The determination of effective strains of Rhizobium trifolii Dangeard, the root nodule bacteria of clover, under bacteriologically controlled conditions

Keeney, D.L.

Soil Sci 34(6): 417-443


DOI: 10.1097/00010694-193212000-00003
Accession: 025723277

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The object was to test the effectiveness of various strains of R. trifolii, and to obtain tested strains of high efficiency in N fixation. 22 strains were obtained, 4 being the author's isolations. Both sand and agar culture methods were used. The most efficient N-fixing strains were also used in plot tests in a cherry orchard. In addition to the % of N in the crops, the author used agglutination tests in an effort to obtain distinct strains. Efficiency in N fixation by the various strains shows fairly consistent variations both in total N content of crop and in % of N. Efficient strains maintained a high efficiency throughout the tests; the less efficient strains remained so. A strain isolated by the author has proved to be the most efficient, increasing the total N content of the crop 149.4% over uninoculated controls.