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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 25733

Chapter 25733 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

The distribution of auxins in bulbs of Lilium longiflorum
, American Journal of Botany 29(7): 529-532 (1942)

The distribution of average depth of snow on ground in New York and New England. II. Curves of average depth and variability
, Transactions American Geophysical Union (2): 672-692 (1940)

The distribution of bacteria in butter
, Jour Bad: 30-31 (1928)

The distribution of bacteria in lake. In problems on lake biology
, American Assoc Advanc Science Publ 10: 39-64 (1939)

The distribution of bacteria in lakes and their inflows
, Proceedings Society Agric Bact Gr Brit : 10-12 (1941)

The distribution of bacterial blight of walnuts
, Gard Chron london 90(2348): 476-477 (1931)

The distribution of bacteriophage types of S. typhi and S. paratyphi B, in the Rumanian Peoples' Republic. Phage typing in the practice of epidemiological investigations
, in Portuguese Mem Inst Oswaldo Cruz 55(2): 277-281 (1957)

The distribution of baleen whales in the Antarctic as a function of hydrological conditions
, Izv Tikhookeannauch Issled Inst Ryb Khoz Okeanogr 58: 223-228 (1966)

The distribution of banana wilt
, Philippine Jour Sci 53(3): 229-243 (1934)

The distribution of barbiturates in the animal body under the action of different dosages of caffeine
, Tr Ryazan Med Inst 26: 127-135 (1965)

The distribution of barbiturates in the animal body when they are given repeatedly with lidase
, Tr Ryazan Med Inst: 2-197 (1968)

The distribution of basophilic cytoplasmatic substances in the blastoderm of the chick
, Rev Suisse Zool 55(2): 243-250 (1948)

The distribution of basophilic material in the egg of the rat and rabbit including its significance in the morphogenetic processes
, Acd Roy Belgique Bull Cl Sci 35(5): 500-511 (1949)

The distribution of beavers in Estonia
, Eesti Loodus 5: 281-286 (1961)

The distribution of bees according to landscape in the Ukrainian Carpathians and in Transcarpathia
, Pratsi Inst Zool Akad Nauk Ukrain R S R 17: 108-117 (1961)

The distribution of bilirubin between albumin and mitochondria
, J Pediat 68(2): 1964-180 (1966)

The distribution of bilirubin between plasma and tissue fluid and its movement during exchange transfusion
, American Journal of Diseases of Children 102(5): 775-777 (1961)

The distribution of biogenic amines in the carotid bifurcation region
, Journal of Physiology 193(2): 245-253 (1967)

The distribution of birds along the Angara
, Ornitologiya Ornithology 169-175 (1962)

The distribution of birds and human installations in areas of reclamation of virgin steppe Abstracts of reports from the Fifth Baltic Ornithological Conference
, Tartu : 175-179 (1963)

The distribution of birds and the recent climatic change in the North Atlantic area
, Dansk Ornithol Foren Tidsskr 42(2): 85-99 (1948)

The distribution of birds in the nesting period in the lower reaches of the Sudzukhe River Data from the 3rd All-Union Ornithological Conference, 1962
, The distribution of birds in the nesting period in the lower reaches of the Sudzukhe River (Southern Maritime Area) Of the USSR Data from the 3rd All-Union Ornithological Conference, 2 Raspredelenie ptits v gnezdovoi period v nizov'yakh r Sudzukhe (Yuzhnoe Primor'e) In: Materialy III Vsesovyuznoi ornitologicheskoi konferentsii, Data from the 3rd All-Union Ornithological Conference, 2 73 (1962)

The distribution of birds of prey in northern parts of eastern Slovakia
, Zool Listy 12(1): 19-24 (1963)

The distribution of bison by territories and stations in 1967
, Trudy Sary-Chelekskogo Gosudarstvennogo Zapovednika (3): 121-125 (1968)

The distribution of blackwater fever in Africa
, Ann Trop Medicine and Parasitol Liverpool 23(1): 67-102 (1929)

The distribution of blackwater fever in Burma and the Far East
, Ann Trop Medicine and Parasitol Liverpool 22(2): 179-193 (1928)

The distribution of blackwater fever in Central America, South America and the West Indies
, Ann Trap Med And Parasitol 27(2): 283-307 (1933)

The distribution of blackwater fever in India
, Ann Trop Medicine and Parasitol Liverpool 22(2): 169-176 (1928)

