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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 25797

Chapter 25797 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Dworkin, M.; Voelz, H., 1962:
The formation and germination of microcysts in Myxococcus xanthus

Vilter, Richard, W., 1961:
The formation and goals of the American Society for Clinical Nutrition

Mcgregor, G.W., 1928:
The formation and histologic structure of cysts of the maxillary sinus

Breuer, H.; Knuppen, R., 1961:
The formation and hydrolysis of 16 , 17 -epoxy-oestratrien-3-ol by rat-liver tissue

Shulyndin, A.F.; Poltarev, E.M., 1961:
The formation and inheritance of the light stage in interspecific wheat hybrids

Persikova, Z.I., 1959:
The formation and life cycle of certain sod gramineous plants

Brinkley, Howard, 1963:
The formation and main-tenance of corpora lutea in cycling gilts

Lubianov, I.P., 1953:
The formation and means for directed modification of the bottom fauna of small reservoirs in southeastern Ukraine

Bevelander, G.; Nakahara, H., 1966:
The formation and mineralization of dentin

Drinker, Cecil, 1939:
The formation and movements of lymph

Scharpenseel, H.W., 1968:
The formation and nature of bonding of clay humic acid complexes part iii further results from precipitation and hydrothermal syntheses

Ebling, F.J., 1944:
The formation and nature of the opercular chaetae of Sabellaria alveolata

Lopashov, G.V., 1956:
The formation and origin of the vascular membrane of the eye in amphibia

Harris, D.Fraser, 1926:
The formation and permanence of colourless crystals of haemoglobin of guinea-pig and rat

Timariu, S., 1967:
The formation and productive characteristics of the merino breed of palas

Stefanescu, C.; Ciolca, N., 1967:
The formation and productive characteristics of the merino of transylvania

Morton, R.K.; Shepley, K., 1965:
The formation and properties of a cytochrome c-type haemoprotein from cytochrome b2

Svehag, S.E., 1965:
The Formation And Properties Of Poliovirus Neutralizing Antibody. 5. Changes In The Quality Of 19s And 7s Rabbit Antibodies Following Immunization

Svehag, S.E., 1964:
The Formation and Properties of Poliovirus-Neutralizing Antibody. Iii. Sequential Changes in Electrophoretic Mobility of 19s and 7s Antibodies Synthesized by Rabbits After a Single Virus Injection

Svehag, S.E.; Mandel, B., 1964:
The Formation and Properties of Poliovirus-Neutralizing Antibody. I. 19s and 7s Antibody Formation: Differences in Kinetics and Antigen Dose Requirement for Induction

Svehag, S.E.; Mandel, B., 1964:
The Formation and Properties of Poliovirus-Neutralizing Antibody. Ii. 19s and 7s Antibody Formation: Differences in Antigen Dose Requirement for Sustained Synthesis, Anamnesis, and Sensitivity to X-Irradiation

Svehag, S.E., 1964:
The Formation and Properties of Poliovirus-Neutralizing Antibody. Iv. Normal Antibody and Early Immune Antibody of Rabbit Origin: a Comparison of Biological and Physicochemical Properties

Boring, J.R.; Pratt, D.B., 1961:
The formation and properties of spheroplasts of marine bacteria

Nicholls, P., 1961:
The formation and properties of sulphmyoglobin and sulphcatalase

Andreoli, T.E.; Bangham, J.A.; Tosteson, D.C., 1967:
The formation and properties of thin lipid membranes from HK and LK sheep red cell lipids

Roche, J.; Michel, R.; Michel, O.; Deltour, G.H.; Lissitzky, S., 1951:
The formation and properties of thyroglobulin under various experimental conditions with the aid of radioactive iodide

Ermakov, A.I., 1961:
The formation and quantitative change of cyanogenic glycosides in sprouting and maturing flax

Moyer, R.W.; Ramaley, R.F.; Butler, L.G.; Boyer, P.D., 1967:
The formation and reactions of a nonphosphorylated high energy form of succinyl coenzyme A synthetase

Holmes, D.E.; Weiss, J.J., 1968:
The formation and reactions of hydrogen atoms in gamma irradiated dna gels

Ricard, J.; Nari, J., 1967:
The formation and reactivity of peroxidase compound III

Troshykhin, V.O.; Kryshtab, T.P., 1968:
The formation and reinforcement of conditioned food reflexes on the basis of the olfactory mechanism in fish carp during ontogeny tubifex young

Chmielewski, W., 1967:
The formation and role of the hypopus stage in mites

Gerlach, E.; Deuticke, B., 1963:
The formation and significance of adenosine in cardiac muscle during oxygen lack Proceedings of the 28th meeting of the German Physiological Society, Cologne, 1963 Abstract only

Tulasne, R.; Minck, R., 1948:
The formation and significance of large bodies among bacteria

Weinbaum, George, 1957:
The formation and stability of enzymes in Escherichia coli

Rogers, J.K., 1968:
The formation and structural investigation of galacturonides from a galactogluco mannan and a galacto mannan

Simon, G., 1962:
The formation and structure of adipose tissue in man

Dolby, D.E.; Hall, D.A.; Happold, F.C., 1952:
The formation and structure of an adaptive enzyme, tryptophanase, and its specific antibody

Wardrop, A.B.; Harada, H., 1965:
The formation and structure of the cell wall in fibres and tracheids. fin Eucalyptus, Pinus, Tristaria, Grevillea, and Liriodendron

Belostokov, G.P., 1964:
The formation and structure of the conducting system in Quercus robur seedlings

Nakanishi, Yuh, 1955:
The formation and structure of the middle-piece of the mouse spermatozoon observed by phase microscopy and after some chemical treatments

Devold, F., 1968:
The formation and the disappearance of a stock unit of norwegian herring spawning wintering areas

Trifir6, Emerico, 1961:
The formation and the significance of hydroxymethylfurfural in tomato concentrates

Scharpenseel, H.W., 1967:
The formation and type of bonding in clay-humic acid complexes. Part II: The hydro-thermal synthesis of clay-humic acid and other organo-mineral complexes: X-ray, infra-red spectrometer and electron microscope analysis

Scharpenseel, H.W., 1967:
The formation and type of bonding in clay-humic-acid complexes. Part 1: Formation during shaking experiments and precipitation radiometry

Stone, D., 1962:
The formation and utilization of acetate in an acetateless strain of Neurospora crassa

Geren, Betty Ben, 1954:
The formation from the Sehwann cell surface of myelin in the peripheral nerves of chick embryos

Yaffe, D.; Feldman, M., 1965:
The Formation Of Hybrid Multinucleated Muscle Fibers From Myoblasts Of Different Genetic Origin

Kholodov, Y.A., 1958:
The formation in fish of conditional reflexes to magnetic fields

Vyval'ko, I.G.; Dushechkin, A.I.; Matkovskiy, K.I.; Shilov, Y.A.; Yasnikov, A.A., 1957:
The formation in kok-sagyz leaves of carbonic acid from sugars and acids containing marked carbon

Lanz, A.B., 1928:
The formation in the heart of an epinephrine-like substance through sympathetic nerve excitation

Ferrari, Rodolfo, 1929:
The formation in the nuclei of the erythroblasts of the frog of an acidophil substance resembling hemoglobin

Kay, I.T.; Weimer, M.; Watson, C.J., 1963:
The formation in vitro of stercobilin from bilirubin

Van Furth, R.; Diesselhof Dendulk, M., 1966:
The formation in vitro of cold auto-haemagglutinins with anti-I specificity

Gelboin, H.V.; Miller, J.A.; Miller, E.C., 1958:
The formation in vitro of proteinbound derivatives of aminoazo dyes by rat liver and its enhancement by benzpyrene pretreatment

Morton, M.E.; Chaikoff, I.L., 1943:
The formation in vitro of thyroxine and diiodotyrosine by thyroid tissue with radioactive iodine as indicator

