Section 26
Chapter 25,781

The enamel surface in white spot formation

Sperber, G.H.; Buonocore, M.G.

Journal of Dental Research 42(2): 724-731


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-0345
Accession: 025780954

Enamel surfaces of erupted and unerupted permanent teeth were abraded to remove the outer surface, and these surfaces (along with an adjacent unabraded area as controls) were exposed to a variety of demineralizing buffer solutions. The "white spot" lesion occurs both on abraded and unabraded enamel of erupted and unerupted teeth. The finding on abraded enamel of a less decalcified surface layer over a more decalcified subsurface enamel, suggests that the difference in composition between surface and subsurface enamel does not determine formation but only influences the duration of the "white spot." Of primary importance in "white spot" formation are the composition of the demineralization environment (absence of complexing ions and the mechanics of the dissolution process).

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