The distribution of blackwater fever in North America
, Ann Trop Med and Parasitol 23(4): 451-479 (1929)

The Distribution Of Blood And Gas Within The Lungs Measured By Scanning After Administration Of 133xe
, Thorax 18: 316-325 (1963)

The distribution of blood cells on haemacy-tometer counting chambers with special reference to the amended British Standards Specification 748
, Jour Clin Pathol 14(3): 298-304 (1961)

The distribution of blood flow in the digestive tract of the rat
, Circulation Res 9(1): 99-102 (1961)

The distribution of blood flow in the skin using the radioactive krypton-85 clearance technique
, Biology of the skin and hair growth, Canberra, Australia, August, 1964 603-615 (1965)

The distribution of blood group alleles among Indians of Southwest North America
, American Journal of Human Genetics 10(2): 175-195 (1958)

The distribution of blood groups in Polynesia
, American Journal of Phys Anthropol 26: 409-416 (1940)

The distribution of blood groups in an isolated gypsy community
, Proceedings Congress Int Society Blood Transfus 10(2): 312-319 (1965)

The distribution of blood groups in patients with gastric carcinoma and peptic ulcer
, Folia Hered Pathol 9(3): 179-184 (1960)

The distribution of blood groups in psychiatric illness
, Brit J Psychiat 113(504): 1309-1315 (1967)

The distribution of blood groups of the Japanese. III
, Japan Med World 8(11): 287-291 (1928)

The distribution of blood perfusates in the capillary circulation
, American Journal of Physiology 130(3): 512-520 (1940)

The Distribution Of Blood Phosphorus After Suppression Of Renal Function
, Journal of Clinical Investigation 13(2): 219-235 (1934)

The distribution of blood vessels in the middle ear cavity of cats and dogs
, Hiroshima Jour Med Sci 8(1): 37-59 (1959)

The distribution of blood vessels in the middle ear cavity of guinea pigs and rats
, Hiroshima Jour Med Sci 7(2): 95-117 (1958)

The distribution of blood vessels in the middle ear cavity of rabbit
, Hiroshima Jour Med Sci 6(4): 325-346 (1958)

The distribution of bloodsucking mosquitoes by landscape zones in southeastern Azerbaydzhan
, Ent Obozreniye Transl J 40(3): 541-553 (1961)

The distribution of blue-green algae in the lower section of the Volga reservoir series
, Byul Inst Biol Vodokhranilishch Akad Nauk Sssr 12: 3-6 (1962)

The distribution of body fluids in congestive heart failure. IV. Exchanges in patients, refractory to mercurial diuretics, treated with sodium and potassium
, Circulation 5(1): 58-73 (1952)

The Distribution Of Body Water And Electrolytes In Adrenal Insufficiency
, Journal of Clinical Investigation 17(1): 77-86 (1938)

The distribution of body water and electrolytes in skeletal muscle of dogs with experimental hydronephrosis following injections of potassium salts
, Jour Biol Chem 140(2): 467-481 (1941)

The distribution of body water and electrolytes in the intact and partially nephrectomized rat after dehydration and hydration
, Jour Biol Chem 131(2): 519-538 (1939)

The distribution of body water in skeletal muscle and liver in normal dogs following injections of potassium salts
, Jour Biol Chem 138(2): 583-595 (1941)

The distribution of body water in skeletal muscle in dogs with impaired renal function
, Jour Biol Chem 128(1): 137-152 (1939)

The distribution of bone marrow in the human sternum
, American Journal of Clin Path 20(7): 610-613 (1950)

The distribution of bottom fauna in the Eastern Baltic in 1960
, Ann Biol 17: 93-94 (1960)

The distribution of bottom fauna in the reservoirs of the steppe zone of the Ukraine in relation to the rotation of substances in them Proceedings of the Sixth Conference on the Biological Problems of Inland Waters. 1957
, The distribution of bottom fauna in the reservoirs of the steppe zone of the Ukraine in relation to the rotation of substances in them Proceedings of the Sixth Conference on the Biological Problems of Inland Waters 1957 Raspredelenie donnoi fauny v vodoemakh stepnoi zony Ukrainy v zavisimosti ot tipa krugovorota veshchestv v nikh In: Trudy VI Soveshchaniya po Problem Biol Vnutren-nikh Vod 1957 Proceedings of the Sixth Conference on the Biological Problems of Inland Waters 1957 201-2 (1959)

