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Chapter 25,748

The effect of different feeds for the ewes on the density of the wool of semi-coarse-wooled hybrid lambs

Maslova, K.I.

Trudy Instituta Morfologii Zivotnych 31: 134-139


Accession: 025747465

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Feeding pregnant ewes more nutritious diets, especially in the last 3 months of pregnancy, increased the thickness of the wool in the newborn lambs. Replacing 0.5 kg of hay by 1 kg of silage in the diet of the pregnant ewe had no effect on the rate at which the hair emerged. The addition to the basic diet of the lactating ewe of 1 kg of silage provided a greater daily gain in weight of the lambs and accelerated the growth of the wool of the lactating ewe. The histological method for determining the density of the wool made it possible to select lambs at an early age with higher wool productivity and to make a timely determination of the potentialities of each of the lambs left in the herd.

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