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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 25872

Chapter 25872 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Jones, G.E.; Thomas, S.B., 1950:
The occurrence of a Flavobacterium species in chilled water

Hurt, R.H.; Mcculloch, E.C., 1940:
The occurrence of a Gram-positive coccus in birds positive to the serum plate test for pullorum disease

Mawson, D.; Chapman, F., 1935:
The occurrence of a Lower-Miocene formation on Bougainville Island

Bergse?g, Margaret, S., 1966:
The occurrence of a New Zealand plant Geranium microphyllum in California

Morgan, Omar, D., 1964:
The occurrence of a Sclerotinia on Vicia villosa in Maryland

Wiess Zehavi, Miriam, 1960:
The occurrence of a TPNH specific hydroxylamine reductase in Enterobacteriaceae and the repression of its formation by cysteine

B.M.Das Gupta, 1935:
The occurrence of a Trepo-monas sp in the caecum of turtles

Schubert, Ralph, H.W., 1964:
The occurrence of a butanedione dehydrogenating enzyme in bacteria of the family Enterobacteriaceae and its significance for the taxonomy of the genus Shigella

Yudkin, Warren, H., 1945:
The occurrence of a cardio-inhibitor in the ovaries of the puffer, Spheroides maculatus

Stalon, V.; Ramos, F.; Piérard, A.; Wiame, J.M., 1967:
The occurrence of a catabolic and an anabolic ornithine carbamoyltransferase in Pseudomonas

Boynton, L.C.; Miller, R.C., 1927:
The occurrence of a cellulase in the ship-worm

Brito, I.M., 1967:
The occurrence of a cephalopod in the cretaceous of the area of estancia state of sergipe brazil metengonoceras oliveirai new species fossil

Malinowski, Edmund, 1966:
The occurrence of a certain regularity in the behavior of F1 plants in cases of heterosis

Sherwin, R.P.; Richters, A.; Richters, V., 1967:
The occurrence of a cyclosis-like phenomenon in human lung cancer cells in vitro

Webster, George, C., 1952:
The occurrence of a cytochrome oxidase in the tissues of higher plants

B0se, S.R., 1938:
The occurrence of a dense mass of thick-walled fringe-hyphae covering the hymenium of Daedalla flavida LeV

CHEFURKA, W., 1955:
The occurrence of a direct oxidative pathway of carbohydrate metabolism in the fly Musca domestica L

D.Carvalho, Mario Bezerra, 1946:
The occurrence of a disease in the Fernando Noronha Archipelago

Seneviratna, P., 1968:
The occurrence of a disease resembling virus pneumonia of pigs in ceylon

Little, C.C.; Cloudman, A.M., 1937:
The Occurrence of a Dominant Spotting Mutation in the House Mouse

Kratkovskii, N.A., 1960:
The occurrence of a focus of acariasis in domesticated reindeer in the Taimyr in connection with a change in seasonal migration of wild reindeer

Berman, Marvin Lawrence, 1957:
The occurrence of a free amino acid pool in cultures of Claviceps litoralls Kawatani

Dewitt, S.K.; Adelberg, E.A., 1962:
The occurrence of a genetic transportation in a strain of Escherichia coli

Voet, J.; Abeles, R.H., 1966:
The occurrence of a glucose-enzyme complex in the reaction catalyzed by sucrose phosphorylase

Kennedy, J.R.Jr, 1967:
The occurrence of a golgi apparatus and related structures in the ciliated protozoan frontonia lucas abstract

Bicknell, Alice, K., 1949:
The occurrence of a green sulphur bacterium in Sodon Lake

Jain, S.K., 1959:
The occurrence of a heteromorphoric bivalent in Secale vavilovii

Berry, J.Allan, 1960:
The occurrence of a leopard seal in the tropics

Ansell, G.B.; Spanner, S., 1963:
The occurrence of a long- chain ether analogue of phosphatidylethanolamine in brain tissue

Berner, L.; Sloan, W.C., 1954:
The occurrence of a mayfly nymph in brackish water

Hilton, W.A., 1928:
The occurrence of a member of the class Pauropoda in California

Ronquist, G.; Agren, G., 1966:
The occurrence of a metabolically active cytosine compound in a protein fraction from human erythrocyte ghosts

Challenger, F.; Hayward, B.J., 1954:
The occurrence of a methylsulphonium derivative of methionine in Asparagus

Ting, S.V.; Newhall, W.F., 1965:
The occurrence of a natural anti-oxidant in citrus fruit

Caldas, A.D.; Nesti, A., 1958:
The occurrence of a natural infection in goats with Brucella abortus in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Observations on an epizootic outbreak

Markin, G.P.; Mccoy, C.W., 1968:
The occurrence of a nematode, Diploscapter lycostoma, in the pharyngeal glands of the Argentine ant, Iridomyremex humilis

Brown, J.B., 1929:
The occurrence of a new highly unsaturated fatty acid in the lipids of the brain

Kallen, R.G.; Simon, M.; Marmur, J., 1962:
The occurrence of a new pyrimidine base replacing thymine in a bacteriophage DNA: 5-hvdroxymethyl uracil

Waldhausl, W.; Kenner, T., 1965:
The occurrence of a non-dialyzable vasopressor activity by warming serum

Penfold, A.R.; Morrison, F.R., 1928:
The occurrence of a number of varieties of Eucalyptus dives as determined by chemical analyses of the essential oils Part I

Penfold, A.R.; Morrison, F.R., 1930:
The occurrence of a number of varieties of Eucalyptus dives as determined by chemical analyses of the essential oils. Part III

Penfold, A.R.; Morrison, F.R., 1929:
The occurrence of a number of varieties of Eucalyptus dives as determined by chemical analysis of the essential oils. Part 2.

Penfold, A.R.; Morrison, F.R., 1932:
The occurrence of a number of varieties of Eucalyptus radiata as determined by chemical analyses of the essential oils. I

Morgan, A., 1968:
The occurrence of a pair of exocrine glands in the meso thorax of lytta nuttalli coleoptera meloidae lytta viridana

Norris, L.C.; Ringrose, A.T., 1930:
The Occurrence of a Pellagrous-Like Syndrome in Chicks

Nelson, E.K., 1934:
The occurrence of a pen-tamethyl flavonol in tangerine peel

Moseev, E.A., 1964:
The occurrence of a perforating ulcer of the stomach during cortisone treatment

Kendall, A.I.aac; Schmitt, F.O.to, 1926:
The occurrence of a physiologically active substance in cultures of the gas bacillus

Cannon, P.; Sjostrand, T., 1953:
The occurrence of a positive after-potential in the ECG in different physiological and pathological conditions

Bergersen, F.J., 1957:
The occurrence of a previously unobserved polysaccharide in immature infected cells of root nodules of Trifolium ambiguum M Bieb. and other members of the Trifolieae

Dvorak, H.F.; Anraku, Y.; Heppel, L.A., 1966:
The occurrence of a protein inhibitor for 5'-nucleotidase in extracts of Escherichia coli

Hevesi, M., 1968:
The occurrence of a pseudomonas holci belonging to the pseudomonas syringae group on sorghum m spp

Mason, E.H., 1928:
The Occurrence of a Raised Basal Metabolic Rate in New Growth without Hyperthyroidism

Kevan, D.K., 1931:
The occurrence of a rare snail in East Lothian and Stirlingshire

Menshagin, N., 1936:
The occurrence of a representative of the genus Isogramma in the Permian dolomite series of Bachmut

Jenkins, Richard, 1928:
The occurrence of a skin papillus through four human generations

Ataur Rahman, A.K.; Youssouf All, M., 1967:
The occurrence of a spiny-headed worm Pallisentis nandai in Nandus nandus from ponds inside Chandpur fisheries campus

Smith, N.R., 1935:
The Occurrence of a Strain of Azotobacter chroococcum Which Does Not Ferment Mannitol

George, J.C.; Shah, R.V., 1954 :
The occurrence of a straited outer muscular sheath in the lungs of Lissemys punctata granosa Schoepff

Regan, W.M.; Mead, S.W.; Gregory, P.W., 1935:
The occurrence of a sub-lethal epithelial defect in Jersey cattle and a plan for eliminating this defect

ROBERTSON, J.D., 1963:
The Occurrence of a Subunit Pattern in the Unit Membranes of Club Endings in Mauthner Cell Synapses in Goldfish Brains

D.Flines, J., 1955:
The occurrence of a sulfuric acid ester of choline in the mycelium of a strain of Penicillium chrysogenum

Rao, G.N., 1959:
The occurrence of a symphylid as a pest of sugarcane at Coimbatore

Massee, A.M., 1930:
The occurrence of a tar-sonemid mite upon the cultivated strawberry in England

Green, H.L., 1931:
The Occurrence of a Tenuissimus Muscle in a Human Adult

Einset, J., 1944:
The Occurrence of a Tetraploid and two Triploid Apple Seedlings in Progenies of Diploid Parents

Bernard, F., 1957:
The occurrence of a unicellular plankton of Mediterranean origin in the Dead Sea

Henigst, Wolf, 1963:
The occurrence of a variant of ECHO-virus type 25

Page, I.H., 1943:
The occurrence of a vasoconstrictor substance in blood during shock induced by trauma, hemorrhage and bum's

Zuravel', M.S., 1960:
The occurrence of a vegetative variation in the grape variety Black Currant

Hein, A., 1960:
The occurrence of a virosis on asparagus

Reisch, J.; Hobl, R.; Schulte, K.E., 1963:
The occurrence of a water-soluble polyin in several Tagetes species

Feldman, L.I.; Gunsalus, I.C., 1950:
The occurrence of a wide variety of transaminases in bacteria

Gremmen, J., 1960:
The occurrence of a yellow, antibiotic pigment in Lasiostictis fimbriata; with a note on its conidial stage

Rapoport, S.; Wagner, R.H., 1947:
The occurrence of a-phospho-ribo-trihy-droxy-glutaric acid in liver

Asker, Sven, 1966:
The occurrence of abberrants in some apomictic Potentilla argentea-biotypes

Lindsten, J.; Ceraso, E.; Luft, R.; Hulquist, C., 1967:
The occurrence of abnormal insulin and growth hormone responses to sustained hyperglycaemia in a disease with Bex chromosome aberrations . Including a histological study of the pancreas in two such patients

Lynch, W.J.; Joske, R.A., 1966:
The occurrence of abnormal serum proteins in patients with epithelial neoplasms

Duckworth, J.; Godden, W., 1943:
The occurrence of abnormally low values for blood inorganic phosphorus and plasma phosphatase in sheep with concurrent hypopro-teinaemia

Harley, C.P.; Fisher, D.F., 1927:
The occurrence of acetaldehyde in Bartlett pears and its relation to pear scald and breakdown

Kiessling, Karl Heinz, 1962:
The occurrence of acetaldehyde in various parts of the rat brain after alcohol injection, and its effect on pyruvate oxidation

Bohm, P., 1952:
The occurrence of acetalphosphatides in bacteria. I. Tubercle bacteria