The distribution of bound acetylcholine and choline acetylase in rat and pigeon brain
, Biochemical Journal 72(1): 165-168 (1959)

The distribution of bound lipids in the neurosecretory cells in cockroach Periplanata americana family Blattaidae: Dictyoptera. Linn. and snake-headed fish Ophiocephalus punctatus
, Sci And Culture 28(5): 241-242 (1962)

The distribution of bovine virus diarrhoea in Austria
, Wierner Tierarztl Monatsschr 53(8): 516-522 (1966)

The distribution of breaking strength in the human femur shaft
, Journal of Biomechanics 1(4): 271-277 (1968)

The distribution of bream catches in pskov chudsk waters
, Uchenye Zapiski Leningradskogo Gosudarstvennogo Pedagogicheskogo Instituta Imeni A I Gertsena 311(1): 128-132 (1968)

The distribution of brilliancy in the spectrum, with reference to various insects
, Zeitschr Vergleich Physiol 8(2): 281-288 (1928)

The distribution of broad-leaved species in the Russian Plain in historical times Research on the geography of the natural resources of the animal and plant world
, The distribution of broad-leaved species in the Russian Plain in historical times (based on toponymic data) Research on the geography of the natural resources of the animal and plant world O rasprostranenii shirokolistvennykh porod na Russkoi ravnine v istoricheskoe vremya (po dannym toponimiki) In: Issledovanie geografii prirodnykh resursov zhivotnogo i rastitel'nogo mira Research on the geography of the natural resources of the animal and plant world 95-100 (1962)

The distribution of bromide and chloride in the body
, Journal of Clinical Investigation 39: 282-287 (1960)

The distribution of bromide and chloride in tissues and body fluids
, Jour Biol Chem 129(2): 547-558 (1939)

The distribution of bromine in the body of white rats Referat Zhur, Biol, 1956, No 51873
, Unknown (1955)

The distribution of bromine-82 in the CNS and internal organs of dog embryos Referat Zhur, Biol, 1959, No, 64271
, Uch Zap 2 I Mosk Med Inst: 158 (1957)

The distribution of bromine82 in the central nervous system and internal organs of dog embryos Referat Zhur, Biol, 1959, No 64271
, Unknown (1957)

The distribution of bronchial arteries in the dog and their potential ability to cause changes in external respiration
, Arkh Anat Gistol I Embriol 45(12): 41-50 (1963)

The distribution of brucellosis positive sera in the commune of Titova Korenica
, Med J Ots 63-11458(12): 7-10 (1964)

The Distribution of Buoyant Density of Human Erythrocytes in Bovine Albumin Solutions
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 51: 520-528 (1964)

The distribution of cadmium in blood after repeated exposure
, Scandinavian Journal of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation 9(1): 67-70 (1957)

The Distribution of Caecal Spirochetes
, Science 75(1949): 498 (1932)

The distribution of calcicole and calcifuge species in relation to the content of the soil in calcium carbonate and exchangeable calcium, and to soil reaction
, Jour Ecol 22(2): 532-553 (1934)

The distribution of calcium between blood and cerebrospinal fluid in sleep induced by diallyl-barbituric acid; an experimental study
, Arch Neurol And Psychiatr 27(1): 154-158 (1932)

The distribution of calcium in apples and its change during growth
, Gartenbauwissenschaft 31(4): 513-547 (1966)

The distribution of calcium in jaundiced and acholic dogs
, Jour Lab and Clin Med 14(2): 122-130 (1928)

The distribution of calcium in the epiphyseal cartilage of the rat tibia measured with the electron probe x-ray microanalyzer
, Journal of Ultrastructure Research 7: 56-60 (1962)

The distribution of calcium-47 in the rat
, J Physiol 182(3): 664-670 (1966)

The distribution of callitriche obtusangula d in bavaria germany
, Berichte der Bayerischen Botanischen Gesellschaft zur Erforschung der Heimischen Flora 40: 63-65, 1967 (1968)

The distribution of cancer mortality in Ohio
, American Journal of Public Health and the Nation's Health 45(1): 58-70 (1955)

The distribution of cantharidae coleoptera in the forest and forest steppe zones of the ukraine east of the dnieper river ussr leftbank ukraine
, Entomol Rev (Engl Transl Entomol Obozr) 47(3): 307-311 (1968)

