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Investigations on the organic drift in North Swedish streams
Limitations of Using Microsoft Excel Version 2016 (MS Excel 2016) for Statistical Analysis for Medical Research
Phloem necrosis of coffee in Surinam
Anatomy of Mystus seenghala IV Nervous system
Integrated farming system for gardenland conditions of Coimbatore district - an over view
Tetrapleure (Tetrapleura tetraptera), an unknown African medicinal and spice plant
The origin and phylogenetic significance of the trochophoran larvae 2. evolutionary significance of the larvae of coelomate worms and mollusks
Comparison of rice bran and maize bran as feeds for growing and fattening pigs
Enterobacter amnigenus. An unusual human pathogen
Influence of Seriboost foliar application on leaf yield and leaf protein content in mulberry (Morus spp.), in relation to silkworm cocoon production
The identity of the lipstick mold of cultivated mushrooms agaricus bisporus
Advantages and disadvantages of bordeaux mixture and of lime-sulphur used on apples in the growing season
'Pan-sukh' disease of Rice in the Central Provinces
Geological age of the Ptilophyllum flora; a critical reassessment
Study of vitellogenesis in birds; physiological phases & role of folliculin in vitellogenesis
Evaluation of WCT coconut and Komadan coconut
Therapy for acne with saccharomyces boulardii
Evidence for Late Cretaceous N-S dextral shear in the west-central crystalline core, North Cascades, Washington
'Rajeshwari' - a high-yielding white seeded variety of sesame for Andhra Pradesh
Manufacture of Ricotta cheese from whey fortified with skim milk powder using different acidulants
Occurrence of Eutrichophilus mexicanus (Rudow, 1866) and Eutrichophilus lobatus (Ewing, 1936) (Phthiraptera: Trichodectidae) on Sphiggurus villosus (Cuvier, 1825) (Rodentia: Erethizontidae) in Rio de
Factors affecting fruitfulness in durian (Durio zibethinus Murr.). I. Flowering and pollination
Bronchial cuff pressure change caused by left-sided double-lumen endobronchial tube displacement
Some Biological Applications of Organometallic Compounds
The composition of pampas-grass (Cortaderia argentea.)

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 25787

Chapter 25787 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

The evolution of nutrition restrictions during 1942, 1943 and 1944 for the principal classes of consumers
, Bull Soc Sci Hyg Aliment 35(10/11/12): 270-325 (1947)

The evolution of operative corrective dermatology and its relationships with aesthetic medicine Meetings of the French Society of Dermatology and Syphilography, February, March, and May, 1964
, Bull Soc Franc Dermatol Syphiligr 71(3): 367 (1964)

The evolution of oxidation-reduction potential during grape maturation
, Compt Rend Acad Agric France 41(2): 106-108 (1955)

The evolution of oxidizing enzymes in tobacco from harvesting to fermentation
, Seita Serv Exp Ind Tab Allumettes Ann Dir Etud Equip 2: 13-77 (1965)

The evolution of oxygen from illuminated suspensions of chloroplasts
, American Journal of Botany 29-8s(10) (1942)

The evolution of oxygen from suspensions of chloroplasts; the activity of various species and the effects of previous illumination of the leaves
, American Journal of Hot 32(6): 291-295 (1945)

The evolution of oxygen transport
, Macfarlane And Robb Smith, Editors: Ions Of The Blood. 1-72 (1961)

The evolution of pasture lands in Tunisia as a function of the manner of utilization
, Ann Serv Bot Et Agron Tunisie 28: 183-207 (1955)

The evolution of pesticide deposits into residues
, BULL INST AGRON ET STA RECH GEMBLOUX 3(Hors Ser ): 1182-1199 (1960)

The evolution of pharmacology
, Revista Portuguesa de Farmacia 16(4): 327-343 (1966)

The evolution of phosphorus metabolism model in China
, Journal of Cleaner Production 17(9): 811-820 (2009)

The evolution of physiological mechanisms of skeletal muscle tone
, E Gutman and P Hnik, Editors Central and Peripheral Mechanisms of Motor Functions Proceedings of a Conference 19-22 (1963)

The evolution of physiological sleep in states of epilepsia partialis continuans
, Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology 23(2): 186-187 (1967)

The evolution of physiology and the work of the physiologists of Lyons
, Rev Sclent 66(1): 1-9 (1928)

