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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 25786

Chapter 25786 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Popesku, L. K., 1957: The etiology and frequency of lung cancer

Bennett, Kenneth A., 1965: The etiology and genetics of wormian bones

Johnson, E. P., 1934: The etiology and histogenesia of leucosis and lymphomatosis of fowls

Steiner, Paul E., 1956: The etiology and histogenesis of carcinoma of the esophagus

Anonymous, 1963: The etiology and management of ascites in patients with hepatic cirrhosis A review

Section 26, Chapter 25786, Accession 025785005

Faber, Knud, 1926: The etiology and patho-genesis of achylia gastrica

Obel, Nils, 1943: The etiology and patho-genesis of foaling laminitis

Hashem, M., 1961: The etiology and patho-genesis of the bilharzial bladder cancer

Austin, David F., 1952: The etiology and pathogenesis of congenital megacolon

Anonymous, 1962: The etiology and pathogenesis of late toxemia of pregnancy Clinical observations in reference to the role of some placental insertion surfaces as a predisposing factor in the occurrence of the toxemia

Metcalf, D., 1962: The etiology and pathogenesis of leukaemia

Velichkovskn, B. T.; Katsnel'son, B.A., 1964: The etiology and pathogenesis of silicosis

Moroshkin, B. F., 1962: The etiology and pathogenesis of stachybotryotoxicosis in cattle

Petrov, N. N., 1963: The etiology and pathogenesis of true tumours

Kern, John D., 1960: The etiology and pathological physiology of decompression sickness

Anonymous, 1962: The etiology and pathology of dissecting aneurysms in turkeys Dissertation Absts

Morse, Harry D., 1928: The etiology and pathology of pyelitis cystica, ureteritis cystica, and cystitis cystica

Campbell, Maurice, 1929: The etiology and significance of extrasystoles

Anonymous, 1931: The etiology and significance of necrosis of the placenta a biologic and histologic study

Poswillo D., 1968: The etiology and surgery of anom cleft palate with anom micrognathia

Van Der Meulen, J. B., 1942: The etiology and the prophylaxis of milk-fever and grass tetany in cattle

Krout, Maurice H., 1942: The etiology and therapy of spastic speech

Gillmann, H., 1949: The etiology and treatment of Werlhof s disease

Section 26, Chapter 25786, Accession 025785029

Bassier, Anthony, 1949: The etiology and treatment of chronic ulcerative colitis

Barer, Adelaide P., 1937: The etiology and treatment of idiopathic hypochromic anemia

Schaefer, Paul W., 1945: The etiology and treatment of polycythemia rubra vera

Braley, Alson E., 1949: The etiology and treatment of uveitis

Hutch, John A., 1966: The etiology and treatment of vesicoureteral reflux

Price, E. W., 1964: The etiology are natural history of plantar ulcer

Section 26, Chapter 25786, Accession 025785036

Perla, David, 1932: The etiology of Bartonella muris anemia of the albino rat

Anonymous, 1964: The etiology of Besniers prurigo Meetings of the French Society of Dermatology and Syphilidography, May 1963, March 1964

Datta, S. C. A., 1933: The etiology of Bursati

Mugrage, Edward R., 1946: The etiology of Colorado tick fever

Anonymous, 1957: The etiology of Dupuytrens contracture in Eastern Nigeria

Anonymous, 1965: The etiology of Dupuytrens malady - the role of trauma

Rapoport, Samuel, 1949: The etiology of Ekiri, a highly fatal disease of Japanese children

Lockhead, A. G., 1928: The etiology of European foul-brood of bees

Hudson, N. Paul, 1926: The etiology of Haverhill fever

Kasahara, Shiro, 1952: The etiology of Izumi-fever

Bauer, Alfred, 1930: The etiology of Mongolian idiocy on the basis of data regarding twins

Wilkie, A. C., 1945: The etiology of Vincents gingivitis

Edwards, Philip R., 1926: The etiology of a canary bird epizootic

Henry G.R., 1968: The etiology of abruptio placentae with special reference to folate metabolism

Jones, A. Thelwell, 1941: The etiology of acne with special reference to acne of occupational origin