Graffe, W.; Kiese, M.; Rauscher, E., 1964:
The Formation In Vivo Of P-Hydroxylaminopropiophenone From P-Aminopropiophenone And Its Action In Vivo And In Vitro

Saz, H.J.; Vidrine, A.; Hubbard, J.A., 1958:
The formation of -acetolactic acid and acetylmethyl-carbinol by Ascaris lumbricoides

Friedmann, H.; Harris, D., 1965:
The formation of -glycosidic 5 -nucleotides by a single displacement trans-N-glycosidase

Bjuro, T.; Westling, H.; Wetterqvist, H., 1964:
The formation of -histamine in vivo in normal rats and in rats treated with liothyronine

Schroder, P.; Luckner, M., 1968:
The formation of 1 methyl 4 imino quinoline from echinorine by the action of ammonia echinops rito d echinops sphaerocephalus d alkaloid inst auto radiography amino acids

Richtmyer, Nelson, K., 1958:
The formation of 1,6-anhydro- -D-galactofuranose and 1, 6-anhydro- -D-galactopyranose by the action of acid on D-galactose

Challenger, F.; Klein, L., 1929:
The formation of 1-malic acid from fumaric acid by Aspergillus niger

Mueller, G.C.; Quinn, E.M.e; Rueckert, R.R., 1955:
The formation of 1-phosphoerthrulose 4-C14 by homogenates of swiss chard leaves

Rapoport, S.; Luebering, J., 1950:
The formation of 2,3-diphosphoglycerate in rabbit erythrocytes: The existence of a diphosphoglycerate mutase

Weissbach, A.; Hurwitz, J., 1959:
The formation of 2-keto-3-deoxyheptonic acid in extracts of Escherichia coli B

Farber, G.; Vondrova, O.; Lukik, B.; Liebster, J., 1958:
The formation of 2-keto-L-idonic acid from a mixture of calcium gluconate and idonate by the bacterium Pseudomonas chromospirans FSrber

Uematsu, Toshiki, 1966:
The formation of 2-nor-thiamine from 2-nor-hydroxymethyl-pyrimidine by microorganisms and its biological activity

Bouthillier, L.P.; Letellier, G., 1956:
The formation of 2-pyrrolecarboxylic acid from hydroxy-D- and allohydroxy-D-proline

Nes, W.R.; Kim, U.H., 1963:
The formation of 3 - and 3 -methoxy- 4-androsten- 17-one and 3,5 -androstadien-17-one by acid-catalyzed methanolysis

Contrera, J.F., 1961:
The formation of 3,4-dihydroxyphenylethanol and 3-methoxy-4-hydroxyphenylethanolfrom 34-dihydroxyphenylethylamine in the rat

Levin, J.G.; Sprinson, D.B., 1960:
The formation of 3-enolpyruvyl shikimate 5-phosphate in extracts of Escherichia coli

Doy, C.H.; Gibson, F., 1961:
The formation of 4-hydroxyphenylpyruvic acid and phenylpyruvic acid by tryptophan auxotrophs and wild-type Aerobacter aerogenes considered in relation to the general aromatic pathway

Eccleston, D.; Moir, A.T.; Reading, H.W.; Ritchie, I.M., 1966:
The formation of 5-hydroxytryptophol in brain in vitro

Paterson, A.R.P., 1959:
The formation of 5-mercaptopurine nucleotide in mouse ascites tumor cells

Williamson, I.P.; Kekwick, R.G., 1965:
The formation of 5-phosphomevalonate by mevalonate kinase in Hevea brasiliensis latex

Rabinowitz, M.; Goldberg, I.H., 1961:
The formation of 5-ribosyluracil diphosphoglycosyl compounds from 5-ribosyluracil triphosphate

Hecht, N.B.; Bleyman, M.; Woese, C.R., 1968:
The formation of 5S ribosomal ribonucleic acid in Bacillus subtilis by posttranscriptional modification

Paterson, A.R., 1959:
The formation of 6-mercaptopurine riboside phosphate in ascites tumor cells

Schubert, K.; Bohme, K.H.inz; Horhold, C., 1965:
The formation of 7 low-molecular degradation products of progesterone

Austin, D.J.; Myers, M.B., 1965:
The formation of 7-oxygenated coumarins in Hydrangea and lavender

Bloomfield, D.K.; Bloch, K., 1960:
The formation of A9-unsaturated fatty acids

Vanderick, X., 1965:
The formation of African medicine. Considerations on a program

Kilby, B.A., 1951:
The formation of B -ketoadipic acid by bacterial fission of aromatic rings

Wood, J.M.; Wolfe, R.S., 1965:
The Formation of Ch4 from N-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate Monoglutamate by Cell-Free Extracts of Methanobacillus Omelianskii

Rowatt, E., 1949:
The formation of CO2 and acetoin from pyruvate by Lactobacillus plantarum

Sytnik, L.A., 1959:
The formation of Clostridium septicum leucotoxins in guinea pigs with experimental gas-gangrene

Klenk, Ernst, 1963:
The formation of Con and C22-polyene acids from 4,7, 10,13 hexacecatetraenoic acid in the rat

Nygaard, A.P., 1960:
The formation of D- and L-lactic cytochrome c reductase during respiratory adaptation in Saccharomyces cerevisae

Haupt, I.; Bocker, H., 1965:
The formation of DL-alanine in cultures of a mutant of Streptomyces albus var metamycinus JA3626

Folley, S.J., 1942:
The formation of Ghosts in sub-cutaneously implanted hormone tablets

Jane, F.W.; Woodhead, N., 1941:
The formation of H-pieces in the walls of Ulethrix and Hormi-dium

Nechaeva, N.B., 1944:
The formation of H2S in waterlogged soils

Broda, Paul, 1967:
The formation of Hfr strains in Escherichia coli K12

Barnard, D.; Challenger, F., 1946:
The formation of Kojic acid from ethyl alcohol by Aspergillus oryzae

Takahashi, K.; Kondo, Y., 1959:
The formation of L-glutamic acid from q-ketoglutaric acid by a constructed enzyme system

Eichberg, J.; Karnovsky, M.L., 1963:
The Formation Of N-Acetylneuraminic Acid In Ovine Submaxillary Gland

Marcker, K., 1965:
The formation of N-formyl-methionyl-soluble-ribonucleic-acid

Silverman, M.; Rieder, S.V., 1960:
The formation of N-methyl-L-glucosamine from D-glucose by Streptomyces griseus

Botvinik, M.M.; Andreeva, A.P., 1962:
The formation of N-peptide bond upon the interaction of O- N-benzoylserine with insulin

Miller, A.; Waelsch, H., 1957:
The formation of N10-formylfolic acid from formamidinoglutaric acid and folic acid

Daly, J.; Inscoe, J.K.; Axelrod, J., 1965:
The Formation of O-Methylated Catechols by Microsomal Hydroxylation of Phenols and Subsequent Enzymatic Catechol O-Methylation. Substrate Specificity

Robbins, P.W.; Kinsey, B.M., 1963:
The formation of RNA pseudouridine: A tracer experiment showing that the uridine to pseudouridine rearrangement is an intramolecular reaction

Schlenk, F.; Depalma, R.E., 1957:
The formation of S-adenosylmethionine in yeast

Buziassy, C.; Mazelis, M., 1964:
The formation of S-carboxymethyl-L-cysteine by radish seedling homogenates

Arnold, W.N.; Thompson, J.F., 1962:
The formation of S-methyl-L-cysteine sulfoxide from S-methyl-L-cysteine in crucifers

Ensign, J.C.; Rittenberg, S.C., 1965:
The formation of a blue pigment in the bacterial oxidation of isonicotinic acid