The evolution of plants in arctic Eurasia during and after the Quaternary glaciation
, Bot Tidsskr 62(1): 27-36 (1966)

The evolution of plasma cholesterol Direct utility or a aospandrela of hepatic lipid metabolism?
, Unknown (2009)

The evolution of plastic surgery
, Transactions and Studies of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia 26(2): 84-88 (1958)

The evolution of poliomyelitis in Angola
, Archives Francaises de Pediatrie 16: 780-789 (1959)

The evolution of polynucleotides
, Evolving genes and proteins: A symposium held at the Institute of Microbiology of Rutgers, The State University, 17-18 September, 1964 581-590 (1965)

The evolution of predator control policy in the National Parks
, Jour Wildlife Management 3(3): 229-237 (1939)

The evolution of primate visual self-recognition: evidence of absence in lesser apes
, Proceedings. Biological Sciences 276(1662): 1671-1677 (2009)

The evolution of proteins
, Zinder, Norton D Billingham, H.g. Khorana, Solomon A. Berson, Rosalyn S. Yalow, Gregory Pincus, John T. Edsall, Emil L. Smith, J.w. Conn And R.w. Sperry. The Harvey Lectures, Vol. 62. Delivered Under The Auspices Of The Harvey Society Of New York, -1967. Xiv: New York, N.y., U.s.a.; London, England. 231-256 (1968)

The evolution of proteins and the evolution of flowering plants
, Biokhimiia Transl 25(1): 9-11 (1960)

The evolution of pulmonary arterial stenosis associated with anom congenital rubella human infant
, American Heart Journal: 638-644 (1968)

The evolution of pyrroline-5-carboxylate synthase in plants: a key enzyme in proline synthesis
, Molecular Genetics and Genomics: Mgg 281(1): 87-97 (2009)

The evolution of reefcorals during the Cenozoic period
, Proceedings Fourth Pacific Science Con Gress Java 2a: 333-350 (1930)

The evolution of reproductive rates are there no rules lecture birds mammals natural selection
, New Zealand Ecological Society Proceedings 15: 1-6 (1968)

The evolution of respiratory activity of mitochondria isolated from the nervous tissue
, Physiol Bohemoslov 17(5): 476 (1968)

The evolution of responsibility of the doctor in industrial medicine Meetings of the Society of Industrial Medicine and Hygiene Studies, 1963, 1964
, Arch Mal Prof Med Trav Securite Soc 25(4/5): 260-261 (1964)

The Evolution of Rheumatic Heart Disease in Children: Five-Year Report of a Co-operative Clinical Trial of ACTH, Cortisone and Aspirin
, Canadian Medical Association Journal 83(15): 781-789 (1960)

The evolution of salinity tolerance in fungi
, Trans New York Acad Sci 23(2): 138-140 (1960)

The evolution of school hygiene in Cuba
, Bol Ofic Sanitaria PanAmerica 21(8): 765-771 (1942)

The evolution of seed protein complexes and the evolution of flowering plants
, Izvest Akad Nauk Sssr Ser Biol 6: 845-856 (1962)

The evolution of selective and instructive theories of antibody formation rev ehrlich burnet jerne
, Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology 32: 559-567 (1967)

The evolution of self-pollination in Clarkia xantiana
, Evolution 19(1): 104-114 (1965)

The evolution of senescence through decelerating selection for system reliability
, Journal of Evolutionary Biology 22.5 (2009)

The evolution of serum hydroxy butyric dehydrogenase in the diagnosis of myo cardial infarction
, Archives de l'Union Medicale Balkanique 6(6): 867-872 (1968)

The evolution of sex determination in Cyclisticus convexus
, Experientia 22(8): 533-534 ( 1966)

The evolution of sex-determining mechanisms: lessons from temperature-sensitive mutations in sex determination genes in Caenorhabditis elegans
, Journal of Evolutionary Biology 22(1): 192-200 (2009)

The evolution of sex-limited mimicry in butterflies
, Proceedings Internatl Congress Zool 16(4): 173-179 (1963)

The evolution of sexual dimorphism in the campsomerinae hymenoptera scoliidae
, Entomologische Berichten 27(6): 103-106 (1967)

The evolution of shoot types in the caprifoliaceae d
, Byulleten' Glavnogo Botanicheskogo Sada 70: 64-69 (1968)

The evolution of sigmoidian cystic pneumatosis Swiss Society of Gastroenterology, Bern, 13-14 November, 1964
, Gastroenterologia 103(4): 224-232 (1965)