Bloch, E.; Necheles, H., 1938:
The occurrence of acetylcholine in gastric juice

Hoppe Seyler, F.A.olf; Schum Melfelder, N., 1946:
The occurrence of acetylcholine in the blood after experimental burns

K.N.Mehrotra, 1961:
The occurrence of acetylcholine in the two-spotted mite Tetranychus telarius L

Wailes, P.C., 1956:
The occurrence of acetylenic compounds in nature

Hooft, F.V.sser't; D.L.euw, F.J.G., 1935:
The occurrence of acetylmethylcarbinol in bread and its relation to bread flavor

Lehman, M.A.; Kream, J.; Berkowitz, S.S.; Kambolis, C.; Brogna, D., 1963:
The occurrence of acid and alkaline phosphatase in synovial fluids and its clinical significance

Hemberg, Torsten, 1958:
The occurrence of acid inhibitors in resting terminal buds of Fraxinus

Zimmermann, W.; Wennemann, J., 1955:
The occurrence of acid ketosteroids in urine

Kerby, G.P., 1955:
The occurrence of acid mucopolysaccharides in human leukocytes and urine

Gaiger, S.H.; Davies, G. 0., 1933:
The occurrence of acid-fast bacteria, other than Mycobacterium tuberculosis, in milk

Behring, Ivar, 1933:
The occurrence of actino-mycosis of the stomach and the duodenum

Todorov, Z.P., 1966:
The occurrence of actinomycete antagonists in some soil types in northern bulgaria

White, A.Joan, 1962:
The occurrence of actinomycetes in Wellington water supplies

Teplyakova, Z.F.; Maksimova, T.G., 1957:
The occurrence of actinomycetes in soils of northern Kazakhstan

Ivushkin, I.F., 1962:
The occurrence of actinomycetes on alfalfa roots

Welch, D.S., 1949:
The occurrence of active wood-rotting fungi in apparently sound wood of living trees

Stoll, K., 1947:
The occurrence of acute infectious diseases of the central nervous system in Budapest

Zia, S.H., 1930:
The occurrence of acute poliomyelitis in North China

Strom, A., 1943:
The occurrence of acute, contagious diseases in Norway during the present century

Bonicke, R., 1960:
The occurrence of acylamidases in mycobacteria. III. Enzymic splitting of allantoin

Welsh, K.; Shaw, N.; Baddiley, J., 1968:
The occurrence of acylated sugar derivatives in the lipids of bacteria

JOKLIK, W.K., 1956:
The occurrence of adenine- and adenyl-succinic acid in mammalian liver

Greenberg, E.; Preiss, J., 1964:
The Occurrence Of Adenosine Diphosphate Glucose: Glycogen Transglucosylase In Bacteria

Wood, T.; Swanson, P.D., 1964:
The occurrence of adenosine triphosphate creatine phosphotransferase in particulate fractions from cerebral tissue and its coupling to the sodium-stimulated microsomal adenpsine-triphosphatase

Lepage, G.A.; Umbreit, W.W., 1943:
The occurrence of adenosine-3-triphosphate in autotrophic bacteria

Gossmann, H.P., 1927:
The occurrence of adipose tissue and lipoids in the parathyroids and adrenals of man

Ivanoff, S.S.; Keitt, G.W., 1937:
The occurrence of aerial bacterial strands on blossoms, fruits, and shoots blighted by Erwinia amylovora

Clark, F.E.; Smith, D.H., 1950:
The occurrence of aerobic mesophilic sporeforming bacteria on plant roots

Muller, Gertrud, 1967:
The occurrence of agglutinating E coli types in drinking and surface waters

Mcdiarmid, A., 1951:
The occurrence of agglutinins for B. abortus in the blood of wild deer in the South of England

Cwiakaa, A., 1952:
The occurrence of agglutinins for Salmonella antigens in rat serum

Rickard, D.S., 1960:
The occurrence of agricultural drought at Ashburton, New Zealand

Lund, Sren, 1941:
The occurrence of algae in the Danish waters and the possibilities for their utilisation

Cederberg, I., 1951:
The occurrence of alkaline and acid phosphomonoesterases in the toothgerm of albino rats

Bisset, N.G., 1961:
The occurrence of alkaloids in the Apocynaceae. II. A review of recent developments

Tirmizi, N.M.; Afzal Kazmi, M., 1968:
The occurrence of alpheus inopinatus in the arabian sea decapoda alpheidae new record

Auditore, J.V.; Olson, E.J., 1966:
The occurrence of amino acid derivatives in human brain

Tjeder, A.; von Hofsten, B., 1967:
The occurrence of amino acid naphthylamidase distinct from leucine aminopeptidase in Serratia indica

Tjeder, A., 1966:
The occurrence of amino acid naphthylamidase in baker's yeast

Groeger, D.; Mothes, U., 1956:
The occurrence of amino acids and amines in ergot

Synge, R.L.M., 1960:
The occurrence of amino acids in nature

Synge, R.L.M., 1959:
The occurrence of amino acids in nature. In: The origin of life on the earth

Sowden, F.J., 1957:
The occurrence of amino groups in soil organic matter

Ellfolk, N.; Katunuma, N., 1959:
The occurrence of ammonia-activiating enzyme in various organisms

Hardison, John, R., 1943:
The occurrence of amphispores in the leaf rust of bluegrasses

Parrott, Arthur, W., 1946:
The occurrence of an Australian spider Dysdera australiensis Rainbow in New Zealand

Granados, H., 1952:
The occurrence of an abnormal black pigment in the incisors of albino rats reared on certain purified diets

Shaw, N.; Dinglinger, F., 1968 :
The occurrence of an acylated inositol mannoside in the lipids of propionic acid bacteria

Aronson, S.B.; Yamamoto, E.; Goodner, E.K.; O'connor, G.R., 1964:
The Occurrence Of An Autoantiuveal Antibody In Human Uveitis

Wilkins, M.B.; Holowinsky, A.W., 1965:
The occurrence of an endogenous circadian rhythm in a plant tissue culture

Moesz, G., 1928:
The occurrence of an exotic smut in Hungary

Robertson, J.D.; Bodenheimer, T.S.; Stage, D.E., 1963:
The occurrence of an extracellular matrix material around Mauthner cell synapses and central nervous system nodes after formalin-OsO4 fixatjon

Baumshtein, A.I., 1961:
The occurrence of an inhabited planet

Wagner, H.; Friedrich, H., 1964:
The occurrence of an octadecatetraene acid in the seeds of certain Boraginaceae

Langford, G.C.; Faber, J.E.; Pelczar, M.J., 1950:
The occurrence of anaerobic gram-negative diplococci in the normal human mouth

Maclachlan, W.W.G.; Kline, F.M., 1926:
The occurrence of anemia in four generations

Ferrer, Juan, B., 1960:
The occurrence of angular leaf-spot of sesame in Panama

J.P.Riley, 1965:
The occurrence of anomalously high fluoride concentrations in the North Atlantic

Franclemont, J.G., 1949:
The occurrence of anomis commoda Butler in the United States and its life history

Hoppe Seyler, F.A.; Linneweh, W.; Linneweh, F., 1929:
The occurrence of anserin and carnosin in birds and reptiles

Gushterov, K.G.; Byrdarov, S.S.; Penev, C.; Rehácek, Z., 1966:
The occurrence of antagonistic Actinomycetes in Bulgarian soils and their antibiotic properties

Dos Passos, C.F., 1948:
The occurrence of anthoxanthins in the wing pigments of some Nearctic Oeneis

Person, L.H.; Gaines, J.G., 1955:
The occurrence of anthracnose of tobacco in Georgia

Fisk, R.T.; Morrow, P., 1945:
The occurrence of anti-Rho blocking antibodies in anti-Rh serums

Milazzo, F.; Cattaneo, R.; Invernizzi, F., 1964:
The occurrence of anti-gamma globulin factors in the serum of the aged

Przyjakowski, Zdzislaw, 1961:
The occurrence of antibacterial properties in separate development stages of Hypoderma bovis in cattle organism

Lucas, E.H.; Lickfeldt, A.; Gottshall, R.Y.; Jennings, J.C., 1951:
The occurrence of antibacterial substances in seed plants with special reference to Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Lucas, E.H.; Frisbey, Ardeth; Gottshall, R.Y.; Jennings, J.C., 1955:
The occurrence of antibacterial substances in seed plants with special reference to Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Fifth report

Gottshall, R.Y.; Lucas, E.H.; Frisbey, Ardeth; Geis, S., 1955:
The occurrence of antibacterial substances in seed plants with special reference to Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Sixth report

Cooper, William, E., 1949:
The occurrence of antibiotic Actinomyces in the sugarcane soils of Louisiana and their effect upon Pythium root rot

Watkinson, A.J.; Murby, E.J.; Kolpin, D.W.; Costanzo, S.D., 2009:
The occurrence of antibiotics in an urban watershed: from wastewater to drinking water

Wawrzkiewicz, J., 1965:
The occurrence of antibodies against the viruses of Aujesky's disease in pigs after their natural infection

Munoz, J.; Holford, F.E., 1949:
The occurrence of antibodies for Pneumococcus type II in the serum of normal rabbits

Hjort, Tage, 1963:
The occurrence of antibody against second colloid antigen in patients with and without thyroid disease

Tillett, W.S., 1935:
The Occurrence Of Antifibrinolytic Properties In The Blood Of Patients With Acute Hemolytic Streptococcus Infections

Machnicka-Roguska, B., 1963:
The Occurrence Of Antigen In The Blood And Urine Of Rabbits In The Course Of Experimental Infection With Trichinella Spiralis

Mannik, M.; Kunkel, H.G.; Biro, C.; Edelman, G.M., 1962:
The occurrence of antigenically deficient 2-globulins in normal human serum

Sluzewska, Maria, 1965:
The occurrence of antigens 122 and 123 in strains of Salmonella pullorum and Salmonella gallinarum and iminuno-electrophoretic investigations of phosphate extracts of isolated cell-walls of these bacteria

Marine, D.; Baumann, E.J.; Webster, B.; Cipra, A., 1933:
The Occurrence of Antigoitrous Substances in Plants

Kosonen, J.; Kronberg, L., 2009:
The occurrence of antihistamines in sewage waters and in recipient rivers

Ferenczy, L.G.Gondos; Procs, T.; Zsolt, J., 1961:
The occurrence of antimicrobial compounds in therapeutic plants

Palumbo, R.F.; Lowman, F.G., 1958:
The occurrence of antimony-125, europium-155, iron-55, and other radionuclides in Rongelap Atoll soi

Fennell, R.H.; Maclachlan, M.J.; Rodnan, G.P., 1962:
The occurrence of antinuclear factors in the sera of relatives of patients with systemic rheumatic disease

Narzikulov, M.N., 1961:
The occurrence of aphids of the subfamily Phloeomyzinae in Central Asia