Eisenhardt, R. H.; Hartzell, G.W.; Kubista, T.; HimelC., 1961: The etiology of acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis in relation to the mechanism of activation of pancreatic proteases

Black, William C., 1942: The etiology of acute infectious gingivostomatitis

Keller, Walter, 1949: The etiology of acute inflammations of the central nervous system, especially poliomyelitis

Francisco F. Macasaet; Patricia A. Kidd; Carlos R. Bolano; Herbert A. Wenner, 1968: The etiology of acute respiratory infections III The role of viruses and bacteria

Brettell, Herbert R., 1967: The etiology of acute upper respiratory disease in a college student population

Section 26, Chapter 25786, Accession 025785061

Section 26, Chapter 25786, Accession 025785062

Section 26, Chapter 25786, Accession 025785063

Pollak, G. F., 1966: The etiology of alimentary-toxic cystitis

Skelly, John M., 1964: The etiology of an annual canker on maple

Williams, J. L., 1928: The etiology of an epidemic of enteritis associated with mastoiditis in infants

Duperrat, B., 1951: The etiology of argyria

Ford R.M., 1968: The etiology of asthma in australia abstract human

Anonymous, 1955: The etiology of atrophic rhinitis in young pigs Referat Zhur, Biol, 1956, No 61539

Jansson E., 1967: The etiology of atypical pneumonia in children adenovirus ornithosis virus mycoplasma pneumoniae virological investigation

Yaron Tomer; Amanda Huber, 2009: The etiology of autoimmune thyroid disease A story of genes and environment

Huggins, C., 1947: The etiology of benign prostatic hypertrophy

Zuzuki, M., 1929: The etiology of beri-beri

Mcewen, A. D., 1932: The etiology of braxy-like diseases of sheep

Zegarski, Witold, 1964: The etiology of bronchial asthma and allergic cutaneous changes in the workers of a pharmaceutic factory

Anonymous, 1962: The etiology of cardiopathies in Araguari Study of the influence of socio-economic and cultural conditions

Mzhavanadze A.V., 1967: The etiology of cephalosporous desiccation of laurus nobilis d

Cahana E.; Lavy S., 1968: The etiology of cerebro vascular accidents in young patients

Section 26, Chapter 25786, Accession 025785082

Rains A.J.H., 1968: The etiology of chole lithiasis

Whytehead, Lawrence L., 1954: The etiology of chronic interstitial pneamonitis associated with lipid deposition

Berk, J. E., 1957: The etiology of chronic non-specific ulcerative colitis

Zinger, E. E., 1963: The etiology of coal pneumoconiosis and criteria for evaluating the danger of underground work with respect to pneumoconiosis Problems of pneumoconiosis

Howorth, Beckett, 1965: The etiology of congenital and infantile displacement of the hip

Yannet, Herman, 1944: The etiology of congenital cerebral palsy; a statistical and clinical study

Orofino, Caesar F., 1959: The etiology of congenital clubfoot

Etienne, 1929: The etiology of congenital dislocation of the hip

Dmitrieva, V. S., 1964: The etiology of congenital harelip and cleft palate in the light of modern data Congenital harelip and cleft palate

Anonymous, 1962: The etiology of coronary heart disease A review from the epidemiological viewpoint

Klein, Richard M., 1955: The etiology of crown-gall

Lloyd, L. C., 1964: The etiology of cysts in the skin of some families of Merino sheep in Australia

Lindenov, Harold, 1945: The etiology of deaf-mutism with special reference to heredity

Shirinov, F. B., 1962: The etiology of diarrhea in piglets

Section 26, Chapter 25786, Accession 025785101

Snapper, I., 1967: The etiology of different forms of taste behavior

Schwarz, Jan, 1961: The etiology of discrete splenic and hepatic calcifications in an endemic area of histoplasmosis

Bouvier, Georges, 1941: The etiology of diseases of domestic animals in tropical regions, especially in the region of Lomami ; study of the Tabanids of Lomami

Anonymous, 1961: The etiology of dwarfism in mental deficiency In Transactions of the Society for Pediatric Research, Thirty-first Annual Meeting, Atlantic City, New Jersey, May 1961

