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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 25722

Chapter 25722 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Burki, Franz, 1960:
The demonstration of leptospirae in the Syrian hamster

Rickard, E.R.; Francis, T., 1938:
The Demonstration of Lesions and Virus in the Lungs of Mice Receiving Large Intra-Peritoneal Inoculations of Epidemic Influenza Virus

Stuettgen, G., 1967:
The demonstration of low molecular weight basic amines in the human skin

Fink, G.; Nallar, R.; Worthington, W.C., 1967:
The demonstration of luteinizing hormone releasing factor in hypophysial portal blood of pro-oestrous and hypophy-sectomized rats

Bitensky, L., 1962:
The demonstration of lysosomes by the controlled temperature. Freeze-sectioning method

Diengdoh, J.V., 1964:
The demonstration of lysosomes in mouse skin

Prose, P.H.; Sedlis, E.; Bigelow, M., 1965:
The demonstration of lysosomes in the diseased skin of infants with infantile eczema

Oshima, S.; Myrvik, Q.N.; Leake, E., 1961:
The demonstration of lysozyme as a dominant tuberculostatic factor in extracts of granulomatous lungs

Iliescu, F.L.; Fadei, L.; Nachtigal, M.; Sapatino, V.; Palos, S., 1966 :
The demonstration of malignance of cells of pleural and peritoneal neoplastic exudates in humans by cytotopochemical methods in tissue cultures and smears

Ebeling, W.C.; Little, J.W., 1957:
The demonstration of malignant cells exfoliated from the proximal colon

Gubler, H.U., 1961:
The demonstration of measles virus in the explant by means of hem agglutination

Troger, R., 1959:
The demonstration of metals in mercury or copper treated bacteria

Neuberg, C.; Kobel, M., 1928:
The demonstration of methylglyoxal as an intermediate product in glycolysis

Bowen, William, R., 1963:
The demonstration of mitotic figures in green algae

Scaife, J.F., 1963:
The demonstration of morphological nuclear changes in pyknotic irradiated thymocytes

Mittwoch, Ursula, 1963:
The demonstration of mucopolysaccharide inclusions in the lymphocytes of patients with gargoylism

Lavenda, N.; Mahmoud, I.Y., 1968:
The demonstration of neopl malignant cells by the selective deposition of silver abstract chick dog human

Bruner, D.W.; Edwards, P.R., 1941:
The Demonstration of Non-specific Components in Salmonella paratyphi A by Induced Variation

Dyke, C.G.; Davi, D.ff, L.M., 1932:
The demonstration of normal cerebral structures by means of encephalography. I. The choroid plexuses

Dyke, C.G.; Davidoff, L.M., 1934:
The demonstration of normal cerebral structures by means of encephalography. IV. The subarachnoid cisterns and their contents

Bassermann, F.J., 1952:
The demonstration of nuclear equivalents in Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Seman, G., 1960:
The demonstration of nucleoli in smears with borated methylene blue

Mason, K.E.; Ellison, E.T., 1935:
The demonstration of oestrus in the vitamin A-deficient rat by supravital study of the vaginal smears

Henle, W.; Henle, G.; Rosenberg, E.B., 1947:
The Demonstration of One-Step Growth Curves of Influenza Viruses Through the Blocking Effect of Irradiated Virus on Further Infection

Edwards, P.R.; Bruner, D.W., 1939:
The Demonstration of Phase Variation in Salmonella abortus-equi

Leahy, H.W.; Stokinger, H.E.; Carpenter, C.M., 1940:
The Demonstration of Phosphatase in Neisseria

Taylor, J.J., 1959:
The demonstration of photochemical reducing sites in Chromatium sp

Coons, A.H.; Creech, H.J.; Jones, R.N.rman; Berliner, E., 1942:
The demonstration of pneumococcal antigen in tissues by the use of fluorescent antibody

Konstantinov, K.G., 1955:
The demonstration of potentialities for feeding In fishes by a morphological analysis

Gundermann, K.O.af; Muller Ruchholtz, W., 1966:
The demonstration of precipitating iso-antibodies against rabbit serum after immunization with rat antigens

Dijkman, J.H.; Stevens, E.A.M.; Hilvering, C.; Orie, N.G.M., 1968:
The demonstration of precipitins in the serum as an aid in the diagnosis of the growth of aspergillus in the lung human aspergillus fumigatus

Noble, R.E.; Koch, W.ser, Dieter; Stjernholm, R.L., 1962:
The demonstration of propionyl carboxylase and methylmalonyl isomerase in Mycobacterium smegmatis. In: Annual Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology, Kansas City, Missouri, May 1962

The demonstration of prostatic origin of seminal stain acid phosphatase

Jump, J.A., 1940:
The demonstration of protoplasmic streaming in an easily cultured myxomycete

Jose, A.D.; Milnor, W.R., 1959:
The demonstration of pulmonary arteriovenous shunts in normal human subjects, and their increase in certain disease states

Pottenger, Joseph, E., 1931:
The demonstration of rare tubercle bacilli in sputum by the dilution-flotation method in conjunction with picric acid

Johnson, G.D.; Holborow, E.J., 1965:
The demonstration of red cell antigens by immunofluorescence

Kitchen, S.F., 1938:
The demonstration of reticulo-cytes with Wright's stain

J.D.D.erksen; M.L.O.Connor, 1963:
The demonstration of ribosome-bound penicillinase in Bacillus cereus

Weiss, L.; Coombs, R.R., 1963:
The demonstration of rupture of cell surfaces by an immunological technique

Sasaki, M.S.; Makino, S., 1963:
The demonstration of secondary constrictions in human chromosomes by means of a new technique

Gardash'lan, A.M.; Radzikhovskaia, R.M., 1958:
The demonstration of serum antibodies by complement-fixation reaction in rabbits immunized with different types of vaccine from the Brown-Pearce tumour

Helleman, P.W.; Gartner, H.; Punt, K.; Verloop, M.C., 1963:
The demonstration of small fractions of Hb H and Hb Bart's with a modified technique of starch gel electrophoresis. Report of a family with d-thalassaemia and G- 6- PD- deficiency

Schmidt, N.J.; Harding, H.B., 1956:
The demonstration of substances in human sera which inhibit complement fixation in antigen-antibody systems of lymphogranuloma venereum, psittacosis, mumps, Q fever, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis

Friede, Reinhard, L., 1958:
The demonstration of succinic dehydrogenase in single tissue elements of the central nervous system

Kublin, G., 1965:
The demonstration of swine fever virus in piglet testicle cell cultures by inoculation of the culture with porcine encephalomelitis

Zimmerman, H.J., 1953:
The demonstration of the L E phenomenon in patient with penicillin hypersensitivity

Cleghorn, T.E., 1960:
The demonstration of the Rh chromosome CwDE

Pratt, Alfred Joseph, 1963:
The demonstration of the Starling mechanism of cardiac control in the right ventricle of the intact, anesthetized dog

Wardlaw, A.C.; Pillemer, L., 1956:
The demonstration of the bactericidal activity of the properdin system

Firkin, B.G., 1958:
The demonstration of the carrier state in christmas disease

Stempen, Henry, 1950:
The demonstration of the chromatinic bodies of Escherichia coli and Proteus vulgaris with the aid of the phase contrast microscope

Chumakov, V.M.; Kalmanson, A.E., 1966:
The demonstration of the existence of coenzyme Q10 in the mitochondria and tissues of rats by EPR methods

Konda, Susumu, 1960:
The demonstration of the incomplete antibody in the auto -immune hemolytic anemia by the fluorescent anti-human globulin serum technique

Taylor, G.L., 1935:
The Demonstration of the Increase of Globulin in Diphtheria Antitoxins by the Precipitation Reaction

Zugibe, F.T., 1962:
The demonstration of the individual acid mucopolysaccharides in human aortas, coronary arteries, and cerebral arteries I The methods

Zugibe, F.T., 1962:
The demonstration of the individual acid mucopolysaccharides in human aortas, coronary arteries, and cerebral arteries II Identification and significance with aging

Bhattacharjee, J.K.; Lindegren, C.C., 1963:
The demonstration of the integrity of upgraded and degraded alleles of the MZ locus in Sacchromyces

Shlyk, A.A.; Nikolayeva, G.N., 1963:
The demonstration of the metabolic appearance of the heterogeneity of chlorophylls in vivo

Spector, W.G.; Willoughby, D.A., 1959:
The demonstration of the role of mediators in turpentine pleurisy in rats by experimental suppression of the inflammatory changes

