The influence of soil moisture on the contents of nutrient elements in the sweet-clover

Borkowski, R.; Gierat, K.

Rocz Nauk Rolniczych Ser A Roslinna 82(4): 965-973


Accession: 025828787

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In order to examine the influence of soil moisture on the uptake of certain mineral elements, pot experiments with sweet clover were made. The water capacity of the soil was regulated through daily watering. On the basis of the results it can be stated that the sweet clover, though a xerophyte, shows a marked yield increase as soil moisture increases. At the same time the relation between the number of roots and aboveground mass changes with the change in moisture. The contents of K, Ca, N and rough fiber diminish with an increase in soil moisture. The adaptability of sweet clover to different degrees of soil moisture appears to be high.