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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 25909

Chapter 25909 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Bishop, P.O.; Davis, R., 1960:
The recovery of responsiveness of the sensory synapses in the lateral geniculate nucleus

Broome, J.; Jordan, E.M., 1967:
The recovery of serum proteins by elution convection after gel electrophoresis

H.K.seoglu; M.K.tis, 2009:
The recovery of silver from mining wastewaters using hybrid cyanidation and high-pressure membrane process

Harman, J.W.; Gwinn, R.P., 1949:
The recovery of skeletal muscle fibers from acute ischemia as determined by histologic and chemical methods

Downie, A.W.; Meiklejohn, M.; S.V.ncent, L.; Rao, A.R.; Sundara Babu, B.V.; Kempe, C.H., 1965:
The recovery of smallpox virus from patients and their environment in a smallpox hospital

Preece, A.W., 1967:
The recovery of stentor polymorphus from radiation damage abstract

Parker, R.R.; Bell, J.F.; Chalgren, W.S.; Thrailkill, F.B.; Mckee, M.T., 1952:
The recovery of strains of Rocky Mountain spotted fever and tularemia from ticks of the eastern United States

Lee, Teh Hsun, 1954:
The recovery of sugar from sugar beets by rupturing beet cells

Bolyn, A.E.; Moskowitz, M., 1955:
The recovery of tetanus antitoxin from toxin-antitoxin precipitates

Schweitzer, N.M.; Troelstra, A., 1964:
The recovery of the B-wave in electroretinography during dark-adaptation

Cook, S.F.; Rose, M.I., 1930:
The recovery of the spleen from contraction induced by exercise

The recovery of thrombin from plasma

Cochran, G.W.; Thung, T.H., 1958:
The recovery of tobacco mosaic virus during the first three hours following inoculation

Elson, David, 1962:
The recovery of transfer ribonucleic acid from ribosomes

Riyasaty, S.; Dawson, G.W., 1967:
The recovery of tryptophan A auxotrophs at high frequency in a strain of Salmonella typhimurium

Long, P.H.; Olitskly, P.K., 1930:
The Recovery Of Vaccine Virus After Neutralization With Immune Serum

Van, D.r Pijl, L., 1940:
The recovery of vegetation of the lava-plug on the G. Galoenggoeng

Feldman, William, H., 1936:
The recovery of virulent tubercle bacilli from the tissues of swine intended for food

Wenner, H.A.; Rabe, E.F., 1951:
The recovery of virus from regional lymph nodes of fatal human cases of poliomyelitis

Tlp sanu, F., 1959:
The recovery of vitamin C concentrates from the fruit of the eglantine

Brown, D.L.; Lindstrom, R.W.; Smith, J.D.uglas, 1963:
The recovery of water from urine by membrane electrodialysis

Flanzy, M.; Andre, P., 1959:
The recovery of yeast in penology

Steyn, M.S.; Rossouw, J.H.; Van Zyl, J.J.C., 1964:
The recovery of zinc from zinc compounds added to phosphatic fertilizers

Luning, K.G.; Hannerz, B., 1957:
The recovery phenomenon after irradiation in Drosophila melanogaster. L Recovery or differential sensitivity to X-rays

The recovery phenomenon after irradiation in Drosophila melanogaster V The relation of viability mutations to breakage of chromosomes

Long, C.N.H.; Grant, R., 1930:
The recovery process after exercise in the mammal. I. Glycogen resynthesis in the fasted rat

Milroy, T.H., 1927:
The recovery process after fatigue of mammalian skeletal muscle in the normal and in the diabetic animal

Cain, S.A., 1962:
The recreation boom: A challenge to conservation education

Opperman, R.W.J., 1965:
The recreational potential of the Orange River Project

Grayburn, A.W., 1965:
The recreational use of exotic forests

Madigan, P.S., 1941:
The recruit's first year

LEWIS, J.S., 2017:
The recruit's heart; reduplication of the first sound; heart strain and a new method of calibration

