Section 26
Chapter 25,748

The effect of different feeding of ewes on the thickness of wool of hybrid lambs with semi-coarse wool

Maslova, K.I.

Trudy Komi Fil Akad Nauk Sssr 4: 90-97


Accession: 025747464

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The nursing ewes of one group received 3 kg of hay (1.35 feed units and 105 g of digestible protein). Ewes of the hay-and silage group received 2.5 kg of hay and one kg of silage (1.3 feed unit and 99 g of digestible protein). Histo-logical analysis of the skin of newborn lambs showed a thicker wool in lambs of the first group (by 47 roots and 29 follicules to each square mm), in comparison with the hay and silage group (41 and 24). In another experiment, the nursing ewes which had received as a supplement to their rations one kg of silage (0.17 feed unit and 12 g of digestible protein) produced during 70 days an additional average growth of 3.4 cm of wool, while the control animals which had not received any silage showed only 21 cm of additional wood growth. The average increase in weight of lambs in the experimental group was 730 g more than the increase in weight of lambs in the control group. These figures were computed on the termination of the experiments.

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