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The biology of Mastrus argeae , a parasite of pine sawfly prepupae

Bobb, M.L.

Bull Brooklyn Entomol Soc 59/60: 53-62, /65


Accession: 025691032

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A description of the life stages of Mastrus argeae (Viereck), and the results of studies on the life history and habits of the parasite are presented in the text and summarized here. The eggs were deposited within the host cocoon and hatched in 2 days at 75oC. There were 5 larval instars and the average duration of each stadium at a constant temperature of 75[degree]F. was: 1st, 1.2 days; 2nd, 1 day; 3rd, 1 day; 4th, 1 day; 5th, 1.4 days. The nature larvae spent 2.1 days in constructing a cocoon. The prepupal period lasted 1.7 days and the pupal period 5.8 days. The total life cycle from egg to adult emergence averaged 18.4 days. Very few eggs were produced by the adults, the average being 7.2/ female. The progeny from unmated females were all males. At a temperature of 75[degree]F, and a relative humidity of approximately 75 percent, the average length of adult life was 5.0 days for the females and 3.4 days for the males. The life cycle of Mastrus argeae was not synchronized with the development of the Virginia-pine sawfly, and observations indicate that there may be another host.

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