Duff, R.B., 1965:
The occurrence of apiose in Lemna and other angiosperms

Duff, R.B.; Knight, A.H., 1963:
The occurrence of apiose in Lemna and other angiosperms. In: Proceedings of the 428th meeting of the Biochemical Society , Leyden,1963

Bacon, J.S.D., 1963:
The occurrence of apiose in polysaccharide fractions from certain plants

Weir, D.R.; Mahler, V.L., 1953:
The occurrence of apparent chronic myeloid leukemia in mice following intermittent cortisone therapy

Tukey, H.B., 1938:
The occurrence of apple blossoms with prolonged central axes and its bearing upon flower morphology

Wagnon, H.K.ith; E.A., 1961:
The occurrence of apricot ring pox virus in plum in California

Gellerman, J.L.; Schlenk, H., 1964:
The occurrence of arachidonic and related acids in plants

D.S.lva, W.Brasil, P.reira,.; D.C.rvalho Pereira, O.Augusto; Kirchner, Elfriede; D.G.doy, C.Vieira, F.anco, 1967:
The occurrence of arbovirus-infections in the State of Sao Paulo. I. Incidence of hemagglutination-lnhibition antibodies for some arboviruses of groups A, B and C in children of the northwestern region

Edibacher, S.; Krause, F.; Merz, K.W., 1927:
The occurrence of arginase in blood and the influence of serum on its action

Mende, T.J.; Chambers, E.L., 1953:
The occurrence of arginine phosphate in echinoderm eggs

Hellman, B., 1961:
The occurrence of argyrophil cells in the islets of Langerhans of American obese-hyperglycaemic mice

Cox, H.E., 1926:
The occurrence of arsenic in apples

Holtz, P.; Schumann, H.; Langenbeck, W.; Blanc, H.L., 1948:
The occurrence of arterenol in the adrenal glands

Hartroft, P.M.; Suzuki, M.; O'neal, R.M., 1962:
The occurrence of arterial thrombosis in dogs fed on "infarct-producing" diet

Brown, Margaret, E., 1937:
The occurrence of arterio-venous anastomoses in the tongue of the dog

Gottlieb, H.; Lalich, J.J., 1954:
The occurrence of arteriosclerosis in the aorta of swine

Ney, K.H.; Ammon, R., 1959:
The occurrence of aryl and steroid sulfatases

Selikoff, I.J.; Churg, J.; Hammond, E.C., 1965:
The occurrence of asbestosis among insulation workers in the United States

Creelman, D.W., 1956:
The occurrence of ash rust in western Nova Scotia

Green, J., 1963:
The Occurrence Of Astaxanthin In The Euglenoid Trachelomonas Volvocina

Dill, L.V.; Isenhour, C.E., 1942:
The occurrence of atheroma in the aorta in rabbits with renal hypertension

Mutschler, E.; Rochelmeyer, H., 1960:
The occurrence of atropin in Sclerotia minor Jagger and Corticium rolfsii Curzi

Virtanen, S., 1963:
The Occurrence Of Atypical Acid-Fast Bacilli In Human Faeces

Virtanen, S., 1961:
The occurrence of atypical acid-fast organisms in clinical samples

Dawson, Alden, B., 1931:
The occurrence of atypical vacuolated erythrocytes in the circulating blood of Necturus

Candel Parra, R.; Gil Dominguez, L., 1966:
The occurrence of auto-agglutinins in albuminous medium in the sera of patients with hydatid cyst

Ericsson, J.; Biberfeld, P.; Jakobsson, S.; Seljelid, R., 1965:
The occurrence of autodigestive activity in various normal cells in vivo and in vitro

Cleland, R., 1963:
The Occurrence of Auxin-induced Pectin Methylation in Plant Tissues

Turzova, M., 1968:
The occurrence of avian mycobacteria in human materials

Bliss, H.E.; Rooks, R., 1941:
The occurrence of avian tubercle bacilli in dressed poultry

Berlin, B.S.; Johnson, C.; Hawk, W.D.; Lawrence, A.G.ne, 1952:
The occurrence of bacteremia and death in cortisone treated mice

Edwards, P.R.; Mcwhorter, A.C.; Fife, M.A., 1956:
The occurrence of bacteria of the Arizona group in man

Dewey, D.H.; Barger, W.R., 1948:
The occurrence of bacterial soft rot on potatoes resulting from washing in deep vats

Lominski, I.R.W., 1967:
The occurrence of bacterial toxins acting on mitochondrial respiration in different groups of bacteria enz coagulase activity animalia

Whitehead, H.R.; Cox, G.A., 1935:
The occurrence of bacteriophage in cultures of lactic streptococci. A preliminary note

Waksman, S.A.; Woodruff, H.B., 1942:
The occurrence of bacteriostatic and bactericidal substances in the soil

Kuttner, A.G.; Lenert, T.F., 1944:
The Occurrence Of Bacteriostatic Properties In The Blood Of Patients After Recovery From Streptococcal Pharyngitis

Mazzi, V., 1947:
The occurrence of basophilic cells of beta and delta type in the pre-hypophysis of Triton cristatus

Kostron, K., 1940:
The occurrence of beaver in Wiadotupic puszta

Rasmusson, J., 1929:
The occurrence of beet nematodes in Scania

Povolny, D.; Zakopal, J., 1951:
The occurrence of beet-moth Phtorimaea ocellatella in Hungary

Holst, J.E., 1926:
The occurrence of benign glycosuria in diabetic families

Zaneveld, Jacques, S., 1965:
The occurrence of benthic marine algae under shore fast-ice in the Western Ross Sea, Antarctica

Freudenberg, K.; Harkin, J.M.; Werner, H.K., 1963:
The occurrence of benzylarylethers in lignin

Eigelsbach, H.T.; Scherago, M.; Weaver, R.H., 1944:
The occurrence of beta hemolytic streptococci in the lymph nodes of apparently normal hogs

The occurrence of beta hemolytic streptococci on the gingiva of normal young adults

A.Laurence Curl, 1965:
The occurrence of beta-citraurin and of beta-apo-8-carotenal in the peels of California tangerines and oranges

Tominaga, F.; Hiwaki, C.; Maekawa, T.; Yoshida, H., 1963:
The occurrence of beta-hydroxyasparagine in normal human urine

Cegrell, L., 1968:
The occurrence of biogenic mono amines in the mammalian endocrine pancreas human fetus cynomolgus monkey pig dog cat rabbit guinea pig golden hamster rat mouse

Richters, A.; Sherwin, R.P., 1965:
The Occurrence Of Biologic Crystals In Tumor And Nontumor Cultures Of C3h-Hej Mice

Fletcher, J.C.; Bobson, A., 1963:
The occurrence of bis- trisulphide in hydrolysates of wool and other proteins

Maheshwari, Satish, C., 1955:
The occurrence of bisporic embryo sacs in angiosperms a critical review

Chiu, P.P., 1939:
The occurrence of blackwater fever in the new territories of the Kowloon Peninsula Report of a case

Campbell, J.G., 1952:
The occurrence of blood filaments or pseudo-spirochaetes in certain neoplastic conditions

Rosamilia, Harold George, 1960:
The occurrence of blood group specific substances in human liquor amnii

Dauber, L.G.; Reed, L.J.; Fortwengler, H.P., 1968:
The occurrence of blood group substances a and b in proprietary gamma globulin of placental origin abstract man

Michel, F.W., 1964:
The Occurrence Of Blood-Group Specific Material In The Plasma And Serum Of Stored Blood

Nuorteva, P.; Rasanen, T., 1968:
The occurrence of blow flies diptera calliphoridae in the archipelago of the lake kallavesi central finland

Liu, Ch'eng Chao, 1931:
The occurrence of blue frogs in the Peiping region

Fisher, S.W., 1932:
The occurrence of boils among men working in coal mines

Austin, Oliver, L., 1932:
The occurrence of botulism in a herring gull

Legg, J., 1935:
The occurrence of bovine Babesiellosis in northern Australia

Matthes, S., 1967:
The occurrence of bovine salmonellosis in Syria

Peterson, Bernard, 1956:
The occurrence of breeding of the aquatic warbler, Acrocephalus paludicola, in northwest Germany

Lelyukh, V.M.; Malyuk, V.I., 1966:
The occurrence of bronchial asthma with prolonged action of DDT

Niemczyk, E., 1968:
The occurrence of bugs of the order heteroptera in sprayed and unsprayed apple d orchards

Blattny, C.; Osvald, V.; Ki, J., 1948:
The occurrence of bugs on cereals in Bohemia

Allen, W.R., 1964:
The occurrence of cabbage maggot on rape in Manitoba and evaluation of insecticides for control

Leyendecker, Philip, J., 1948:
The occurrence of cabbage yellows in southern New Mexico

Weathers, L.G.; Calavan, E.C., 1959:
The occurrence of cachexia and xylopo-rosis in California lemon varieties, with particular reference to the old-line Eureka lemon

Schneider, J.; Haass, K., 1967:
The occurrence of caecal eimeria tenella coccidiosis in adult hens

Herrmann, K., 1956:
The occurrence of caffeic acid and chlorogenic acid in fruits and vegetables

Schilf, E.; Wohinz, R., 1928:
The occurrence of caffein in human milk after ingestion of coffee

Donat, R., 1946:
The occurrence of calcification of the media in infancy

Gooch, F.S., 1966:
The occurrence of camellia flower blight in southwest Louisiana

BROWN, G.M.; CRONK, L.B.; BOAG, T.J., 1952:
The occurrence of cancer in an Eskimo

Chung, H.L.n; Li, T.C., 1940:
The occurrence of canine leishmaniasis in kala-azar villages in the suburbs of Peiping

Stich, Hans, 1951:
The occurrence of carbohydrates in the resting nucleus and in mitosis

Gross, R.; Bolliger, A., 1958:
The occurrence of carbohydrates other than lactose in the milk of a marsupial

Brinkman, R., 1933:
The occurrence of carbonic anhydrase in lower marine animals

Nicol, A.; Sclare, G., 1964:
The occurrence of carcinoma of the thyroid in myxoedema

Argalas, Karel, 1961:
The occurrence of cardiac rupture subsequent to myo-cardial infarction

Mehlman, M.A.; Wolf, G., 1962:
The occurrence of carnitine bound in phospholipid

Henriksson, Elisabet, 1963:
The occurrence of carotenoids in some lichen species belonging to the Collemataceae

Vogelsang, T.M.; Knutsen, B., 1944:
The occurrence of carriers among actively immunized school-children during an epidemic of diphtheria

Brandt, N.J., 1967:
The occurrence of carriers of genes for hereditary galactosemia in a normal population

Knoop, E.; Wortmann, A., 1967:
The occurrence of casein micelles in the colostrum of woman cow and sow inst electron microscope

Neumann, F., 1966:
The occurrence of castration cells in the anterior hypophysis of male rats following treatment with an antiandrogen

Kok, V.A.Phen, C.C.; Cohen, E.M., 1950:
The occurrence of cataract in alloxan diabetic rats

