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The natural history features of the west of Scotland in relation to regional planning. Observations by the Glasgow and Andersonian Natural History and Microscopical Society

Inglis, C.J.

Glasgow Nat 15(2): 37-58


Accession: 025862959

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The main body of this report, prepared by J. INGLIS CAMERON, discusses the importance of due attention to the preservation of plant and animal life in any regional planning undertaken. A list is given of the favorite resorts of naturalists in the west of Scotland, which it is felt should be given special consideration. Appendices present special reports of the Botanical Section, Ornithological Section, Geological Section, and Entomological Section of the Society, each presenting the topic from a special point of view, and including lists of districts that should be preserved from housing schemes, etc. The report was prepared at the request of the Clyde Valley Regional Planning Advisory Commissioners.

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