in puerperium

Garrahan, P.J.; Glynn, I.M., 1967:
The behaviour of the sodium pump in red cells in the absence of external potassium

Sasaki, T., 1933:
The behaviour of the testicular tissue toward solutions of various kinds and concentration

Deane, R.F.; Garry, R.C., 1966:
The behaviour of the ureter of the pig recorded by the Trendelenburg technique

Bell, G.H., 1942:
The behaviour of the uterus of the rhesus monkey under the influence of certain hormones

Aswathanarayana, N.V., 1958:
The behaviour of the vacuole on stimulation of yeast cells with fresh media

Brown, R.G.B., 1963:
The behaviour of the willow warbler Phylloscopus trochilus in continuous daylight

Wynn, Gail G., 1965:
The behaviour of tissue slices in chromate solutions A study of the comparative importance of the tonicity and osmotic concentration of fixative systems

Granit, R.; Pascoe, J.E.; Steg, G., 1957:
The behaviour of tonic a and 7 motoneurones during stimulation of recurrent collaterals

Hofmann, E.C.G.; Rapoport, S.; Kesselring, K., 1956:
The behaviour of triphosphopyridine nucleotide, flavine adenine dinucleotide, coenzyme A and thiamine pyrophosphate in hemolysates of rabbit reticulocytes and erythrocytes

Anonymous, 1968:
The behaviour of trypsin towards -N-methyl- -N-toluene-p-sulphonyl-L-lysine -naphthyl ester A new method for determining the absolute molarity of solutions of trypsin

Bori, V.D.; Dapelo, G., 1946:
The behaviour of tuberculosis in sensitized animals

McFarlane, A.S., 1935:
The behaviour of urinary proteins in the ultracentrifuge

Lush, Dora, 1940:
The behaviour of vaccinia virus inoculated intranasally into mice

Hopwood, D., 1967:
The behaviour of various glutaraldehydes on Sephadex G-10 and some implications for fixation

Schwertmann, U., 1966:
The behaviour of vermiculites against potassium, aluminum and other cations II Chemical investigations

Fasanella, A.; Scasciamacchia, S.; Garofolo, G., 2008:
The behaviour of virulent Bacillus anthracis strain AO843 in rabbits

Jawetz, E.; Meyer, K.F., 1944:
The behaviour of virulent and avirulent P pestis in normal and immune experimental animals

Broda, E.E.; Goodeve, C.F., 1941:
The behaviour of visual purple at low temperature

Hynd, A.; Macfarlane, M.G., 1927:
The Behaviour of Whole Blood towards Maltose in vitro

Welsch, M., 1957:
The behaviour towards actinophage of mutants surviving its lytic action

Fennessy, M.R.; Ortiz, A., 1968:
The behavioural and cardiovascular actions of intravenously administered morphine in the conscious dog

Farooq, M.; Mallah, M.B., 1966:
The behavioural pattern of social and religious water-contact activities in the Egypt-49 bilharziasis project area

Eriksson, G., 1965:
The behavioural pattern of the non-specific reaction to pollen in comparison with reactions to histamine, compound 48-80, serotonin and bradykinin

Cooke, R.E., 1952:
The behavioural response of infants to heat stress

Frison, E., 1961:
The belated construction of water-immersion objectives in Britain

Clicheroux E., 1968:
The belgian forest from 1893 to 1968

Metcalf, Maynard M., 1928:
The bell-toads and their opalinid parasites

Davis, David E., 1941:
The belligerency of the King-bird

Anon, 1968:
The belovezhskaya deep forest issue 2 minsk ussr 1968

Guerrero, Pedro Gonzalez, 1964:
The belt of Chlorophyceae surrounding the Mediterranean Sea

Gentry, Howard S., 1952:
The belt plant press

Edmondson L.F., 1967:
The beltsville maryland usa process inst ion exchange strontium 90 removal from milk

Anonymous, 1964:
The beluga An experiment in monographic study of the species

Anonymous, 2009:
The benchmark approach is the preferred method to describe the toxicology of tetrabromobisphenol A TBBPA - Response to Banasik et al 2009

Somers, G.Fred, 1966:
The bending of potato-tuber slices mounted as cantilever beams

Nakamura, G., 1951:
The bending test on the wood , treated by water dipping and boiling

Sergi, S., 1948:
The bendings of the basis in Saccopastore and Mount Circeo paleanthropi

