Section 26
Chapter 25,899

The procurement of antigens and hyperimmune sera for St. Louis encephalitis. Japanese B, and eastern and western equine encephalitis viruses, and complement-fixation tests with this material. I

Garcia, G.ncedo, A.P.

Microbiol Espanola 8(1): 15-53


Accession: 025898054

Four to 5-week-old mice were used for the harvest of virus antigens, and hyperimmune sera were developed in male guinea pigs; either guinea pigs, rabbits or chick embryos were used for bioassay. Viruses used were St. Louis (Webster), Japanese B (Nakayama), eastern equine (New Jersey, 1933), western equine (Howitt); all were obtained from the Hooper Foundation in California. In addition, some hyperimmune sera was prepared in hamsters using formolized antigens. Fever curves in guinea pigs, virus titration results including complement-fixation results), and further data were given.

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