Clark, R.M.; Harvey, W.R., 1963:
The formation of a cellular membrane by the plasmatocytes of diapausing Hyalophora cecropia pupae

Corsin, P., 1968:
The formation of a coal pit allochtonia

Bodine, J.H.; Fitzgerald, L.R., 1949:
The formation of a complex between certain respiratory inhibitors and copper

Sheiman, I.M., 1961:
The formation of a conditional reflex to a moving visual stimulus in dogs

Rudaya, S.M.; Solov'eva, N.K., 1961:
The formation of a crimson pigment in Actinomyces rimosus

Pavlygina, R.A., 1960:
The formation of a dominant focus in the hypothalamic area and the investigation of its properties

Fox, K.K.; Holsinger, V.H.; Caha, J.; Pallansch, M.J., 1960:
The formation of a fat protein complex in milk by homogenization

Hoople, G.D.; Dicarlo, L.M., 1953:
The formation of a hearing and speech center

Bray, H.G.; Hybs, Z.; James, S.P.; Thorpe, W.V., 1952:
The formation of a mercapturic acid from 2:3:5:6-tetrachloronitrobenzene in the rabbit

Marshall, A.H.E.; Swettenham, K.V., 1959:
The formation of a mucoprotein-sulphated mucopolysaccharide complex in the lymphoid tissue of the pregnant guinea-pig

Chu, C.'ou Hung; Wu, C.J., 1966:
The formation of a new NADH derivative from glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase-NADH complex under 366 m ultra-violet irradiation

Priestley, J.H.; Scott, L.I., 1939:
The formation of a new cell wall at cell division

Crawford, I.P.; Yanofsky, C., 1959:
The Formation Of A New Enzymatically Active Protein As A Result Of Suppression

Uflyand, Y.M.; Fridman, S.Y., 1956:
The formation of a new type of coordination upon separate transplantation of one of the heads of a muscle

Protsenko, E.P., 1963:
The formation of a pathogenic fungal flora when plants are introduced

Boicheniko, E.A.; Udel'nova, T.M., 1963:
The formation of a peroxide and phosphatidyl-ethanolamine in the enzymic reduction of carbonic acid

Mayne, B.C., 1965:
The formation of a quencher of the fluorescence of chromatophores from photosynthetic bacteria

Ludecke, T.E., 1963:
The formation of a rational fertiliser programme for the Tussock grassland regions of central Otago, New Zealan

Thoni, H., 1966:
The formation of a reddish-brown pigment by microorganisms in the presence of tryptophan in the nutrient medium

Bellini, L., 1940:
The formation of a reducing substance in guinea-pigs on a diet free of Vit. C and treated with galactose

Muravyeva, N.P., 1958:
The formation of a rhythmic system of reflexes as a characteristic of the mobility of nervous processes in different types of dogs

Porter, R.R., 1950:
The formation of a specific inhibitor by hydrolysis of rabbit antiovalbumin

Grazi, E.; Cheng, T.; Horecker, B.L., 1962:
The formation of a stable aldolase-dihydroxyacetone phosphate complex

Dempsey, Walter Bernard, 1961:
The formation of a stable complex between pyridoxal 5 -phosphate and bovine serum albumin

Modelski, W., 1959:
The formation of a substitute bladder from the rectum

Kovtun, A.P., 1957:
The formation of a temporary connection between the trace of a single indifferent stimulus and a present stimulus which follows

Ford, B.J., 1968:
The formation of a thrombocytomorphic body by a human granulocyte in vitro

Butt, C.Y.K.; Huggins, C.G., 1968:
The formation of a vaso-pressor polypeptide by subtilisin Carlsberg , a proteolytic enzyme of Bacillus subtilis

Mayer, A.M., 1957:
The formation of a yellow pigment in lettuce seedling roots treated with thiourea

Cedrangolo, F.; Trompetti, G., 1947:
The formation of a-ketoacids from the corresponding l-aminoacids

Barr, M., 1951:
The formation of abnormal diphtheria antitoxin in the early stages of immunisation

Klimashevskiy, E.L., 1958:
The formation of above-ground tubers of the potato

Hald, J.; Jacobsen, E., 1948:
The formation of acetaldehyde in the organism after ingestion of Antabuse and alcohol

Webb, J.L.; Elliott, K.A.C., 1948:
The formation of acetate in brain tissue suspensions

Wieringa, K.T., 1940:
The formation of acetic acid from carbon dioxide and hydrogen by anaerobic spore-forming bacteria

Neumark, T.; Marót, I., 1966:
The formation of acetic-acid soluble collagen under polarization and electron microscope

Pittoni, A.; Rossi, C.R., 1951:
The formation of acetoacetic acid in liver tissue and the R. Q. under the effect of anterior pituitary extracts

Guymon, J.F.; Crowell, E.A., 1965:
The formation of acetoin and diacetyl during fermentation and the levels found in wines

Swendseid, M.E.; Barnes, R.H.; Hemingway, A.; Nier, A. 0., 1942:
The formation of acetone bodies from acetic acid

Shaw, F.H., 1935:
The formation of acetyl choline in the body, and an investigation of the choline esterase. I, II, III

Krask, B.J.; Fulk, G.E., 1960:
The formation of acetyl-CoA by spores of Bacillus cereus

Vlk, J.; Tucek, S., 1964:
The Formation Of Acetylcholine In Isolated Heart Auricles Of White Rats And Guinea-Pigs

Lindeman, V.F., 2018:
The formation of acetylcholine in the developing retina of the chick embryo

Burn, J.H.; Vaughan Williams, E.M.; Walker, J.M., 1956:
The formation of acetylcholine in the heart; its effect on the systemic output and its importance for auricular fibrillation caused by aconitine

Machado, A.L., 1943:
The formation of acetylcholine A new enzyme choline acetylase

Silverman, M.; Werkman, C.H., 1941:
The formation of acetylmethylcarbinol from pyruvic acid by a bacterial enzyme preparation

Schwartz, I.S.; Wilens, S.L., 1963:
The Formation Of Acinar Tissue In Gynecomastia

Rossi, C.R.; Rossi, C.S.; Rossi, F., 1957:
The formation of acyl-CoA in the liver of rats in biotin avitaminosis

Sutherland, E.W.; Davoren, P., 1964:
The formation of adenosine 3 ,5 -phosphate

Peck, Harry, D., 1961:
The formation of adenosine-5 -phosphosulfate from AMP and sulfite by extracts of Thiobacillus thioparus

Hofmann, K.; Melville, D.B.; D.V.gneaud, V., 1941:
The formation of adipic acid by the oxidative degradation of the diaminocarboxylic acid derived from biotin

Kirshner, N.; Goodall, M., 1957:
The formation of adrenaline from noradrenaline

Lanz, A., 1928:
The formation of adrenaline-like substances in the heart on excitation of the sympathetic nerve

Turovtsev, N.I., 1959:
The formation of adventitious buds in apple trees in a nursery

Hall, B.K., 1967:
The formation of adventitious cartilage by membrane bones under the influence of mechanical stimulation applied in vitro

Li, C.L.; Hu, Y.S.; Liu, S.J., 1965:
The formation of adventitious roots and buds in the petiole of detached leaf of Pelargonium graveolens

Franquet, R., 1927:
The formation of aerial tubers on Helianthus tuberosus without grafting

McMaster, P.D.; Hudack, S.S., 1935:
The Formation Of Agglutinins Within Lymph Nodes

Kuenzel, H.P.; Hirsch, H., 1964:
The formation of aggregates in ACD blood storage

Hirsch, H.; Gaehtgens, P., 1965:
The formation of aggregates of thrombocytes in the dog caused by extremity ischemia

Pudovkina, Z.M., 1960:
The formation of agriculturally valuable characteristics in cotton in relation to the light regime

Fromageot, C.; Chatagner, F.; Bergeret, B., 1948:
The formation of alanine from enzymatic desulfination of L-cysteine sulfinic acid

