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The precordial accelerogram in normal subjects and noncardiac patients

Rosa, L.M.; Constantino, J.P.; Reich, R.; Karsak, N.; Zezmer, B.

Experimental Medicine and Surgery 19: 207-222


ISSN/ISBN: 0014-4878
PMID: 14493788
Accession: 025890885

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Theprecordtalpulsatory mechanism was studied in 96 normal subjects and noncardiac patients by using an electromagnetic acceleration pick-up. The normal pattern of the precordial acceleration tracing was described. The mathematical and physical correlations with precordial pulsatory displacement, low frequency phonocardiogram, and the ballistocardiogram were discussed. Twenty-one out of 96 normal subjects showed changes from the usual pulsatory pattern. These changes were limited in each of the observed cases to one phase of the cardiac cycle. The frequency of occurrence of abnormally shaped phases was as follows: early systole, 8 cases; mid-systole, 8 cases; end-diastole, 5 cases. A detailed study of the tracings was based on a subdivision of the cardiac cycle in six phases, whereby the electrocardiogram was used as time reference. The "index of abnormality" for the observed group was calculated by relating the number of abnormal phases to the total number of phases analyzed in the group. An index of 3.6% was found. The index of abnormality in the older age groups was considerably lower than was expected from ballistocardiographic reports on normal, aged subjects.

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