Buttoo, A.S.; Elves, M.W.; Israuels, M.C.; Roath, O.S., 1964:
The Demonstration Of The Site Of Action Of The Antimetabolite Drug 6-Azauridine By The Use Of Leucocyte Cultures

Sedar, A.W.; Burde, R.M., 1965:
The demonstration of the succinic dehydrogenase system in Bacillus subtllis using tetranitro-blue tetrazolium combined with techniques of electron microscopy

Bennett, H.S., 1951:
The demonstration of thiol groups in certain tissues by means of a new colored sulfhydryl reagent

Bernhard, G.C.; Talmage, D.W., 1960:
The demonstration of three types of inhibitors and one type of stabilizer of the latex fixation test for rheumatoid arthritis

Wells, H.S., 1944:
The Demonstration of Tonic Neck and Labyrinthine Reflexes and Positive Heliotropic Responses in Normal Human Subjects

Guggenheim, A.; Finkel Stein, M., 1939:
The demonstration of tubercle bacilli by culture and by guinea pig inoculation

Scott, Joseph, M., 1939:
The demonstration of tubercle bacilli by gastric lavage in pulmonary tuberculosis

Feldman, W.H.; Moses, H.E., 1941:
The demonstration of tubercle bacilli from tissues of cattle tested with avian and with mammalian tuberculosis

Poulsen, V.; Jensen, K.A.; Husted, E., 1929:
The demonstration of tubercle bacilli in small children with pulmonary tuberculosis

Mishulow, L.; Kereszturi, C.; Hauptman, D.; Mildred Melman; Marie Romano, 1934:
The demonstration of tubercle bacilli in the sputum, faeces and stomach contents of tuberculous children

Capuani, G.F., 1929:
The demonstration of tubercle bacillus antibodies: a new simplified serum reaction

Gold, P.; Freedman, S.O., 1965:
The demonstration of tumour-specific antigens in human bowel carcinomata by immunological tolerance and absorption techniques

Harada, K., 1967:
The demonstration of two acid groups in juxtaglomerular granules with basic triphenyl methane dyes, aldehyde-fuchsin and Schiff's reagent

Hartman, J.D., 1958:
The demonstration of two systems affecting blood leukocytes in the hypersensitive state with associated inflammation

Blacklock, D.B.; Lourie, E.M., 1931:
The demonstration of viable Leishmania in the faeces of experimentally infected bed-bugs

Kent, S.P., 1963:
The demonstration of water solatole blood group H antigen in tissue sections using a fluorescein labelled extract of Ulex europaeus seed. In: 47th Annual meeting of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, 1963

Bugher, John, C., 1940:
The demonstration of yellow fever antibodies in animal sera by the intracerebral protection test in mice

Gardner, W.A.; Taber, E., 1963:
The demonstration on non-steroid gonadal inhibiting substance elaborated by the ovary of the brown Leghorn

Rich, A.R., 1930:
The Demonstration That Allergic Inflammation Is Not Necessary For The Operation Of Acquired Immunity

Adams, R.D.; Richardson, E.P., 1961:
The demyelinative diseases of the human nervous system. A classification; a review of salient neuropathologic findings; comments on recent biochemical studies

Velasco, S.arez, M.M.; Olvera, Juan; Nieto, Dionisio; Escobar, A., 1965:
The demyellnizing processes during or related to internal, toxic and dys-metabolic diseases. A review

Neurath, Hans; Bull, H.B., 1936:
The denaturation and hydration of proteins. I

Weil, R., 1963:
The denaturation and the renaturation of the DNA of polyoma virus

Wishnia, Arnold, 1960:
The denaturation and titration of conalbumin

Steven, F.S.; Tristram, G.R., 1962:
The denaturation of acetic acid-soluble calf-skin collagen. Changes in optical rotation, viscosity and susceptibility towards enzymes during serial denaturation in solutions of urea

Bancroft, W.D.; Rutzler, J.E., 1931:
The denaturation of albumin. I. Denaturation by heat

Jencks, W.P.; Buten, B., 1964:
The Denaturation Of Crustacyanin

Doty, P.; Rice, S.A., 1955:
The denaturation of desoxypentose nucleic acid

Bailey, K., 1942:
The denaturation of edestin by acid: T. B. Osborne's edestan

Clark, J.H., 1935:
The Denaturation of Egg Albumin by Ultra-Violet Radiation

Finn, D.B., 1934:
The denaturation of fish muscle proteins by freezing

Disabato, G.; Kaplan, N.O., 1964:
The Denaturation of Lactic Dehydrogenases. I. the Effect of Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate

Disabato, G.; Kaplan, N.O., 1965:
The Denaturation of Lactic Dehydrogenases. Ii. the Effect of Urea and Salts

Lovelock, J.E., 1957:
The denaturation of lipid-protein complexes as a cause of damage by freezing

Katyal, J.M.; Leslie, J.; Butler, M.F.; Gorin, G., 1961:
The denaturation of ovalbumin and its reaction with ferricyanide

Steven, F.S.; Tristram, G.R., 1959:
The denaturation of ovalbumin. Changes in optical rotation, extinction and viscosity during serial denaturation in solutions of urea

Noelken, M.; Holtzer, A.M., 1964:
The denaturation of paramyosin and tropomyosin by guanidine hydrochloride

Edelhoch, H., 1960:
The denaturation of pepsin. IV. The effects of temperature

Engelhard, H., 1958:
The denaturation of protein by radiation

Neurath, Hans.; Cooper, G.R.; Erickson, J.0., 1942:
The denaturation of proteins and its apparent reversal. I. Horse serum albumin

Neurath, Hans; Cooper, G.R.; Erickson, J.0., 1942:
The denaturation of proteins and its apparent reversal. II. Horse serum pseudo-globulin

Neurath, H.; Cooper, G.R.; Erickson, J.O., 1942:
The denaturation of proteins and its apparent reversal III

Bernheim, Frederick; Neurath, Hans; Erickson, J.0., 1942:
The denaturation of proteins and its apparent reversal. IV. Enzymatic hydrolysis of native, denatured and apparently reversibly denatured proteins

Anson, M.L., 1939:
The Denaturation Of Proteins By Synthetic Detergents And Bile Salts

Booth, N., 1930:
The denaturation of proteins. VII. Denaturation in the presence of alcohol

Lewis, William Cudmore Mccullagh, 1932:
The denaturation of proteins VIII The effect of denaturation on the viscosity of the solutions of certain proteins

Neurath, Hans; Saum, A.M., 1939:
The denaturation of serum albumin. Diffusion and viscosity measurements of serum albumin in the presence of urea

Krueger, A.P.; Nichols, V.C., 1935:
The Denaturation of Staphylococcal Proteins

Edelhoch, H.; Metzger, H., 1960:
The denaturation of thyroglobulin

Lauffer, M.A.; Dow, R.B., 1941:
The denaturation of tobacco mosaic virus at high pressures

Lauffer, M.A., 1943:
The denaturation of tobacco mosaic virus by urea. II. Kinetic aspects

Bigelow, C.C., 1964:
The Denatured States Of Ribonuclease

Sarfare, P.S.; Bigelow, C.C., 1967:
The denatured states of ribonuclease. II

Betke, K.; Demann, E.; Kleihauer, E., 1956:
The denaturing action of toluol upon blood pigment

Lewin, S.; Munroe, D.P., 1965:
The Denaturing Activity of Guanidine Hydrochloride on Salmon-Sperm Deoxyribonucleic Acid

Zimmermann, E., 1966:
The denaturing effect of a low-electrolyte ethylene glycol-water mixture on the structure of RNA and DNA preparations

Engelhard, H.; Bulow, H.; Canel, E., 1958:
The denaturing of serum protein by X-rays

Peres, A.D.B., 1966:
The dendometry of pinus pinaster g serra do bucaco portugal

Hu, Jen Yi, 1963:
The dendrite-vasal relations in the cerebral cortex of the rabbit

Mannen, H.; Hirayama, R., 1968:
The dendritic arborization in the substantia nigra of the cat

Barker, D.S., 1967:
The dendritic cell system in human gingival epithelium

Savage, J.M., 1968:
The dendrobatid frogs of central america phyllobates prostherapis hyloxalus colostethus distribution

Forst, A.W.; Deininger, R., 1952:
The denervated mouse pupil as a test object for epinephrine

Nisio, G., 1926:
The denervation of the kidney. Preliminary note

Perry, W.J., 1948:
The dengue vector on New Caledonia, the New Hebrides, and the Solomon Islands

Selten, J-P.; Cantor-Graae, E., 2010:
The denial of a psychosis epidemic

Olin, H.S.; Hackett, T.P., 1964:
The Denial Of Chest Pain In 32 Patients With Acute Myocardial Infarction