Wiss, O., 1948:
The formation of alanine from pyruvic acid and ammonium chloride by homogenized liver

Wiss, O., 1949:
The formation of alanine from pyruvic acid and histidine by liver extract

Nord, S.I.gvar; Samuelson, O.; Simonson, R., 1962:
The formation of aldonic acids during bisulfite cooking

Reinouts, V.n Haga, P., 1954:
The formation of alkaloid in A. belladonna

Nichol, A.W.; Morell, D.B., 1968:
The formation of alkylthiohaemoglobins and the structure of their haematin groups

Tsai, S.C.; Herndon, J.H.; Uhlendorf, B.W.; Fales, H.M.; Mize, C.E., 1967:
The formation of alpha-hydroxy phytanic acid from phytanic acid in mammalian tissues

Mann, F.C.; Bollman, J.L., 1928:
The formation of ammonia following complete removal of the liver

Warner, R.C.; Cannan, R.K.ith, 1942:
The formation of ammonia from proteins in alkaline solution

Muntz, John, A., 1953:
The formation of ammonia in brain extract

Hokin, M.R., 1956:
The formation of amylase by mouse pancreas in vitro

Briscoe, S.; Burn, J.H., 1954:
The formation of an acetylcholine-like substance by the isolated rabbit heart

Shen, S.H.ian; Mann, W., 1966:
The formation of an altered alkaline phosphatase by Escherichia coli in the presence of thiouracil

Lindahl, Kerstin, M., 1956:
The formation of an ether-soluble complex between phosphatide and histamine

Petrova, A.N.; Filippova, R.D., 1965:
The formation of an intermediate com -plex of amylose isomerase with ribonucleic acid and a polysaccharide

Slepyan, E.I., 1966:
The formation of an intumescence in plants as a process analogous to productive inflammation in animals

Mothes, K.; Schutte, H.R.; Simon, H.; Weygand, F., 1959:
The formation of anabasin from cadaverin-l,5-C14 by means of extracts of pea seedlings

Strandjord, P.E.; Clayson, K.J.; Foley, J.F., 1963:
The formation of analogs of adenosine diphosphoribose and their action as dehydrogenase inhibitors

Anonymous, 1955:
The formation of anatomic and morphological characteristics in plants of intraspecies wheat hybrids in relation to winter-hardiness Referat Zhur, Biol, 1956, No 75418

Schunack, W.; Rochelmeyer, H., 1965:
The formation of annulolin in Lolium mutiflorum and its expulsion from the seedling root

Timmel, Hermann, 1927:
The formation of anomalous tracheids in phloem

Neyland, Marjorie; Ng, Y.Lin; Thimann, K.V., 1963:
The formation of anthocyanin in the leaves of Kalanchoe blossfeldiana: A photo-periodic response

Kozlowski, Antoni, 1935:
The formation of anthocyanins in plants by an oxidation of anthocyanogens

Niskowsk, A., 1926:
The formation of anti-trypsin

Gal, I., 1956:
The formation of antibacterial substances from protein building blocks by heating with -naphthoil

PONDMAN, K.W.; van der HART; HOOGENDIJK, J.; van LOGHEM, J.J., 1960:
The formation of antibodies against a properdin preparation. II

Ozeretskovskii, N.A., 1963:
The formation of antibodies against penicillin under experimental conditions

Burgin, W.lff, Annemarie; Berger, E., 1963:
The formation of antibodies against various cow's milk proteins in newborns, children, adults, and pregnant women

Yung An, H.; S.J.i, K., 1965:
The formation of antibodies by cells of lymphatic ganglia of immunized rabbits, transferred to newly born homologous receptors

Terzl, Jaroslav, 1957:
The formation of antibodies by isolated spleen cells after admixture with an antigen in vitro

Ingraham, J.S.; Foley, H.O., 1960:
The formation of antibodies homologous to the sulfanilazo group: The response to sulfanilazo-sheep red cell stromata and the effect of X-irradiation in rabbits

Ehrich, W.E.; Harris, T.N., 1942:
The Formation Of Antibodies In The Popliteal Lymph Node In Rabbits

Mikhkla, S.K.; Lichko, A.E.; Shvedskaya, A.G., 1967:
The formation of antibodies to insulin during the insulin shock therapy of psychoses

Fraser, K.B., 1955:
The formation of antibody: a study of the relationship between a normal and an immune haemagglutinin

Pigon, H.; Clegg, M.T.; Cole, H.H., 1960:
The formation of antigonadotrophin in sheep and its effect on the endocrines and reproductive system

Oksner, A.N., 1944:
The formation of areas of distribution of bipolar lichens

Slade, H.D.; Slamp, W.C., 1952:
The formation of arginine dihydrolase in streptococci and some properties of the enzyme system

Walker, J.B.; Myers, J., 1953:
The formation of arginosuccinic acid from arginine and fumarate

Anonymous, 2009:
The formation of argpyrimidine, a methylglyoxala“arginine adduct, in the nucleus of neural cells

Enghusen, Erik, 1951:
The formation of argyrophile fibrils

Mohr, W., 1967:
The formation of aroma on the basis of biological and technical processes for example cocoas d

Rafelson, M.E.; Ehrensvard, G.; Reio, L., 1955:
The formation of aromatic amino acids in Aerobacter aerogenes

Schubert, K.; Bohme, K.H.inz; Hdrhold, C., 1961:
The formation of aromatization and hydration products from progesterone by Myco-bacterium smegmatis

Rosenthal, Sanford, M., 1932:
The formation of arsenoxide from the arsphenamines in the living animal and in test-tube oxidations

Grisk, A., 1963:
The formation of artificial antibodies against low molecular weight substances

Hrbek, Jaromir, 1959:
The formation of artificial conditioned speech connections

Hrbkova, E., 1959:
The formation of artificial conditioned speech connections by the laboratory language method in school children. Difference of age, comparison of school results, effect of some factors on the higher nervous activity in children

Yang, Kuan Jen, 1960:
The formation of asparagine and its physiological significance in the lupine seedling

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The formation of association complexes of chlorophyllin with proteins

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The formation of auxospores in F. crotonensis in the plankton of Lake Zurich

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The formation of axil air bulbs in the gladiolus

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The formation of axillary buds in grapes

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The formation of bacterial flagella. II. The relative stability of messenger RNA for flagellin biosynthesis

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The formation of bacterial flagella: III. Characterization of the subunits of the flagella of Bacillus subtilis and Spirillum serpens

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The formation of bacterial plaques in vitro

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The formation of bacterial proteases, especially in synthetic media

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The formation of bacterial protoplasts in vivo

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The formation of bacterial viruses in bacteria rendered nonviable by mustard gas

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The formation of bacteriophage by DNA in disrupted cell preparations

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The formation of bacteriophages in mixed cultures by recombination of genetic elements; characterisation of phage types of Salmonella paratyphi B by phage reactions and lysogenic properties

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The formation of bad tastes and odors in frozen products

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The formation of beet molasses

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The formation of betaine from hydroxyamino acids on methylation

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The formation of bile acids from cholesterol: The conversion of 5 -cholestane-3 , 7 , 12 -triol-26-oic acid to cholic acid via 5 -cholestane-3 , 7 , 12 , 24 -tetraol-26-oic acid I by rat liver

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The formation of bile pigment from hemoglobin

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The formation of bile pigment in pernicious anemia

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The formation of binucleated cells in connective tissue cultures

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The formation of biological conditions in the reservoirs of the Dnieper cascades

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The formation of biological forms in C. vulgaris

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The formation of biologically active substances from blood proteins

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The formation of biotin from dl-desthiobiotin by protoplasts of Bacillus megaterium

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The formation of birefringent crystals in the suprarenal cortex