Roubaud, Emile, 1954:
The bene-ficial effect on insect feeding habits on apiculture

Steven, H.M., 1964:
The beneficent forest

Anonymous, 1936:
The beneficial action of glycerin on B dysenteriae in dysenteric stools

Selye, H.; Friedman, S.M., 1941:
The beneficial action of testosterone in experimental renal atrophy caused by ligature of the ureter

Humphries E.C., 1968:
The beneficial effect of chlorocholine chloride on wheat m yields in dry conditions increased yield larger root system

Fixa, B.; Komárková, O.; Herout, V., 1967:
The beneficial effect of corticosteroids in a patient with simple atrophic gastritis. A case report

Anonymous, 1952:
The beneficial effect of filter press cake on pineapple growth development and production II Effect on the ration crop

Anonymous, 1952:
The beneficial effect of filter press cake on pineapple growth, development and production I Effect on the plant crop

Granirer, L.W., 1953:
The beneficial effect of postpartum plasma in a case of myasthenia gravis

Martínez-Sánchez, P.; Rivera-Ordóñez, C.; Fuentes, B.; Ortega-Casarrubios, M.A.; Idrovo, L.; Díez-Tejedor, E., 2012:
The beneficial effect of statins treatment by stroke subtype

Strakosch, E.A.; Clark, W.G., 1943:
The beneficial effect of urea in topical sulfonamide therapy

Redington, Paul G., 1929:
The beneficial effect of wild life on forest and other lands

Bogert, Charles M., 1943:
The beneficial serpent

Anonymous, 1963:
The beneficient forest In Annual meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, 1963

Anonymous, 1964:
The benefits and disadvantages of intravasal erythrocyte aggregation In 2 Europaische Konferenz uber Mikrozirkulation, Pavia, 1962

Ahmet Murat Turk, 2009:
The benefits associated with ISO 14001 certification for construction firms Turkish case

Anonymous, 1964:
The benefits of banding 40 years of bird banding in the USSR

Rickwood A.M.K.; Thorne R.J.T., 1967:
The benefits of inst urea diuresis after prostatectomy human

Fricke, C.; Wigby, S.; Hobbs, R.; Chapman, T., 2008:
The benefits of male ejaculate sex peptide transfer in Drosophila melanogaster

Brazenall, R.W., 1962:
The benefits of mass dental radiography in public dentistry

Weaver, M.M., 1943:
The benefits of research for the undergraduate in the liberal arts college

Jirapunpipat, K. {a}; 1 ; Yokota, M.; Watanabe, S.; 1 Email:, 2009:
The benefits of species-based management of sympatric mud crabs migrating to a common fishing ground

Merrrill, Arthur S., 1965:
The benefits of systematic biological collecting from navigation buoys

Stander G.H., 1967:
The benguela current off south west africa plankton productivity

Anonymous, 1962:
The benign disseminated reticulo-endotheliosis of the skin in infancy

Garnier, G., 1957:
The benign erythroplasias with plasmocytes

Mcalpine, D., 1961:
The benign form of multiple sclerosis. A study based on 241 cases seen within three years of onset and followed up until the tenth year or more of the disease

Mcalpine, D., 1964:
The Benign Form Of Multiple Sclerosis: Results Of A Long-Term Study

Mollaret, P., 1952:
The benign inoculation lymphoreticulosis

Bock, Joseph C., 1944:
The benign meliturias

Santos M.; Aguirre A.; Puente S., 1968:
The benign pathology of the distal biliary common duct

Peters H.A.; Opitz J.M.; Goto I.; Reese H.H., 1968:
The benign proximal spinal progressive muscular atrophies a clinical and genetical study human

Vallejo, J.L., 1967:
The benign thyroid nodule Possibilities of development in 243 cases

Bol'shakov V.N.; Epifantseva Z.D., 1968:
The bent nose mutation in the vole prometheomys schaposchnikovi

Michele Zaccai; Revital Ackerman; Oksana Genis; Joseph Riov; Moriyah Zik, 2009:
The bent peduncle phenomenon in roses is a developmental process involving auxin

Budde, Hermann, 1942:
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The Binding Of S-Rna By Escherichia Coli Ribosomes

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The binding of a cationic detergent by yeast cells, in relation to its germicidal action

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The binding of acetylcholine in human blood in vitro

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The binding of actinomycin d and actinomycin f to bacterial dna calf thymus