The distribution of capillaries in the respiratory surfaces of Acris creptians Baird
, Acta Biol Cracov Ser Zool 5(2): 165-173 (1962)

The distribution of capillaries in the respiratory surfaces of scaphiopus holbrooki and scaphiopus couchi
, Zoologica Poloniae 18(1): 117-124 (1968)

The distribution of carabidae and the connection with vegetation and soil pterostichus oblongopunctatus pterostichus nigrita
, The Distribution Of Carabidae And The Connection With Vegetation And Soil Pterostichus-Oblongopunctatus Pterostichus-Nigrita 172-183 (1965)

The distribution of carbon 14 labelled lidocaine in the rat using whole body auto radiography
, Archives Internationales De Pharmacodynamie Et De Therapie: 339-346 (1968)

The distribution of carbon atoms originating from labelled acetate in tyrosine and tryptophane from Aerobacter aerogenes
, Ann Acad Sci Fennicae Ser A Ii Chem 60: 389-392 (1955)

The distribution of carbon in human tooth enamel determined by charged particle activation analysis
, Caries Research 1(4): 318-326 (1967)

The distribution of carbon-14 in gliotoxin from serine-1-C14 and serine-3-C14
, Fed Procpt.l: 8 (1960)

The distribution of carbonic anhydrase in certain marine invertebrates
, Jour Cellular And Comp Physiol 10(3): 395-400 (1937)

The distribution of carbonic anhydrase in the rat eye
, Pflugers Arch Gesamte Physiol Mens Tiere 287(4): 351-356 (1966)

The distribution of carboxyl and sulfhydryl protein groups in mouse spleen tissue under normal conditions and after irradiation
, Tsitologiya 3(3): 293-299 (1961)

The distribution of cardiac potentials around the chest in one-hundred and three normal men
, Circulation 6(2): 201-211 (1952)

The distribution of cardiac potentials on the body surface and its implications in electrocardiography
, Indian Medical Gazette 87(2): 47-52 (1952)

The distribution of cardiac potentials on the thorax of normal man Abstract
, Jour Physiol : 479 (1961)

The distribution of cardiovascular disease in the community
, Annals of Internal Medicine 58: 627-636 (1963)

The distribution of caries resistance in relation to tooth surfaces
, Ciba Found Symp : 66-85 (1965)

The Distribution Of Carnitine, Acetylcarnitine, And Carnitine Acetyltransferase In Rat Tissues
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 240: 2193-2196 (1965)

The distribution of carotenoids in some marine invertebrates
, Pubbl Staz Zool Napoli 25(1): 145-160 (1954)

The distribution of carotenoids in the eggs, ovaries and testicles of Paracentrotus lividus
, Experientia 8(5): 187-189 (1952)

The distribution of caroti-noids, especially carotinoid epoxide, in flowers
, Helvetica Chim Acta 30(2): 537-538 (1947)

The distribution of carotid and vertebral blood in the brain and spinal cord of the goat
, Quart Jour Exptl Physiol 41(4): 462-474 (1956)

The distribution of carotid and vertebral blood in the brain of the cat
, Journal of Physiology 140(2): 236-246 (1958)

The distribution of carriers of Streptococcus pyogenes among 2,413 healthy children
, Journal of Hygiene 52(2): 165-179 (1954)

The Distribution of Cathepsins B and C in Rat Tissues
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 89: 545-547 (1964)

The distribution of cations in plasma and cerebrospinal fluid following infusion of solutions of salts of sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium
, Jour Neurochem 7(3): 218-227 (1961)

The distribution of cation-stimulated adenosine triphosphatase in subcellular fractions from bovine cerebral cortex
, Journal of Neurochemistry 13(12): 1283-1297 (1966)

The distribution of cattle of the Pie Red variety in Continental Europe
, Bull Tech Inform Ing Serv Agr 1977: 271-284 (1965)

The distribution of cavernicolous beetles in Indiana
, Proceedings Indiana Acad Science 70: 260 (1960)

The Distribution Of Cell Fusion Capacity Among Several Cell Strains Or Cells Caused By Hvj
, Experimental Cell Research 32: 417-430 (1963)

The distribution of cell population densities from various zones of the blastula and gastrula of Discoglossus pictus
, Acta Embryol Morph Exptl 1(2): 188-193 (1957)