Woodbury, A.M.; Hardy, R., 1940:
The Dens and Behavior of the Desert Tortoise

Koshkina, T.V.; Khalanskii, A.S., 1963:
The dens and shelters of Norwegian lemmings

E.Al, 1935:
The dense of smell Introduction, by CHARLES A ELSBERG

Adair, G.S.; Adair, M.E., 1936:
The densities of protein crystals and the hydration of proteins

Lowndes, A.G., 1953:
The densities of some common aquatic Mollusca from Plymouth

Lloyd, B.B.; Cheek, E.B.; Sinclair, H.M.; Webster, G.R., 1945:
The densitometric estimation of total serum protein

Abad, R.; Lerena, R.; Perez Modrego, S.; Olivares, M.P.; Perez Palencia, M., 1966:
The densitoserigraphy method applied to the analysis of the isodose curves

Berkut, M.K., 1966:
The density and composition of solids in calcifying enamel of rat lower incisers

Healey, V., 1964:
The density and distribution of two species of Aptinothrips in the grass of a woodland

Orr, C.; Gordon, M.T., 1956:
The density and size of air-borne Serratia marcescens

Goodings, A.C.; Turl, L.H., 1940:
The density and swelling of silk filaments in relation to moisture content

Miller, P.G.; Coulter, S.T.; Combs, W.B., 1940:
The density at 140 F of the materials expressed as fat by various volumetric tests of crea

Watanabe, N., 1967:
The density effect on the appearance of 2 wing forms in the brown planthopper nilaparvata lugens and small brown planthopper laodelphax striatellus

Dawes, G.S.; Mott, J.C.; Vane, J.R., 1953:
The density flowmeter, a direct method for the measurement of the rate of blood flow

Gillies, M.T., 1955:
The density of adult Anopheles in the neighbourhood of an East African village

Beeckmans, J.M., 1964:
The Density Of Aggregated Solid Aerosol Particles

Tsai, C.; Lin, C.Y., 1939:
The density of animal tissues

Bruns, Herbert, 1957:
The density of birds in spruce forests

Alm, B.; Enemar, A.; Myhrberg, H.; Svensson, S., 1965:
The density of birds in two study areas of the Alpine region in southern Lapland in 1964

Goutbeek, A., 1961:
The density of birds nests in residential areas

Karmaski, J.; Stokosa, E., 1962:
The density of capillary net in the parietal pleura of laboratory animals

Rushton, W.A., 1963:
The Density Of Chlorolabe In The Foveal Cones Of The Protanope

Heidemann, E.; Riess, W., 1963:
The density of collagen

Colquhoun, M.K.; Morley, A., 1941:
The density of downland birds

Benson, P.A.; Nathans, M.W.; Amos, A.; Leventhal, L., 1967:
The density of fallout particles from airburst

Grant, P.R., 1966:
The density of land birds on the Tres Marias Islands in Mexico. I. Numbers and bio mass

Gant, P.R., 1966:
The density of land birds on the Tres Marias Islands in Mexico. II. Distribution of abundances in the community

Leontjew, Jean, 1928:
The density of microorganisms

Godnev, Y.D., 1957:
The density of pine stands as a factor in thier hardiness

Kondrat'ev, I.G., 1958:
The density of planting and yield

Fernandez, D.P.redes, Luis; Muro, J.Del, C., 1961:
The density of seeding of the elephant. Guatemala. Maicillo and Castilla grasses

Mason, R.L.; Williams, D.E., 1962:
The density of some bones of cattle fed different levels of fluorine

Baldwin, Henry Ives, 1933:
The density of spruce and fir reproduction related to the direction of exposure

Kahler, H.; Bryan, W.R.; Lloyd, B.J.; Moloney, J.B., 1954:
The density of the Rous sarcoma virus in sucrose solutions

Kalabukhov, N.I., 1932:
The density of the ground squirrel population in the plague areas of the northern Caucasus and the possibility of its complete eradication

Weiss, S.; Fra Zier, W.R., 1930:
The density of the surface capillary bed of the forearm in health, in arterial hypertension, and in arteriosclerosis

Yurgenson, P.B., 1959:
The density of the ungulate population and its regulation

Anderson, Duwayne Marlo, 1958:
The density of water adsorbed by Wyoming bentonite

Anderson, D.M.; Low, P.F., 1958:
The density of water adsorbed on lithium-, sodium- and potassium-bentonite

Cqlquhoun, M.K., 1940:
The density of woodland birds determined by the sample count method

Valderrama, J., 1927:
The dental apparatus in relation to nutrition

Burbank, P.M.; Lovestedt, S.A.; Kennedy, R.L., 1958:
The dental aspects of infantile cortical hyperostosis

Maclean, H.R., 1962:
The dental auxiliary program in Alberta

Miller, C.D., 1958:
The dental caries response of rats fed cariogenic and non-cariogenic diets for different periods of time

Roberts, D., 1941:
The dental comb of lemurs

Ludwig, T.G.; Kean, M.R.; Pearce, E.I.F., 1964:
The dental condition of a rural Maori population

Campbell, T.D., 1944:
The dental condition of a skull from the Sikyatki site, Arizona

Bransby, E.R.; Forrest, J.R., 1958:
The dental condition of children in seven areas in England and Wales as shown by the base-line dental examinations made in connection with the fluoridation demonstration studies

Davies, G.N., 1959:
The dental condition of compulsory military training recruits

Toth, K., 1962:
The dental conditions of adults at Szeged, Hungary

James, W.W.; Wellings, A.W., 1943:
The Dental Epithelium and its Significance in Tooth Development

Cheraskin, E.; Ringsdorf, W.M., 1968:
The dental hygienist in health evaluation

Binder, H.B., 1967:
The dental hygienist on the dental health team today and tomorrow

Snyder, Richard Gerald, 1959:
The dental morphology of the Point of Pines Indians

Fazzari, Ignazio, 1928:
The dental papilla, a derivation from the enamel organ?

Archer, W.Andrew, 1934:
The dental plant of the Citara Indians in Colombia

Aberdeen, C.; McCabe, E., 1967:
The dental practitioner's role in emergency health services

Lyons, D.C., 1951:
The dental problem of the spastic or the athetoid child

Ward, T.G., 1967:
The dental profession and neopl cancer of the mouth and jaws

Russell, B.G., 1967:
The dental pulp in diabetes mellitus

Klein, Henry, 1941:
The dental status and dental needs of young adult males

Silverman, S.; Gordan, G.; Grant, T.; Steinbach, H.; Eisenberg, E.; Manson, R., 1962:
The dental structures in primary hyperparathyroidism

Quarantelli, E.L., 1961:
The dental student image of the dentist-patient relationship

Richardson, R.L.; Fisher, A.K.; Edgar Folk, G., 1961:
The dental tissues of wild and laboratory-raised hibernating and non-hibernating 13-lined ground squirrels

Cross, J.W., 1952:
The dental treatment needs of naval personnel as derived from 1570 cases

Russell, L.S., 1948:
The dentary of Troodon, a genus of theropod dinosaurs

Waggener, D.T., 1963:
The Dentist In Oral Cancer Detection

Downs, R.A., 1952:
The dentist's responsibility in community water fluoridation programs

Mckay, F.S., 1952:
The dentist's responsibility in the fluoridation of municipal waters. A symposium. The study of mottled enamel

Bertram, F.P., 1950:
The dentist's role in finding congenital syphilis

Franchi, G.J.; Rehnquist, K.C.; Yarashus, D.A., 1967:
The dentist's role in the primary prevention of rheumatic fever. Report of the Stickney Public Health District's 3-year dental study on throat cultures

Rodrigues, Acurcio, 1942:
The dentition and asymmetry of the leaf of the vine

Fairley, N.Hamilton, 1929:
The dentition and biting mechanism of Australian snakes

Moorrees, Coenraad, F.A., 1951:
The dentition as a criterion of race with special reference to the aleut

Revilliod, P., 1928:
The dentition of Archaeonycteris Abstract

Cawston, F.G.rdon, 1940:
The dentition of C. taurus

Gregory, W.K.; Hell, M.n, M., 1926:
The dentition of Dryopithecus and the origin of man. Anthropol

Goldstein, Marcus, S., 1948:
The dentition of Indian crania from Texas

Cawston, F.G.; Durban, S.A., 1944:
The dentition of South African fishes and reptiles

Drennan, M.R., 1929:
The dentition of a Bushman tribe

Gross, Walter, 1967:
The dentition of acanthodians and placoderms

Cawston, F.Gordon, 1942:
The dentition of adult dogs

Ebeling, Alfred, W., 1957:
The dentition of eastern Pacific mullets, with special reference to adaptation and taxonomy

Ashley Montagu, M.F., 1933:
The dentition of identical twins with particular reference to an identical pathological condition

Russell, Loris, S., 1959:
The dentition of rabbits and the origin of the Lagomorph

Adloff, Paul, 1928:
The dentition of the American tapir

Patte, Etienne, 1959:
The dentition of the Neanderthalians

Hewat, R.E.T., 1954:
The dentition of the New Zealand Maori today

Thoma, A., 1963:
The dentition of the Subalyuk Neandertal child

Broom, R., 1939:
The dentition of the Transvaal Pleistocene anthropoids, Plesianthropus and Paranthropus

Dahlberg, Albert, A., 1960:
The dentition of the first agriculturists (Jarmo, Iraq)

Schwarz, Ernst, 1930:
The dentition of the lemurid genus Lepilemur and its significance for the tooth formula of the Primates

Bradley, O.Charnock, 1930:
The dentition of the pig

Hinton, M.A.C., 1926:
The dentition of the pigs, with special reference to the cheek-teeth of the wart hog .