Anonymous, 1938: The etiology of eclampsia A preliminary report

Section 26, Chapter 25786, Accession 025785108

Culley, William James, 1960: The etiology of emaciation in mentally retarded children

Bean, R. J., 1926: The etiology of embryonic deformities

Loeb, L. M., 1930: The etiology of emphysema

Allen, Duff S., 1927: The etiology of empyema

Anonymous, 1929: The etiology of enteric fever personal views and experiences

Gibbs, Charles S., 1935: The etiology of epidemic colds in chickens

Cruchet, Rene, 1930: The etiology of epidemic encephalitis

Anonymous, 1950: The etiology of epidemic pleurodynia A study of two viruses isolated from a typical outbreak

Howitt, B., 1931: The etiology of epizootic encephalomyelitis of horses in the San Joaquin Valley, 1930

Marennikova, S. S., 1966: The etiology of epizootics of certain smallpox-like infections in cattle and methods of differentiating vaccinia cowpox and swine pox viruses

Birkhaug, Konrad E., 1928: The etiology of erysipelas

Weisz, John D., 1957: The etiology of experimental gastric ulceration

Birkle, Karl, 1949: The etiology of fibrosis of the male breast

Grasnick, B.; David, W., 1942: The etiology of food poisoning by duck eggs A case report

Emmel, M. W., 1935: The etiology of fowl paralysis, leukemia and allied conditions in animals

Emmel, M. W., 1936: The etiology of fowl paralysis, leukemia and allied conditions in animals

Anonymous, 1946: The etiology of fowl paralysis, leukemia and allied conditions in animals XI The mechanism by which Salmonella aertrycke induces hemocytoblastosis in the chicken

Emmel, M. W., 1950: The etiology of fowl paralysis, leukemia and allied conditions in animals XIII A study of the tumor-producing ability of Transmission Agent RPL 16

Iskrant, Albert P., 1968: The etiology of fractured hips in females

Anonymous, 1931: The etiology of gall stones I Chemical factors

Anonymous, 1931: The etiology of gall stones II Role of the gall bladder

Anonymous, 1931: The etiology of gastric and duodenal ulcers A large section histologic study of local blood vessel changes in postmortem specimens

Duke Elder, W. Stewart, 1928: The etiology of glaucoma

Parker, Francis P., 1934: The etiology of granulopenia with particular reference to the drugs containing the benzene ring

Judenitsch, W., 1926: The etiology of grippe

Joel, C. A., 1962: The etiology of habitual abortion with special regard to the male factor

Marsh, Frank, 1930: The etiology of heat-stroke and sun traumatism

Verlinde, J. D., 1946: The etiology of hepatitis epidemica

Lembke, Andreas, 1949: The etiology of hepatitis epidemica

Loewenthal, Waldemar, 1927: The etiology of herpes

Steiner, Paul E., 1960: The etiology of human liver cancer in Africa and the United States of America

Kantorovich, R. A., 1956: The etiology of hydrophobia in animals of trans-polar regions A report I The biological properties of virus

Anonymous, 1942: The etiology of hypericism, a photosensitivity produced by St Johnswort

Naftchi, Nosrat, 1961: The etiology of hypertension

Urban, V. P., 1960: The etiology of infectious atrophic rhinitis in pigs

Little, Ralph B., 1931: The etiology of infectious diarrhea in cattle

Apazidi, L. Kh, 1960: The etiology of infectious dropsy in carp

Havens W.Paul, 1947: The etiology of infectious hepatitis

Hamilton, C. M., 1948: The etiology of infectious sinusitis of turkeys

Liston, W. Glen, 1930: The etiology of influenza

Bijlmer, L., 1943: The etiology of influenza

Anonymous, 1959: The etiology of influenza outbreaks Relerat Zhur, Biol, 1960, No 69623

Stupka, Walther, 1950: The etiology of lateral nasal clefts

Woodman, H. M., 1928: The etiology of leukaemia

Anonymous, 1966: The etiology of leukemia Some comments on current studies

Anonymous, 1959: The etiology of leukemia The status of the virus as causative agent A review