The evolution of social life among birds
, Discovery 24(1): 35-41 (1963)

The evolution of solods
, Pochvovedeniie transl 6: 702-708 (1959)

The evolution of somatic nuclei of N. tabacum and N. sylvestris, and the relationship between nucleolus and satellite chromosomes
, Compt Rend Soc Biol 135: 587-589 (1941)

The evolution of some soil types in the Paris and Loire sectors
, Compt Rend Acad Science Paris 222: 902-904 (1946)

The evolution of species concepts in Aspergillus and Penicillium
, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 60(1): 24-34 (1954)

The evolution of specifically human parts of the hominid cerebral cortex?
, Vopr Anthropol T : 14-22 (1961)

The evolution of spraying equipment
, Connecticut Pomol Society Proceedings Ann Meet 50: 288-292 (1940)

The evolution of stability in marine environments Natural Selection at the level of the ecosystem
, American Nat 5: 129-136 (1960)

The evolution of starfish
, Rept British Assoc Adv Sci 1925: 322 (1926)

The evolution of strong reproductive isolation
, Evolution; International Journal of Organic Evolution 63(5): 1171-1190 (2009)

The evolution of susceptibility to tobacco mosaic in Nicotiana and the origin of the tobacco mosaic virus
, Phytopath 42(1): 40-42 (1952)

The evolution of syphilis after small doses of penicillin: A critical survey
, Brit Jour Venereal Dis 23(1): 15-19 (1947)

The evolution of temporal rhythms in the child 5-9 years old In:Seance de la Societe d'Electroencephalographie et de Neurophysiologie Clinique de Langue Francaise, Paris, 5-6 decembre, 1961
, Electroencephalogr Clin Neurophysiol 14(5): 778-779 (1962)

The evolution of the CNS in relation to the evolution of behavior. I. The theoretical evolution of prolonged responses to somatic stimulation
, Transactions of the new York Academy of Sciences 24: 630-641 (1962)

The evolution of the Cactaceae
, Bios 13(4): 231-236 (1943)

The evolution of the Dacetine ants
, Quart Rev Biol 34(4): 278-294 (1959)

The evolution of the Danish swine breed by perfermance testing
, Bull Tech Inform Inganieurs Serv Agric 62: 469-476 (1951)

The evolution of the Gavelinellidae in the Lower Cretaceous of Northwest Germany
, Senckenberg Lethaea 47(5/6): 411-459 (1966)

The evolution of the Globigerinaceae
, Bol Real Soc Espan Hist Natur 64(4): 317-349 (1964)

The evolution of the Globigerlnaceae.
, Bolreal Soc Espan Hist Natur 63(4): 317-349 (1965)

The evolution of the Hymenop-tera and its interdependence on entomophilic plants
, Soveshch-aniya Po Obshchim Voprosam Biologii Posviashchennogo Stoletiyu Darvinizma 169-171 (1959)

The evolution of the Lonchaeidae
, Dissert Absts 23(7): 2635-2636 (1963)

The evolution of the Macdonaldius oschei in the Ornithodoros talaje Guerin-Meneville
, Z Parasitenk 24(3): 319-350 (1964)

The evolution of the Malaysian Timber Export Industry Board
, Malayan Forest: 162-163 (1967)

The evolution of the Metazoa from colonial flagellates vs. plasmodial dilates
, E C Dougherty, Editor The Lower Metazoa Comparative Biology and Physiology 23-32 (1963)

The evolution of the Qphioglossaceae of the eastern United States
, Quart Jour Florida Acad Sci 12(4): 207-219 (1950)

The evolution of the Tristi-chaceae and Podostemaceae I
, Annals of Botany os-40(2): 349-367 (1926)

The evolution of the absorption capacity of cotyledons
, Studii Cercetari Biol cluj 12(1): 61-72 (1961)

The evolution of the activated sludge process in the Netherlands
, Schweiz Zeit Hydrol 23(1): 238-252 (1961)

The evolution of the adult type of tuberculosis from the childhood type: evidence in favor of endogenous reinfection. A preliminary report
, Jour Pediatr 9(3): 350-354 (1936)

The evolution of the apparatus for separation of blood flow in the vertebrate heart
, Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 39(8): 1218-1231 (1960)

The evolution of the aspergilloma
, American Rev Resp Disease 88(1): 117 (1963)