Friedland, K.D. {a}; 1 ; MacLean, J.C.; Hansen, L.P.; Peyronnet, A.J.; Karlsson, L.; Reddin, D.G.; Maoileidigh, N.O.; McCarthy, J.L.; 1 Email: kevin.friedland@noaa.gov, 2009:
The recruitment of Atlantic salmon in Europe

Wakeling, J.M., 2008:
The recruitment of different compartments within a muscle depends on the mechanics of the movement

FOWLER, E.P., 1950:
The recruitment of loudness phenomenon

Zangemeister, H.E., 1950:
The recruitment phenomenon

Aikawa, J.K.; Pilliod, J.P., 1958:
The rectal absorption of mercaptomerin tagged with Hg203

Randoin, L.; Hugot, D.; Causeret, J., 1950:
The rectal absorption of vitamin A

Meyer, O. 0.; Spooner, M., 1943 :
The rectal administration of Dicumarol

Mkhedko, V.P.; Belits, R.A.; Leusenko, N.M.; E.A., 1964:
The rectal administration of Promedol, bromides, procaine. and neostigmine for analgesia during birth as a supplement to psycho-prophylactic preparation Obstetrical anesthesia

Menninger, W.C.; Heim, H.S., 1926:
The rectal administration of epinephrin

Hudepohl, M.; Lederbogen, K.; Sokoll, L., 1965:
The rectal administration of prednisone

Ramsay, J.A., 1964:
The rectal complex of the mealworm Tenebrlo molltor, L

Trubowitz, S.; Redish, M.H., 1950:
The rectal mucosal punch biopsy in the diagnosis of schistosomiasis mansoni

Hollender, L.F.; Welsch, R., 1967:
The rectal neo bladder in the treatment of vesicle exstrophy concerning 2 observations

Marshall, William, S., 1945:
The rectal sac of the red-legged grasshopper, Melanoplus femur-rubrum DeGeer

Fange, R.; Fugelli, K., 1963:
The rectal salt gland of elasmobranchs, and osmoregulation in chimaeroid fishes

Lee, Robert, C., 1940:
The rectal temperature and the metabolism of the wild cottontail rabbit

Lee, Robert, C., 1939:
The rectal temperature of the normal rabbit

Rougier, O., 1964:
The rectification of the muscular membrane studied by means of the sucrose gap

Guttman, R.; Cole, K.S., 1941:
The rectifying property of the giant axon of the squid

Winsor, T.; Fisher, E.K.; Sibley, A.E., 1962:
The rectilinear vectorcardiogram in coronary insufficiency

Uhlenhuth, E.; Wolfe, W.M., 1948:
The rectogenital septum

Ottolina, Carlos, 1947:
The rectoscopic biopsy by transparency, a new diagnostic method for Schistosoma mansoni

Hayden, E.Parker, 1939:
The rectum and colon

Milloy, F.J.; Anson, B.J.; Mcafee, D.K., 1960:
The rectus abdominis muscle and epigastric arteries

Dominique, Gladys, 1965:
The recuperation center for undernourished children of Fond-Parisien Preliminary report on the functioning of the center and results during the first 4 months of activities

Allen, A.A., 1961:
The recurrence in Britain of Recurvaria piceaella Kearfott

Sudia, W.D.niel; Coleman, P.H.; Grant, L.S., 1966:
The recurrence of St. Louis encephalitis virus in Culex nigripalpus mosquitoes in Jamaica, 1963

Sigel, M.M.; Kitts, A.W., 1950:
The recurrence of influenza A prime in a boarding school after 2 years

Aaronson, B.S., 1956:
The recurrence of seizures in time

Blais, J.R., 1954:
The recurrence of spruce budworm infestations in the past century in the Lac Seul area of northwestern Ontario

Small, W.P., 1964:
The Recurrence Of Ulceration After Surgery For Duodenal Ulcer

Schneekloth, H., 1963:
The recurrence surface: A simultaneous formation within a high moor ?

