The constituent substances of the marine algae. In: Marine Algae. Industrial importance and use

Schmid, O.J.

BOT MARINA 3(SuppL): 67-74


Accession: 025712691

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This survey describes the basic constituents of brown algae (alginic acid and its compounds, laminar an, fucoidan, mannitol) and red algae (agar carrageenan, eucheuman, funoran, furcellaran, hypnean, iridophycan, and phyllophoran). The monosaccharides, sugar alcohols and glycosides, proteins, peptides and amino-acids, the fats, lipoids and sterines, vitamins, antibiotic substances, mineral substances, pigments and a number of other substances are discussed. A great number of the constituent substances of marine algae have already attained considerable commercial importance as industrial products. Further research will certainly be able to supply not only important contributions to the knowledge of the natural science of the marine algae, but will also enhance the industrial utilization of the substances produced by them.