The effects of lime-sulphur and white oil sprays on Jonathan apple trees

Savage, C.G.; Ballantyne, J.A.

Agric Gaz New South Wales 42(12): 947-954


Accession: 025774971

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Both tree and fruit were damaged when the sprays were applied within 5 days of each other, but not when the period was 10 days. Cumulative effects of similar sprays applied over a number of years are being studied. Lime-sulphur assisted in control of russeting, where the sprays were applied at spurburst, pinking, and added to the calyx and cover sprays of lead arsenate. Russeting at Bathurst in 1930-31 was probably duo to some organism that was controlled by lime-sulphur and not to spray injury or low temp. Lead arsenate cover sprays gave better control of codling moth if white miscible oil or lime-sulphur was added.