Section 26, Chapter 25786, Accession 025785164

Pool, W. A.; Brownlee, A.; Wilson, D. R., 1930: The etiology of louping-ill

Pool, W. A., 1931: The etiology of louping-ill

Lombard, C., 1964: The etiology of lung cancers studied by means of comparative pathology

Anonymous, 1940: The etiology of lymphogranuloma ingui-nale XIII Anatomo-pathological contribution to the study of cerebral lesions obtained in mice experimentally injected with different strains of lymphogranulomatous virus and with other material

Section 26, Chapter 25786, Accession 025785169

Howard, Norman J., 1926: The etiology of malignant neoplasms

Degkwitz, Rudolph, 1927: The etiology of measles

Armstrong, Hubert, 1928: The etiology of mongolism With a case of Mongol twin

Anonymous, 1942: The etiology of mycosis fungoides Histological findings of cocci-like formations in endothelial cells and mycotic infiltrations of the skin and lymph glands

Doerken H., 1968: The etiology of myo cardial infarction with special reference to cigarette smoking among young coronary patients and those with 2nd heart attacks

Coppleson M.; Reid B., 1968: The etiology of neopl squamous carcinoma of the cervix

Taylor, Howard C., 1930: The etiology of neoplasms of the breast, with notes on their relation to other tumors of the reproductive system

Forbes, S. B., 1940: The etiology of nerve deafness with particular reference to quinine

Telford, Ira R., 1953: The etiology of nutritional muscular dystrophy

Mosonyi, Johann, 1940: The etiology of obesity in hypophysectomized dogs

Gundersen, Wenche Blix, 1959: The etiology of ozaena

Anonymous, 1950: The etiology of ozena I The bacteriological flora isolated from nasal secretions in ozena

Anonymous, 1951: The etiology of ozena III The capsulated bacteria in ozena

Anonymous, 1950: The etiology of ozena n The Corynebacteria in ozena and other Corynebacteria in humans

Cioni, A., 1949: The etiology of paroxysmal tachycardia

Elizabeth Barrett-Connor, 1967: The etiology of pellagra and its significance for modern medicine

Anonymous, 1949: The etiology of pellagra A review

Cornell, Beaumont S., 1927: The etiology of pernicious anemia

Negus, V. E., 1957: The etiology of pharyngeal diverticula

Anonymous, 1957: The etiology of placenta retention in cows Referat Zhur, Biol, 1959, No 49765 Courtesy NSF 1963

Anonymous, 1945: The etiology of poliomyelitis Experimental work carried out at the South African Institute for Medical Research

Section 26, Chapter 25786, Accession 025785196

Ehrengut, Wolfgang, 1961: The etiology of post vaccinal encephalitides

Ellis, Harold, 1962: The etiology of post-operative abdominal adhesions - an experimental study

Verlinde, J. D., 1939: The etiology of post-vaccinal encephalitis

Berman, Charles, 1941: The etiology of primary carcinoma of the liver, with special reference to the Bantu races of South Africa

Squier, Theodore L., 1934: The etiology of primary granulocytopenia

Anonymous, 1928: The etiology of primary lung carcinoma an experimental and clinical investigation

Section 26, Chapter 25786, Accession 025785204

Alexander, Colin, 1965: The etiology of primary protrusio acetabuli

Obukhova, V. R., 1964: The etiology of progressive hyperkinetic encephalitis in Bulgaria

Carlstrom, Nils, 1950: The etiology of puerperal acetonemia

Joannides, Minas, 1928: The etiology of pulmonary abscess

Section 26, Chapter 25786, Accession 025785209

Cohen, Morris J., 1927: The etiology of pulmonary thrombosis

Anonymous, 1962: The etiology of respiratory disease in military recruits 3Correlation between clinical findings and association of virus and bacteria in infection

Palisse, M., 1962: The etiology of respiratory diseases of poultry

Anonymous, 1966: The etiology of respiratory tract infections in military personnel 6 A critical evaluation of a study during the years 1960-1963

Jones, T. Duckett, 1939: The etiology of rheumatic fever

Oz, Talat Vasfi, 1941: The etiology of rheumatic fever

Ashby B.S.; Belzer F.O.; Huang J., 1968: The etiology of rising perfusion pressure in renal preservation abstract dog hypo thermia damage plasma