Reeve, T.S., 1968:
The recurrent and external laryngeal nerves in thyroidectomy abstract human

Westberg, G., 1963:
The Recurrent Artery Of Heubner And The Arteries Of The Central Ganglia

Sandidge, John, R., 1928:
The recurrent brachiopods of the Lower Cretaceous of Northern Texas

Ahmed, D.S.; Ahmed, R.H., 1967:
The recurrent branch of the anterior cerebral artery

Grilliat, J.P.; Vautrin, D., 1968:
The recurrent form of allergy to penicillin abstract

Haddock, D.J., 1963:
The recurrent threat of cold to crops in the Lower Rio Grande Valley: An interpretation of weather records

Heslep, J.M.; Bellamy, A.W., 1953:
The recycling of fission products in the biotic cycle

Braun, E.Lucy, 1941:
The red Azalea of the Cumberlands

Jermakow, N.W., 1927:
The red Elton salt lake, Russia

Foldes, Eugene, 1939:
The red Mood cells in obstructive jaundice

Anna Soler-Vila; Susan Coughlan; Michael, D.G.iry; Stefan Kraan, 2009:
The red alga Porphyra dioica as a fish-feed ingredient for rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss effects on growth, feed efficiency, and carcass composition

Stokke, K., 1957:
The red alga Gracilaria verrucosa in Norway

Sieminska, Jadwiga, 1962:
The red alga Phragmonema sordidum in the Sibyl Cave nearby Naples

S.K.m, Chun; Humm, H.J., 1965:
The red alga. Gracilaria foliifera. with special reference to the cell wall polysaccharides

Von Sydow, 1928:
The red and black forms of C campestris with discussion of the notes on the revision of the Fauna Hamburgensis

Davis, W.B., 1945:
The red bat in Arizona

Miller, Gerrit, S., 1931:
The red bats of the Greater Antilles

Fowler, H.W., 1929:
The red bellied dace.

Bellet, J.; Lassagne, H., 1950:
The red berries: Black currants, gooseberries, raspberries in Cote d'Or

Fitch, C.D., 1968:
The red blood cell in the vitamin E-deficient monkey

Grace, W.J.; Rottino, A., 1963:
The red blood cell microelectrophoretic mobility in benign and malignant disorders of the gastrointestinal tract

Jaso, E., 1966:
The red blood cell of the newborn

Bruckner, H.; Spatz, R., 1926:
The red blood cell picture in Pb poisoning with a survey of various methods for demonstration of polychromatic and stippled erythrocytes

Saleck, Walter, 1928:
The red blood cell picture in cement workers

DAVIS, J.H.; YULL, A.B., 1961:
The red blood cell: an essential component of the toxicity of strangulation intestinal obstruction

Herbert, Victor, 1965:
The red blood cell A comprehensive treatise

Cecchi, E., 1958:
The red blood cells in Marchiafava-Michelis disease observed with the electron microscope

Bottger, T., 1926:
The red blood cells. Experiments on rabbits to determine the effect of hunger and thirst on the number, size and hemoglobin content of red blood cells

Irzhak, L.I., 1964:
The red blood picture in foxes

Romijn, C., 1949:
The red blood picture of horses suffering from strongylidosis

Ball, R.C.; Linton, K.J.; Kevern, N.R., 1968:
The red cedar river report i chemistry and hydrology

Yapp, R.G., 1932:
The red cedar situation in northeast Kansas

Froggatt, W.W., 1927:
The red cedar tip moth with some account of its habits in Australia

Liknaitzky, Isidore, 1934:
The red cell and haemoglobin content of the blood in young male adults living on the Witwatersrand

Kortekangas, A.E.; Kaarsalo, E.; Melartin, L.; Tippett, P.; Gavin, J.; Noades, J.; Sanger, R.; Race, R.R., 1965:
The red cell antigen Pk and its relationship to the P system: the evidence of three more Pk families

Baar, S., 1968:
The red cell as an indicator of thermal damage

Cline, M.J.; Berlin, N.I., 1963:
The red cell chromium elution rate in patients with some hematologic disorders