Bernheimer, H., 1964:
The occurrence of catecholamines and 3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine in the eye

Witten, T.A.; Livermore, W.; Killian, M., 1964:
The occurrence of cell bound antibody to native and denatured human liver in alcoholics

Bond, George, 1930:
The occurrence of cell division in the endodermis

Chance, H.L., 1953:
The occurrence of cell plates in bacteria

Chein, Ting, 1960:
The occurrence of cellulose-decomposing actinomycetes in soils

Nakayama, F.; Blomstrand, R., 1960:
The occurrence of cephalin, sphingomyelin, and lysoleci-thin in bile

Harder, D.E.; Skoropad, W.P., 1968:
The occurrence of cereal anthracnose in alberta canada colletotrichum graminicola wheat m oats m barley m rye m

Grosz, K.; Plaschkes, S.J., 1960:
The occurrence of cerebral tumors in a brother and sister

Austin, G.T., 1968:
The occurrence of certain nonpasserine birds in southern nevada usa gallinule plovers swift hummingbird pigeon

Dodge, H.R., 1951:
The occurrence of certain palaearctic species of muscoid flies in the United States

Dacorso, F.P.; Langenegger, J.; Gui Maraes, J.H., 1961:
The occurrence of cestodes in necropsied equines at the National Veterinary School

Cooke, J.V.; Goldring, D.; Kahn, L.I., 1953:
The occurrence of changes resembling the inflammatory in skin injured and incubated after excision

Owen, O., 1929:
The occurrence of chlorates in a tomato soil

Baerheim Svendsen, Anders, 1951:
The occurrence of chlorogen-ic and caffeic acids within the umbelliferous plant family

Durbin, R.D.; E.A., 1960:
The occurrence of chlorogenic acid in strawberry plants affected with crinkle and yellows viruses

Bold, Harold, C., 1947:
The occurrence of chlorophyll in the sporophyte of Ricciocarpus natans

VISHNIAC, H.S., 1957:
The occurrence of cholesterol in Labyrinthula

Smith, E.H.; Wagenknecht, A.C., 1956:
The occurrence of cholinesterase in eggs of the peach tree borer and large milkweed bug and its relationship to ovicidal action of parathion

Siddall, R.S., 1926:
The occurrence of chorio-angiofibroma . A study of six hundred placentas

Stenchever, M.A.; Chester, C.S.; Macintyre, M.N., 1966:
The occurrence of chromosome breaks in cultures of human leukocytes treated with maleic acid abstract

Cederberg, Ivar, 1951:
The occurrence of chromotrope substances in the tooth germ of albino rats

Selzer, A.; Lewis, A.E., 1949:
The occurrence of chronic cyanosis in cases of atrial septal defect

Tunmann, P.; Kadry, H.A., 1967:
The occurrence of chrysophanic acid and sterols in the root of bryonia dioica d

Gruner, A.; Hilden, T., 1953:
The occurrence of chylomicrons in the blood in young and old individuals

Antipa, G.; Small, E., 1967:
The occurrence of ciliates inhabiting the mantle cavity of pelecypod molluscs of illinois usa abstract conchophthirus sp heterocinetopsis

Wilson, C.W., 1965:
The occurrence of circadian histamine rhythms in the rat

Gemmill, C.L., 1934:
The occurrence of citric acid in tissue

Clench, William, J., 1954:
The occurrence of clines in molluscan populations

Conti, Giuseppe, 1953:
The occurrence of closing mechanisms in arteries with special reference to stalked cushions

Drozdz, B., 1967:
The occurrence of cnicin in the herbs Centaurea calcitrapa L., C. iberica Trev. and C. ovina Pal

Marshall, H.G., 1968:
The occurrence of coccolithophores off the southeastern coast of the usa abstract coccolithus rhabdosphaera syraccosphaeva skeletonema hemialus rhizosolenia prorocentrum ceratium peridinium water samples

Davidson, A., 1967:
The occurrence of coffee d berry borer hypothenemus stephanoderes hampei in ethiopia coffea canephora d coffea arabica d

Brooks, C.M.c; Page, S.W., 1938:
The occurrence of coitus-induced ovulation in the adrenalectomized rabbit

Zobell, Claude, E., 1941:
The occurrence of coliform bacteria in oceanic water

Pont, E.G., 1935:
The occurrence of coliform organisms in cream and their effect upon cream quality

Mcintosh, D.L.; Macswan, L.C., 1966:
The occurrence of collar rot caused by Phytophthora cactorum in a planting of apple trees aged 1 to 7 years

Bargmann, W., 1941:
The occurrence of colloid in the islet tissue of the pancreas

Walls, Gordon, L., 1931:
The occurrence of colored lenses in the eyes of snakes and squirrels, and their probable significance

FINCKH, E.S.; JOSKE, R.A., 1954:
The occurrence of columnar epithelium in Bowman's capsule

Shokonbaev, A.N., 1964:
The occurrence of complement-fixing antibodies in burn sickness

Phillips, E.W.J., 1937:
The occurrence of compression wood in African pencil cedar

Havre, G.N.; Dynna, O., 1961:
The occurrence of conditioned and simple copper deficiency in cattle and sheep in setesdalen, a valley in the Southern part of Norway

Ainger, L.E.; Zapata, G.C.; Ely, R.S.; Kelley, V.C., 1960:
The occurrence of congenital adrenal hyperplasia in first cousins

Neuweiler, W.; Richter, R.H.H., 1964:
The occurrence of congenital anomalies. Previous results of experiments on the effect of different substances on the embryonic and fetal development of the rat

Korkman, Nils, 1940:
The occurrence of congenital hydrops in the Ayrshire cattle in Finland

Vanselow, K., 1927:
The occurrence of conical-crowned pines in stands of flat-crowned pines

Schonhar, S., 1968:
The occurrence of conifer g damping off fungi in compost fusarium oxysporum pythium spp conifers g picea abies g pinus sylvestris g cylindrocarpon radicicola

Lindholm, S., 1960:
The occurrence of connective tissue mast cells in the alimentary canal wall of hamster and rat

Schaeffer, K.; Lofton, J.A.; Powell, S.C.; Osborne, H.H.; Foster, L.H., 1968:
The occurrence of copper in sickling erythrocytes human

Mchargue, J.S., 1926:
The occurrence of copper, manganese, zinc, nickel and cobalt in soils, plants and animals and their possible function as the vital factors

Tsen, Y.C.ung; Chang, C.K.; Yang, Y.L., 1965:
The occurrence of copro-antibody in dysentery patients

Geissler, G.H.; Gould, E.; Hamstead, E. 0., 1942:
The occurrence of corn-stock mealybug on roots of orchard vegetation

Miller, H.R., 1939:
The occurrence of coronary artery thrombosis in polycythemia vera

Dingle, Hugh, 1962:
The occurrence of correcting behavior in various insects

Schmersahl, P., 1966:
The occurrence of coumarin derivatives in the foliage of Artemisia abrotanum L J

Alphons, J.A.M. van Asten; Georgios, N.N.kolaou; Andrea Gröne, 2010:
The occurrence of cpb2-toxigenic Clostridium perfringens and the possible role of the 2-toxin in enteric disease of domestic animals, wild animals and humans

Hindwood, K.A., 1939:
The occurrence of crested penguins in Australian waters: With particular reference to Eudyptes pachyrhynchus

Barrett, J., 1961:
The occurrence of cryptohaematin a in bacteria and yeast

Sherwin, R.P.; Gardner, M.B.; Richters, V., 1967:
The occurrence of crystalline deposits in the lungs of C57 mice. The influence of ambient atmosphere

Sitterly, W.R., 1963:
The occurrence of cucurbit viruses in coastal South Carolina

Bredenberg, J.B.; Gmelin, R., 1962:
The occurrence of cucurbitacin E and I in Iberis amara L the identity of ibamarin with cucurbitacin I

Mehnert, B.; Koch, U., 1963:
The occurrence of culturable yeasts in the intestinal tract of the pig

Biston, R., 1967:
The occurrence of cultural and technological factors in the appearance of products

J.R.L.Wis.H.T.P.Well, 1961:
The occurrence of curved and ungulate forms of the mussel Mytilus edulis L in the British Isles and their relationship to M galloprovincialis Lamarck

Wetherell, H.R., 1966:
The occurrence of cyanide in the blood of fire victims

Steyn, D.G.; Riming Ton, C., 1935:
The occurrence of cyanogenetic glucosides in South African species of Acacia I

Billings, Edward, G., 1934:
The occurrence of cyclic variations in motor activity in relation to the menstrual cycle in the human female

Huhn, F.O., 1963:
The occurrence of cyst-like spaces with a giant cell reaction in the regional lymph nodes of mammary and cervical carcinoma

Kofoid, C.A., 1926:
The occurrence of cysts of Councilmania lafleuri Kofoid and Swezy in the duodenal drainage

Sharp, A.M.; Wyatt, K.M.; Kerr, G.J.; Johnston, J.M.; Lau, M.; Sheil, A.G.R.; Jeremy, D.; Stewart, J.H., 1968:
The occurrence of cyto toxic antibodies in multi parous women prospective kidney graft recipients and following renal inst homo transplantation abstract

Ball, E.G.; Meyerhof, B., 1939:
The occurrence of cytochrome and other hemochromogens in certain marine forms

Betel, I., 1967:
The occurrence of cytochromes in nuclei isolated from rat thymus

Rogozinska, J.H., 1967:
The occurrence of cytokinins in Scots pine

Cangir, A.; Sullivan, M.P., 1966:
The occurrence of cytomegalovirus infections in childhood leukemia

Sjolte, I.P., 1947:
The occurrence of cytoplasmatic and nuclear inclusions in sporadic canine-distemper

Loeb, L.; Smith, M.G., 1935:
The occurrence of cytoplasmic cell inclusions in the cervix of the uterus of the rabbit

Lipmann, F.; Hotchkiss, R.D.; Dubos, R.J., 1941:
The occurrence of d-amino acids in gramicidin and tyrocidine

Manske, Richard, H.F., 1930:
The occurrence of d-mannose in seaweed and the separation of l-fucose and d-mannose

Desch, H.E., 1935:
The occurrence of damar-producing tissue in the secondary xylem of certain species

Haines, L.C., 1967:
The occurrence of danis hymetus taygetus at bayview new south wales

PARK, W.W., 1954:
The occurrence of decidual tissue within the lung; report of a case

Schick, Alfred, 1942:
The occurrence of deforming spondylosis in small domestic animals

Reimann, H.A., 1927:
The Occurrence of Degraded Pneumococci in Vivo

Sun, C.N., 1961:
The occurrence of dense granules of unknown function in the nucleoli of certain plant cells

Potter, R.L.; Schlesinger, S., 1955:
The occurrence of deoxy-pyri-midine nucleotides in the acid-soluble extract of thymus

Angervall, L.; Edstrom, J.E., 1958:
The occurrence of deoxyribonucleic acid in pulmonary hyaline membranes of the newborn infant

Sedman, G.; Kenna, J.C., 1964:
The Occurrence Of Depersonalization Phenomena Under Lsd

Marbarger, J.P.; Kadetz, W.; Variakojis, D.; Hansen, J., 1957:
The occurrence of depression sickness following denitrogenation at ground level and altitude

Polster, M., 1967:
The occurrence of dermatophytes in skin mycoses in the area of Conakry, Republic of Guinea

Smith, M.E., 1967:
The occurrence of desmosterol in myelin of developing rats

Lang, K.; Siebert, G.; Baldus, I.; Corbet, A., 1950:
The occurrence of desoxyribonuclease and cathepsin in cell nuclei of kidneys

Kruel, W., 1950:
The occurrence of destructive forest insects in e. Germany in the pine regions of Brandenburg. Meklenburg and Sachsen-Anhalt in the year 1949 A review

Schalij, G., 1940:
The occurrence of deutero hematin in the stool.