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The formation of body proportions through limited growth of the skeletal elements 10 Communication Regulation of growth and form building through formative substances Series B Morphogenetic investigation on the rabbit

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The formation of bone marrow as a hemopoietic organ in human embryos and fetuses

Rogers, G.T.; Ulbricht, T.L., 1968:
The formation of both nucleoside anomers in the reaction of a crystalline 1,2-CIS-glycosyl halide with a heavy metal salt of a purine

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The formation of bound phosphohistidine from adenosine triphosphate-P32 in mitochondria

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The formation of branched glucans in sweet corn

Ravikovitch, S.; Ramati, B., 1957:
The formation of brown-red sandy soils from shifting along the Mediterranean coast of Israel

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The formation of buds on the roots of Chamaenerion angustifolium Scop

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The formation of buffer substances in malting

Wells, C.B., 1965:
The formation of calcium carbonate concentrations

Deshazer, D.O.; Swartz, C.J., 1967:
The formation of calcium fluoride on the surface of hydroxylapatite after treatment-with acidic fluoride-phosphate solutions

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The formation of callose in an inhibition of transport in the central bundles of the leaf petioles

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The formation of cancer in the oral cavity: I. Autoradiographic investigations on regeneration and on uptake of radioactively labelled benzopyrene in the epithelium of the oral cavity of golden hamsters

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The formation of carbamyl aspartic acid by rat liver preparations

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The formation of carbohydrate components in proteins

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The formation of carnosine and anserine in pectoral muscle of the developing chick

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The formation of cell assemblies

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The formation of cell organelles during the fission cycle of paramecium aurelia abstract inst electron microscopy

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The formation of cell-walls in deciduous trees. I. Determination of cambial activity through the production of reaction wood

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The formation of cellulose microfibrils by Acetobacter xylinum in agar surfaces

Colvin, J.R.ss; Beer, M., 1960:
The formation of cellulose microfibrils in suspensions of Acetabacter xylinum

Lefkowitz, W., 1944:
The formation of cementum

Soini, J., 1967:
The formation of certain folic acid enzymes during the growth of bacteria streptococcus escherichia coli lactobacillus arabinosus pediococcus cerevisiae enz formyl tetra hydro folate synthetase enz serine hydroxymethyl transferase enz thymidylate synthetase

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The Formation Of Certain Transaminases And Its Control During The Growth Of Streptococcus Thermophilus

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The formation of chalky crusts in soils in warm dry areas

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The formation of chambered pith in the twigs of butternut and black walnut

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The Formation of Chlorophyll A in Etiolated Oat Seedlings

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The formation of chlorophyll and carotenoids in tomatoes during their gradual growth and development

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The formation of chlorophyll and the initiation of photosynthesis in etiolated wheat leaves

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The formation of cholesterol by the spleen investigated in tissue cultures in vitro

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The Formation Of Cholesterol Esters With Rat Liver Enzymes

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The formation of cholic acid from 3a,7a-dihydroxyco-prostane in the rat

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The formation of choline plasmalogen in the incubated hen egg

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The formation of choline with radiation damage to animals

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The formation of chondromucoprotein-fibrinogen and chondromucoprotein- -lipoprotein complexes

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The formation of circular DNA after lysogenic induction

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The formation of circulating antibody in the splenectomized human being following intravenous injection of heteroiogous erythrocytes

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The formation of cis 2 octenal in the aut oxidation of linoleic acid

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The formation of citrate by extracts of rabbit kidney cortex

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The formation of citric acid from various C compounds

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The formation of citrovorum factor in the developing chick egg and the effect of injecting folic acid antagonists

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The formation of clay-humus complexes in soils and their significance in some Indian soils

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The formation of coacervates from polypeptides and polynucleotides

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The formation of collagen fibers by the action of heparin on soluble collagen: an electron microscope study

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The formation of collagen fibrils in the dental pulp

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The formation of collagen hydroxylysine

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The Formation Of Collagen Hydroxylysine Studied With Tritiated Lysine

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The formation of collagen hydroxylysine. Studies with tritiated lysine. In: 47th Annual meeting of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, 1963

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The formation of collagenic fibrils in vitro

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The formation of collateral lymph vessels after cutting off the main stream

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The formation of colonies of Hormogonales blue algae in thermal and other extreme biotopes

Otto, R., 1963:
The formation of color in Listeria

Liang, Chi Chin, 1957:
The formation of com- plexes between haemoglobins and plasma proteins in a variety of animals

Tanasiichuk, V.S.; Simonova, L.G., 1968:
The formation of commercial stocks of fish in the kremenchug reservoir

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The formation of complement fixing and neutralizing antibodies after the injection of inactivated rabies virus with adjuvants

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The formation of complexes between steroid hormones and acid amides

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The formation of concentrated urine abstract

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The formation of concentrations of aluminum salts of fatty acids after the use of aluminum hydroxide

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The Formation Of Condensed Phosphate In Aqueous Solution

Fuller, J.L.; Easler, C.; Banks, E., 1949:
The formation of conditioned avoidance responses in young puppies

Rees, J.R., 1957:
The formation of constricting rings in nematode-catching Hyphomycetes grown in pure culture

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The formation of coproporphyrin III and I by rabbit reticulocytes under hypoxic conditions in vitro

Kay, I.T., 1962:
The formation of coproporphyrins by the polymerization of monopyrroles in acidic solution

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The formation of coprosterol in the intestine. I. Possible role of dihydrocholesterol, and a method of determining dihydrocholesterol in presence of coprosterol. II. The action of intestinal bacteria on cholesterol

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The formation of coumarin and related phenylpropanoid acids in Hierochloe odorata

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The formation of cracks in rice during wetting and its effect on the cooking characteristics of the cereal

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The formation of creatine from glycocyamine in the liver

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The formation of creatine from glycocyamine in the liver. Expts. with nephrectomized rats. Intestinal excretion and bacterial decomposition of creatine and creatinine

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The formation of cross-striations in cultures of embryonic heart muscle

G.M.F.ller; R.F.D.olittle, 1966:
The formation of crosslinked fibrins Evidence for the involvement of lysine -amino groups

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The formation of cyclic acetals during the acid hydrolysis of lysoplasmalogens

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The formation of cysteinesulfinic acid starting with cystine in the rat

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The formation of cystine-rich structure in sporulating cells and its possible role in the resistance of spores

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The formation of d-Lactic acid by autolysis of rabbit's organs. II

Nishimura, Kikugoro, 1929:
The formation of d-Lactic acid in animal bodies

Nishimura, K., 1929:
The formation of d-lactic acid by autolysis of rabbit's organs. Communication I

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The formation of daughter thalli from rhizoids of a diploid race of A. laevis

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The formation of dehydrated phosphoric acid from orthophosphoric acid, a hitherto unknown source of error in the colorimetric determination of phosphoric acid in plant ash. Its effect on the methods of J. Tischer and K. Scheel

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The formation of delayed conditional reflexes to stimuli of different intensities

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The formation of dens in dente

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The formation of deoxycholic acid from cholic acid in man. Bile acids and steroids. 52

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The formation of deoxyribonucleosides from ribonucleosides in extracts of Salmonella typhimurium

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The formation of deutoplasmic components in the zebrafish ovary

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The formation of diacetyl and acetoin by lactate streptococci

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The formation of diacetyl by starter cultures. I. A comparison of single strain and mixed culture starters for butter manufacture. II. Rate of diacetyl production by lactic streptococci

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The formation of diacetyl in cultures of Betacoccus cremoris

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The formation of diacetyl in starters

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The formation of diamond spot stains by mildew fungi

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The formation of different intensity of congestion edema in a rat and its elimination with chlorothiazid

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The formation of differentiation to distant stimuli during the elaboration of motor conditional-unconditional reflexes

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The formation of diiodotyrosine in iodinated human serum albumin