Gol'dberg, G.D.; Krasnoslobodtseva, L.M.; Afonasova, S.I., 1959:
The red cell diameter in healthy human subjects

Begg, T.B.; Wade, I.M.; Bronte-Stewart, B., 1966:
The red cell electrophoretic mobility in atherosclerotic and other individuals

Schmitt, F. 0.; Bear, R.S.; Ponder, E., 1938:
The red cell envelope considered as a Wiener mixed body

Dean, R.E.; Andrew, J.H.; Read, R.C., 1964:
The Red Cell Factor In Renal Damage From Angiographic Media; Perfusion Studies Of The In Situ Canine Kidney With Cellular And Acellular Perfusates

Hoppe, J.O.; Duprey, L.P., 1968:
The red cell fragility test as a measure of local tissue toxicity abstract rabbit drugs

D.S.ndro G.; Perona, G.; Cortesi, S.; Ghiotto, G., 1967:
The red cell in nocturnal paroxysmal hemo globinuria

Beutler, E., 1959:
The red cell indices in the diagnosis of iron-deficiency anemia

Steele, A.S.; Coombs, R.R., 1964:
The Red Cell Linked Antigen Test For Incomplete Antibodies To Soluble Proteins

Firkin, B.G.; Wiley, J.S., 1966:
The red cell membrane and its disorders

Hoffman, J.F., 1966:
The red cell membrane and the transport of sodium and potassium

Zygiert, Zenona, 1961:
The red cell sedimentation rate in plasma kept at a temperature of37 C

Sova, Zdenek, 1963:
The red cell sedimentation reaction in the diagnosis of liver disease in the horse

D.S.usa Pereira, J.M.M.; Pedroso, D.L.ma J.J.; Nascimento Ferreira, M., 1967:
The red cells as tracers in the study of the lymphatic system

Graves, C.H.; Hagedorn, D.J., 1956:
The red clover vein-mosaic virus in Wisconsin

Volker, Otto, 1958:
The red color of the flamingos in the wild and in captivity

Bergmann, M.; F.S.ather, 1930:
The red coloration of salted skins and the salt stains

Pihoda, Antonin, 1963:
The red coloration of wood

Hickman, C.J., 1940:
The red core root disease of the strawberry caused by Phytophthora fragariae nsp

Lawrence, Louise, D.Kiriline, 1949:
The red crossbill at Pimisi Bay, Ontario

Langelier, G.A., 1928:
The red currant and the white currant Their place in Quebec's horticulture

Van Eyndhoven, G.L., 1967:
The red currant d gall mite cecidophyopsis selachodon new species ribes rubrum d ribes nigrum d

Dunker, Henning, 1966:
The red deer in Hovin in Telemark, Norway

Schofield, Diane, 1965:
The red devils

Bruun, A.P.; Heiberg, B0rge, 1932:
The red disease of the eel in Danish waters

Kuhn, A.; Egelhaaf, A., 1959:
The red eye pigment of Ephestia and Ptychopoda is a pterine pigment

Shapiro, S.L., 1968:
The red faced patient polycythemia vera ear and nose involvement

Oosting, H.J.; Billings, W.D., 1943:
The red fir forest of the Sierra Nevada Abietum magnificae

Lund, H.Munthe Kaas, 1962:
The red fox

Philippe, L., 1950:
The red fox, V. f. fulva and its economic and ecologic influence in the winter season around Montreal

Stallcup, William, B., 1958:
The red fox, Vulpes fulva, in Dallas County, Texas

Hayman, R.W., 1961:
The red goral of the Northeast frontier region

Kent, E.J., 1962 :
The red gums of Carrum carrum

Pruthi, H.S.ngh; Bebraw, M.S.ngh, 1943:
The red hairy caterpillar and its control

Parkes, Kenneth, C., 1962:
The red junglefowl of the Philippines native or introduced?