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The binding of adenlne nucleottdea to the mannitol-I-phoaphate dehydrogenase of Escherichia coll

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The binding of adenosinetriphosphate and orthophosphate by proteins

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The binding of adenylic acid by muscle phosphorylase

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The binding of aldolase to isolated nuclei

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The Binding Of Aldosterone In The Serum In Kwashiorkor

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The binding of aldosterone to plasma proteins in normal, pregnant, and steroid-treated women

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The binding of aminoacy-tRNA to complexes of Escherichia coli ribosomes and plant viral RNA

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The binding of aminoacyl sRNA and GTP to transferase I

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The binding of aminoacyl transferase II to ribosomes

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The binding of aminoacyl-sRNA's to ribosomes stimulated by block oligonucleotides

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The binding of analogues of diphosphopyridine nucleotide by yeast glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase

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The binding of anions by lysozyme, calf thymus histone sulphate, and protamine sulphate

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The binding of anti mitotic agents by cell free extracts of neopl tumor cells abstract colchicine anti neoplastic vincoblastine anti neoplastic neopl sarcoma 180 cells tritium labelled alkaloids griseofulvin anti neoplastic p fluoro phenyl alanine anti neoplastic

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The binding of antibiotics to serum protein

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The binding of aromatic hydrocarbons to mouse tissue proteins and nucleic acids

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The binding of aromatic sulfonamides to erythrocytes

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The binding of atp to myosin

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The binding of atp to myosin b and myosin a rabbit

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The Binding Of Atractyloside And Oligomycin To Liver Mitochondria

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The binding of atropine to bovine serum albumin

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The binding of auto-logous-globulin with isohemagglutinin activity to human red blood cells

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The binding of basic dyes by ribonucleic acid and the measurement of ribonuclease activity

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The binding of basic polypeptides in the isolated, perfused, supercooled rat liver 4th Spring convention of the German Pharmacological Society, 1963 Abstract only

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The binding of basic proteinoids with organismic or thermally synthesized polynucleotides

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The binding of bivalent metals by deoxyribonucleic and ribonucleic acids

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The binding of bovine plasma albumin to starch gel at pH 3.1

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The binding of calcium and yttrium ions to a glycoprotein from bovine cortical bone

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The binding of calcium at lipid-water interfaces

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The binding of calcium in mixtures of phospholipids

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The Binding Of Calcium Ion By The Human Erythrocyte Membrane

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The binding of calcium to actomyosin systems in relation to their biological activity

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The binding of calcium with deoxyribonucleic acid and deoxyribonucleic acid-protein complexes

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The binding of carbon monoxide by human hemoglobin. Proof of validity of the spectrophotometric method and direct determination of the equilibrium

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The binding of carbonic anhydrase by sulfonamides

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The binding of carcinogenic hydrocarbons to epidermal proteins

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The binding of chloramphenicol by ribosomes from Bacillus megaterium

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The binding of chloride Ions to ribonuclease and to B-lactoglobulin

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The binding of chloride and sulfate ions to ribonuclease

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The binding of chromium ions to the isolated lens

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The binding of circulating enzymes by plasma proteins

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The binding of colchicine mutagen by mouse neopl sarcoma 180 cells

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The binding of copper by hemocyanin

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The binding of copper ii to mohair keratin

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The binding of copper in hemo cyanin murex trunculus histidine thiol groups

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The binding of corticosteroids by plasma macro-molecules Its effect on the biological activity of adrenal cortical hormones

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The binding of corticosteroids by plasma protein

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The binding of cortisol by ovine plasma proteins

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The binding of cortisol by plasma protein

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The binding of cortisol in the serum in kwashiorkor

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The binding of cortisone to histones from rat liver

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The binding of crystal violet to dna cyto photometric investigations in normal and tumor cell nuclei

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The Binding Of Cupric And Zinc Ions To Crystalline Sperm Whale Myoglobin

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The binding of cupric ions to bovine pancreatic ribonuclease studied with diligand metal-ion buffers

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The binding of d glutamic acid to murein in escherichia coli

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The binding of d-tubocurarine chloride to plasma proteins

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The binding of deoxyribonucleases of Escherichia coli to deoxyribonucleic acid immobilized in agarose

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The binding of different alkali salts by casein

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The binding of diphosphopyridine nucleotide by glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase

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The binding of diphosphopyridine nucleotide by yeast glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase

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The Binding Of Divalent Cations To Actin