The distribution of cell-wall label during growth and division of Salmonella typhimurium
, Exptl Cell Res 31(1): 217-220 (1963)

The distribution of cells in the human adenohypophysis. Description of method and observations in the normal adult and male adolescent
, LAB INVEST 8(Pt 1 5): 925-938 (1959)

The distribution of cells of the enterochromaffin system in the gastrointestinal tract of human foetuses
, Acta Anatomica 64(4): 544-558 (1966)

The distribution of ceratocolax hartzii
, British Phycological Bulletin 3(3): 543-546 (1968)

The distribution of cereal vars. in Austria, with regard to the geographical and ecological conditions
, Zuchter 12: 9-16 (1940)

The distribution of cerebellar cholinesterases in several species
, Journal of Neurochemistry 12(8): 709-717 (1965)

The distribution of certain Rhododendron species in the Caucausus
, Byul Moskov Obshchest Ispytatelei Prirody Otd Biol 69(1): 135-139 (1964)

The distribution of certain benthonic algae in Queen Charlotte Strait, British Columbia, in relation to some environmental factors
, Pacific Sci 15(4): 494-539 (1961)

The distribution of certain birds in the southeastern United States
, American Midl Nat 43(3): 605-626 (1950)

The distribution of certain diseases in Brazil as indicated by data obtained through viscerotomy. I. The incidence of Schistosoma mansoni lesions in material collected from 1937to 1946
, Mem Inst Oswaldo Cruz 47(3/4): 443-519, 521-534 (1949)

The distribution of certain enzyme systems in the normal human gastrointestinal tract
, Gastroenterology 44: 745-760 (1963)

The distribution of certain footrots in the Pacific Northwest
, Northwest Sci 5(1): 10-12 (1931)

The distribution of certain liquids in the esophageal diverticula and stomach of mosquitoes
, American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 1(4): 693-710 (1952)

The distribution of certain marine algae on the Norwegian west coast
, Meddeland Go Teborgs Bot Tradgard 18: 293-302 (1950)

The distribution of certain members of the British flora. III. Irish and Anglo-Irish plants
, Ann Botany 40(160): 773-797 (1926)

The distribution of certain non-narcotic analgetic agents in the CNS of several species
, Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 134: 176-183 (1961)

The Distribution of Certain Oxidative Enzymes in the Ciliary Body
, Transactions of the American Ophthalmological Society 41: 141-156 (1943)

The distribution of certain pelagic fishes in the northern part of the Pacific Ocean
, Zool Zhur 37(7): 1058-1062 (1958)

The distribution of certain trace elements in tropical sea water and their biological significance
, Bull Mar Sci Gulf Caribbean 14(4): 594-602 (1964)

The distribution of certain whalcs as shown by logbook records of American whalcships
, Zoologica New York 19(1): 1-50 (1935)

The distribution of chaetognaths in korean waters particularly in the southern waters and their relation to the character of water masses in the summer of 1967 abstract sagitta krohnitta pterosagitta
, FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) Fisheries Reports (63): 43 (1968)

The distribution of checkered beetles cleridae in saxony
, Entomologische Berichte (Berlin) (97-143): 115-118 (1968)

The distribution of chemical fertilizers in India: A case study of the compatibility of government and private marketing enterprise in an underdeveloped economy
, Dissertation Absts 19(4): 702 (1958)

The distribution of chest hair in Caucasoid males
, American Journal of Physical Anthropology 19: 285-287 (1961)

The distribution of chiasmata in male meiosis of T broc-chii
, Pubbl Staz Zool Napoli: 110-116 (1948)

The distribution of chironomid larvae in lake tiberias israel kinneret and their occurrence in the food of fish of the lake barbus longiceps cyprinus carpio acanthobrama terrae sanctae varicorhinus damascinus tilapia zillii
, Israel Journal of Zoology 17(2/3): 97-115 (1968)

The distribution of chloride and bicarbonate between plasma and cells in the blood of various pathological conditions
, Jour Biol Chem 92(3): 721-731 (1931)

The distribution of chlorophyll and the peroxidase content of the epidermis of mottled leaved plants
, Biol Zentralbl 47(8): 501-512 (1927)

The distribution of cholesterol and 7-dehydrocholesterol in the intestinal mucosae of the guinea pig
, Biochemical Journal 58(331st Meeting): Xviii (1954)

