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The influence of the intravenous infusion of hypo- and hypertonic salt solutions on the coagulability of the blood

Takeda, M.

Folia Pharmacol Japonica 8(1): 36-41


DOI: 10.1254/fpj1925.8.36
Accession: 025830258

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After having infused 50 cc. per kgm. of body weight of a NaCl soln. of various concentrations (0.2-4.5%), or of distilled water at body temp., into the veins of rabbits, at the rate of 10 cc. per kgm. per min., the author determined the coagulation time during 3 hrs. by the Boggs method with the following results: The coagulation is accelerated by the infusion of a 0.2-4.5% NaCl soln. The greater the salt concentration, the shorter the clotting time, and the more protracted the augmented coagulability. But the increase of coagulability seems to be greater with the infusion of a 1.8% than with higher concentrations. The maximum effect of the salt solutions on the blood clotting is just after the infusion, except where a 4.5% soln. has been employed, when it appears a little later. Distilled water, within the limits of the author's experiments, does not affect the coagulability of rabbit's blood.

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