Section 26
Chapter 25,848

The main problems in plant physiology and biochemistry and prospects for the development of these sciences in the next twenty years

Sytnyk, K.M.

Ukrain Bot Zhur 18(6): 3-10


Accession: 025847383

The author discusses the basic problems confronting plant physiology and biochemistry in the light of the Program of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, including those which will be worked on by the scientific institutions of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR. These problems include a thorough study of the physico-chemical bases of photosynthesis and its ecology, the physiological bases of plant mineral nutrition and the specific role of roots in metabolism and in the life of coenoses, a study of the physiology of the growth, development and resistance of plants. The author also discusses the problems facing the plant physiology and biochemistry departments of colleges and universities and connected laboratories in branches of such institutions, as well as agricultural experimentation stations.

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