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The binding of divers detergent anions to bovine serum albumin

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The binding of dna to residual protein in mammalian nuclei calf rat inst electrophoresis inst chromatography enz phospho di esterase

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The binding of drugs by plasma proteins rev bovine chicken dog horse frog goat guinea pig human mouse ox sheep pig rabbit rat turkey

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The binding of dyes with erythrocyte

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The Binding Of Estradiol In The Uterus: A Mechanism For Depression Of Rna Synthesis

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The binding of estrone, 17 -estradiol and estriol to proteins in vitro

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The binding of ethacrynic acid to bovine serum albumin

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The binding of ethyl isocyanide by hepatic microsomal hemoprotein

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The binding of ethyl isocyanide to sperm whale myoglobin

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The binding of flavin and pyridine nucleotides to apo- microsomal cytochrome b5 reductase

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The binding of glycogen and phosphorylase

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The binding of heart glycosides by skeletal muscle myosin of calves

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The Binding Of Heavy Metal Ions By Papain

Anonymous, 1954:
The binding of hematin by plasma protein A contribution on the method of alkaline denaturation of blood pigment

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The binding of histones to dna in inst agarose columns abstract

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The Binding Of Human Fibrinogen To Native And Fraction Fibrins And The Inhibition Of Polymerization Of A New Human Fibrin Monomer By Fibrinogen

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The binding of hydrogen ions to an acidic glycoprotein from bovine cortical bone

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The binding of imipramine metab to the outer membrane of blood platelets

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The binding of indium 113m to serum protein abstract plasma volume bone scanning agent human

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The Binding Of Indole Analogues To Defatted Human Serum Albumin At Different Chloride Concentrations

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The binding of indole compounds to bovine plasma albumin. Effects of potassium chloride, urea, dioxane, and glycine

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The binding of inhibitors to -chymotrypsin

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The binding of inhibitors to -chymotrypsin at alkaline pH

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The binding of inhibitors to carbonic anhydrase in vivo: drugs as markers for enzyme

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The binding of inorganic phosphate to myosin in the presence of adenosine triphosphate

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The Binding Of Iodotyrosines With Serum Proteins

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The Binding Of Kidney-Bean Phytohemagglutinin By Ehrlich Ascites Carcinoma

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The binding of l-cyclohacyl-5-n-butyl-2,4,6-trioxoperhydropyrimidine with serum albumin

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The binding of labeled amino acids by protein and nucleic acid preparations

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The binding of leteoskyrin a hepato toxic pigment of penicillium islandicum to deoxy ribo nucleo histone

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The binding of magnesium ions to DNA

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The binding of magnesium to microsomal nucleoprotein and ribonucleic acid

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The binding of magnesium, calcium, and chlorine ions to heavy and light meromysin

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The binding of mercury by animal tissues in vitro

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The binding of mercury by the yeast cell in relation to changes in permeability

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The binding of metabolites of aminoazo dyes to rat liver DNA in vivo

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The binding of metal ions by proteins in normal and abnormal human blood serum

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The Binding Of Metal Ions By Turnip Yellow Mosaic Virus

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The binding of methyl green and pyronin by DNA

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The binding of mixtures of iodoamino acids and of inorganic iodide by various serum proteins

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The binding of muscle aldolase to coarsely disperse particles in homogenized stimulated muscles

Lathem, W., 1960:
The binding of myoglobin by plasma protein

Anonymous, 1966:
The binding of n n bis thiazole 27 fluorenedisulfonamide sulfur 35 by serum proteins in cases of neopl malignant tumors rat neopl walker carcino sarcoma human inst electrophoretic diagnosis of neopl cancer

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The binding of naturally occurring anti-B isohemagglutinins to the B antigens of human erythrocytes

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The binding of noradrenaline norepinephrine to mono phospho inositide in vitro studies bovine brain

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The binding of noradrenaline to phosphatidylserine. In vitro studies of an artificial model system of biological origin

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The binding of novobiocin by blood serum proteins and the determination of novobiocin in the free and bound state in serum

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The binding of nucleosidepolyphosphates to actin

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The binding of nucleotides and calcium to the extracellular nuclease of Staphylococcus aureus. Studies by gel filtration

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The binding of nucleotides by pancreatic ribonuclease. I. Proton uptake and release associated with anion binding

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The binding of nufarin by certain microorganisms

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The binding of ollgosaccharldes containing N-acetylglucosamlne and N-acetylmuramic acid to lysozyme The specificity of binding subsltes