Werle, E., 1942:
The occurrence of diamine oxidase in human urine

Geissler, U.; Gerloff, J., 1965:
The occurrence of diatoms in human organs and in the air.

Silberman, H.K.; Silberman Martyn Cewa, S., 1945:
The occurrence of dicholesteryl ether in the spinal cord of the ox

Gard, S.; Lofstrom, G.; Jacobsohn, G., 1938:
The occurrence of different types of pneumococci in cases of acute pneumonia in Stockholm

Smith, H.M.; List, J.C., 1951:
The occurrence of digital pads as an anomaly in the bullfrog

Cyunei, E., 1965:
The occurrence of digitalis purpurea d in poland

Liebling, J.; Youmans, G.P., 1940:
The occurrence of diphtheria antitoxin in the human pregnant mother, newborn infant, and placenta

Melin, G., 1946:
The occurrence of diphtheria in children below school age in Stockholm

Roane, Curtis, W., 1949:
The occurrence of diseases of small grains in Virginia in 1949

Kuiper, F.; Slager, S., 1963:
The occurrence of distinct prismatic and platy structures in organic soil profiles

Lauprecht, E.; Schulze, W.; Bollwahn, W., 1967:
The occurrence of disturbances of locomotion and diseased extremities in meat pigs

Hinkle, L.E.; Edwards, C.J.; Wolf, S., 1951:
The occurrence of diuresis in humans in stressful situations and its possible relation to the diuresis of early starvation

Huneck, Siegfried, 1963:
The occurrence of divaricatic acid in Lecidea Kochiana

Gmelin, Rolf; Hasenmaier, Gerhard; Strauss, G., 1957:
The occurrence of djenkolic acid and a C-S-lyase in the seeds of Albizzia lophantha Benth.

Bernheimer, H.; Hornykiewicz, O., 1964:
The occurrence of dopamine-metabolite homovanillinic acid in the brain of normal and Parkinsonian-afflicted people

Girardeau, J.H., 1966:
The occurrence of dry-mix drugs in larval food of the honey bee

Gerardeau, J.H., 1965:
The occurrence of dry-mix-fed drugs in larval food of the honey bee

Galinsky, Irving, 1956:
The occurrence of dumbbell - shaped nuclei

Zia, S.H., 1931:
The occurrence of dysentery and typhoid antibodies in joint and pleural exudates

Natividade, J.Vieira, 1944:
The occurrence of eccentric radial growth on the trunk of the olive tree

Savilov, A.I., 1961:
The occurrence of ecologic forms of Velella lata and Physalia utriculus in the northern half of the Pacific Ocean

Ravenna, P.; Snyder, J., 1948:
The occurrence of edema of the pharynx and larynx in infectious mononucleosis

Tromba, F.G.; Chitwood, M.B.; Yunker, C.E., 1958:
The occurrence of eggs in male physalopterids and observations on the morphology of Abbreviate son-sinol

Boschma, H., 1949:
The occurrence of eggs in one of the testes of a rhizocephalan

D.V.s A.J.; Van Der Westhuizen, I.B., 1968:
The occurrence of eimeria chinchillae new species eimeriidae in chinchilla laniger in south africa

SLAGER, U.T.; ZUCKER, M.J., 1962:
The occurrence of electron spin resonance signals in bone grafts sterilized with high voltage electron beams

Stevens, Warren Douglas, 1958:
The occurrence of emotional behavior during three varieties of a learning experience with implications for communication and education

Rodrigues Filho, A.; Vianna, C.M.; Silva, E.S., 1963:
The occurrence of encephalomyelitis in patients from the Belem- Braiilia highway

Ball, N.G.; Dyke, I.J.; Wilkins, M.B., 1957:
The occurrence of endogenous rhythms in the coleoptiles in various cereal genera

Bloomberg, W.J., 1966:
The occurrence of endophytic fungi in Douglas-fir seedlings and seed

Greer, E.N.; Hinton, J.J.C.; Jones, C.R.; Kent, N.L., 1951:
The occurrence of endosperm cells in wheat flour

Adatia, R.D., 1946:
The occurrence of entire pollen grains inside the carpels of some Anonacea

Lieflander, M., 1968:
The occurrence of enz carbonate hydro lyase in tubifex tubifex enz esterase inst ammonium sulfate fractionation diamox inhibition inst electrophoresis

Hobson, G.E., 1967:
The occurrence of enz cellulase in ripening fruits

Pavel, J., 1967:
The occurrence of enz lactate dehydrogenase iso enzymes in some organs and tissues of fowl and their passing over to the blood serum in experimental toxic hepatitis kidney genital organs

Gassner, F.X.; Koenig, V.; Gustavson, R.G., 1941:
The occurrence of epidermoid pearls in the thyroid of the rat from chronic injection of natural and synthetic estrogens

Liddell, D.W.; Retterstol, N., 1957:
The occurrence of epileptic fits in leucotomized patients receiving chlorpromazine therapy

Bornkamm, R., 1968:
The occurrence of epilobium dodonaei d in cologne

KELSALL, G.A.; VOS, G.H.; KIRK, R.L., 1959:
The occurrence of episodes of immunization in pregnancy associated with Rh haemolytic disease of the new-born

Yokoyama, H.; White, M.J., 1968:
The occurrence of ergosterol in citrus

Alertsen, A.R.e; Bruun, T.; Hemmer, E., 1962:
The occurrence of ergosterol in the lichen Cornicularia normoerica Lynge

Eierlein, Delbert, L., 1962:
The occurrence of ergot on smooth bromegrass in Michigan

Pankiewicz, Z., 1967:
The occurrence of erysipelothrix and salmonella in outflow pipes of meat factories

Marsters, R.W., 1950:
The occurrence of erythroblastosis fetalis in American Negroes

Hála, K., 1967:
The occurrence of erythrocyte antigens on cells from various tissues of the pig

Adams, C.W.; Davison, A.N., 1959:
The occurrence of esterified cholesterol in the developing nervous system

Warnick, A.C.; Casida, L.E.; Grummer, R.H., 1950:
The occurrence of estrus and ovula-tion in postpartum sows

Jones, R.C., 1968:
The occurrence of estrus in ewes and the duration and detec-tion of pregnancy in artifically inseminated ewes

Baruch, H.H.; Barka, T., 1962:
The occurrence of extracellular enzyme-carrying granules in organs of the reticuloendothelial system

Baruch, Hans, H., 1962:
The occurrence of extracellular enzyme-carrying granules in organs of the retlculoendothelial system

Bassen, F.A.; Thomson, A.E.; Silver, A., 1949:
The occurrence of false positive trichina precipitin tests in infectious mononucleosis

Shibuya, Tsunetoshi, 1939:
The occurrence of fasciation in flax stem in relation to the environment

Fathipour, A.; Schlender, K.K.; Sell, H.M., 1967:
The occurrence of fatty acid methyl esters in the pollen of Zea mays

Dutta, S.K., 1932:
The occurrence of fatty tumours in pigeons

Laqueur, E.; Dingemanse, E.; Hart, P.C.; D.J.ngh, S.E., 1927:
The occurrence of female sexual hormone in the urine of men

Saldeen, T., 1967:
The occurrence of fibrin in the lungs in an autopsy material

Herschlein, H.J.; Steichele, D.F., 1967:
The occurrence of fibrinogen split products in female patients with a dead intra uterine fetus inst immuno electrophoresis

Howard, Robert Stearns, 1955:
The occurrence of fighting behavior in the grain beetle Tenebrio molitor with the possible formation of a dominance hierarchy

Sherman, J.M.; Safford, C.E., 1931:
The Occurrence of Filterable Forms of Bacteria in Nature

Ledbetter, Myron, C., 1963:
The occurrence of fine tubules in the cortex of plant cells

Wiborg, K.F., 1962:
The occurrence of fish eggs and larvae on the western and northern Norwegian coast and fishing banks in 1961

Weinstein, David, 1959:
The occurrence of flagellin within the cytoplasm of penicillin-induced spheroplasts of Proteus vulgaris

Fruhbauer, Zdenek, 1965:
The occurrence of fleas on small mammals in the western parts of the Krusne hory

Patrick, R., 1939:
The occurrence of flints and extinct animals in Pluvial deposits near Clovis, New Mexico. V. Diatom evidence from the Mammoth Pit

Cotter, J.L., 1939:
The occurrence of flints and extinct animals in Pluvial deposits near Clovis, New Mexico VI Report on the field season of 1937

Clarke, W.T., 1939:
The occurrence of flints and extinct animals in Pluvial deposits near Clovis, New Mexico. VII. Pleistocene mollusks from the Clovis gravel pit and vicinity

Howard, E.B.; Antevs, E., 1935:
The occurrence of flints and extinct animals in fluvial deposits near Clovis, New Mexico. 1. Introduction, by Edgar B. Howard. 2. Age of the Clovis Lake clays, by Ernst Antevs

Cotter, J.Lambert, 1937:
The occurrence of flints and extinct animals in pluvial deposits near Clovis, New Mexico. Part IV. Report on excavation at the gravel pit, 1936. Introduction by EDGAR B. HOWARD

Rich, A.R., 1952:
The occurrence of focal tuberculoid lesions in experimental serum sickness

Raper, A.B., 1963:
The Occurrence Of Foetal Erythropoiesis After Infancy

Salamuni, Riad, 1954:
The occurrence of fossil plants in the glacial drift of the Tubarao Series

Kittredge, J.S.; Roberts, E.; Simonsen, D.G., 1962:
The occurrence of free 2-aminoethylphosphonic acid in the sea anemone, Anthopleura elegantissima

Hac, L.R.; Long, M.L.uisa; Blish, M.J., 1949:
The occurrence of free L-glutamic acid in various foods

SEARLE, J.M.; WESTALL, R.G., 1951:
The occurrence of free methylhistidine in urine

Solms, J.; Signer, V., 1968:
The occurrence of free nucleotides in potatoes d

Komatsu, Shigeru; Sasaoka, Y., 1927:
The occurrence of free pentoses in bamboo shoots.

