Section 26
Chapter 25,751

The effect of fractionated x-ray dosage on the frequency of chromatid and chromosome aberrations

Sax, K.; King, E.D.; Luippold, H.

Radiation Research 2(2): 171-179


ISSN/ISBN: 0033-7587
PMID: 14372037
DOI: 10.2307/3570321
Accession: 025750301

The frequency of 2-hit chromosome and chromatid aberrations is reduced by fractionated X-ray exposures as compared with the frequency resulting from a single exposure of equal total dose. This reduction in frequency of aberrations induced by fractionated exposures is attributed largely to the restitution of some of the induced breaks during the rest intervals between exposures, but there was some evidence that part of the decrease may be due to an injury effect, making the chromosomes less sensitive to the 2d and subsequent exposures. The breaks induced at prophase undergo restitution or take part in illegitimate associations much faster than do breaks induced in the resting chromosomes of Tradescantia microspores.

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