The distribution of cholesterol and total lipids in the nephrotic rat
, Journal of Clinical Investigation 34(5): 700-703 (1955)

The distribution of choline
, Biochemical Journal 29(10): 2278-2284 (1935)

The Distribution Of Choline Acetylase In The Cardiac Auricles Of Rats, Rabbits, Cats And Guinea-Pigs
, Physiologia Bohemoslovenica 13: 39-47 (1964)

The distribution of choline esterases in nerve tissue as revealed by histochemical methods
, Proceedings S Dakota Acad Science 28: 131-132 (1949)

The distribution of choline oxidase activity in rat liver
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 192(2): 551-554 (1951)

The distribution of cholinergic and adrenergic nerves in the mammalian epididymis A comparative histochemistry
, American Journal Anat: 1-13 (1967)

The distribution of cholinergic fibres in the cerebral cortex
, JOUR Physiology LONDON 168(2): 39p-40p (1963)

The distribution of cholinesterase in cat cerebellar cortex
, Experientia 20(4): 218-219 (1964)

The distribution of cholinesterase in cholinergic neurons demonstrated with the electron microscope
, Journal of Cell Science 1(3): 381-390 (1966)

The distribution of cholinesterase in the adrenal glands of the rat, cat and rabbit
, Journal of Physiology 141(1): 97-106 (1958)

The distribution of cholinesterase in the bovine retina
, Jour Biol Chem 152(2): 267-278 (1944)

The distribution of cholinesterase in the chromaffine cell
, Journal of Physiology 129(1): 50-52 (1955)

The distribution of cholinesterase in the cutaneous receptor organs, especially touch corpuscles of the human finger
, Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry 8: 367-375 (1960)

The distribution of cholinesterase in the mammalian heart
, Physiol Bohemoslov 11(1): 46-52 (1962)

The distribution of cholinesterase in the submaxillary and sublingual salivary glands of the rat
, Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry 5(3): 236-245 (1957)

The distribution of cholinesterase in the touch receptors of the human finger
, Jour Histochem And Cytochem 8(5): 338-339 (1960)

The distribution of cholinesterase types in autonomically innervated tissues
, BIOCHEM JOUR 46(2): ix (1950)

The distribution of cholinesterase types in mammalian tissues
, Biochemical Journal 46(3): 346-352 (1950)

The distribution of chromatin in a blue green alga Anabaena variabilis Kutz
, Canadian Journal of Genetics and Cytology 2(4): 320-324 (1960)

The distribution of chromatin in budding yeasts cells
, Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek Jour Microbiol And Serol 22(1): 1-20 (1956)

The distribution of chromium 51 labelled clostridium spores in neopl tumorous rats
, Zeitschrift fuer Naturforschung Teil B Anorganische Chemie Organische Chemie Biochemie Biophysik Biologie 23B(2): 255-258 (1968)

The distribution of chromium-51 in mice after intraperitoneal injection
, Canadian Journal of Biochemistry and Physiology 40: 1677-1683 (1962)

The distribution of chromolipoid pigments in the human ovary in different age groups and in pathological conditions
, Riv Ostet E Ginecol: 67-79 (1963)

The distribution of cinnarizine metab and its metabolites in the rat
, Life Sciences Part I Physiology and Pharmacology 7(17 Part 1): 989-994 (1968)

The distribution of cladoceran remains in superficial lacustrine sediments from three Northern Indiana lakes
, Dissert Absts 23(11): 4474-4475 (1963)

The distribution of click beetles in the fields of western Siberia
, Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 33(5): 1058-1064 (1954)

The distribution of coagulase positive staphylococci on the surface of newborn infant skin: Physiological and epidemiological considerations
, Diss Abstr 26(1): 326-327 (1965)

The distribution of cobalt in plants
, Izv Akad Nauk Azerbaidzh Ssr Ser Geol Geogr Nauk Nefti 4: 71-86 (1963)

The distribution of coccidioidomycosis in Southern California
, California Medicine 73(4): 317-321 (1950)

The distribution of coli-endotoxin in the rabbit during the Schwartzman reaction
, Acta Microbiol Acad Sci Hungaricae 8(3): 275-280 (1961)

The Distribution Of Colony-Forming Cells Among Spleen Colonies
, Journal of Cellular Physiology 62: 327-336 (1963)