Petrilli, F. L., 1957: The etiology of scarlet fever

Jackson Don D., 1960: The etiology of schizophrenia

Anonymous, 1949: The etiology of sealers finger

Harvey, Rejane M., 1954: The etiology of secondary pulmonary hypertension

Roche, Maurice B., 1953: The etiology of separate neural arch

Hale, L. W., 1945: The etiology of silicosis

Tambovtseva, A. V., 1965: The etiology of some endocrine diseases

Section 26, Chapter 25786, Accession 025785227

Wiltse, L. L., 1962: The etiology of spondylolisthesis

Van Leeuwen, H. C., 1938: The etiology of sprue, sprue symptoms and chronic enteritis

Anonymous, 1942: The etiology of stammering Fundamentally a wrong psychophysiologic habit in the control of the vocal cords for the production of an individual speech sound; a beginning presentation

Kenyon, E. L., 1941: The etiology of stammering; an examination into certain recent studies, with a glance into the future

Kenyon, Elmer L., 1943: The etiology of stammering; the psychophysiologic facts which concern the production of speech sounds and of stammering

Anonymous, 1962: The etiology of steatorrhea Personal statistics on 65 observations

Castanera, A., 1968: The etiology of strabismic amblyopia in relation to the problem of its therapy

Bigger, J.W., 1945: The etiology of subacute ulcerative gingivitis

Doyle, L. P., 1948: The etiology of swine dysentery

Ridala, V., 1938: The etiology of swine influenza

White, N. H., 1945: The etiology of take-all disease of wheat

Anonymous, 1947: The etiology of take-all diseases of wheat 3 Factors concerned with the development of take-all symptoms in wheat 4 The effect of agronomic practices on the incidence and severity of take-all

Anonymous, 1928: The etiology of the Kashin-Beck Disease in Trans-baikal

Oldenbusch, Carolyn, 1930: The etiology of the disease, psittacosis

Rastegaeva, A. M., 1958: The etiology of the edematose disease in pigs

Anonymous, 1953: The etiology of the infectious pig cough occurring in Finland 1 Experimental infections in pigs

Anonymous, 1953: The etiology of the infectious pig cough occurring in Finland 2 Experiments on adaptation in embryonated chicken eggs and serologic studies

Harris, R. J. C., 1965: The etiology of the lymphoma of children in Africa

Strogov, A. K., 1961: The etiology of the madness of arctic and other foxes and of dogs living in the tundra zone of the Yakutsk Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic

Section 26, Chapter 25786, Accession 025785249

Zimmerman E.A.; Lovelace R.E., 1968: The etiology of the neuropathy in acute intermittent porphyria

Becker, K., 1948: The etiology of the occurrence of ileus which is increasing at present

Budden, F. H., 1958: The etiology of the ocular lesions associated with onchocerciasis

Straub, W. J., 1951: The etiology of the perverted swallowing habit

Verlinde, J. D., 1948: The etiology of the so-called epidemic diarrhea of the newborn

Anonymous, 1928: The etiology of the tsutsugamushi disease and tropical typhus in the Federated Malay States Part I The tsutsugamushi disease

Section 26, Chapter 25786, Accession 025785259

Noguchi, Hideyo, 1928: The etiology of trachoma

Bordonaro, Francesco, 1929: The etiology of trachoma

Wetzelberger, Craig, 1966: The etiology of treatment failures in early stage carcinoma of the cervix

Kerr, Frederick W. L., 1963: The etiology of trigeminal neuralgia

Section 26, Chapter 25786, Accession 025785266

Fouchet, M., 1963: The etiology of tropical splenomegalies

Hopman, B. C., 1938: The etiology of tropical sprue and related diseases Geneesk

Thomson, J. J., 1926: The etiology of tuberculosis in relation to satisfactory immunisation in cattle

James, Alexander, 1928: The etiology of tumor growth from the evolution standpoint

Anonymous, 1946: The etiology of ulcerative colitis An analytical review of the literature

Aliverdiev A.A.; Radzhabov M.P., 1968: The etiology of ulcers of the stomach in the pike perch preliminary communication

