Section 26
Chapter 25,725

The development of Anopheles larvae on rice fields during combined cultivation of rice and fish

Hofstede, A.E.

Indo Pacific Fish Counc Spec Publ 2: 103-111


Accession: 025724849

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Fish and rice culture are economically important in the Plain of Tjiandjur in W. Java. This produced a malaria problem. The principal vector is the mosquito, Anopheles aconitus. Work is in progress to determine methods of fish culture that will permit elimination of malaria. A. aconitus develops most rapidly about 90 days after the rice is transplanted. Prior to this there is little danger, Thus fish may be reared as a "catch crop" during the 90-day period without increasing the malaria problem. Also, it may be possible to reduce mass development of A. aconitus by various weeding operations.

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