Cobb, W.Montague, 1933:
The dentition of the walrus, Odobenus obesus

Malan, M.E., 1963:
The dentitions of the South African rhynchocephalia and their bearing on the origin of the rhynchosaurs

Schultz Haudt, Stig, D., 1967:
The dento-gingival junction

Koupernik, C., 1968:
The Denver Developmental Screening test

Fischlewitz, Jacques, 1953:
The deodorizing action of chlorophyll

Dijkstra, B.K.S., 1951:
The deodorizing effect of chlorophyll

Nishihara, M.; Chrambach, A.; Aposhian, H.V., 1967:
The deoxycytidylate deaminase found in Bacillus subtilis infected with phage SP8

Hamada, K.; Okazaki, T.; Shukuya, R.; Kaziro, K., 1962:
The deoxygenation of dilute oxyhemoglobin by sodium dithonite

Bessman, M.J.; Bello, L.J.; Van Bibber, M.J.ne, 1962:
The deoxynucleotide kinases of T2 and T5 phage-infected Efscherichia coli

Winter, J.E.; Bernheimer, A.W., 1964:
The deoxyribo-nucleases of Streptococcus pyogenes

Lyttleton, J.W.; Hole, F.A.ne, 1967 :
The deoxyribo-nucleic acid content of tobacco leaves

Messineo, L., 1962:
The deoxyribonucleoproteins of sea urchin sperm extraction and analyses

Irvin, E.M.; Irvin, J.L.; Rotherham, J.; Schottelius, D.D., 1956:
The deoxyribonuclease of rat liver in relation to the isolation of deoxyribonucleoprotein

Weissbach, A.; Korn, D., 1963:
The deoxyribonucleases of Escherichia coli K12

Kersten, H.; Schnieders, B.; Leopold, G.; Kersten, W., 1965:
The deoxyribonucleases of Escherichia coli and the effect of mitomycin C

Lehman, I.R., 1960:
The deoxyribonucleases of Escherichia coli. I. Purification and properties of a phosphodiesterase

Lehman, I.R.; Roussos, G.G.; Pratt, E.A., 1962:
The deoxyribo-nucleases of Escherichia coli. III. Studies on the nature of the inhibition of endonuclease by ribonucleic acid

Lehman, I.R.; Richardson, C.C., 1964:
The Deoxyribonucleases Of Escherichia Coli. Iv. An Exonuclease Activity Present In Purified Preparations Of Deoxyribonucleic Acid Polymerase

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The Deoxyribonucleases Of Escherichia Coli. Vi. Changes In Enzyme Levels In Response To Alterations In Physiological State

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The deoxyribonucleic acid content and nuclear volume of human hepatocyts during organogenesis and in adult persons

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The deoxyribonucleic acid content of individual human cells as a possible aid to diagnosis

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The deoxyribonucleic acid content of leucocytes in normal and in leukaemic human blood

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The deoxyribonucleic acid content of the egg and sperm of Ilyanassa obioleta

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The deoxyribonucleic acid content of the leucocytes in human blood, bone-marrow and lymph-gland

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The deoxyribonucleic acid of coliphage T7 and its transfer from parental to progeny phages

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The deoxyribonucleic acids of several fish spermatozoa

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The deoxyribonueleic acid content of the nuclei of periovocyte cells in the Granulosa of the rabbit

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The deoxyribose nucleic acid slime layer of some halophilic bacteria

Anonymous, 1961:
The department of general public health services in the states and territories

Anonymous, 1961:
The department of improvement and development of the rural community

Anonymous, 1961:
The department of institutes and laboratories

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The department of invertebrate zoology of the California Academy of Sciences

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The department of normal anatomy at the Lvov Medical Institute

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The department of tropical and subtropical forestry and forest products of the dresden technical university at tharandt germany and the training in tropical forestry

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The department reports on 1942

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The departments of the Faculty of Science of Charles University during the German occupation

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The depectinizing enzymes

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The dependance of milkability upon form of udder and its effect upon the curve of lactation

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The dependance of the correlated answer on selection upon linkage and heredity

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The dependance of the localization of cancer of the larynx on the state of the epithelium

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The dependence between fulfillment of the production plan and the morbidity with loss of working time among workers at the kaspi ussr cement plant from 1964 to 1966

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The dependence between the content of physiologically spoiled eggs in the silkworm clutch and the viability of the silkworms

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The dependence between the structure and adrenolytic effect of -haloidoalkylamines

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The dependence of 14C-glycine uptake by protein fractions on the ribonucleic acid biosynthesis in slices of regenerating rat liver

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The dependence of Bezold-Brucke hue shift on spatial intensity distribution

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The dependence of Botrytis infections upon substrate

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The dependence of CO2 assimilation in beans on temp

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The dependence of CO2 assimilation of young larches, spruces, and stone-pines on air- and soil humidity. Tests in a climatized wind tunnel

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The dependence of CO2 exchange on density of irradiation, temperature and water saturation deficit in Stipa and Bromus

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The dependence of Paramecium galvano-taxis on sulphydryl groups

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The dependence of Plasmodium-development in the warm-blooded animal upon surrounding temperatures

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The dependence of Wassermann's reaction on the globulins

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The dependence of X-ray-induced minute rearrangements in D. melanogaster upon dose

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The dependence of a plants need of boron on the relation between the mineral elements in the nutritive solution

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The dependence of a recent association of Foraminifera upon the sediment and the current speed of the water

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The dependence of action of medicinals on the original condition of the organism and on the environment An address

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The dependence of ammonia production on the GFR during ureteric occlusion and hemorrhagic constriction in the dog kidney

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The dependence of animal reactivity to dysentery antigen on the functioning of the nervous system

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The dependence of antihistaminic activity on the gamma carboline structure

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The dependence of auditory cortical responses upon temperature

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The Dependence of Auxin-induced Growth on Auxin-independent Metabolic Changes in Slices of Storage Tissue

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The dependence of behavior disorder in the rat upon blood composition; audiogenic-seizure as a function of blood composition

Lacey, O.L., 2018:
The dependence of behavior disorder in the rat upon blood composition; behavior disorder as a function of repeated adrenalin injections

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The dependence of behavior disorder in the rat upon blood composition Maze performance, activity, and wildness as functions of blood composition

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The dependence of brain mitochondrial respiration on potassium ion

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The dependence of breeding in the field vole on light intensity and wavelength

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The dependence of bud development in J. nigra on previous winter temperatures

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The dependence of build-up ratio on the field size and the source-surface distance

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The Dependence of Calcium Excretion on Adrenal Steroids. Studies with Chlorothiazide in Patients with Impaired Adrenal Function

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The dependence of cardiac drug effects on the metabolic condition of the heart

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The dependence of cardiac muscle substrate concentration upon the blood sugar concentration in normal acute and chronic alloxan diabetic rats in vivo

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The dependence of cell division in Chlorella on temperature and light intensity

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The dependence of cell-free protein synthesis in E. coli upon RNA prepared from ribosomes

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The dependence of certain groups of the Magnocaricetalia and Molinietalia upon the stability of soil

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The dependence of changes in the physical thermoregulation following a single total X-ray irradiation of rabbits upon the condition of the hypothalamic region

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The dependence of changes in the wall of the gall bladder on changes in autonomic ganglia with chromium poisoning

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The dependence of chemical protective action on oxygen, as studied with bacteria