Chancellor A.H., 1968: The etiology of upper respiratory tract infections seen in general practice in sydney

Maddy, K. T., 1945: The etiology of urinary calculi present day theories

Malan, E.; Ruberti, U., 1966: The etiology of venous incompetence

Anonymous, 1962: The etiology of venous ulceration and its management by ligation of the ankle communicating veins A report of 50 patients treated by this method

Noguchi, Hideyo, 1927: The etiology of verruga peruana

Section 26, Chapter 25786, Accession 025785282

Anonymous, 1956: The etiology of visceral larva migrans H Comparative larval morphology of Ascaris lumbricoides, Necator americanus, Strongyloides stercoralis and Ancylostoma caninum

Wendt, Gerald R., 1963: The etiology of vomiting during a weightless maneuver

Section 26, Chapter 25786, Accession 025785285

Baylet, R.; Collomb, H.; Grelier, L., 1963: The etiology of yaccinal encephalitis Four case studies 26th International Neurology Meeting, Paris, 1963

Wood, Ian J., 1963: The etiology, course, and treatment of active chronic hepatitis and lupoid hepatitis

Treshow, Michael, 1955: The etiology, development, and control of tomato fruit tumor

Francis, H. H., 1959: The etiology, development, and the effect upon pregnancy of protrusio acetabuli

Wiesmann, E., 1953: The etiology, diagnosis and therapy of periodic ophthalmia of horses Morris S Cover

Kvitaishvili, G. V.; Rtskhiladze, S. I.; Khubutiya, O. A.; Dzhaparidze, S. K.; Papava, N. A.; Babineishvili, M. V., 1964: The etiology, epidemiology, and clinical picture of Salmonella affections in Tbilisi Abstract only

Zwynenberg, H. A., 1942: The etiology, nature and therapeutics of the so-called milk-fever

Strong, R. P., 1942: The etiology, prevention, and treatment of onchocerciasis

Section 26, Chapter 25786, Accession 025785296

Fedrigo, G., 1946: The etiopathogenesis of cystic pneumatosis of the lymph nodes

Section 26, Chapter 25786, Accession 025785298

Ghezzi, Walter, 1964: The etiopathology of diverticulitis of the colon

Anonymous, 1961: The eucalypt Botany, cultivation, chemistry, and utilization

Vazquez, E. Gonzalez, 1929: The eucalypts

White, C. T., 1928: The eucalypts or gum trees of the Brisbane district

Scaramuzza, L. C., 1947: The eucalyptus and reforestation at the sugar mills

Tooke, F. G. C., 1955: The eucalyptus snout-beetle, Gonipterus scutellatus Gyll A study of its ecology and control by biological means

Anonymous, 1957: The eucalyptus Development of its exploitation

Anonymous, 1945: The euchromocentrie typed nucleus Study of mitosis in cultivated flax

Cobos A., 1968: The eucnemid beetles of chile insecta coleoptera

Section 26, Chapter 25786, Accession 025785310

Anonymous, 1952: The eugenic hypothesi II Negative eugenics

Anonymous, 1951: The eugenic hypothesis Positive eugenics

Von Bonin, Gerhardt, 1926: The eugenic situation in China

Darwin, Leonard, 1926: The eugenics policy of the society

Mourgue M.; Baret R.; Renai J.; Savary J., 1968: The euglobins of pumpkin seeds cucurbita maxima

Section 26, Chapter 25786, Accession 025785316

Theodorides, Jean, 1955: The eugregarines of the genus Gregarina, parasites of the Coleoptera Tenebrionidae

Odriozola, Miguel, 1952: The eumelanin horse; black or brown

Hong S.Y., 1968: The euphausiid crustaceans of korean waters abstract euphausia pseudeuphausia thysanoessa stylocheiron taxonomical discrepancy

Andres K., 1968: The eupitheciae of bergstrasse and of the odenwald lepidoptera geometridae

Zharkov V.; Sokolov V.E., 1967: The european beaver castor fiber in the ussr

Kokes O., 1968: The european beaver in the area of czechoslovakia in the past

Bishop L.R., 1967: The european brewery convention scale of bitterness

Reidel D., 1968: The european sardine book sardina pilchardus fishery morphology technology