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The binding of organic ions by proteins Charge and pH effects

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The binding of organic ions by proteins; competition phenomena and denaturation effects

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The binding of organic ions by proteins Effect of temperature

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The binding of organic mercurials administered in vivo to rat kidney membranes

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The binding of oxyhemoglobin by ribonucleoprotein from a rat tumor

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The binding of p-chloromercuribenzoate by myosin

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The binding of penicillin in relation to its cytotoxic action. II. The reactivity with penicillin of resistant variants of streptococci, pneumococci, and staphylococci

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The binding of penicillin in relation to its cytotoxic action. IV. The amounts bound by bacteria at ineffective, growth-inhibitory, bactericidal, and maximally effective concentrations

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The binding of phenol red by serum and by bovine serum albumin

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The binding of phenyl guanidinium ion and phenol to enz trypsin equilibrium dialysis

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The binding of [14C] phenylalanyl-sRNA to wheat germ ribosomes

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The Binding Of Phosphate, Pyrophosphate, And Nucleotides To The Structural Protein Of Beef Heart Mitochondria

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The Binding Of Polonium By Red Cells And Plasma Proteins

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The Binding Of Polyphosphates By Phenothiazines And Related Compounds: A Possible Relationship To Clinical Potency As Tranquilisers

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The binding of porphyrins to serum proteins; a paper-electrophoretic study

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The binding of primaquine metab pentaquine metab pamaquine metab and plasmocid metab to dna inst equilibrium dialysis inst spectrophotometry chloroquine metab calf thymus

Anonymous, 1965:
The binding of proflavin and actinomycin by deoxyribonucleic acid 2 Binding by denatured and single-strand DNA, apyrimidinic acid and apurinic acid

Anonymous, 1964:
The binding of proflavin and actinomycin to deoxyribonucleic acid I The influence of ionic strength and pH as well as the effect of urea upon the binding

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The binding of proflavine to transfer rna dependence of secondary structure escherichia coli

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The binding of pyridine nucleotides to cytochrome b5 aporeductase

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The binding of pyridoxal 5-phosphate to aspartate aminotransferase of pig heart

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The binding of pyridoxal 5-phosphate with proteins

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The binding of pyrophosphate to myosin A and myosin B

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The binding of radioactive triiodothyronine by erythrocytes in myocardial infarction

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The binding of relaxing factors to muscle grains

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The binding of saccharid to crystalline and soluble lysozyme measured directly and through solubility studies

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The binding of salicylate to human serum

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The binding of salicylate to plasma proteins in different species

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The binding of salicylic acid and related substances to purified proteins

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The binding of seotonin in brain: a study in vitro of the influence of physicochemical factors and drugs

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The binding of small molecules to proteins

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The binding of sodium and calcium ions to proteins

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The binding of sodium chloride and calf thymus desoxypentose nucleic acid

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The binding of soluble antigen-antibody-complexes on erythrocytes

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The binding of some long-chain fatty acid anions and alcohols by bovine serum albumin

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The binding of some phenothiazines to human serum in vitro

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The binding of some sulfonamides by bovine serum albumin

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The binding of sterols in cellular membranes

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The binding of sulfate and phosphate ions by salmine

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The Binding Of Sulfonamide Drugs By Plasma Proteins. A Factor In Determining The Distribution Of Drugs In The Body

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The binding of sulfonamide drugs to the plasma proteins of chicken blood

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The binding of sulphatase by rat-liver particles as compared to that of acid phosphatase

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The Binding Of Tetracycline Analogs To Conalbumin In The Absence And Presence Of Cupric Ions

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The binding of the calcium transport inhibitors reserpine, chlorpromazine and prenylamine to the lipids of the membranes of the sarcoplasmic reticulum

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The binding of the cations and the determination of sorption-carriers in the soil

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The binding of the structural zinc ions in crystalline insulin

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The binding of thiazines by proteins and nucleic acid

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The binding of thyroid hormones by Escherichia coli and its mechanism

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The binding of thyroid hormones to serum proteins part 2 the effect of paper chromatography on the binding of 3 5 3 tri iodo tyronine to serum proteins in electrophoresis distribution of radioactivity of the labelled serum after the administration of iodine 131

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The binding of thyroidal hormones by triton

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The binding of thyroxine analogues by human serum proteins

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The binding of thyroxine by human fetal serum