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The formation of diketopiperazine from polypeptides

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The formation of dimethyl selenide by moulds in presence of D- and L-methionine or thetins, all containing the 14CH3 group

Swan, J.M.; Woods, E.F., 1957:
The formation of disulphides during hydrolysis of proteins containing oxidised thioether groups

Todorov, K., 1963:
The formation of dormant buds in grape vines and their functional condition in old woody tissue

Kozmin, S.G.; Sedletska, Y.; Reynaud-Angelin, A.; Gasparutto, D.; Sage, E., 2009:
The formation of double-strand breaks at multiply damaged sites is driven by the kinetics of excision/incision at base damage in eukaryotic cells

Jongh, G., 1961:
The formation of dough and bread structures I. The ability of starch to form structures, and the improving effect of glyceryl monostearate

King, J.L., 1964:
The Formation Of Dumpy Vortices In Mosaics Of Drosophila Melanogaster

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The formation of early carious lesions in dental enamel. I

Sullivan, H.R., 1954:
The formation of early carious lesions in dental enamel. II

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The formation of ectoenzymes by wood-rotting and wood-inhabiting fungi on different media. V. Re-port . A more complex medium man C-source

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The formation of eggs in birds. Studies upon ducks

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The formation of enterokinase from a precursor in the pancreas

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The formation of enz acid phosphatase positive multi laminated bodies in cultured neurons exposed to chlorpromazine abstract rat inst electron microscopy

Haider, K., 1968:
The formation of enz phenol oxidase and the influence of phenols on metabolism in polystictus versicolor enz laccase

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The formation of enzyme-bound butyrate in a fatty acid synthesizing system from E coli

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The formation of enzymes

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The formation of epi-thelioid cells and giant cells in the subcutaneous tissues following the introduction of phosphorus in oil

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The formation of epiphyseal sand at different age periods in the development of man

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The Formation of Epoxides from Cytotoxic Polyol Methanesulphonates Under Physiological Conditions

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The formation of erythrocytes from the hematoblasts in the blood of A. means and B. attenuatus

Anonymous, 1955:
The formation of erythrocytes in the early ontogenesis of osseous fish in relation to the conditions of their development Referat Zhur, Biol, 1957, No 19215

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The Formation of Erythronic Acid 4-Phosphate from Erythrose 4-Phosphate by Glyceraldehyde-3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase

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The formation of essential oil in Umbelliferae

Luyendijk, E.N., 1954:
The formation of essential oil in the fruits of A. graveolens

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The formation of estra-diol-3-glucuronoside-17 -N-acetylglucosaminide by rabbit liver homogenati

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The formation of estriol from estradiol-17 by the human fetal adrenal tissue

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The formation of ethanol in Escherichia coli

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The formation of ethereal oil in the species thymus serpyllum d

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The formation of exoenzymes by wood destroying and wood inhabiting fungi on various nutrient media

Lyr, H., 1959:
The formation of exoenzymes by wood-destroying and wood-inhabiting fungi on different nutrients

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The formation of exoenzymes by wood-rotting and wood-inhabiting fungi on different nutrients

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The formation of extracellular d -glutamic acid polypeptide by Bacillus subtilis

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The formation of extracellular enzymes by staphylococci

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The formation of fatty acids by a Gram-negative coccus

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The formation of fatty acids by fermentation of proteins of ox blood

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The formation of fatty acids from glucose by Aspergillus niger

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The formation of feeding schools in tadpoles of spade foots

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The formation of fibrils from collagen solutions. 1. The effect of experimental conditions: kinetic and electron-microscope studies

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The formation of fibrils from collagen solutions. 2. A mechanism of collagen-fibril formation

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The formation of fibrils from collagen solutions. 3. Effect of chondroitin sulphate and some other naturally occurring polyanions on the rate of formation

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The formation of fibrils from collagen solutions. IV. Effect of mucopolysaccharides and nucleic acids: an electron microscope study

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The formation of fibrils from extracts of bovine hide

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The Formation Of Fibrin Variants

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The formation of fine soil accumulations on slopes and alluvial fans in wooded mountain zones of Terskei-Ala-Tau Reservoir

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The formation of flavin-adenine dinucleotide in liver cells prepared from normal and alloxan diabetic rats

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The formation of flavor substances in fermentation

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The formation of forest vegetation in the Amguni river floodplains Problems of geography in the Soviet Far East

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The formation of four-stranded chromosomes in the amphinucleus of Funkia sieboldiana

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The formation of free hydroxy-prollne by rat cartilage in vitro

Daughaday, W.H.; Mariz, I.K.zak, 1962:
The formation of free hydroxyproline by cartilage

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The formation of free radicals during the reaction of soybean lipoxidase

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The formation of free sulphuric acid by some microorganisms

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The formation of fructose and sorbitol from glucose in the human placenta

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The formation of fumaric and succinic acids from sugar in the cultures of Rhizopus nigricans

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The formation of functional structures on the surface of spermatocyte nuclei in certain species of Tyroglyphidae

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The formation of fusain from a comparatively recent angiosperm

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The formation of fusaric acid by F. lycopersici in vivo

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The formation of fusel oil from technical leucine

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The formation of fusion bodies in uredospore germ-tubes of Puccinia coronata

Starlinger, Peter, 1963:
The formation of galactokinase in cells of Escherichia coli after infection with the transducing bacteriophage

Dunn, J.A., 1960:
The formation of galls by some species of Pemphigus Homoptera: Aphididae

Jones, K.K., 1945:
The formation of gallstones

Goldfine, Howard, 1960:
The formation of gamma-hydroxy-gamma-methylglutamic acid from a common impurity in pyruvic acid

Rozanova, V.D., 1961:
The formation of gastric ulcer in pregnant and nonpregnant rats in the light of data on the gestation dominant

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The formation of gemmae in Blepharostoma trichophyllum

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The formation of gentiobiose and other saccharides during pressure-steam sterilization of a glucose-salts solution of pH 68

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The Formation of Gentisic Acid from Homogentisic Acid. Iv

Kanda, M.; Watanabe, H.; Sakamoto, Y., 1964:
The Formation of Gentisic Acid from Homogentisic Acid. Vii. Further Purification and Properties of the Gentisic Acid Forming Enzyme System

Sampath, S.; Seetharaman, R., 1962:
The formation of geographical races in the cultivated rice. Oryza sativa

Yoffey, J.M.; Olson, I.A., 1967:
The formation of germinal centers in the medulla of lymph nodes

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The formation of germination rings in Neurospora mutants

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The formation of giant cells in ascites carcinoma in mice

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The formation of giant cells in cultures of bone marrow under the influence of radium emanation

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The formation of giant cells in mouse macrophage cultures infected with mouse hepatitis virus

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The formation of giant cells in tissue cultures and their similarity to those in tuberculous lesions

Roy, A.K., 1968:
The formation of giant cells in tomato roots infected by the potato cyst nematode, Heterodera rostochiensis and the grey sterile fungus, GSF

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The formation of gluconyl peptides during the heating of amino acids and glucose in alkaline buffer solutions

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The formation of glucose and glucuronic acid from lactate-3-C14 in vitro

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The formation of glucose diphosphate by Escherichia coli

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The formation of glucose from acetoacetic acid in rat kidney

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The formation of glucose-l-phosphoric acid in extracts of mammalian tissues and of yeast

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The formation of glutathione and the development of some enzymes for carbohydrate metabolism during the development of chicken embryo

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The formation of glycerol in the sugar fermentation by Micrococcaceae and Lactobacillaceae

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The formation of glycerophosphatides from Cl4-labelled precursors in rat brain slices

Esnouf, M.P., 1962:
The formation of glycerylphosphorylcholine during the clotting of plasma

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The formation of glycine and serine; the influence of the administration of glycine, DL-serine and other compounds on levels of tissue glycine and serine