The evolution of the beetle fauna in the subterranean cavities of Spain
, Publ Inst Biol Aplicada 27: 81-88 (1958)

The evolution of the bilateral antegrade retroperitoneal lymph node dissection in the treatment of testicular tumors
, Military Medicine 133(7): 575-577 (1968)

The evolution of the bone callous in course of experimental hepatic regeneration
, Acta Chir Ital 18(5): 587-609 (1962)

The evolution of the butyrophenones, haloperidol and trifluperidol, from meperidine-like 4-phenylpiperidines
, International Review of Neurobiology 8: 221-263 (1965)

The evolution of the chestnut shouldered wrens
, Emu 51(2): 113-120 (1951)

The evolution of the chromatin studied electron microscopically in the spermatids of several blenniidae teleostean fish perciformes
, Journal de Microscopie 7(4): 22A (1968)

The evolution of the chromatophore in algae
, Byull Moskov Obshchestva Ispytatelei Prirody Otdel Biol 67(2): 53-68 (1962)

The evolution of the chromosome formula in the genus Blaps
, Rev Suisse Zool 56(2): 336 (1949)

The evolution of the cilium and the eukaryotic cell
, Cell Motility and the Cytoskeleton 66(4): 215-219 (2009)

The evolution of the clavicle and scapula in primates
, Folia Morphol 7(4): 239-245 (1956)

The evolution of the coelom and metameric segmentation
, E C Dougherty, Editor The Lower Metazoa Comparative Biology and Physiology 91-107 (1963)

The evolution of the colours and patterns of cuckoos' eggs and its relation to that of insect resemblances, such as mimicry
, TRANS ENT SOC LONDON 1925(5): xcvi-cix (1926)

The evolution of the concept of the mean
, Metron 16(3/4): 3-26 (1952)

The evolution of the cultivated species of the genus Phaseolus L
, Voprosy Evolyut Biogeogr Genet i selekt Moscow-Leningrad, Akad Nauk SSSR 81-85 (1960)

The evolution of the deep-sea coral family Micrabaciidae
, Stud Trop Oceanogr Inst Mar Sci Univ Miamimiami Beach Fla Friedrich Frans Koczy Memorial 5: 502-510 (1967)

The evolution of the diploid-like meiosis of polyploid wheat
, Ann Human Genet 25(2): 173 (1961)

The evolution of the elastic configuration of the pulmonary trunk in people native to high altitudes
, Circulation 27(6): 1094-1100 (1963)

The evolution of the electrocardiographic pattern in myocardial infarction of the type T
, Acta Cardiol 4(2): 167-180 (1949)

The evolution of the elephants and mastodons
, Peabody Mus Nat Hist Yale Univ Spec Guide 2: 1-40 (1931)

The evolution of the ergastoplasm in spermatids of Ascaris
, Compt Rend Acad Science Paris 248(23): 3344-3346 (1959)

The evolution of the erosion human gastritis
, Gastroenterologia Japonica 3(1): 377-380 (1968)

The evolution of the excitation constant K and the accommodation constant Lambda, during the in vitro Wallerian degeneration of the toad sciatic nerve
, Bol Society Biol Concepcion chile 37: 19-27 (1962)

The evolution of the experimentally produced pyelonephritic lesion
, Quinn and Kass, Eds Biology of pyelonephritis p 249-257 (1960)

The evolution of the functional characteristics and innervation relationships of the neuromuscular apparatus in ontogenesis
, Izvestiya Akademii Nauk S S S R Seriya Biologicheskaya 5: 617-36 (1949)

The evolution of the gallop and resulting evolution of form in the Perissodactyla and Artiodactyla
, Physis Buenos Aires 9(32): 127-133 (1948)

The evolution of the garden ids
, Jour Roy Hort Soc 71(10): 286-290 (1946)

The evolution of the genus Monarda
, Evolution 20(2): 185-190 (1966)

The evolution of the genus Oxytropis DC.
, Bot Zh 50(3): 313-323 (1965)

The evolution of the gestation period in mammals General Assembly of the Swiss Society of Zoology, Fribourg, 24-25 April, 1965
, Rev Suisse Zool 72(3): 658-666 (1965)

The evolution of the haemostatic mechanism
, Macfarlane and Robb-Smith, Editors Functions of the Blood p 283-301 (1961)