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The dependence of chloroplast fluorescene on the water content of unicellular green algae

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The dependence of choleresis on liver perfusion

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The dependence of chromotropism in Paramaecium caudatum on the chemical changes in the medium

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The dependence of colchicine action of adenosine triphosphate

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The dependence of cold agglutinlng activity on K chains

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The Dependence Of Contraction And Relaxation Of Muscle Fibres From The Crab Maia Squinado On The Internal Concentration Of Free Calcium Ions

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The dependence of critical flicker frequency and the rod threshold on the state of adaptation of the eye

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The dependence of cvtological structure on the intracellular metabolism

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The dependence of cytoplasmic structures in the egg of the sea urchin on the ionic balance of the environment

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The dependence of damage to the stomach of the rat on loss of body substance during starvation

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The dependence of development of an induced neopl skin carcinoma in mice on the functional state of the reticular brain formation 3 4 benzpyrene carcino

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The dependence of difference spectra of DPN and of related substances upon hydrogen ion concentration

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The dependence of electrical and mechanical activity in frog heart strip preparations on the stimulation frequency

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The dependence of electrogenic sodium ion transport in aplysia neurons upon enz sodium ion minus potassium ion atpase abstract

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The dependence of enz catalase activity on the presence of certain ions in a sonicated suspension and the parameters of the ultrasound chlorella vulgaris

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The dependence of enzymatic reactions on temperature II. Hydrolysis of glycerine esters by pancreatic lipase

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The dependence of estrus in the white rat on day-night rhythm

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The dependence of ethylenimine mutations on dosage and stage of gametogenesis

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The dependence of fertility from the environment of sheep in natural surroundings

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The dependence of flicker on the dark-light ratio of the stimulus cycle

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The dependence of flowering on nucleic acid and protein synthesis

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The dependence of forest fire danger on meteorological factors

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The dependence of frequencies of seeing on procedural variables I Direction and length of series of intensity-ordered stimuli

Cotton, J.W.; Verplanck, W.S., 1955:
The dependence of frequencies of seeing on procedural variables II Procedure of terminating series of intensity-ordered stimuli

Verplanck, William, S., 1955:
The dependence of frequencies of seeing on procedural variables III The time-interval between successive stimuli

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The dependence of frost resistance in grape buds on the concentration of cellular fluid

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The dependence of germination on photoperiod, light quality, and temperature, in Chenopodium spp

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The dependence of glycolysis on temperature

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The dependence of growth in Phycomyces on the polarization of incident light

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The dependence of gynecological morbidity on exposure to dust in a tobacco factory

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The dependence of heart and adrenal size of guinea pigs on exercise alone and on associated administration of digitalis

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The dependence of identification of coliforms in milk on technique, bacterial species and numbers

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The dependence of immuno-genesis on changes of the antigenic and immunogenic properties of bacteria during chloramphenicol treatment of experimentally induced paratyphoid infection

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The dependence of incubating qualities of eggs upon the age of hens and cocks

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The dependence of interresponse times upon the relative reinforcement of different interresponse times

Aslanova, I.F., 1959:
The dependence of intersignal motor activity of dogs on the magnitude of fooci reinforcement

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The dependence of ion and electron mobility upon molecular structure in dielectric liquids

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The dependence of iron absorption on the binding of iron in the intestine

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The dependence of kidney transamidinase activity upon growth hormone in the hypophysectomized rat

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The dependence of lethal dose on infusion velocity as for example g-strophanthin and thevetin B

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The dependence of life processes on temperature

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The dependence of liver ketone body formation on the reduced diphosphopyridinenucleotide level

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The dependence of longevity of human beings on body weight.

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The dependence of mangold fly epidemics on temperature

Temkin, Owsei, 1959:
The dependence of medicine upon basic scientific thought

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The dependence of mouse liver enz malic enzyme activity on testosterone abstract praomys mastomys natalensis feminization

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The dependence of muscle training and of protein deposition on protein uptake and protein pool of the body

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The dependence of natural radium content on age

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The dependence of neuromuscular transmission of glucose

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The dependence of nitrate accumulation in composts on the development of nitrifying, denitrifying, and aerobic cellulose-de composing microorganisms

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The dependence of nucleic acid syntheses on the presence of amino acids in Escherichia coli

Hasselbach, Wilhelm, 1957:
The dependence of nucleo-sidetriphosphatase activity of L-myosin and actomysin on ionic conditions

Anonymous, 2009:
The dependence of open cylindrical magnetoactive p -Ge and p -Si plasma waveguide mode cutoff frequencies on hole concentrations

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The dependence of permanent tooth loss upon tooth morbidity

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The dependence of photosynthesis on external and internal conditions results and prospects of research

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The dependence of photosynthesis on the arrangement of chloroplasts

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The dependence of pigeon breast succinoxidase activity on cytochrome c concentration

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The dependence of pinocytosis on temperature and aerobic respiration

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The dependence of place of implantation on the structure and vascular arrangement of the uterus in Mesocricetus auratus Waterhouse

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The dependence of plant development on seed age

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The dependence of potato -beetle flights on weather. Observations on the North Sea coast in 1949

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The dependence of productivity on the size of medium in self ranging, confined populations of Paramecium, Tribolium and Mus

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The Dependence of Protection against a Transplantable Mouse Leukemia upon the Genetic Constitution of the Immunizing Tissue

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The dependence of proteinase biosynthesis on the cell wall in Streptococcus faecalis var liquefaclens

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The dependence of pupil size upon external light stimulus under static and variable conditions

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The dependence of radical yield on dosage and specific ionization in simple solid amino acids, and an interpretation based on a diffusion theory

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The dependence of rapidity of uptake of P32 upon the age of the tumor

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The dependence of reaction times on the location of the stimulus in the field of vision

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The dependence of reactions catalyzed by polynucleotide phosphorylase on oligonucleotides

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The dependence of renal elimination of chlorides on that of sugar in diabetes mellitus

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The dependence of respiration, blood oxygen level, and circulation from the rapidity of intravenous injection of Polamivet in dogs

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The dependence of resting potentials upon cellular metabolism

Pamputis, N.P., 1958:
The dependence of restoration of the thyroid gland function after thyreoidectomy on the volume of the tissue left in the organism

Korotkova, G.P., 1963:
The dependence of restoration processes in sponges on the nature and level of their integration

Dubowicka Gabryelewiczowa, Maria, 1957:
The dependence of results in peptic ulcer therapy on secretion changes of the gastric mucosa

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The dependence of secondary sex-characters upon testicular hormones in Lebistes reti-culatus

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The dependence of serologic reactions on the serotypes of Trichomonas vaginalis

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The dependence of sex-ratio in pig litters upon non-genetical factors

Reuter, H., 1967:
The dependence of slow inward current in Purkinje fibres on the extracellular calcium-concentration

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The dependence of soil-inhibiting Collembola on fertilization and other local factors under conditions prevailing at Dikopshof The effect of fertilization on soil fauna. Long term fertilization studies at Dikopshof in Bonn, Bonn, 1962

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The dependence of sound lateralization on sound intensity above the acoustic threshold in persons with normal hearing and in some forms of ear pathology

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The dependence of strain specificity of the complement fixation test on the level of antibodies directed to different antigen fractions of the influenza virus Yearbook of the Institute of Experimental Medicine of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR

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The dependence of temperature of oxygen consumption arrestment in warm-blooded hearts between 34 and 4 C

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The dependence of tension upon extension in the stretch reflex of the soleus muscle of the decerebrate cat

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The dependence of the X-ray image of the upper border of the exudate shadow in the free pleural cavity on the nature of the exudate and retractile capacity of the lung

Bernardis, L., 1952:
The dependence of the acetylcholine synthesis of the peripheral nerves in vitro upon the external temperature of poikilo- and homoiotherms

Korytin, S.A., 1963:
The dependence of the action of barbiturates on some ecological factors

Stella, G., 1938:
The dependence of the activity of the apneustic centre on the carbon dioxide of the arterial blood

Grudzinskaya, L.A., 1962:
The dependence of the annual ring structure of the wood upon the development of oak sprouts

Chepurkin, A.V., 1968:
The dependence of the anti microbial properties of iodinol on different environmental factors

Golikov, P.P., 1966:
The dependence of the anti-edematous effect of ginseng and Eleutherococcus on the season of the year Information for a study of ginseng and other drugs of the Soviet Far East

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The dependence of the antibacterial activity of arenarine on the period of gathering immortelles and other conditions

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The dependence of the arteriovenous oxygen difference and the oxygen consumption of the rabbit s hind limb on the magnitude of the perfusion and the action of vasoconstricting drugs