White, K., 1958:
The formation of glycine and serine: calculation of certain reaction rates in the rat

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The formation of glycine from pyruvic acid in vivo and in vitro

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The formation of glycocyamine in animal tissues

Kutscher, W.; Schippers, M., 1954:
The formation of glycogen from C4-dicarboxylic acids

Catron, L.F.; Lewis, H.B., 1929:
The formation of glycogen in the liver of the young white rat after the oral administration of glycerol

Saz, H.J.; Hillary, E.P., 1956:
The formation of glyoxylate and succinate from tricarboxylic acids by Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Samsonova, V.G., 1961:
The formation of graduated motor conditional reactions in man and their importance for the analysis of visual stimulations

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The formation of gramicidin with flat forms of B. brevis var. G.-B

Allgover, M., 1957:
The formation of granulation tissue from blood cells and its relationship to the homograft reaction Abstract

Vivyurskaya, F.V., 1968:
The formation of grass m stands on peat beds in the 1st years after they are worked

Fox, J.B.; Thomson, J.S., 1964:
The Formation Of Green Heme Pigments From Metmyoglobin And Methemoglobin By The Action Of Nitrite

Hart, P.D.arcy; Anderson, A.B., 1933:
The formation of green pigment from haemoglobin by the pneumococcus

Anonymous, 1956:
The formation of groups in pine plantings of the Kamyshinsk Forest Improvement Support Point Referat Zhur, Biol, 1957, No 13955

Lugovoi, A.E., 1963:
The formation of groups of wintering birds in the north Caspian area

Hummel, F.C., 1946:
The formation of growth rings in Entandrophragma macrophyllum A

Chowdhury, K.A.mad, 1940:
The formation of growth rings in Indian trees. II. Champ Kokko Sissoo Toon

Trautner Jager, Elfriede, 1962:
The formation of growth zones in woody plants of the Andes tree-line

Ponnamperuma, C.; Young, R.S.; Munoz, E., 1963:
The formation of guanine during the thermal polymerization of amino acids

Barber, G.A.; Hassid, W.Z., 1964:
The Formation of Guanosine Diphosphate D-Glucose by Enzymes of Higher Plants

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The formation of haematoidin in vitro from mammalian erythrocytes

Thorell, B., 1953:
The formation of haemoglobin during the development of the erythrocytes

Assendelft, Q.W.V.n; Zijlstra, W.G., 1965:
The formation of haemoglobin using nitrites

Belosel'skaya, Z.G., 1956:
The formation of harmful fauna of fruit plantings in the Leningrad Oblast

Mikac, D.vi, D., 1964:
The formation of hemiglobin in blood during drying. HI. Influence of various factors on the rate of formation

Holzer, N.; Kiese, M., 1965:
The formation of hemoglobin by p-hydroxylaminobenzenesulfonamide in vivo and in vitro

Konoplev, V.P., 1959:
The formation of hepatomata in male rats induced by the action of Synoestrol and testosterone propionate

Kazakova, T.B., 1957:
The formation of hexokinase in the ascites cells of cancer patients, and the entry of the enzyme into the blood of the animal Yearbook of the Institute of Experimental Medicine of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR, 1956

Peynaud, E.; Gulmberteau, G., 1962:
The formation of higher alcohols by wine producing yeasts

Yoshizawa, K., 1963:
The formation of higher alcohols in the fermentation of amino acids by yeast. The formation of active amyl alcohol from -keto-n-butyric -acid by cell-free extract of yeast

Yoshizawa, K., 1964:
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The formation of higher alcohols in the fermentation of amino acids by yeast. The formation of higher alcohols from -amino-n-butyric acid by washed yeast cells

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The formation of higher alcohols in the fermentation of amino acids by yeast. The formation of isobutanol from a-acetolactic acid by washed yeast cells

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The formation of hydrogen ion in the cleavage of thiamine by the fish principle

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The formation of hydrogen sulfide by Shigella in the presence of carbohydrates

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The formation of hydroxyaspartic acid from dihydroxyfumaric acid and L-glutamic acid

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The formation of hydroxyfluor-apatite in tooth enamel under influence of drinking water containing fluoride

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The formation of hydroxystearic acids during the conversion of stearic to oleic acid by liver and yeast preparations

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The Formation Of Infectious Nucleoprotein From Tobacco Mosaic Virus Protein And Tobacco Leaf Dna

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The formation of insecticidal films on building materials. III. Supplementary laboratory tests on size and gelatin as pretreatments

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The formation of insects under conditions of the anthropogenic topography of Ukrainya east of the Onepr Natural resources of Ukrainya east of the Dnepr and their use. Data from the interdepartmental scientific conference

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The formation of instrumental conditioned reflexes by direct stimulation of sensori-motor cortex in cats

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The formation of intermediate product I in a purified system. The role of factor DC or of its precursor and of a Hageman factor-PTA fraction

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The formation of intracellular crystals in the midgut diverticula of Limnoria lignoru

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The formation of intumescences containing fatty substances on the stem of Khaya ivorensis

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The formation of iodocasein inhibited by tbiourea and derivatives and sulfur amino acids

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The Formation of Isomeric Lysolecithins

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The formation of isomers of polyunsaturated acids during the hydrogenation of soybean oil

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The formation of keto and amino acids by Mycobacterium butyricum growing in a chemically defined medium

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The formation of lactic acid in the animal organism

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The formation of lactic acid in the muscles in the frozen state

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The formation of lactic acid in the oxidation of glucose in the presence of animal charcoal

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The formation of lanthionine as an artifact in protein hydrolysis

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The formation of layers in the starch grain under constant external conditions

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The formation of learning sets by cats

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The formation of learning sets in rats

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The formation of lenses from the margin of the optic cup in eyes implanted in the belly wall of Triton and the possibility of the formation of lenses from belly ectoderm

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The formation of lesions by gases on mango fruits

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The formation of lignin

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The formation of lignin in the tissue and in vitro

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The Formation Of Lipid Prealbumin

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The formation of lipid-bound carnitine derivatives in the fat body of Phormia regina

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The formation of lithocholic acid, chenodeoxycholic acid and - and -muricholic acids from cholesterol incubated with rat-liver mitochondria

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The formation of loci of cells in the spleen of irradiated animals following Injection of macrophages produced in a culture of bone-marrow tissue Problems of experimental and clinical roentgenoradiology

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The formation of lower glycerides during the hydrolysis of triglyceride with pancreatic lipase

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The formation of lysocithin and of a muscle-stimulating substance by snake venom

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The Formation of Macrocytes and Microcytes from Red Corpuscles in Hanging Drop Preparations

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The formation of macroglobulin antibodies. II. Studies on neonatal infants and older children

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The Formation Of Macrophages From Lymphocytes In Vitro

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The formation of magnesium-ammonium-phosphate crystals in canned sea foods. IX. Method for preventing the formation of crystals during the processing of the cans

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The formation of mantle dentin

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The formation of membrane-like structures in the sectioned region of frog nerve fibers

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The formation of mercapturic acids. 4. Deacetylation of mercapturic acids by the rabbit, rat and guinea pig

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The Formation Of Metabolites From Cephalosporin Compounds

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The formation of metal and Co-pigment complexes of cyanidin 3-glucoside jlpomea laurif

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The formation of metal chelates in fruits in tin cans

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The formation of methionine by a methionine-requiring mutant of Neurospora crassa

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The Formation of Methyl Propynylthienylacrylate from Dehydromatricaria Ester in Chrysanthemum Vulgare

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The formation of methyl--methoxycinnamate by the action of Lentinus lepideus on glucose and xylose

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The formation of methylglyoxal from hexose phosphate in the presence of tissues

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The formation of microaplanospores in Compsopogon coeruleus Montagne

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The formation of microscopic plaques by herpes simplex virus in HeLa cells