The evolution of the health of infants
, Bulletin Inst Natl Hygiene Paris 18(4): 727-736 (1963)

The evolution of the higher Primajtes and of man
, Colloques Internat Centre Natl Rech Sci 104: 451-453 (1961)

The evolution of the higher nervous activity and the psyche
, Priroda 9: 44-49 (1962)

The evolution of the human face: its significance in the fields of rhinology and stomatology
, Ann Otol Rhinol and Laryngol 37(4): 1110-1123 (1928)

The Evolution of the Human Foot, with Especial Reference to the Joints
, Journal of Anatomy 70(Pt 1): 56-67 (1935)

The evolution of the human ilium
, American Journal of Physical Anthropology 13(2): 203-216 (1955)

The evolution of the hyobranchial apparatus of the larvae of caudate amphibia
, Trudy Zoologicheskogo Instituta 46: 125-168 (1968)

The evolution of the immune response Ill Immunologic responses in the lamprey
, J Exp Med: 1151-1168 (1964)

The evolution of the infantile mortality and stillborn-rate in France
, Bulletin Inst Natl Hygiene paris 13(4): 1021-1036 (1958)

The evolution of the inst duodenogram in chronic and recurring pancreatitis treated by splanchnicectomy and left celiac gangliectomy
, Archives Francaises des Maladies de l'Appareil Digestif 57(3): 375-376 (1968)

The evolution of the internal geniculate body
, Arkh Anat Gistol I Embriol 37(8): 23-32 (1959)

The evolution of the inverted bundles of the carpellary leaf of C circinalis and its anatomical consequences
, Compt Rend A Cad Sci 0: 565-566 (1946)

The evolution of the knee joint within the vertebrate series
, Acta Anat 13(3): 288-328 (1951)

The evolution of the knowledge of cat and dog coccidia
, Parasitology 136(12): 1469-1475 (2009)

The evolution of the labyrtnthodonts
, Phil Trans Roy Soc London, Ser B 219-264 (1962)

The evolution of the leucocytes
, MacFarlane and Robb-Smith, Editors Functions of the Blood p 271-282 (1961)

The evolution of the level of organic matter in the experimental fields at the Agronomic Station of Grignon.
, Compt Rend Acad Agric France 40(13): 487-491 (1954)

The evolution of the limbs in developmental-physiological prospectives
, Rev Suisse Zool 71(1): 215-236 (1964)

The evolution of the mammalian eardrum and tympanic cavity
, Journal of Anatomy 90(2): 261-281 (1956)

The evolution of the mammalian placenta
, Papers and Proceedings Roy Society Tasmania 1946: 134-135 (1947)

The evolution of the mammals in the Eocene
, Proceedings Zool Society London 1927(4): 947-985 (1928)

The evolution of the marine Cotti-dae of California with a discussion of the genus as a systematic category
, Stanford Ichthyol Bull 3(3): 153-168 (1947)

The evolution of the mechta afalou type in western algeria human
, Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Seances de l'Academie des Sciences Serie D Sciences Naturelles 267(22): 1849-1851 (1968)

The evolution of the metanephrogenic blastema and the development of the renal sinus
, Acta Anat 61(1): 1-5 (1965)

The evolution of the migratory habit in the white butterflies pieris rapae and pieris brassicae abstract
, Journal of Ecology 56(3): 26P-27P (1968)

The evolution of the mind
, Proceedings Roy Inst Great Britain 28(1): 131-148 (1934)

The evolution of the muscular redox potentials in anaesthesia
, Acad Republ Populare Romine Studii Cercetari Stiinte Med 7(3/4): 279-289 (1960)

The evolution of the orchid flower
, American Orchid Society Bulletin 14(9): 355-360 (1946)

The evolution of the organic matter in the specific soils of the transylvanian plain note 2 humus fractionation of an incipient leached chernozem and a yellowish brown podzolized soil
, Institutul Agronomic "Dr Petru Groza" Cluj Lucrari Stiintifice Seria Agricultura 23-24: 37-45, 1967 (1968)

The Evolution of the Parallel Sulcus
, Journal of Anatomy 61(Pt 3): 267-278 (1927)

The evolution of the pelvic floor of primates
, American Journal of Anat 51-(2): 307-346 (1932)

The evolution of the pituitary, with special reference to the teleosts
, Proceedings Leeds Phil and Literary Society 4(2): 75-83 (1943)

