Section 26
Chapter 25,715

The control of chlorophyll accumulation in leaves of Marquis wheat by temperature and light intensity I The rate of chlorophyll accumulation and maximal absolute chlorophyll contents


Physiologia Plantarum 13(4): 776-785


ISSN/ISBN: 0031-9317
DOI: 10.1111/j.1399-3054.1960.tb08100.x
Accession: 025714219

The rate of formation and maximal amount of chlorophyll formed in the mature first 3 leaves of Marquis wheat were controlled by the light intensity and temperature under which the plants were grown. The temperature coefficient (Q10) of the rate of accumulation decreased as temperatures rose from 5-30 degrees C. Chlorophyll formation was strongly retarded at 35 degrees C. At light intensities above 1000 fc there was a marked interaction of light and temperature on the maximal amount of chlorophyll accumulated: at lower temperatures the chlorophyll content decreased with increasing light intensity; at the higher temperatures it was greatest at 2500 fc; at all temperatures, chlorophyll content increased with increasing light intensity between 200 and 1000 fc. F.

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