Van Der Zweep W., 1968: The european weed research council annual grass m weeds group

De Bolos, O., 1951: The eurosiberian phytogeographic element in the Catalonian littoral ridge

Tash, Jerry C., 1966: The euryhaline copepod genus Eurytemora infreshandbrackish waters of the Cape Thompson region Chukci Sea Alaska

Gunter, Gordon, 1947: The euryhaline fishes of North America

Anonymous, 1949: The euryhalinitv of B pholis

Nikitin, V. N.; Turpaeva, E. P., 1957: The euryhalinity of some species of the Black Sea benthos and the possibility of their settlement in the sea of Azov

Anonymous, 1963: The eustachian tube Anatomical outline

Colbert, Edwin H., 1946: The eustachian tubes in the Crocodilia

Anonymous, 2009: The euthycarcinoid arthropods from Montceau-les-Mines, France functional morphology and affinities

Luigi, Spolverini, 1928: The eutrophic effect of irradiated foods Abstract

Anonymous, 1959: The evacuatory function of the periodic motor activity of the digestive tract Experimental data

De Rycke, Paul H., 1968: The evagination of Echinococcus granulosus in media with different osmotic pressures

Rossi L., 1966: The evaluating of johnin activity

Allen, R. H., 1965: The evaluation and choice of laboratory equipment and reagents

Macpherson, James Robert, 1960: The evaluation and development of techniques for testing the auditory acuity of trainable mentally retarded children

Price, S. A., 1964: The evaluation and modification of a technic for comparing the efficiency of antiseptics against subcutaneously deposited bacteria in mice

Leveton, Alan F., 1958: The evaluation and testing of psychopharmaceutic drugs

Martin, A. H., 1965: The evaluation blood volume and total red cell mass as predictors of gross body composition in the pig

Roschlau, Walter H. E., 1964: The evaluation in the dog of a proteolytic enzyme derived from Aspergillus oryzae

Hartong, B. D., 1940: The evaluation number of malt

Egorova, M. S., 1963: The evaluation of -irradiation as a factor of the action of radiation on cyclotron personnel

Aronson, J. D., 1948: The evaluation of BCG vaccine in the control of tuberculosis

Challen, Stephen B., 1963: The evaluation of Canada balsam

Tsutsui, Kenneth, 1961: The evaluation of DL-3apos-iodothyronine and DL-3apos,5apos-diiodothyronine as thyroxine antagonists in the rat

Parker, A., 1942: The evaluation of Lupulin

Turner, M. E., 1963: The evaluation of Michaelis constant and maximal velocity kinetic studies of enzymic reactions

Section 26, Chapter 25786, Accession 025785357

Woodman, R. M., 1932: The evaluation of Sulphur suspensions used in spraying

Greenblatt, Charles L., 1961: The evaluation of X-ray-induced chromosome aberrations in cell cultures of the Chinese hamster

Wilde, Wolfgang, 1966: The evaluation of a drug for the lysis of bronchial secretions in a practice limited to pulmonary diseases using a simple method of measurement

Foord, D. C., 1939: The evaluation of a group of germicides by the tissue culture technique

Section 26, Chapter 25786, Accession 025785362

Tarnay T.J.; Warden H.E., 1967: The evaluation of a inst heart lung machine suitable for infant perfusion human puppy inst zuhdi lillehei de wall bubble pump oxygenator

Waldroup P.W.; Keyser E.G.; Tollett V.E.; Bowen T.E., 1968: The evaluation of a low gossypol glandless cotton d seed meal in broiler diets soy bean d meal

Breslow, Irwin, 1966: The evaluation of a nasal decongestant preparation

Shechmeister, I. L.; Salle, A. J., 1940: The evaluation of a number of medicinal dyes by the tissue-culture technic

Press, Samuel E., 1966: The evaluation of a rapid card technic for ABO and Rho typing

Sauter, Hans B., 1944: The evaluation of a rapld agglutination test for typhus

Gale, C., 1964: The evaluation of a tissue culture Newcastle disease vaccine

Cullen, James S., 1961: The evaluation of accidents to children

Stillman, Ernest G., 1933: The evaluation of active resistance to pneumococcus infection in rabbits