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The formation of molecular complexes between solid urea and n-octane vapor

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The formation of mono- and di-glycerides during the hydrolysis of triglyceridesbypancreatic lipase

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The formation of monoidotyrosine and an intermediate iodine complex by thyroid homogenates

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The Formation of Monoiodotyrosine From Radioiodine in the Thyroid of Rat and Man

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The formation of mucopolysaccharides by lactobacilli

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The formation of multinucleated eggs of the sea urchin by treatment with pro-teolytic enzymes

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The formation of multinucleated myotubes

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The formation of multiple addiction

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The formation of multiple layers of membrane-like structures jelectron microscopyyin Escherichia coli B

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The formation of multiple zones of precipitate by one antigen: an immunological explanation

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The formation of multivesicular organelles in the retinula cells of the larval mosquito eye

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The formation of muscle and muscle-like elements in the chorioallantoic membrane following inoculation of a mixture of cardiac microsomes andRous sarcoma virus

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The formation of muscle glycogen from D- and L-lactate in rats

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The formation of mvcorrhiza of plants of the Leguminosae

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The formation of mycorrhizae in agricultural plants

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The formation of mycorrhizae in different provenances of pine g pinus sylvestris g

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The formation of mycorrhizae on pine g seedlings in drained transitional bogs

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The Formation Of Myelin In The Peripheral Nerves Of Vertebrates

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The formation of myeloma protein by a mouse plasma cell tumor

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The formation of myotomes in the sheep embryo

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The formation of n-butanol and n-propanol by Saccharomyces cere-visiae

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The formation of n-propyl alcohol by Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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The formation of necrotic zones in virus-infected tobacco leaves and a contribution to the question of virus movement in leaf parenchyma

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The formation of neural crest from the primary optic vesicle in man

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The formation of neuron-like cells from connective tissue elements under experimental conditions in mammals

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The Formation Of Neutralizing Antibody Following Smallpox Vaccination In Young Infants With Maternal Immunity

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The formation of new flavin phosphates by molds

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The formation of new glyceride-ester bonds during digestion of glycerides in the lumen of the small intestine of the rat

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The formation of new motor endplates in mammalian skeletal muscle

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The formation of new siphon openings in the tunicate, Styela plicata

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The formation of new superficial plasma in the damaged eggs of Melasoma populi L. Preliminary histochemical observations

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The formation of nicotine during the germination of tobacco seed

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The formation of nitrate in plant tissues

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The formation of nitrite in spinach

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The formation of nitrogenous compounds in Moto mash of sake. IV. Sorption of proteins by sFarch gel

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The formation of nitrogenous compounds in Moto mash of sake. V. Sorption of proteins by starch gel

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The formation of nitrogenous compounds in moto mash of sake Part IV. Interaction between protein and starch of rice

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The formation of nitrogenous compounds in moto mash of sake: VII. Interaction between protein and starch of rice

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The formation of nitrous fumes in gas flames

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The formation of nodal adventitious roots in Salix cordata

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The formation of nonmeta-meric dorsal muscles in the bovine fetus Referat Zhur, Biol, No 26973

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The formation of normal eyes in Edam cheese made by means of nisin-producing starters

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The formation of nucleoli in Erythronium

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The formation of nucleoli in the ovocytes of Batrachia

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The formation of nucleoside triphosphate from inosine diphosphate in yeast

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The formation of oleic acid from stearic acid in the cell fractions of the liver of rats with deficiency of essential fatty acids

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The formation of oligomeric amyloses by the enzyme amylomaltase

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The formation of organic acids and amino acids in photosynthesis under various conditions of illumination Referat Zhur, Biol, 1957, No 1072

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The formation of organic acids and the retention of chlorides in lobar pneumonia

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The formation of organic acids by wine yeasts. I. Quantitative connections between nitrogen sources, yeast strains, and L-malic acid formation in model fermentation studies

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The formation of organic bases during the development of the egg

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The formation of organo-metalloidal compounds by micro-organisms. 1. Trimethylarsine and dimethylethylarsine

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The formation of oxy-tyramine from tyramine by irradiation

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The formation of papillae on bacterial colonies. I

Dean, A.C.; Hinshelwood, C., 1957:
The formation of papillae on bacterial colonies. II

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The Formation Of Partial Trimethylsilyl Ethers Of Bile Acid Methyl Esters, And Their Analysis By Gas Chromatography

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The formation of peat ridges on the shores of muskeg lakes in northern Alberta

Segal, S., 1965:
The formation of penicillinase by cysteine-starved auxotrophs of Bacillus licheniformis

Yudina, O.D., 1966:
The formation of penicillinacylase in Escherichia coli in dependence on cultivation conditions

Lockett, M.F., 1966:
The formation of peptides with uterine activity from ovine, human and bovine growth hormones and from bovine and ovine lactogenic hormones

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The Formation Of Peroxides In Tissue Lipids And Unsaturated Fatty Acids By Irradiation

Poderoso, J.J., 2009:
The formation of peroxynitrite in the applied physiology of mitochondrial nitric oxide

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The formation of pesticide deposits on plants

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The formation of phagocytes from perivascular cells in the irradiated cerebral cortex of the rat as seen in the electron microscope

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The formation of phenolic substances in Eucalyptus gigantea and Eucalyptus sieberiana

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The formation of pheophorbides during brine preservation of cucumbers

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The formation of phosphatidylglycerol and other phospholipids by the transferase activity of phospholipase D

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The formation of phospholipids containing unnatural bases by the cytidine pathway

Pritchard, E.T., 1963:
The formation of phospholipids from 14C-labeled precursors in developing rat brain in vivo

Pritchard, E.T., 1962:
The formation of phospholipids from C-14-labelled precursors in slices from immature rat brain

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The formation of phosphopyruvate by washed suspensions of sheep kidney particles

Bartley, W.; Avi, D.R.Y., 1955:
The formation of phosphopyruvate in washed particles of kidney and liver

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The formation of phosphorylated glyceric acid in the blood cells of various species

Hochster, R.M., 1955:
The formation of phosphorylated sugars from D-xylose by extracts of Pseudomonas hydrophila

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The formation of photosyn-thetic products in shade-tolerant plants under a forest cover and in a felling area

Anonymous, 1955:
The formation of phyto-plankton in the Dnepr reservoir after its restoration Referat Zhur, Biol, 1957, No 5504

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The formation of phytocoenoses of grey alder and mixtures of them with spruce

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The formation of pigeon milk

Dabrowska, Wtadystawa, 1932:
The formation of pigeon milk, its chemical composition and its importance for the growth of squabs

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The formation of pigments by Beauveria bassiana Vuillemin in the presence of aryl amines

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The formation of plant substance considered as a catalytic phenomena

Pfeiffer, Hans, 1958:
The formation of plant-society complexes

Mirchamsy, H.; Taslimi, H., 1966:
The formation of plaques by African horse sickness viruses and factors affecting plaque size

Mirchamsy, H.; Taslimi, H., 1966:
The formation of plaques by african horse sickness viruses and factors affecting plaque size ms cells protamine sulfate

Schwobel, Wilhelm, 1961:
The formation of plaques by the virus of the foot and mouth disease on media containing methyl cellulose

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The formation of plaques by two strains of Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis virus

Ginsburg, N.N.; Kazymov, K.T., 1959:
The formation of plaques of poliomyelitis virus in human embryo tissue cultures

Roheim, P.S.; Miller, L.; Eder, H.A., 1965:
The Formation Of Plasma Lipoproteins From Apoprotein In Plasma

Debuch, Hildegard, 1964:
The formation of plasmalogens at the time of myelinization in the rat

Debuch, H., 1966:
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The formation of the popliteal vein

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The formation of the results of serological investigation of cattle for brucellosis in international units and the rules currently in force in Poland for their interpretation

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