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The binding of thyroxine by rat liver mitochondria in vivo

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The binding of thyroxine by rat-liver mitochondria

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The binding of thyroxine by serum albumin as measured by fluorescence quenching

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The binding of thyroxine to serum proteins

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The binding of tritiated digitoxigenin metab by guinea pig atrial tissue digi toxin metab

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The binding of urinary conjugated steroids to serum albumin: a new method of extraction

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The binding of various heart glycosides to plasma proteins abstract guinea pig digitoxin metab digoxin metab g strophanthin metab ouabain metab tritium labeled glycoside

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The binding of water and electrolytes in muscle

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The binding of xenon to sperm whale deoxymyoglobin

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The binding or RNA-polymerase to DNA

Anonymous, 1929:
The binding power of serum for alkaloids and the inhibition of this effect by homologous alcohols A contribution to the theory of narcosis

Anonymous, 1965:
The binding properties of rat liver ribosomes Complexes formed with cytochrome C

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The binding properties of rat-liver ribosomes Complexes formed with cytochrome

D.Moor, P., 1965:
The binding radiocortisol on transcortin as measured by gel filtration

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The binding sites of iron in rubredoxin from Micrococcus aerogenes

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The binding sites of sarcosine oxidase

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The binding tenacity of cardiac digoxin

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The binding to serum protein of acetic and propionic acid analogues of thyroxine and triiodothyronine

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The binding-sites of rabbit muscle aldolase

Allen, John F., 1933:
The binocular oscillation and fusion of colors

Polliot, F., 1949:
The binoculary problem

Anonymous, 1963:
The binome forage-livestock Growing alfalfa without irrigation in Ampurdan

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The bio assay of kanamycin auditory toxicity rat neomycin streptomycin di hydro streptomycin

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The bio degradation of anionic detergents in the waters of the tiber and aniene rivers italy

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The bio deterioration of materials an appraisal

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The bio electric activity of some nervous structures during insulin hypo glycemia cat

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The bio electric potential of the root as a means of diagnosing the toxicity of inhibitors

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The bio geography of india a note on some of its fundamentals

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The bio geography of tropical rain forest in southeast asia, J.L.; Carver, J.S.; John Son, O.; Moore, S.A.; Gerritz, H., 1934 :
The bio logical value of rations containing fish meal

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The bio mechanics of pelvic support and its clinical application woman cystocele uterine prolapse surgery

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The bio satellite ii mission frog egg weightlessness radiation pepper d

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The bio stratigraphy of Glycymeris veatchii in California

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The bio stratigraphy of the middle pleistocene in north germany palynological examinations from western holstein

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The bio stratigraphy of the ordovician of bohemia czechoslovakia

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The Bio-assay of β-Estradiol

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The Bioassay Of Adrenal Corticoids In The Urine Of Patients With Congestive Heart Failure

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The bio-assay of heparin preparations

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The bio-assay of pantothenic acid employing Proteus morganii

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The bio-assay of primycin

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The bio-chemistry and function of -lactamase

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The bio-degradability of alkybenzene sulfonates

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The bio-ecological factor in the development and evolution of the soil

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The bio-effects of radar energy. A research progress report

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The bio-electric activity of the retina in reactive hypertonia

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The bio-electric potentials of plants and their functional significance I An electro-kinetic theory of transport

Fensom, D.S., 1958:
The bio-electric potentials of plants and their functional significance II The patterns of bio-electric potential and exudation rate in excised sunflower roots and stems

Fensom, D.S., 1959:
The bio-electric potentials of plants and their functional significance III The production of continuous potentials across membranes in plant tissue by the circulation of the hydrogen ion

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The bio-energetics of vernal premigratory fat deposition in the white-crowned sparrow

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The bio-engineering approach to the development of arterial prostheses

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The bio-logical system calcium-phosphate-citrate

Anonymous, 1961:
The bio-medical engineer In Educational frontiers in bio-medical engineering

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The bio-oxygenation of steroids at C-11

Anonymous, 1949:
The bio-phage nutrient process of sewage treatment is it a dream, a nightmare, or a crystal gazers look into the future?