Weiss, Freeman, 1934:
The red leaf spot or rust of Amaryllis

Leon, Albert, 1930:
The red leaf-beetle of the poplar

Anonymous, 1947:
The red legged earth mite

SELFON, P.M., 1962:
The red mite among our field personnel

L.Y.Ts'uan, 1958:
The red mite on apple and its control in the central nonchernozem belt of the USSR

Shluger, E.G.; Grokhovskaya, I.M.; Dan Van Ngy; Nguenson Khoe; D.K.n Tung, 1960:
The red mites of North Vietnam

Kohl, I., 1956:
The red necked goose, B. ruficollis, in Rumania

Kuwabara, Tadasu; Ohata, Y., 1927:
The red nucleus and Mona-kow's bundle in birds Courtesy Jap. Jour. Zool

Davenport, H.A.; Ranson, S.W., 1930 :
The red nucleus and adjacent cell groups: a topographic study in the cat and in the rabbit

Jerath, I., 1964:
The red nucleus in the mice, monkey and man

Ingram, W.R.; Ranson, S.W.; Barris, R.W., 1934:
The red nucleus: Its relation to postural tonus and righting reactions

Aroca Garcia, Joaquin, 1954:
The red partridge

Pucher, G.W.; Curtis, L.C.; Vickery, H.Bradford, 1938:
The red pigment of the root of the beet . I. The preparation of betanin

Pucher, G.W.; Curtis, L.C.; Vickery, H.Bradford, 1938:
The red pigment of the root of the beet . II. A method to determine betanin

Peterson, R.G.; Joslyn, M.A., 1960:
The red pigment of the root of the beet as a pyrrole compound

Fingerman, M.; Couch, E.F., 1967:
The red pigment-dispersing hormone of the abdominal nerve cord and its contribution to the chromatic physiology of the prawn, Palaemonetes vulgaris

Bovey, P., 1941:
The red plum maggot

Bunting, T.G., 1931:
The red raspberry, with the results of some experiments in raspberry pruning carried on at Macdonald College

Granit, Ragnar, 1940:
The red receptor of testudo

Villamil, M.S.R.V., 1967:
The red ring of the coconut m palm

Dugas, A.L., 1944:
The red rot and borer problem in Co 290

Lepage, H.S., 1943:
The red scale on citrus in the state of Sao Paulo, Aonidiella aurantii

Heyl, D., 1960:
The red scum mystery. Euglena

Kol, E., 1959:
The red snow of Greenland. I. West Greenland. Collected by Captain Robert A. Bartlett

Henry, Yves, 1926:
The red soils of Kontum and Darlac

Salvaterra, Geno, 1950:
The red spider of fruit trees and its natural enemies

D.Figueiredo, E.R., 1950:
The red spider of the apple tree

Walker, Fred, W., 1933:
The red spider on pecan and how to control it

Mena, A.J., 1967:
The red spot of aspidosperma quebracho blanco d caused by fusarium scirpia fungus

Masse, A., 1928:
The red spotted race of the East, milk type

Hatt, Robert, T., 1929:
The red squirrel farm

Hatt, R.T., 1929:
The red squirrel: its life history and habits, with special reference to the Adirondacks of New York and the Havard Forest

Long, E.John, 1953:
The red tide hits and runs

Stohler, Rudolf, 1959:
The red tide of 1958 at Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

Heldt, H., 1928:
The red tuna ; progress of research

L.Gall, Jean, 1929:
The red tunny in the North Sea and in the northeast Atlantic

Anonymous, 1933:
The red weevil of coconuts

Banks, R.C.; Laybourne, R.C., 1968:
The red whiskered bulbul in florida usa pycnonotus jacosus forms

Long, J.L., 1968:
The red whiskered bulbul pycnonotus jocusus distribution fruit pest australia

Bohm, Otto, 1951:
The red willow leaf beetle

Gosswald, K., 1952:
The red wood ant and its augmentation against forest pests

Yamasaki, Izue; Satomura, Yukio; Yamamoto, T., 1951:
The red yeast Sporobolomyces. X. Antidiabetic action and fungi-static action. 3

Yamasaki, Izue; Satomura, Yukio; Yamamoto, Takehiko; Fujii, Hisao; Watanabe, Ken'ichi, 1951:
The red yeast Sporobolomyces. XI. Propagation physiology. 4. Submerged culture

