Section 26
Chapter 25,865

The nature of polyploidy in smooth bromegrass, Bromus inermis Leyss

Carnahan, H.L.; Hill, H.D.

Jour Heredity 51(1): 43-44


Accession: 025864102

An exceptional octoploid plant occurring in a predominantly hexaploid F1 population (from the cross polyhaploid x normal octoploid) was pollinated with a composite of pollen from several normal octoploids. Normal frequency of micronuclei in quartets of 26 progenies supports the idea that chromosomes from the polyhaploid are similar to those in the normal octoploid. This is in harmony with the interpretation that B. inermis is an autoallopolyploid, AAAA BBBB, in which considerable diploidization has occurred. One aneuploid plant with 2n=50 chromosomes was obtained.

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