The evolution of the plant world in the light of paleontology
, Sitzungsberichte der Gesellschaft Naturforschender Freunde zu Berlin (1-10): 77-81 (1927)

The evolution of the primate brain: some aspects of quantitative relations
, Brain Research 7(2): 121-172 (1968)

The evolution of the protonephridial terminal organ across Rotifera with particular emphasis on Dicranophorus forcipatus, Encentrum mucronatum and Erignatha clastopis Rotifera Dicranophoridae
, Acta Zoologica 91(2): 199-211 (2010)

The evolution of the radio-medial area in the wings of the Muscoidea Acalyptrate
, Proceedings Linn Society N S Wales 76(3/4): 71-82 (1951)

The evolution of the respiratory syncope by progressive atmospheric depression
, Compt Rend Soc Biol 136: 225-227 (1942)

The evolution of the sense of hearing
, Jour Laryngol and Otol 45(1): 32-45 (1930)

The evolution of the sex chromosomes. I. The XO and X1X2Y mechanisms in praying mantids
, Jour Genetics 42(1/2): 143-172 (1941)

The evolution of the sex chromosomes. II. The X-chromosome in the Tettigonidae and Acrididae and the principle of evolutionary isolation of the X
, Jour Genetics 42(1/2): 173-190 (1941)

The evolution of the skull and the cephalic muscles. A comparative study of their development and adult morphology. I, II, III, and IV
, Mem Australian Mus 8(4): 237-316 (1945)

The evolution of the soils in the Garza enclosure
, Rev Agron Noroeste Argent 3(1/2): 287-288 (1959)

The evolution of the southern African members of the shrew genus Myosorex: understanding the origin and diversification of a morphologically cryptic group
, Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 51(2): 394-398 (2009)

The evolution of the still
, Ann Sci 5(3): 185-202 (1945)

The evolution of the study of anatomy in Japan
, Clinical Anatomy 22(4): 425-435 (2009)

The evolution of the synthesis of the respiratory system in yeasts harvested at different phases of their anaerobic growth
, Biochim Et Biophys Acta 81(3): 462-472 (1964)

The evolution of the techniques of desulfuration and the production of aromatic juices
, Compt Rend Acad Agric France 41(17): 738-740 (1955)

The evolution of the temporal cavities of reptiles
, Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Seances de l'Academie des Sciences Serie D Sciences Naturelles 266(8): 761-763 (1968)

The evolution of the vectorcardiogram and electrocardiogram of the normal infant II Transition toward adult patterns
, The American Journal of Cardiology 5(4): 0-456 (1960)

The evolution of the vegetation in a high peat bog on the plateau of Hautes Fagnes after 20 years
, Bull Jard Bot Etat Bruxelles 27(4): 703-708 (1957)

The evolution of the vertebrate neurohypophysial hormones in relation to the genetic code
, Journal of Endocrinology 38(1): 3-12 (1967)

The evolution of the vertebrates. Orthogenesis and clinogenesis
, Consejo Sup Invest Cient Estud Geology 16(1): 1-23 (1960)

The evolution of the views on and some problems of the circulation of blood in the brain
, Sbornik Nauchnykh Rabot Volgogradskogo Meditsinskogo Instituta: 204-207 (1968)

The evolution of the wood ring of P halepensis at Bari
, Nuovo Giorn Bot Ital: 111-132 (1948)

The evolution of thermophilous water mites
, Evolution 14(3): 361-377 (1960)

The evolution of tissue homotransplantation research
, Annals of the new York Academy of Sciences 87: 6-9 (1960)

The Evolution of Toxic Nodular Goiter
, Archives of Internal Medicine 113: 72-88 (1964)

The evolution of treatment of snakebite cases in Thailand
, Pacific Sci Congr Abstr Symp Papin Symposium on Public Health And Medical Sciences at The Tenth Pacific Science Congress Of The Pacific Science Association Honolulu Hawaii 10: 451-452 (1961)

The evolution of tuna fishing in the lower tyrrhenian sea in the last few years
, Bollettino di Pesca Piscicoltura e Idrobiologia 23(1): 33-46 (1968)

The evolution of variation and distributional patterns in European populations of the three-spined stickleback, Gasterosteus aculeatus
, Evolution 17(3): 320-332 (1963)

The evolution of vegetative restoration and propagation of herbaceous polycarpous plants
, Bot Zhur 46(7): 959-968 (1961)