Kardasch, Agricola, 1926:
The red, horned cattle of German colonists in Bessarabia

Kozubov, G.M., 1962:
The red-anthered form of Pinus sylvestris L

Holscher, R.; Lachner, R., 1958:
The red-backed sandpiper as a breeding bird in the Duromer region

Milani, E., 1941:
The red-backed strike

White, James, J., 1967:
The red-backed vole, Clethrionomys gapperi, in north Georgia

Harman, S.W., 1948:
The red-banded leaf roller as an apple pest in New Yor

Vergeer, Teunis, 1965:
The red-banded leaf-roller, Argyrotaenia velutinana Walker, an insect injurious to blueberries

Dunn, E.R.; Allen, R., 1935:
The red-bellied watersnake in Pennsylvania

Peterson, Arnold, J., 1951 :
The red-bellied woodpecker in Wisconsin

Christensen, Niels Hesselbjerg, 1952:
The red-breasted flycatcher as a passage-migrant in Scandinavia

Uspenskii, S., 1964:
The red-breasted goose

Lafave, Lynn, D., 1962:
The red-breasted sapsucker near Spokane, Washington

Greisheimer, E.M.; Myers, J.A.; Peterson, N.P.; Klein, A.D.; Collins, A., 1927:
The red-cell sedimentation test in children

Brinkman, R., 1963:
The red-cell-sphering reaction as a possible test of human individual sensitivity to X-rays

Ganier, Albert, F., 1962:
The red-cockaded woodpecker in Tennessee

Mantyla, Vaino, 1946:
The red-corpuscle contents in the venous and capil-larv blood of persons suffering from pernicious anemia

Anonymous, 1928:
The red-faced barbet

Love, Doris, 1960:
The red-fruited crowberries in North America

Barr, W.F.; Manis, H.C., 1954:
The red-headed ash borer in Idaho

Ytreberg, Nils Jarle, 1960:
The red-headed duck, Netta rufina, a species new for Norway

Richards, B.L., 1945:
The red-leaf chokecherry virus as a possible cause of wilt in the sweet cherry and of dieback in the sour cherry

Erlich, S., 1954:
The red-legged earth mite. Progress report on the efficacy of the new cockchafer insecticidal treatment for the control of red-legged earth mite in pasture

Womersley, H., 1941:
The red-legged earth mites of Australia

Judd, W.W., 1949:
The red-legged ham beetle on imported copra

KRILL, A.E.; BEUTLER, E., 1964:
The Red-Light Absolute Threshold in Heterozygote Protan Carriers. Possible Genetic Implications

Shanidze, 1956:
The red-meat orange, Korolek No 1, and the Early Tangerine, Unshiu

Lindroth, Carl, H., 1961:
The red-mottled species of Badister

Rost, J.; Rapoport, S., 1964:
The red-ox-potential of glutathion International Symposium on molecular cell physiology, Berlin, Ger., 13-17 August, 19631

Shilyaeva, L.M., 1964:
The red-paw disease of arctiv foxes

Serrano, F.B.; Marquez, S.L., 1926:
The red-rot disease of sugar cane and its control

Padwick, G.Watts, 1940:
The red-rot epidemic

Carolsfeld, K.ause, A.G., 1955:
The red-rumped swallow H. d. rufula new for Denmark

Baker, H.D.; Rushton, W.A., 1965:
The Red-Sensitive Pigment In Normal Cones

Palm, Borge, 1951:
The red-throated pipit in Denmark

Samuel, C.K., 1950:
The red-vented bulbul Molpastes cafer as a pest of vegetable crops in Delhi

Fedorova, A.I., 1960:
The red-winged aspen leaf beetle and forest renewal

Kessel, Brina, 1966:
The red-winged blackbird in Alaska

Van Tyne, J.; Trautman, M.B., 1946:
The red-winged blackbird of Yucatan

Whittell, H.M., 1939:
The red-winged wren

Goldsmith, Timothy, H., 1965:
The red-yoked egg of the touraco, Tauraco corythaix