Thiele, Otto Wolfgang, 1963:
The occurrence of free purines in the vineyard snail

Brzhevskaya, O.N.; Kayushin, L.P.; Nedelina, O.S., 1966:
The occurrence of free radicals during the enzymatic hydrolysis of adenosine triphosphate

Boscardi, F., 1943:
The occurrence of free spores of S. tenella in the circulating blood of the dromedary

GOETHART, G., 1954:
The occurrence of free thiamine pyrophosphate in the soluble fraction of rat liver homogenate

Roos, O., 1963:
The occurrence of free-living nitrogen-fixing microorganisms in the soddy-podzolic soils of the Estonian SSR

Gothan, W., 1943:
The occurrence of fresh fossil resins in the coals of Upper Silesia

Whelan, W.J., 1952:
The occurrence of fructose in rabbit-liver glycogen

Chakraverti, Dhirendra Nath, 1939:
The occurrence of fugacious cambium in the rhizome of Curcuma longa Linnaeus

Parisio, P., 1941:
The occurrence of fungi in diatomaceous earth and its importance in export

Buchanan, J.Arthur, 1930:
The occurrence of fungi in patients with malignant disease

Pidoplichko, M.M.; Moskovets', V.S.; Zhdanova, N.M., 1962:
The occurrence of fungi of the genus Penicillium in the maize rhizosphere in 10 steppe and forest-steppe oblasts of the Ukrainian SSR

Reyes, A.A.; Warner, C.A., 1967:
The occurrence of fusarium yellows of cabbage in Ontario in 1967

Schroter, Gerhard, 1968:
The occurrence of galactosidase in streptococci of the serogroup B

Culkin, F.; Riley, J.P., 1958:
The occurrence of gallium in marine organisms

Zachmann, M.; Tocci, P.; Nyhan, W.L., 1966:
The occurrence of gamma-aminobutyric acid in human tissues other than brain

Van Loghem Langereis, E.; Peetoom, F.; Van Der Hart, M.; Van Loghem, J.J.; Bosch, E.; Goudsmit, R., 1965:
The occurrence of gammaglobulin anti-gammaglobulin complexes in a patient suffering from hypogammaglobulinaemia and haemolytic anaemia

Waibel, P., 1954:
The occurrence of ganglia cells in the pars spinalis nervi accessorii

Niedermeyer, E., 1968:
The occurrence of generalized and focal seizure patterns in the same patients

Martinez Ruiz, J.L.; Alvarez Fuertes, G.; Biagi Filizola, F., 1968:
The occurrence of generalized cutaneous leishmaniasis in mexico aged man leishmania mexicana leishmania pifanoi

Staib, F.; Evangelinos, P., 1968:
The occurrence of geophilic dermatophytes in the region of Wuerzburg

Kawarada, A.; Sumiki, Y., 1959:
The occurrence of gibberellin A1 in water sprouts of Citrus

Aung, L.H.; D.H.rtogh, A., 1967:
The occurrence of gibberellin-like substances in tulip bulbs -amylase barley half seed and 'Grand Rapids' lettuce hypocotyl bioassays

Bacon, J.S.D.; Jones, D.; Farmer, V.C.; Webley, D.M., 1968:
The occurrence of glucan in Cryptococcus, Schizo-saccharomyces and Polyporus species, and its hydrolysis by a Strep-tomyces culture filtrate' lysing cell walls of Cryptococcus

Bergmann, L.; Thies, W.; Erdelsky, K., 1965:
The occurrence of glucosamine esters of hydroxycinnamic acids in tissue cultures of Nicotiana tabacum

Heyns, K.; Walter, W.; Heyde, W., 1956:
The occurrence of glucuronic acid and fucose in human milk. The application of the naphthoresor-cinol reaction for the quantitative estimation of glucuronic acid

Treble, D.H.; Ball, E.G., 1963 :
The occurrence of glycerolkinase in rat brown adipose tissue. In: 47th Annual meeting of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, 1963

The occurrence of glycerylphosphorylethanolamine in extracts of liver and yeast

Ackermann, D., 1955:
The occurrence of glycocyamine. choline. lysine. leucine. tyrosine and a-alanine in the marine worm Nereis virens

Hunt, T.E.; Hunt, E.A., 1959:
The occurrence of glycogen in the adrenal cortex of the rat under different experimental conditions

Alepa, F.P.ul; Howell, R.R.dney; Seegmiller, J.E., 1962:
The occurrence of glycogen storage disease with tophaceous gou

Buxtorf, A., 1944:
The occurrence of goat mange in Switzer-land

Rudorf, W.; Schrock, O., 1941:
The occurrence of greatly altered forms in sweet clover

Odiorne, J.M., 1933:
The Occurrence of Guanophores in Fundulus

Bosworth, T.J.; Lovell, R., 1944:
The occurrence of haemolytic cocco-bacilli in the nose of normal sheep and cattle

Utkin, V.V., 1963:
The occurrence of hard seeds and the viability of sprouts of wild-growing vetches in the Crimea

Van Der Zweerde, H., 1960:
The occurrence of heart rot on a trial field with fodderbeet on sandy soil

Meszaros, F., 1968:
The occurrence of heligmosomum spalacis nematoda heligmosomatidae in the lesser mole rat spalax leucodon in hungary

D.Avila Goulart, A.D., 1967:
The occurrence of helobdella obscura and helobdella duplicata var tuberculata in the state of rio grande do sul brazil

Gormsen, H., 1943:
The occurrence of hematopoietic tissue in the human adrenal

Rice, B., 1968:
The occurrence of hemitomes congestum d in the southern sierra nevada california usa

Pick, C.; Schneuer, M.; Burmester, T., 2009:
The occurrence of hemocyanin in Hexapoda

Imhof, Hanns Heinz, 1951:
The occurrence of hemophilic bleedings in and around the central nervous system

Matthias, G., 1942:
The occurrence of hemosiderin in the uterus as seen at autopsy

Creutz, G., 1968:
The occurrence of herons in oberlausitz germany

Drew, K.M.; Mrs Baker, 1930:
The occurrence of heterocysts and spores at both ends of the filament in the genus Cylindrospermum Kutz

Rhodes, Russell, G., 1967:
The occurrence of heterothallism in Tetraspora gelatinosa

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The occurrence of hexadeca-4,7,10,13-tetraenic acid in the fats of the algae Scenedesmus obliquus and its isolation

Trenk, F.B., 1926:
The occurrence of hickories in Iowa in relation to soil types

Nakatsuka, T., 1953:
The occurrence of hino-kitiol in the wood of Thuja standishii Carr

Hamlett, G.W.D., 1935:
The occurrence of hippo-manes within the yolk sac of lemurs

Uuspaa, V.J., 1951:
The occurrence of histamine in human sweat

Lewin, C., 1928:
The occurrence of histologically new tumors after inoculation with malignant new-growths

Grayston, J.T.; Furcolow, M.L., 1953:
The occurrence of histoplasmosis in epidemics; epidemiological studies

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The occurrence of homarine, betaine, choline, arginlne, mytilitol, taurine and d,l-lactic acid in the marine snail Patella sp

Ackermann, D., 1955:
The occurrence of homarine, taurocyamine, choline, lysine and other amino acids, as well as of succinic acid, in the marine snail Arenicola, marina

Gottfries, C.G.; Rosengren, A.M.; Rosengren, E., 1965:
The occurrence of homo- yanillic acid in human brain

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The occurrence of homologues of acetylcholine in ox spleen

Haxthausen, H., 1943:
The occurrence of humoral antibodies in allergic eczema investigated through parabiosis experiments on guinea pigs

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The occurrence of hyaline sclerosis and calcification of blood vessels in rats on sulfaguanidine

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The occurrence of hyaluronidases in insects and considerations of their role in Periplaneta americana

Sachs, Leo, 1953:
The occurrence of hybrid semi-lethals and the cytology of Triticum macha and Triticum vavilovi

Englund, B., 1941:
The occurrence of hybrids between C. distans and C. extensa

Banarescu, P., 1968:
The occurrence of hybrids between alburnus alburnus and abramis brama pisces cyprinidae in the basin of the danube abramis brama danubii

Smith, P.V., 1952:
The Occurrence of Hydrocarbons in Recent Sediments from the Gulf of Mexico

Senn, Josephine Beckwith, 1945:
The occurrence of hydrogen-producing bacteria in marine materials

Potapov, A.A., 1961:
The occurrence of hydrophytes in reservoirs of the Volga-Don canal and their rating from the standpoint of sanitation and epidemiology

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The occurrence of hydroxypyruvic acid in biological systems

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The occurrence of hypericin in species of Hypericum

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The occurrence of hypoglycemia with visceral carcinoma

van der Horst, C.J.; Grooten, H.J., 1966:
The occurrence of hypotaurine and other sulfur-containing amino acids in seminal plasma and spermatozoa of boar, bull and dog

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The occurrence of hypotaurine in the urine of rats fed cystine

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The occurrence of illicit and therapeutic pharmaceuticals in wastewater effluent and surface waters in Nebraska

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The occurrence of im-portant pests and diseases on cultivated plants in Austria in 1959

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The occurrence of immunity to diphtheria among the population of Stockholm in 1930 and in 1942-43, as elucidated by Schick reactions

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The occurrence of immunoglobulins in the dermo-epidermal junction of the skin in lupus erythematosus and related syndromes

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The occurrence of immunologically common antigenic components in c reactive protein and human hepatic and erythrocyte enz catalases rabbit sheep goat

Jaritz, G., 1967:
The occurrence of imogolite in pumice tuff soils of Western Germany

Glaeser, Gertrud, 1967:
The occurrence of important causes of damage in cultivated plants of Austria in 1966

Schreier, Otto, 1957:
The occurrence of important pests and diseases of cultivated plants in Austria in 1956

Glaeser, Gertrud, 1964:
The occurrence of important pests and diseases on cultivated plants In Austria in 1963

Schreier, Otto, 1959:
The occurrence of important pests and diseases on cultivated plants in Austria in 1958

Glaeser, Gertrud, 1962:
The occurrence of important pests of cultigens in Austria in 1961

Douglas, T.A.; Munro, H.N., 1959:
The occurrence of inactive amylase within the pancreatic cell and its significance

Dijkstra, J., 1968:
The occurrence of inclusion bodies in leaf epidermis cells of sandal d santalum album d affected with spike disease

Engelbrecht, A.H.P.; Weier, T.E., 1963:
The occurrence of inclusions in the chloroplasts of sugar beet plants infected with tomato ringspot virus

Page, E., 1967:
The occurrence of inclusions within membrane-limited structures that run longitudinally in the cells of mammalian heart muscle

Worthen, L.R.; Stessel, G.J.; Youngken, H.W., 1962:
The occurrence of indole compounds in Coprinus species

Larsen, P.; Aasheim, T., 1961:
The occurrence of indole-3-acetaldehyde in certain plant extracts

Hiilphers, G.; Hinricson, T., 1943:
The occurrence of infectious agents and trichina in rats