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The dependence of the back-scattering of roentgen rays in a phantom on focal distance, quality of radiation and field size

Winkler, Ulrich, 1962 :
The dependence of the bactericidal effect of mitomycin C on Escherichia coli B and B/MC on temperature and the nutrient medium

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The dependence of the ballistocardiographic stroke volume measurement on the damping of the vascular system

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The dependence of the bio electric potentials of wheat m and bean d roots on the ratio of potassium and calcium in the nutrient solution inst calomel electrodes

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The dependence of the biological effect of radiation on intensity and wave length, as measured by the delayed lethal action on chick embryos

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The dependence of the biological effectiveness of radiation of physical factors of radiation quality, and the significance of such dependence

Anonymous, 1953:
The dependence of the biological luminence of the night light on the reactive groups of the protein and on metabolism Referat Zhur, Biol, 1956, No 52441

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The dependence of the biological radiation effect on the duration of radiation Meeting of the German Society for Biophysics, Baden, West Germany, 1963

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The dependence of the bird fauna on the composition of forest

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The dependence of the blood coagulability on the electrical potential of the walls of the blood vessels

Braunlich, H., 1965:
The dependence of the blood-sugar-increasing morphine effect on the content of adrenergic and cholinergic transmitter substances of the central nervous system and of peripheral organs

Herz, Albert, 1963:
The dependence of the central and peripheral action of belladonna-alkaloids on the occurrence of hyoscyaminesterase in some rabbits

Ermakov, A.I., 1958:
The dependence of the chemical composition of flax seeds on the growth conditions in different soil-climatic zones

Mangina, D.V., 1958:
The dependence of the chemistry of gastric digestion on the volumes of stomach left after resection

Biehl, B., 1965:
The dependence of the chlorophyll-nitrogen ratios found in isolated chloroplast- and chloroplast-membrane fractions on the methods of isolation and fragmentation

Ottova, L., 1955:
The dependence of the consumption of oxygen of the ciliate Tetrahymena geleii Furg. on some biological, chemical and physical factors

Caviezel, R.; Wilbrandt, W., 1958:
The dependence of the continuing action of heart glycoside upon the potassium and calcium concentration during the glycoside action on the heart

Fruhstorfer, H.; Partanen, J.; Bergstroem, R.M., 1967:
The dependence of the cortical stimulation response in man upon the vigilance in particularly strong habituation

Baitulin, I.O., 1959:
The dependence of the development of the root system of psammophytes on the duration of the vegetative period and the resources of the soil bed

Ermich, K., 1955:
The dependence of the diameter growth of trees from Tatra Mountains on the climatic fluctuations

Stender, H.S.; Hornykiewytsch, T., 1955:
The dependence of the dose effect on the oxygen tension and reaction state in whole body irradiation

Dorner, G.; Kleinert, E., 1963:
The dependence of the duration of action of anabolic steroids upon chemical constitution and mode of administration

Schmitz, J.; Middel, A., 1966:
The dependence of the duration of bird-singing on brightness

Kottgen, P., 1943:
The dependence of the easily soluble part of the nutrients upon the water content of the soil

Lindahl, P.E.; Thunqvist, L.O., 1963:
The dependence of the effect of azide, amytal, and rotenone on the respiratory rate studied in epididymal bull spermatozoa

Kravkov, S.W.; Biletzky, G.S., 1934:
The dependence of the effect of light radiation in the eye upon the intensity of light, contrast, and the effect of secondary stimuli

Bykov, V.D., 1958:
The dependence of the effect of stimulus strength in acid-defense conditioned reflexes

Richter, Curt, P., 1928:
The dependence of the electromyogram for voluntary contractions on the anterior horn cells

Schoennagel, Erich, 1963:
The dependence of the evening feeding flight of mallards on light intensity

Gillman, J.; Gilbert, C., 1959:
The dependence of the fatty liver of depancreatised baboons on adrenocortical activity

Tannenbaum, Albert, 1944:
The dependence of the genesis of induced skin tumors on the caloric intake during different stages of carcinogenesis

Tannenbaum, Albert, 1944:
The dependence of the genesis of induced skin tumors on the fat content of the diet during different stages of carcinogenesis

Makinose, Madoka; Hasselbach, W., 1960:
The dependence of the granule action on the nature of the actomyosin systems and Gergley's co-factor

Korovina, V.M.; Maksimova, L.P.; Lebedeva, L.I.; Burmakina, T.N., 1968:
The dependence of the growth and development of the larvae of the volkhov whitefish coregonus lavaretus baeri on the time of their going over to active feeding under different temperature conditions

Baraski, S., 1956:
The dependence of the growth of fibroblasts in vitro on the air chamber volume

Rossowski, W.; Warchol, J., 1963:
The dependence of the histochemical reaction for acid phosphatase on the concentration of electrolytes in the incubation medium

Hirschlerowa, Zofia, 1961:
The dependence of the infection with Toxoplasma gondii on bacterial infection in the mouse

Sosnina, E.F., 1967:
The dependence of the infestation and species composition of ecto parasites in rodents upon the hosts habitat on the example of rattus turkestanicus laelaps aphaniptera gamasidae trombiculidae ixodidae

Sosnina, E.F., 1967:
The dependence of the infestation and species composition of rodents ecto parasites on the hosts habitat on the example of rattus turkestanicus lice mites fleas

Rosenberg, T.; Wilbrandt, W., 1957:
The dependence of the inhibiting action of phlorizin and other phloretin derivatives on the transport of glucose through the membrane of erythrocytes on their structure

Aslanova, I.F., 1961:
The dependence of the inter signal motor activity of dogs on the magnitude of alimentary reinforcement

Lauterback, F.; Vogel, G., 1968:
The dependence of the intestinal efficiency rate of cardiac glycosides on the applied dose

Glasser, D.; Berg, U., 1968:
The dependence of the lactate dehydrogenase isoenzyme of the cows lens on differentiation age and growth of the cells

Stalfelt, M.G., 1928:
The dependence of the light-stimulated guard cell response on temp

Trincher, K.S., 1958:
The dependence of the lipopexic function of the lungs on the temperature of external environment

Steinbrecht, R.Alexander, 1964:
The dependence of the luring effect of the sexual organs' odor of the female mulberry silk-moth on age and copulation

Calancea, L.; Mihaly, M.; Paun, V.; Orban, L., 1968:
The dependence of the manganese contents of oat m plants on the type of fertilizer used

Martirosov, S.M., 1965:
The dependence of the membrane potential of muscle fibers on the concentration of potassium ions in the medium

Locker, A., 1958:
The dependence of the metabolism of mammalian tissue on the temperature

Kayushin, L.P.; Lyudkovskaya, R.G., 1956:
The dependence of the nerve's elastic properties on temperature

Perel', T.S., 1958:
The dependence of the number and species of earthworms on the type of woods

Krauze, M., 1961:
The dependence of the number of sex-chromatin-containing granulocytes on the age of female children

Kusnetzow, S.J., 1931:
The dependence of the oxidizing fermentations from the oxidation reduction potential of the external medium

Latocha, W.; Wicinski, R., 1957:
The dependence of the oxytocic effect of Vitamin B1 on the type of uterine contractility in labour

Bohl, M., 1966:
The dependence of the parasite fauna on exterior factors: Demonstrated in Coregonldae infested with Triaenophorus crassus

Hannemann, W., 1962:
The dependence of the percolating water-and nutrient losses upon precipitation levels and the water deficit of the soil in vineyards

Burmeister, J., 1965:
The dependence of the phagocytic activity of rabbit exudate leucocytes on the medium, type of particles, and its exact time analysis

Samarina, G.I., 1964:
The dependence of the pharmacological activity of some stereoisomers of benzyl esters of l,2-dimethyl-4-hydroxydecahydroquinoline and of piperidine on their spatial configuration In: 36 Itogovaya nauchnaya konferentsiya. Alma-Atinsk mediditsinsMi institut The 36th Scientific Conference of the Alma-Ata Medical Institute

Atroshchenko, G.N., 1966:
The dependence of the pharmacological properties on the chemical structure of thiuronium derivatives

Alpern, M.; Mccready, D.W.; Barr, L., 1963:
The Dependence Of The Photopupil Response On Flash Duration And Intensity

Vitman, R.A.; Pozdnyakova, E.P., 1968:
The dependence of the plant cover on the salinity of the soils of a solonetz complex in the central forest steppe of omsk oblast

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The dependence of the polymerized state of actin on SH groups and on nucleotide binding

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The dependence of the post-mortem nuclear and mitochondrial changes on the type of embedding medium