The evolution of water balance in Glossina (Diptera: Glossinidae): correlations with climate
, Biology Letters 5(1): 93-96 (2009)

The evolution since their abandonment in 1914 of the botanical gardens created by Charles Flahault in the Aigoual Massif. I. The herbs and shrubs in the European section of the Hort-de-Dieu
, Nat Monspeliensia Ser Bot 11: 77-83 (1959)

The evolution, functioning and breakdown of heteromorphic incompatibility systems I The Plumbaginaceae
, Evolution 20(3): 349-368 (1966)

The evolution, host relationships and classification of the nematode Superfamily Heterakoidea
, Brit Mus Nat Hist Bull Zool 15(1): 4-28 ( 1967)

The evolution, ontogeny and quantitative control of the settling movements of some new world saturniid moths, with some comments on distance communication by honey-bees
, Behaviour 16(3/4): 188-253 (1960)

The evolution, variation, and systematics of the neotropical bats of the genus Sturnira
, Dissertation Absts 22(10): 3781-3782 (1962)

The evolutional circumstances, biological peculiarities, anatomical aspects and histological characteristics of postnecrotic cirrhosis
, Acta Gastro Ent Belgica 21(11): 681-686 (1958)

The evolutional significance of the aberrations in the plumage of the Nuthatch
, Acta Zool Acad Sci Hung: 425-431 (1963)

The evolutional significance of the aberrations in the plumage of the genus Picus in Hungary
, Acta Zool Acad Sci Hungaricae 8(1/2): 67-73 (1962)

The evolutional significance of the chromosomes of Aphididae
, Jour Morph And Physiol 51(2): 373-420 (1931)

The evolutionarily conserved leprecan gene: its regulation by Brachyury and its role in the developing Ciona notochord
, Developmental Biology 328(2): 561-574 (2009)

The evolutionary adjustment of two dipteran species, Phaenicia sericata, and Musca domestica, , competing for the same niche in a laboratory population cage
, Dissert Absts 23(5): 1493-1494 (1963)

The evolutionary and genetic control of variability in man
, Ann N Y Acad Sci 134(2): 602-615 (1966)

The evolutionary approach to the teaching of zoology
, Turtox News 31(5): 82-84 (1953)

The evolutionary aspect of the problem of integration
, Anon Problemy Tselostnosti V Sovremennoi Biologii (Problems Of Integration in Present Day Biology ) Nauka: Moscow, Ussr, From Ref Zh Biol No 9 55 62-73 (1968)

The evolutionary basis of the activity of the cerebral cortex Evolution of the Functions of the Nervous System
, Medgiz Leningrad : 67-73 (1958)

The evolutionary basis of the phagocytic theory of L I Mechnikov
, Biull Moskov Obshch Ispyt Prirody Otd Biol: 139-143 (1959)

The evolutionary context of robust and redundant cell biological mechanisms
, Bioessays: News and Reviews in Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology 31(5): 537-545 (2009)

The evolutionary continuum of limb function from early theropods to birds
, Die Naturwissenschaften 96(4): 423-448 (2009)

The evolutionary cycle of the treponematoses
, Brit Jour Venereal Dis 36(2): 78-91 (1960)

The evolutionary differentiation of stridulatory signals in beetles
, Animal Behaviour 11(1): 111-115 (1963)

The evolutionary dynamics of evolvability in a gene network model
, Journal of Evolutionary Biology 22(3): 599-611 (2009)

The evolutionary ecology of detritus feeding in the larvae of freshwater Diptera
, Biological Reviews of the Cambridge Philosophical Society 84(1): 133-141 (2009)

The evolutionary ecology of development
, Unknown (2009)

The evolutionary explanation of the extremities type in Pongids and Hominids
, Rev Suisse Zool 71(3): 601-602 (1964)

The evolutionary foundation of genomic imprinting in lower vertebrates
, Chinese Science Bulletin 54(8): 1354-1360 (2009)

The evolutionary history of eye movements
, Vision Res 2(1/4): 69-80 (1962)

The evolutionary history of man from the evidence of the nose and larynx
, A.M.A. Archives of Otolaryngology 66(4): 414-429 (1957)

The Evolutionary Implications of the Cytological Polymorphism and Phylogeny of the Virilis Group of Drosophila
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 46(3): 350-361 (1960)

The evolutionary importance of sexual processes and of sexual behavior
, Sex and behavior 34-52 (1965)

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