Van Kammen, A., 1963:
The occurrence of infectious virus ribonucleic acid in the ribosomal fraction from tobacco mosaic virus infected tobacco leaves

Hiorth, G., 1946:
The occurrence of inhibiting genes in inbred lines of G. whitneyi

Lekander, Bertil, 1954:
The occurrence of injurious forest insects in Sweden during the period 1946-1950

Young, E.G.rdon; Langille, W.M., 1958:
The occurrence of inorganic elements in marine algae of the Atlantic provinces of Canada

Felt, E.P.; Chamberlain, K.F., 1935:
The occurrence of insects at some height in the air, epecially on the roofs of high buildings

Scheiffarth, F.; WeistF.; Warnatz, H.; Schnell, K., 1967:
The occurrence of insulin antibodies and the inhibition of the formation of such insulin-protein compounds by sulfonylurea and glycodiazine

Grillo, T.A.I., 1964 :
The occurrence of insulin in the pancreas of fetuses of some rodents

Williams, Bert, C., 1950:
The occurrence of inter-cellular canals in root tips of plants in the Polygonaceae and the Labiatae

Leichner Weil, Susanne, 1964:
The occurrence of intercalary bones on the skull photographs of epileptics

Fawcett, D.W.; Ito, S.; Slautterback, D., 1959:
The occurrence of intercellular bridges in groups of cells exhibiting synchronous differentiation

Welch, M.B., 1931:
The occurrence of intercellular canals in the wood of some species of Flindersia

Person, L.H.; Olson, E., 1946:
The occurrence of internal cork of sweet-potatoes in Louisiana

Keil, R., 1965:
The occurrence of intestinal coli with atypical colony picture on endo-agar and the detection of fecal pollution of water

Burger, P.J., 1968:
The occurrence of intestinal parasites in school children in the tygerberg south africa area ascaris lumbricoides trichuris trichiura salmonella vredelust salmonella tygerberg salmonella soutpam salmonella epping

Kratochvilova Kralova, Elika, 1963:
The occurrence of intestinal parasites in the population in the Brno region

Chalaia, L.E., 1942:
The occurrence of intestinal protozoa in the population of the Frunze region and their role in the etiology of summer diarrhea. I. The examination of the inhabitants of the Frunze region for intestinal protozoa

THORP, F.K.; DORFMAN, A., 1963:
The occurrence of intracellular chondroitin sulfate

Lorber, M., 1960:
The occurrence of intracellular iron in Gaucher's disease

Kessel, R.G., 1963:
The occurrence of intranuclear annulate lamellae in oocytes of the tunicate, Styela partita

Leuchtenberger, C.; Boyer, G.S., 1957:
The occurrence of intranuclear crystals in living HeLa cells infected with adenoviruses

Fischmann, C.F.; Russell, D.S., 1940:
The occurrence of intranuclear inclusions in cultures of foetal leptomeninges

Wolf, A.; Orton, S.T., 1932:
The occurrence of intranuclear inclusions in human nerve cells in a variety of diseases

Covell, W.P., 1932:
The Occurrence of Intranuclear Inclusions in Monkeys Unaccompanied by Specific Signs of Disease

Hurst, E.W., 1931:
The occurrence of intranuclear inclusions in the nerve cells in poliomyelitis

Prout, G.R.; Daniel, O.; Whitmore, W.F., 1957:
The occurrence of intravenously injected radioactive zinc in the prostate and prostatic fluid of dogs

Schornagel, H.E., 1956:
The occurrence of iron and ceroid in coronary arteries

Bielenin, I.; Weglarska, B., 1965:
The occurrence of iron in the alimentary canal of Quadraspidiotus ostreaeformis

Bacon, E.E.; Bacon, J.S., 1954:
The occurrence of isomaltose among the products of heating glucose in dilute mineral acid

Suzuki, N.; Kamegai, S.; Kamegai, S.; Kihara, M.; Nihei, E., 1967:
The occurrence of isoparorchis hypselobagri trematoda in eastern japan new host records pseudogobio esocinus hemibarbus barbus

The occurrence of isopelletierine in Withania somnifera

Lindsay, H.B.iggs; William, I.T.ylor, 1947:
The occurrence of isophyllocladene in the essential oil of Araucaria excelsa

Muscholl, E., 1959:
The occurrence of isopropylnoradrenaline in the heart and adrenal gland

POLLACK, B., 1957:
The occurrence of jaundice amongst 3,800 thorazine treated patients

Margolis, L., 1958:
The occurrence of juvenile Corynosoma in Pacific salmon

Fenner, Frank, 1938:
The occurrence of juxta-articular nodules in Australia

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The occurrence of keto-carotinoids in crustaceans

Polli, C.; Diekmann, H.; Kis, Z.; Ettlinger, L., 1965:
The occurrence of ketone reductases in microorganisms Twenty-third Annual Meeting of the Swiss Microbiological Society, Genf, 6-7 June, 1964

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The occurrence of l-nicotine in Asclepias syriaca L

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The occurrence of labile phosphorus in various kinds of muscles

PARKE, D.V., 1962:
The occurrence of lactose in the spleen cerebrosides of Gaucher's disease

Parke, D.V., 1954:
The occurrence of lactose in the spleen cerebrosides of a case of Gaucher's disease

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The occurrence of lanatoside A and E in the leaves of Digitalis viridiflora Lindl

Mahon, J., 1954:
The occurrence of larvae of Taenia taeniaeformis in the American rabbit. Lepus americanus

Knutson, Herbert, 1941:
The occurrence of larvae of the stable fly, Muscina stabulans in living nymphs of the grasshopper, Xanthippus corallipes pantheri-nus

James, B.L., 1968:
The occurrence of larval digenea in 10 species of inter tidal prosobranch molluscs in cardigan bay

Tang, F.F., 1933:
The occurrence of late lactose fermenting coliform bacilli in dysentery

Gershenzon, S.M., 1961:
The occurrence of latency in polyhedral viruses of insects

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The occurrence of lead in the egg of the domestic hen

Bishop, W.B.S., 1929:
The occurrence of lead in the egg of the domestic hen. Part 2

Bishop, W.B.S., 1929:
The occurrence of lead in the egg of the domestic hen. Part 3

Bishop, W.B.S.; Cooksey, T., 1929:
The occurrence of lead in the egg of the domestic hen: an additional note

Paula, Herculano, D.Souza, 1956:
The occurrence of leaf-cutting ants in the State of Parana, Brazil

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The occurrence of leeches, Ozobranchus branchi-atus , on fibro-epithelial tumors of marine turtles, Chelonia mydas

Rae, B.B., 1953:
The occurrence of lemon sole larvae in the Scottish plankton collections of 1929, 1930 and 1931

BROWN, R.Z.; GORMAN, G.W., 1960:
The occurrence of leptospiral infections in feral rodents in southwestern Georgia

Aliff, J.V.; Shoemaker, J.P., 1965:
The occurrence of lernaea cyprinacea copepoda lernaeidae on west virginia usa tadpoles rana catesbiana hyla sp host

Price, C.E., 1966:
The occurrence of lernaea cyprinacea parasitic copepod on a georgia teleost catostomus commersonii

Taylor, G.T., 1959:
The occurrence of lesser lancet fish in the northeastern Pacific Ocean

Kieser, M.E.; Pollard, A.; Williams, A.H., 1953:
The occurrence of leuco-anthocyanins in perry pears

STETSON, C.A., 1951:
The occurrence of leucocyte-platelet thrombosis in rheumatic carditis

Berger, J.; Johnson, M.J., 1940:
The occurrence of leucylpeptidase

Pochin, E.E., 1960:
The occurrence of leukaemia following radioiodine therap

Cooke, J.V., 1954:
The occurrence of leukemia

Cogiel, F., 1967:
The occurrence of leukemia in cattle in the district of olesno slaskie

MILLER, H. R., 1927:
The occurrence of leuko-penia in Hodgkins disease, lymphogranuloma

Hill, Howard, R., 1935:
The occurrence of lingua-tulids in pythons

Glavind, J.; Hartmann, S.; Zacho, A., 1961:
The occurrence of lipo-peroxides inhuman adipose tissues

Lichtenthaler, Hartmut, K., 1968:
The occurrence of lipophilic plastid-quinones in non-chlorophyllous plant tissues

Betrem, J.G., 1953:
The occurrence of local races in Helopeltis antonii Sign

Dickson, Hugh, 1938:
The occurrence of long and short cycles in growth measurements of Lemna minor

Oort, A.J.P., 1945:
The occurrence of loose smut in wheat races which until now have been immune

Pohjakallio, Onni, 1952:
The occurrence of loose smut of oats under different conditions of light intensity

Cavanagh, J.B., 1966:
The occurrence of low virulence virus infection in Hodgkin's disease and other disorders

Dement, W., 1958:
The occurrence of low voltage, fast, electroencephalogram patterns during behavioral sleep in the cat

Harder, R.; Persiel, I., 1962:
The occurrence of lower soil phycomycetes in the Antarctic

Spencer, R., 1961:
The occurrence of luminous bacteria in the intestinal tract of marine fish

Nordenberg, Carl Bertil, 1962:
The occurrence of lymphocystitis in plaice and flounder in dresund

Ultmann, J.E.; Hyman, G.A.; Calder, B., 1963:
The occurrence of lymphoma in patients with long-standing hyperthyroidism

Mceuen, C.S., 1939:
The occurrence of lymphosarcoma in rats

Vieu, J.F., 1960:
The occurrence of lysogeny and sensitivity to colicine H among morgani strains

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The occurrence of m-hydroxybenzoic acid in urine

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The occurrence of macro-globulin antibodies in maternal and foetal sera of rabbits as determined by gradient centrifugation

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The occurrence of macrocytic anemia in association with disorder of the liver: Together with a consideration of the relation of this anemia to pernicious anemia

Kobylyanskii, V.D., 1962:
The occurrence of male sterility in rye

Fjelde, A.; Sorkin, E., 1960:
The occurrence of malignancfes and other pathology in PRI-mice treated with PRI skin tumor extracts

Dobereiner, J.; Tokarnia, C.H., 1959:
The occurrence of malignant catarrh in cattle in the Municipio de Serra Negra do Norte, Rio Grande do Norte, BraziL

Rosahn, P.D., 1954:
The occurrence of malignant disease in syphilitic individuals

D.Guzman, V.A.Jr, 1962:
The occurrence of malignant edema in swine at the bongabon stock farm

Rodnan, G.P.; Shapiro, A.P.; Krifcher, E., 1964:
The occurrence of malignant hypertension and renal insufficiency in progressive systemic sclerosis

Troitskii, S.A., 1943:
The occurrence of malignant tertian malaria in the Gorky district in 1941

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The occurrence of malignant tumors after autologous transplantation of normal mammary tissue in mice

Fornachon, J.C.M., 1957:
The occurrence of malo-lactic fermentation in Australian wines

Kunkee, R.E.; Pilone, G.J.; Combs, R.E., 1965:
The occurrence of malo-lactic fermentation in Southern California wines