Schwarczmann, P., 1965: The evaluation of aged hearts

Anonymous, 1951: The evaluation of agricultural soils of Austria II

Till, A., 1950: The evaluation of agriculturally used soils of Austria

Section 26, Chapter 25786, Accession 025785378

Ramirez De Gugliemlmone, Alicia E.; Gomez, Carlos J., 1965: The evaluation of aminoacids in biological material

Bonsmann, M. R., 1947: The evaluation of an American field method for the determination of hemoglobin and serum protein in blood

Richards, W. D., 1966: The evaluation of an antigen for the complement-fixation test in the tuberculosis of cattle

Mcnair Scott, T. F., 1948: The evaluation of an effective dosage of caronamide for the suppression of tubular excretion of penicillin in children

Griffiths T.W., 1967: The evaluation of an improved artificial rumen technique for the study of rumen fermentation cow

Watkins G.L.; Holeman G.R., 1968: The evaluation of an iterative techniques use in unfolding inst neutron spectra data

Rust, J. W., 1955: The evaluation of an unidentified growth factor and Terramycin for young dairy calves

Section 26, Chapter 25786, Accession 025785389

Durante, F., 1965: The evaluation of anatomic factors in the alterations of the ventilation-perfusion ratio in bronchob-structive chronic cor pulmonale

Oldemeyer R.K.; Davis W.H.; Bush H.L.; Erichsen A.W., 1968: The evaluation of and the use of the top cross test as a method of selecting inbred lines of sugar beets d for general combining ability

Loosjes, F. E., 1959: The evaluation of anti-coagulants as rodenticides in the laboratory

Brahen, Leonard S., 1966: The evaluation of anti-depressant agents

Page, Irvine H., 1955: The evaluation of anti-hypertensive procedures, with particular reference to their effects on blood pressure

Anonymous, 1957: The evaluation of anti-inflammatory drugs in surgical lesions In Proteolytic enzymes and their clinical application

Donovick, Richard, 1947: The evaluation of antibiotics by the prevention of experi- mental syphilis

Davey, M. G.; Lander, H.; Robson, H. N., 1965: The evaluation of anticoagulant solutions used in the preparations of platelets for transfusion

Section 26, Chapter 25786, Accession 025785398

Section 26, Chapter 25786, Accession 025785399

Werner, Harold W., 1946: The evaluation of antipyretics against pyrogen-induced fever

Hunter, Albert C., 1943: The evaluation of antiseptics

Konopa, Jerzy, 1967: The evaluation of antitumor properties of acridine derivatives on the basis of the results from some in vivo and in vitro tests

Oxford, J. S.; Schild, G. C., 1968: The evaluation of antiviral compounds for rubella virus using

Rosenberg, Philip, 1956: The evaluation of arsenic as an anti-asthmatic I Effect on experimental asthma of guinea pigs

Duane G. Wenzel; Philip Rosenberg, 1956: The evaluation of arsenic as an antiasthmatic II A study of possible mechanisms

Anonymous, 1964: The evaluation of artificially dried grass as a source of energy for sheep I The effect of stage of maturity on the apparent digestibility of rye-grass, cocksfoot and timothy

Anonymous, 1964: The evaluation of artificially dried grass as a source of energy for sheep III The prediction of nutritive value from chemical and biological measurements

Anonymous, 1956: The evaluation of autonomic responses Toward a general solution

Peck, Theodore Richard, 1962: The evaluation of available soil phosphorus tests for Wisconsin soils

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Section 26, Chapter 25786, Accession 025785485

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Section 26, Chapter 25786, Accession 025785511

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Riccioni B., 1968: The evaluation of the athlete under static force

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Section 26, Chapter 25786, Accession 025785697

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Anonymous, 1928: The evolution of man scientifically disproved in 50 arguments designed as an up-to-date text-book, and a companion to all other text-books on evolution; and as an antidote to books in libraries teaching evolution, infidelity and atheism; and as an aid to all students, parents, teachers, ministers, lawyers, doctors and all other lovers of the truth

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