Section 26
Chapter 25,856

The metabolizable energy of soybean oil meals, soybean millfeeds, and soybean hulls for the growing chick

Hill, F.W.; Renner, R.

Poultry Sci 39(3): 579-583


DOI: 10.3382/ps.0390579
Accession: 025855779

Metabolizable energy (M.E.) of soybean oil meals, soybean mill-feeds, and soybean hulls was estimated for growing chicks using glucose as the reference standard and correcting for N retention. Average values obtained, expressed on an air-dry basis computed to 10% moisture, were 1150 Calories per pound for 50% protein dehulled soybean oil meal, 1020 Calories per pound for 44% protein soybean oil meal, 570 and 350 Calories per pound for high protein and low protein soybean millfeeds, and 5 Calories per pound for soybean hulls. No relationship was evident between differences in proximate composition and M. E. content the case of the soybean millfeed increased as the fat and protein content of this material increased and its crude fiber content decreased.

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