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The occurrence of mammary tumors in the rat after sublethal whole-body irradiation

Kleinstuck, M., 1928:
The occurrence of man-ganese as a factor in dendrology

Cockfield, W.E.; Lees, E.J., 1931:
The occurrence of marine Triassic in Southern Yukon

Roach, A.W.; Silvey, J.K.G., 1959:
The occurrence of marine actinomycetes in Texas Gulf Coast substrates

Barghoorn, Elso, S., 1942:
The occurrence of marine cellulose-destroying fungi

Westin, B., 1956:
The occurrence of mast cells in the mouse vagina in prolonged oestrogenic treatment

Popplow, 1943:
The occurrence of meat poisoning germs in slaughterhouse practice

Roszel, J.; Prier, J.E.; Koprowska, I., 1965:
The occurrence of megakaryocytes in the peripheral blood of dogs

Koszewski, B.J., 1952:
The occurrence of megaloblastic erythropoiesis in patients with hemochromatosis

Kristek, J., 1967:
The occurrence of megastigmus spermotrophus hymenoptera torymidae pseudotsuga menziezii g douglas fir g

Burnside, C.E., 1930:
The occurrence of melezitose in honey

Thomas, J.N.; Taylor, E.W., 1968:
The occurrence of membrane contact digestion in cestodes title

Cohen, H.J.; Molnar, G.E.; Taft, L.T., 1968:
The occurrence of mental subnormality in progressive muscular dystrophy and its genetic implications

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The occurrence of metacercariae of digenetic trematodes in some polychaetes of the Barents Sea

Forstner, G.E., 1948:
The occurrence of metallic contaminants in foods

Fox, C.L.; Cline, J.E., 1940:
The Occurrence Of Methemoglobinemia During Sulfanilamide Therapy

Grimmer, G.; Jacob, J., 1965:
The occurrence of methyl branched fatty acids in human blood

Maclennan, A.P., 1961:
The occurrence of methyl ethers of rhamnose and fucose in specific glycolipids of certain mycobacteria

Hansen, R.P.; Smith, J.F., 1966:
The occurrence of methyl methoxystearate isomers in the methyl esters prepared from sheep perinephric fat

Matsumoto, H.; Strong, F.M., 1963:
The occurrence of methyl-azoxymethanol in Cycas circinalis L

Starr, J.L.; Fefferman, R., 1964:
The Occurrence Of Methylated Bases In Ribosomal Ribonucleic Acid Of Escherichia Coli K12 W-6

Smith, J.D.; Dunn, D.B., 1959:
The occurrence of methylated guanines in ribonucleic acids from several sources

Alford, J.A.; Frazier, W.C., 1950:
The occurrence of micrococci in cheddar cheese made from raw and from pasteurized milk

Mccoy, O.R., 1933:
The occurrence of microfilaria ozzardi in Panama

Freundt, E.A., 1953:
The occurrence of micromyces in the female genito-urinary tract. Relation to the pH and general flora of the vagina

Marcus, 0., 1942:
The occurrence of microorganisms in plant tissues

Veser, S.A., 1963:
The occurrence of microorganisms in tropical swamps

Myskow, W., 1961:
The occurrence of microorganisms solubilizing phosphorus in the rhizophere of some crop plants

Snigirevskaya, E.S., 1968:
The occurrence of micropores in schizonts micro gametocytes and macro gametes of eimeria intestinalis rabbit intestine parasite inst electron microscope

Geissinger, H.D.; Mustard, J.F.; Rowsell, H.C., 1962:
The occurrence of microthrombi on the aortic endothelium of swine

Courtenay Latimer, M.; Clancey, P.A., 1960:
The occurrence of migratory palaearctic quail in South Africa

Metzger, H.J.; Morrison, H.B., 1937:
The occurrence of milk fever in the Kentucky herd over a period of twenty years

Klug, H., 1966:
The occurrence of mitochondria in the cell nuclei

Fischer, A.; Parker, R.C., 1929:
The occurrence of mitoses in normal arid malignant tissues in vitro

Beutner, Ernest, H., 1953:
The occurrence of mitosis in Bacillus megatherium and its relation to the growth cycle

Delamater, E.D.; Mudd, S., 1951:
The occurrence of mitosis in the vegetative phase of Bacillus Megatherium

Hartz, P.H.; van der Sar, A.; van Meeteren, A., 1941:
The occurrence of mitotic divisions in glomeruli in glomerulonephritis and malignant sclerosis

Forsberg J G., 1967:
The occurrence of mitotic irregularities during a normal epithelial proliferation mouse cervico vaginal epithelium

Tsunoda, K., 1957:
The occurrence of mitotic nuclear divisions in fat-storing cells in the liver during chronic phosphorus intoxication in rabbits

Hagemann, R., 1960:
The occurrence of mixed cells in a Gatersleben breeding of the status albomaculatus of Antirrhinum majus L

Toop, Eugene, 1939:
The occurrence of mold on egg containers in storage at a Chicago plant

Mankin, W.R., 1928:
The occurrence of molybdenum in the egg of the domestic fowl: a preliminary communication

The occurrence of mono- and di-iodotyrosine in the blood of a patient with congenital goiter

Wellensiek, S.J., 1929:
The occurrence of more than 50% crossing-over in Pisum

Seastone, C.V., 1943:
The Occurrence Of Mucoid Polysaccharide In Hemolytic Streptococci Of Human Origin

Ejsmont, G., 1965:
The occurrence of mucopolysaccharides and glycogen in the developing graafian follicle of the rat

Ritchie, W.A.; Warren, S.L., 1932:
The occurrence of multiple bony lesions suggesting myeloma in the skeleton of a pre-Columbian Indian

Schmidt, Joachim, 1965:
The occurrence of multiple infections with Staphylococcus aureus in closed and open abscesses 24th Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society of Microbiology, Lucerne, 11-13 June, 1965

Edwards, P.R.; Bruner, D.W., 1940:
The occurrence of multiple types of paratyphoid bacilli in infections of fowls, with special reference to two new Salmonella species

Goldsworthy, N.E., 1928:
The occurrence of multiple zones in the serum precipitation reaction

Stewart, T.Ll.D.E.; White, R.G., 1964:
The Occurrence Of Muramic Acid In Wax D Preparations Of Mycobacteria

Hughes, D.W.; Genest, K.; Rice, W.B., 1966:
The occurrence of muscarine in Clitocybe dealbata

Cihak, R., 1967:
The occurrence of musculus contrahentes and their changes during the development of the human hand

Williams, R.J.H.; Goodwin, T.W., 1967:
The occurrence of mutato-chrome in green tissues

Stein Mann, A., 1929:
The occurrence of myco-rhiza in Cinchona in Java

Chapman, G.B.; Spelsberg, W.W., 1963:
The occurrence of myelinated and unmyelinated nerves in the iris angle of man and rhesus monkey

Perrine, J.D.; Baumgartner, L.F.; Law, D.H., 1965:
The occurrence of myeloma-like globulin peaks in serum electrophoretic patterns of patients with chronic liver disease

Hansen, R.P.; Shorland, F.B.; Cooke, N.J.ne, 1954:
The occurrence of n-heptadecanoic acid in hydrogenated mutton fat

Hansen, R.P.; Shorland, F.B.; Cooke, N.J., 1954:
The occurrence of n-pentadecanoic acid in hydrogenated mutton fat

Schuette, H.A.; Khan, M.H.; Nicksic, S.W., 1953:
The occurrence of n-tetracosane in certain natural sources

Schwabacher, H., 1949:
The occurrence of natural antibodies in rabbit sera in relation to the paracolon group of organisms

Kallings, L.O.; Löfgren, S., 1964:
The occurrence of natural antibodies in sarcoidosis

Mandel, P.; Borkowska, I., 1964:
The occurrence of natural hybrids in ascitic hepatoma cells

Estey, R.H.; Olthof, T.H.A., 1965:
The occurrence of nematopha-gous fungi in Quebec

Henriksson, K., 1968:
The occurrence of neopl bovine leukosis following the introduction of babesiosis vaccination

Peretti, S.; Maltoni, C.; Gardini, G.F., 1966:
The occurrence of neopl tumors of the rectum and anus in patients subjected to radiation therapy of neopl uterine cervix carcinoma review of the literature and description of a new case woman

Larson, D.W., 1968:
The occurrence of neotenic salamanders ambystoma tigrinum diaboli in devils lake north dakota usa

Klenk, E.; Faillard, H., 1955:
The occurrence of neuraminic acid in liver protein during amyloid disease degeneration

Klenk, E.; Uhlenbruck, G., 1956:
The occurrence of neuraminic acid in the mucins of pig and horse submaxillary gland, as well as that of bovine colostrum

Bohm, P.; Baumeister, L., 1956:
The occurrence of neuraminic acid-containing glycoproteins in body fluids

DAWSON, A.B.; HISAW, F.L., 1964:
The Occurrence of Neurosecretory Cells in the Neural Ganglia of Tunicates

Robinson, D.S.; King, N.R.; Bowen, D.J., 1968:
The occurrence of neutral and acidic mucins in the reproductive tract of the laying hen

Jean, G.; Racine, L.; Marx, R.; Gautier, A., 1963:
The occurrence of neutral fats in normal and pathological human thrombocytes

Andrewes, C.H., 1939:
The occurrence of neutralising antibodies for Rous sarcoma virus in the sera of young normal chicks

Field, A.M., 1967:
The occurrence of neutralizing and complement fixing antibodies in rubella

Brown, Harold, W., 1936:
The occurrence of neutralizing antibodies for human influenza virus in the sera of persons with various histories of influenza

Fedorov, I.V., 1957:
The occurrence of neutralizing antibodies to the virus of Russian spring-summer encephalitis in the blood of wild birds

Johnson, Philip, L., 1962:
The occurrence of new Arctic-alpine species in the Beartooth Mountains, Wyoming-Montana

Galavazi, G., 1964:
The occurrence of newly induced phloem in shoot-producing explants of root tissue of Cichorium intybus L var sativa Bisch cultivated in vitro

Schroter, H.B., 1955:
The occurrence of nicotine in Z. elegans and the significance of this alkaloid for the intergeneric graft of Zinnia on Nicotiana

BALLIO, A.; RUSSI, S., 1959:
The occurrence of nicotinic acid mononucleotide in Fusarium sp

Wheat, R.W., 1959:
The occurrence of nicotinic acid mononucleotide in yeast

Brolin, S.E.; Lundqvist, R., 1959:
The occurrence of nitrogen and phosphorus in some fractions obtained by separation of eye lens lipids on silicic acid columns

Knowles, R., 1968:
The occurrence of non symbiotic nitrogen fixation in cultivated and natural soils

Knowles, R., 1968:
The occurrence of non symbiotic nitrogen fixation in cultivated and natural soils abstract azotobacter gibberellic acid

Knowles, R., 1965:
The occurrence of non symbiotic nitrogen fixation in cultivated and natural soils abstract azotobacter gibberellic acid protein synthesis

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