Anonymous, 1962:
The bio-physico-chemistry of the joints Its importance in the diagnosis of joint disorders

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The bio-synthesis of methionine

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The biosynthesis of the imidazole ring of histidine

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The biosynthesis of trehalose in the locust fat body

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The bioassay and control of insecticide-resistant flies. II. The investigation and bioassay of a resistant strain of M. domestica breeding on a refuse tip

Anonymous, 1955:
The bioassay and control of insecticide-resistant flies Part III The control of DDT-re-sistant flies with organo-phosphorus insecticides

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The bioassay for nicotinic acid

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The bioassay o fprimaricin and its binding effect in orange juice

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The bioassay of -aminobutyric acid using a muscle preparation from Ascaris lumbricoides

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The bioassay of Ceresan M on treated oat kernels

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The bioassay of adrenal cortical steroids

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The bioassay of corticotrophin A; with special regard to the effect after subcutaneous administration

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The bioassay of corticotropins

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The bioassay of digitalis with observations on the pH factor

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The bioassay of factor I in rat brain

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The bioassay of gluco-corticoid activity by the mouse glycogen method: some new facts

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The bioassay of host radiosensitivity: an index of radiocurability applied to cervical carcinoma

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The bioassay of insulin by the compensation method

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The bioassay of picrotoxin and Cocculus indicus preparations

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The bioassay of pitressin and antidiuretic substances in blood and urine

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The bioassay of poliomyelitis vaccines in mice

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The bioassay of progesterone

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The bioassay of riboflavin

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The bioassay of squil

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The bioassay of the anterior pituitary-like sex hormone

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The bioassay of the vitamin M group

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The Bioassay Of Thyroactive Materials By The Mouse Anoxia Test And Goitre-Prevention Response In The Same Experimental Animals

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The bioassay of thyrotrophic hormone on newborn rats

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The bioassay of thyrotropin in serum

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The bioassay of various hormones using a simplified experimental design

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The bioassay of vitamin B6

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The biocatalyst content of normal and pathologic tissues

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The biocenotic position of the species Actinomyces levoris in a carbonate-humus soil

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The biochemic affinity of various metals and metalloids for bacteria and organic tissues

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The biochemical action of heavy metals

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The biochemical action of intravenous antimony tartrate injections

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The biochemical action of polyphosphoric amidic esters of thiamine and of sodium polyphosphates

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The biochemical action of some chemotherapeu-tics and antiseptics

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The biochemical activities of rabbit alveolar macrophages during phagocytosis

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The biochemical activity of 6-azauridine: interference with pyrimidine metabolism in transplantable mouse tumors

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The biochemical activity of fungi and the problems of utilizing them in the national economy

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The biochemical activity of sherry yeasts in Uzbekistan

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The biochemical adaptation of muscles and the character of their activity

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The biochemical alterations associated with congestive heart failure in infancy

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The biochemical analysis of the vascular wall

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The biochemical and cellular determinants of tissue resistance in ulcer disease

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The biochemical and clinical significance of melanogenuria

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The biochemical and clinical significance of melanogenuria In The pigment cell Molecular, biological, and clinical aspects, New York City, 1961

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The biochemical and genetic concept of phenylpyruvic oligophrenia A review with 49 references

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The biochemical and physiological basis of voluntary sterility

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The biochemical and serological behavior of the Alkaescens-dispar group

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The biochemical and serological properties of Proteus morganii

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The biochemical approach to lif

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The biochemical aspects of aerobic bacterial growth

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The biochemical aspects of epilepsy

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The biochemical aspects of flowering

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The biochemical background of platelet function

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The biochemical bases for the action of morphine on the body when it is in different functional conditions Information on the 4th Volga conference of physiologists, pharmacologists, and biochemists, with the participation of morphologists and clinicians, 1966

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The biochemical bases of heredity report on a series of lectures in a high school for modern languages

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The biochemical bases of human individual differences

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The biochemical bases of meat production

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The biochemical bases of the effect of some vasomotor drugs on vascular musculature

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The biochemical basis for aging of flight ability in the male house fly

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The Biochemical Basis For The Differential Sensitivity Of Intestinal Mucosa And Bone Marrow To 6-Thioguanine

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The Biochemical Basis Of An Allergic Drug Response

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The biochemical basis of cell death in interphase

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The biochemical basis of chemical needs

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The biochemical basis of disease resistance induced by infection

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The biochemical basis of mental dysfunction, II Mental deficiency

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The biochemical basis of pathogenicity A new viewpoint

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The biochemical basis of phagocytosis

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The biochemical basis of phagocytosis. IV. Some aspects of carbohydrate metabolism during phagocytosis

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The biochemical basis of phenylketonuria

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