The Distribution of Color Variants in Ageing Broth Cultures of Serratia Marcescens #274
, Journal of Bacteriology 43(5): 585-591 (1942)

The distribution of colorperceiving receptors in the human fovea Referat Zhur, Biol, 1956, No 32972
, Unknown (1955)

The distribution of common lilac and low lilac forests in southeastern Europe
, Byul Mosk Obshch Ispytat Prirody Otd Biol 68(1): 63-72 (1963)

The distribution of complement-fixing antibody and growth-inhibiting antibody to Mveoplasma hominls
, J Hyg 64(4): 441-449 (1966)

The distribution of congo red in the tissues
, Acta Medica Scandinavica 138(3): 188-190 (1950)

The distribution of conifer and taxad genera in time and space
, Acta Horti Bergiani 20(4): 121-312 (1963)

The distribution of conifer and taxed genera in time and space: Additions and corrections
, Acta Horti Bergiani 20(6): 319-326 (1966)

The distribution of constituents and enzyme activities in subtractions of liver microsomes frorn non-starved rats
, Exp Cell Res 48(2): 413-423 (1967)

The distribution of copepods mainly calanus finmarchicus at the coast and in some fjords south of bergen in may june 1968 and the possibilities to utilize zoo plankton commercially
, Fisken og Havet (3): 11-15 (1968)

The distribution of copper in the human brain
, Brain 83(4): 709-717 (1960)

The distribution of copper in tropical seawater
, Limnol Oceanogr 12(2): 236-242 (1967)

The distribution of copper64 in early embryo chicks
, Jour Exptl Zool 107(2): 183-215 (1948)

The distribution of coregonids in the lakes of Kurgansk oblast
, Rybovodstvo I Rybolovstvo 5: 26-27 (1961)

The distribution of cortisone carbon 14 and deoxy cortico sterone carbon 14 in pregnant a jax mice
, Pharmacologist 10(2): 155 (1968)

The distribution of corythucha ciliata nearctic tingidae of the plane tree of northern italy
, Bollettino di Zoologia Agraria e di Bachicoltura 9: 123-131, 1968 (1969)

The distribution of cranberry false blossom
, Phytopathology 16(3): 223-227 (1926)

The distribution of cricket frogs in Mississippi
, Herpetologica 20(3): 201-202 (1964)

The distribution of crop pests diseases in the USSR in 1960 and the forecast for their appearance in 1961
, Leningrad : 120-121 (1961)

The distribution of crustose corallines on the icelandic coast
, Science In Iceland: 25 (1968)

The distribution of cucurbit viruses in Central Florida
, Plant Dis Reporter 36(10): 377-379 (1952)

The distribution of cumaceans in the don delta and their food significance for fish
, Izvestiya Gosudarstvennogo Nauchno-Issledovatel'skogo Instituta Ozernogo i Rechnogo Rybnogo Khozvaistva 67: 282-288 (1968)

The distribution of cutin in the outer epidermal wall of Clivia nobilis
, Ohio Jour Sci 34(1): 9-19 (1934)

The distribution of cytochemically demonstrable diphosphopyridine nucleotide diaphorase and succinic and lactic dehydrogenases in the normal human gastric mucosa
, Acta Pathologica et Microbiologica Scandinavica 48: 323-327 (1960)

The distribution of cytochrome c and succinoxidase activity in rat liver fractions
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 172(2): 451-458 (1948)

The distribution of cytochrome oxidase activity in Ehrlich ascites cell particulates obtained from glycerol homogenates
, Arch Biochem And Biophys 84(1): 157-161 (1959)

The distribution of cytochrome oxidase, glucose-6-phosphatase and esterase in the fractions of liver cells prepared from glycerol homogenates
, Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 87: 266-272 (1960)

The distribution of daily rainfall amounts at Ghent
, Natuur Wetensch Tijdschr 48(2/5): 103-140 (1966)

The Distribution Of Demethylchlortetracycline Between The Extra- And Intracellular Space Of The Liver
, Naunyn-Schmiedebergs Archiv für Experimentelle Pathologie und Pharmakologie 250: 307-317 (1965)

The distribution of density in compact human femoral shaft bone and its significance for the determination of the breaking strength of bone
, Z Anat Entwicklungsgesch 127(1): 25-41 (1968)

The distribution of deoxyribonuclease in normal, cirrhotic and neoplastic rat livers
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