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The dependence of the preference-position of Dugesia gonocephala upon the spectrum and its energy content

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The dependence of the presistence of calcium given intravenously in the plasma on the age of the recipient

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The dependence of the productivity and chemical composition of chlorella pyrenoidosa on the form of nitrogen used

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The dependence of the productivity of winter rye m in western siberia on the store of productive moisture in the soil and the status of this dependence at various times during vegetation

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The dependence of the protein content in clover leaves on hybridization, -irradiation, and growing the plants on mineral or peat soils

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The dependence of the quantum yield of Chlorella photosynthesis on wave length of light

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The dependence of the radiation sensitivity of Serratia marcescens on relative humidity and the presence of inositol

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The dependence of the rate of photosynthesis on the temperature gradient between the leaf and the surrounding air

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The dependence of the reaction of the developing organism to pharmacological agents on the functioning of the hypophyseal-adrenal system

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The dependence of the reactivity of the organism to insulin on the state of the endocrine glands

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The dependence of the renal concentration capacity on protein intake in human infants

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The dependence of the renal effect of digitoxin on its distribution between plasma albumin and renal tissue

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The dependence of the respiration of brain cortex on active cation transport

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The dependence of the respiration of the brain on the body size in mammals

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The dependence of the rhythmic reaction of cross-striated muscle to the passage of a galvanic current upon the duration of the current

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The dependence of the saccharolytic properties of Listeria on the pH of the medium

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The dependence of the soil mites of the Rhineland loess loams upon fertilizers and other local factors The effect of fertilization on soil fauna. Long term fertilization studies at Dikopshof in Bonn, Bonn, 1962

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The dependence of the specific activity of urease upon the apparent absolute enzyme concentration

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The dependence of the spectrum of somatic mutants of Ephestia kuhniella on the stage of development of the irradiated animals

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The dependence of the speed of migration of some passerines on the size of initial fat deposits and energy balance data from repeated catches of banded birds

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The dependence of the speed of transfer of radioisotopes of phosphorus and sulfur in cotton on the extent to which these elements are supplied

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The dependence of the sporicidal action of a hydro chloric acid solution of iodine mono chloride on the concentration of acid and iodine mono chloride

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The dependence of the structure of a year's ring of wood on the ontogenesis of forming tissues

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The dependence of the substrate specificity on the conformation of crystalline glutamate dehydrogenase

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The dependence of the supply of phosphoric acid, lime and potash on the water content, examined in humus soils

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The dependence of the therapeutic effect of sleep therapy upon various doses of somniferous substance during diphtherial intoxication in white rats

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The dependence of the threshold and of the action current of isolated medullary nerve fibers on temperature and metabolism

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The dependence of the thyrotrophic function of the hypophysis on neurosecretion in pigeons

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The dependence of the toxicity and local action of some stereoisomeric derivatives of oxydekahydroquinoline on their spatial configuration

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The dependence of the vitamin B1 content of Tradescantia leaves on the wave length of light

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The dependence of transformation of spring wheat into winter wheat on the date of 2nd autumn sowing

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The dependence of transmitter release on calcium concentration abstract frog

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The dependence of tumor development on the host plant in bacterial plant tumors

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The dependence of tumor formation on the composition of the calorie-restricted diet as well as on the degree of restriction

Tannenbaum, Albert, 1945:
The dependence of tumor formation on the degree of caloric restriction

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The dependence of types of break-down on the yolk content of the ovum Referat Zhur, Biol, 1956, No 86163

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The dependence of unit discharges on frequency and intensity of stimulation of the motor cortex in the macaque

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The dependence of virulence and other properties of phytopathogenic bacteria, as well as infection, upon weather

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The dependence of yeast pyridoxine accumulation on the nitrogen source

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The dependence on amino acid of C14-uracil incorporation into phage RNA in cells with stringent control of RNA synthesis

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The dependence on body weight of the heart frequency of crayfish compared with other animal groups

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The dependence on environmental factors of endemic goiter among the people of the Li-sichanske-Rubezhansk industrial raion

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The dependence on gp130 cytokines of axotomy induced neuropeptide expression in adult sympathetic neurons

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The dependence on pH of the transport of neutral amino acids in Ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells

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The dependence on temperature of CO2 assimilation

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The dependence on the environment of the body shape of freshly spawned hatched Cyprino-don macularius

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The dependence on the extracellular pH of changes in the arteriovenous O2 difference caused by chemical substances

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The dependence on the pH of the host tissue for the production of uredia and telia in Uromyces pisi

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The dependence on the weather of the incidency of Sporotrichosis

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The dependence upon contraction of membrane potential changes in myo cardial fibers

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The dependence upon temperature of the excitation performance of sensory ganglion cells

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The dependency of cyclical feeding behavior on internal and external cues

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The dependency of nuclear volumes of age of epithelial tissue-cultures

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The dependency of oxygen binding curve processes on the age of the red blood corpuscles

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The dependency of the catecholamine release of the adrenal medulla on the hyperglycemic effect of BAL and BAL plus insulin

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The dependency of the diffusing capacity on the HbO2 saturation of the capillary blood and on anemia

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The dependency of the effect on sodium efflux of the cardiotonic steroids, on the direction of administration

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The dependency of the functional dead space on the depth and frequency of breathing during artificial ventilation

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The dependency of the health of milk cows upon the health of the soil

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The dependency of the inhibition titer on the duration of incubation in the determination of the resistance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis to antituberculous drugs in the Lowenstein-Jensen medium

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The dependency of the yield on changes in the volume of fertilization and summer temperature in Finland

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The dependency of thymidine incorporation on irradiation dose

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The dependency of visual acuity upon stimulus-distance

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The dependency of whitefish catch on distribution of plankton

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The dependency upon temperature of the anion exchange of erythrocytes

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The dependent variability of mutability and dominance within a single free living population of Drosophila melanogaster

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The dephosphorylation of adenosine triphosphate to adenosine diphosphate by the syneresis of actomyosin-gel, and by the contraction of glycerine-extracted and of fresh muscle fibrils

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The dephosphorylation of endogenous creatine phosphate and of adenosine triphosphate in homogenates of muscles from normal and vitamin E-deficient rabbits

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The Depiction Of Ventricular Size By The Striothalamic Vein In The Anteroposterior Phlebogram

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The depig-mented patch in leprosy: a clinical and pathological study

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The depigmentation edema syndrome in Belgian Congo and criteria for its clinical identification

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The depilation of sheep skins with acetic acid

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The depilatory action of thallium acetate

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The deplanatation of fragments of nervous system in amphibians

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The depleting effect of vincamin on the cerebral serotonin level

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The depletion and recovery of noradrenaline in the brain and some sympathetically innervated mammalian tissues after tetrabenazine

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The depletion and refilling of isolated cereal endosperms, especially of maize, under aseptic conditions

Grunfeld, Otto, 1926:
The depletion and restitution of materials in the endosperm of cereals, especially maize, under aseptic conditions

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The depletion of ascorbic acid in the adrenals and other-tissues of thiamine deficient rats

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The depletion of cardiac norepinephrine by 3,5-dihydroxy-4-methoxyphenethylamine and related compounds

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The depletion of catecholamine of the rabbit's atria by reserpine in vitro

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The depletion of liver glycogen in puromycin-treated animals

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The depletion of muscle sugar by adrenalin

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The Depletion of Norepinephrine from the Heart by Epsilon Amino Caproic Acid

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The depletion of norepinephrine stores in the heart of the dog by reserpine-type alkaloids

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The depletion of norepinephrine-H3 from heart by -methyl-m-tyrosine: A novel and convient method for assaying the inhibition of aromatic amino acid decarboxylase in vivo

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The depletion of starch from the sapwood of ash and its relation to attack by powder-post beetles

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The depletion of starch from timber in relation to attack by Lyctus beetles

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The depolarisation of crustacean nerve by stimulation or oxygen want

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The depolarization of nerve by organic compounds

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The depolarization shift in epileptic neurons

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The depolarization wave and other phenomena of polarization in mollusk nerves. VI

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The depolarization wave in the nerve. V

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The depolyment of nurses in geriatric and general wards

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The depolymerising action of pepsin on collagen. Column fracttonation of the component polypeptide chains

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The depolymerising action of pepsin on collagen Molecular weights of the component polypeptide chains

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The depolymerization of bacterial polysaccharides by hyaluronidase preparations

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The depolymerization of nucleic acids studied by means of salivary ribonuclease. Further contribution to the knowledge of the chemical composition of blood platelets

