The cause of the variability of wheat in mountain regions Heredity and variability of plants, animals, and microorganisms

Ivanov, A.P.

Akad Nauk Sssr Moscow 2: 375-378


Accession: 025699161

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From materials collected by the expedition of the VIR'a (All-Union Institute of Plant Growing) in different regions of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, and North Ossetia ASSR, it was shown that one of the causes of variegated population of wheat was spontaneous hybridization among different varieties of wheat, or between wheat and rye. However, it is considered that climatic conditions are the major cause of variation in wheat. Grains of field-weed rye were discovered in ears of wheat, and a comparative analysis is given of plants originating from these grains and of sexual hybrids between wheat and rye.