The characteristics of the lactic acid bacteria isolated from moto, yeast mashes for Sake manufactur. 1. The fermentation products from koji extract . 2. Observations of fermentable sugars and some cultural conditions . 3. The fermentation products from pentoses and hexoses . 4. The classification of the lactic acid bacteria

Katagiri, Hideo; Kitahara, Kakuo; Fukami, Kanji; Sugase, M.

Bull Agric Chem Soc Japan 10(10/12): 153-157


Accession: 025701524

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Abstracts.-The 39 strains of lactic acid bacteria were isolated in 1933 from 38 kinds of moto and, in 1934, 18 strains were isolated from 16 kinds of moto and a sample of koji by plate cultures on chalked maltose yeast water agar. These 57 strains were classified into 2 spp. according to their forms: 37 strains proved to be Streptococci (0.7 μ); the others were short bacilli (0.8 X 1.5-3.0 μ) . Their sugar fermentations, and other cultural characters and physiology and morphology are discussed. The streptococci were very similar to Leuconostoc mesenteroides and are named L. m. var. sake (p.157) ; and the bacilli, somewhat resembling Streptobacterium plantarum and Lactobacillus arabino-sus, are named Lactobacillus sake (p.157).