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The depolymerization of thymonucleic acid by an enzyme system in normal and cancerous hepatic and mammary tissues and in the milk and sera of several species

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The depopulation of Pacific races

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The depopulation of the New Hebrides and other parts of Melanesia

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The deportation phenomenon of trophoblasts studied in maternal lungs

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The deposit of Archaeocyathidae at Alconera, Badajoz, Spain

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The deposit of pleistocene vertebrates of the waters of Araxa

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The deposit of the Pics

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The deposition and antioxygenic behavior of alpha-, beta-, and gamma-tocopherols in rat fats

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The deposition and disposal of cholesterol in the brain of growing chickens

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The deposition and distribution of strontium in the hen's egg

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The deposition of 0.5/n diameter aerosols in the lungs of man

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The Deposition of C14 in Bone

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The deposition of DPP fN, N'-diphenyl-p-phenylenedi-aminel in fowls' tissue as assessed by a new quantitative method

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The deposition of S35-sulphanil-AZO-beef-serum gamma-globulin in hepatic and splenic subcellular fractions in normal and whole body with 500 or 1000 r X-rays irradiated rats

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The deposition of Y91 in rabbit bones

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The deposition of aerosols in the respiratory tract II Deposition in cigarette smoking

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The deposition of aging pigment in the human cerebral cortex

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The deposition of airborne droplets on dead house-flies

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The deposition of antioxidants in the abdominal fat depots

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The deposition of calcium in the aorta of cockerels treated with Triparanol

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The Deposition of Collagen in Relation to Schwann Cell Basement Membrane During Peripheral Nerve Regeneration

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The deposition of digitoxin in the tissues of the rat after parenteral injection

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The deposition of dyes in the mammalian kidney

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The Deposition of Exogenous Copper Under Experimental Conditions with Observations on its Neurotoxic and Nephrotoxic Properties in Relation to Wilson's Disease

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The deposition of f radio- iodine to

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The deposition of fat in infancy and its relation to constitution and immunity

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The deposition of fat in the external layer of the endosperm of corn grains differing in their resistance to cold

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The deposition of glycogen with water in the livers of cats

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The deposition of lipids in various parts of the central nervous system of the developing rat

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The deposition of magnesium in the growing skeleton

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The deposition of non-viable eggs by Hymenoptera

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The deposition of potassium and phosphate with glycogen in rat livers

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The deposition of radiophosphorus in fractured bones in rats

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The Deposition of Skeletal Structures in the Crustacea. 2. the Histochemical Changes Associated with the Development of the Nonmineralized Skeletal Components of the Gastrolith Discs of the Crayfish, Orconectes Virilis Hagen

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The Deposition of Skeletal Structures in the Crustacea. 3. the Histochemical Changes Associated with the Development of the Mineralized Gastroliths in the Crayfish, Orconectes Virilis Hagen

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The deposition of skeletal structures in the crustacea. 5. The histomorphological and histochemical changes associated with the development and calcification of the branchial exoskeleton in the crayfish, Orconectes virilis Hagen

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The Deposition Of Skeletal Structures In The Crustacea. Vi. Microradiographic Studies Of The Exoskeleton Of The Crayfish Orconectes Virilis Hagen

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The deposition of strontium-90 on the ground

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The deposition of tetracycline drugs in bones and scales of fish and its possible use for marking

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The deposition of tetracyclines in the bone tissues following the feeding of the tetracyclines

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The deposition of transfused lymphocytes, labelled with radioactive phosphorus. Preliminary report

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The deposition of trienoic fatty acids in the fats of the pig and the rat

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The deposition of unipolar charged particles in the lungs of animals

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The deposition of uranium in bone II Radioautographic studies

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The deposition of uranium in bone. III. The effect of diet

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The depository function of the liver

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The deposits at the Nakata cave-site, Hamakita City, Shizuoka and their geologic age

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The depot action of a new sulfonamide

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The depot lepromin test and BCG vaccination

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The depredation of Ecklonia radiata beds by the sea urchin Evechinus chloriticua

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The depressant action of caffeine on maze learning in the albino rat

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The depressant action of ethyl trichloramate on the central nervous system

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The depressant action of picrotoxin and metrazol

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The depressant action of strychnine on the superior cervical sympathetic ganglion and on skeletal muscle

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The depressant action of y -aminobutyric acid and the organs of circulation

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The depressant effect of carbon dioxide on photosynthesis

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The depressant effect of cigarette smoke on the in vitro antibacterial activity of alveolar macrophages

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The depressant effect of continuous cobalt-60 radiation on the secondary tetanus antitoxin response in mice

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The depressant effects of tris -aminomethane and of mannitol on respiration

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The depressant effects on respiration of NaCl

Nahas, G.G., 1964:
The depressant effects on respiration of THAM and hyperosmotic solutions of mannitol and NaCl

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The depressed heart: Electrophysiologic and hemodynamic considerations

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The depressed woman returns. A study of posthospital adjustment

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The Depression Complex: a Review of the History and Treatment of Twelve Patients

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The depression of energy metabolism in the early stage of the response to injury

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The depression of estrone-induced uterine growth by phenolic estrogens with oxygenated functions at positions 6 or 16: the impeded estrogens

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The depression of experimental polycythemias by various substances in dogs, rabbits, and man

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The depression of growth of the uterus, adrenals, and ovaries by fluorinated steroids in the pregnane series

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The depression of phagocytosis by products of staphylococci

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The depression of phospholipid turnover in brain tissue by chlorpromazine

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The depression of respiration of the opiates and its antagonism by nalorphine

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The depression of spinal inhibition by electro-phoretically administered strychnine

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The depression of spinal neurones by gamma-lamino-H-butyric acid and beta-alanine

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The depression of the immune response by serum protein fractions

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The depression of the incorporation of sulfur amino acids into Bacillus cereus by 8-Azaguanine

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The depression of the primary immune reaction caused by 6- mercaptopurine and cyclophamide in various animal species. The suppression of primary immune reaction of rabbits caused by 6-mer-captopurine and the influence of bacterial endotoxins

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The depression of the receptor potential in pacinian corpuscles

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The depressions for the arachnoid granulations as a criterion of age

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The depressive effect of 7S antibody and the enhancing effect of 19S antibody in the primary immune response

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The depressive effect of chlordiazepoxide on a negative incentive

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The depressive influence of the sympathetic nerves on gastric acidity

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The depressor action of adrenaline

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The depressor action of liver extract

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The depressor activity of trypsin-like enzymes purified from rat submandibular gland

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The depressor effect of eplnephrin in decerebrated animals

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The depressor effect of serotonin and tryptamine on chicken blood pressure

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The Depressor Effect Of Spleno-Reno-Pexy On Hypertension Due To Renal Ischemia

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The depressor effect of tissue implants in hypertensive dogs

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The depressor effect of tryptamine in the chicken: Absence of tachyphy-laxis and reversal following monoamine oxidase inhibitors

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The depressor muscle of the lower lid of the dog The action of certain sympathicolytic substances on its excitability

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The depressor or vasotatic reflexes

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The depressor principle in the kidney of newborn rats

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The depressor smooth muscle of the lower eyelid of the dog. Evaluation of the iterative chronaxia

Colvin, R.W.; Adams, M.E., 1968:
The deprivation hypothesis its application to the function of child welfare services in meeting the needs of the mentally retarded

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The deproteinisation of nucleoproteins

Cambie, R.C., 1968:
The depsides from Stereocaulon ramulsoum Rausch

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The depth attained by roots

Nikolaev, I.I., 1954:
The depth distribution of herring in the Baltic Sea

Juday, C., 1934:
The depth distribution of some aquatic plants

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The depth for plowing fallow in the southern Ukraine

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The depth of focus of the eye

Nemetschek, T., 1966:
The depth of penetration of ions of salts of heavy metals in recontrasting biological objects in thin layer

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The depth of planting asparagus and its effect on stand, yield, and position of the crown

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The depth of plowing black fallow in the droughty steppe of the Ukraine

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The depth of pupation of Phormia groenlandica and Calliphora erythrocephala

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The depth of the enamel rod ends abstract human dental caries brown striae of retzius

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The depth of the fermentation medium as an intensifying factor of citric acid formation by Aspergillus niger

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The depth of the optimum feeding layer of Tubificidae in relation to their movements in the soil

Egorchenkov, A.I., 1960:
The depth of the plowing of virgin sod-podzolic soils in the Soviet Far East

Henniker, J.C., 1949:
The depth of the surface zone of a liquid

Kucheryavaya, M.I., 1958:
The depth of the tillering node and double tillering nodes in cereals

Lumby, J.R., 1955:
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