Borgman, H.H., 1950:
The redberry disease of blackberries, caused by the gall-mite E essigi

Shewan, J.M., 1939:
The reddening of salt fish

Anderson, H., 1954:
The reddening of salted hides and fish

Ladd-Franklin, C., 1926:
The Reddish Blue Arcs and the Reddish Blue Glow of the Retina: Seeing Your Own Nerve Currents through Bioluminescence

Ladd, F.anklin, C., 1926:
The reddish-blue area and reddish-blue glow of the retina: Seeing your own nerve currents through biolumi-nescence

Schaffner, J.V., 1951:
The redheaded plne sawfly

Haven, Herbert, M.W., 1926:
The redheaded woodpecker nesting in Maine

Woodhead, A.E., 1931:
The Redia of the Gasterostomes

Newell, Irwin, M., 1947:
The rediscovery and clarification of Siro acaroides

Sick, Helmut, 1959:
The rediscovery in Brazil of the caprimulgid bird Caprimulgus longirostris

Mahoney, J.A.; Marlow, B.J., 1968:
The rediscovery in new south wales ku ring gai chase national park and port stephens of pseudomys novaehollandiae rodentia muridae

Thomas, Lowell, P., 1965:
The rediscovery of Amphiura kinbergi Ljungman, 1871

Tinkham, E.R., 1942:
The rediscovery of Anoplodusa arizonensis

Christensen, M.; Fennell, D.I., 1964:
The rediscovery of Aspergillus cervinus

Jackson, Fred, 1961:
The rediscovery of Asplenium x Murbeckii Dorfl

Kessel, Edward, L., 1963:
The rediscovery of Calotarsa calceata

Creighton, W.S.; Snelling, R.R., 1966:
The rediscovery of Camponotus yogi Wheeler

Hood, J.Douglas, 1958:
The rediscovery of Dinurothrips vanzenyii Bagnall

Horich, Clarence, K., 1959:
The rediscovery of Disocactus bi-formis

Shulpin, L., 1928:
The rediscovery of E. jankowskii

Burdick, W.N., 1942:
The rediscovery of Eumenis stretchii Edw

Villadolid, Deogracias, V., 1927:
The rediscovery of Inopsetta ischyra, a rare species of flounder

Porter, Charles, C., 1963:
The rediscovery of Listrognathus nubilipennis

Peters, James, L., 1927:
The rediscovery of Myiarchus sclateri Lawr

Couch, J.N., 1943:
The rediscovery of Nadsonia, a yeast with heterogamic conjugation

Jo√£o S.F.rtado; D.M.D.ing, 1967:
The rediscovery of Protubera maracuja, with additional descriptive notes

Stey, R.G.; Leistner, O.A., 1968:
The rediscovery of Rhynchocalyx lawsonioides Oliv

Axtell, Ralph, W., 1960:
The rediscovery of Sceloporus prezygous Smith, in Chiapas, Mexico, with a reevaluation of its relationships

Collins, G.N., 1932:
The rediscovery of Teosinte in Guatemala

Ashby, Edwin, 1927:
The rediscovery of Toni-cia cuneata Suter and Acanthochites thileniusi Thiele together with the description of a new genus and a short review of the New Zealand Acanthochitonidae

Ames, 0., 1939:
The rediscovery of a lost orchid

Tadros, W.A., 1968:
The rediscovery of findlay and middletons organism the so called toxoplasma microti in voles in the type locality in wales abstract clethrionomys glareolus brain microtus agrestis

Taylor, Edward, H., 1936:
The rediscovery of lizard Eumeces altamirani with notes on two other Mexican species of the genus

LUKENS, F.D., 1965:
The Rediscovery of Regular Insulin

Wakefield, N.A., 1954:
The rediscovery of the Rock-wallabv in Victoria

Bond, J., 1929:
The rediscovery of the St. Lucien Black Finch

Milligan, E.N., 1960:
The rediscovery of the coralline foraminiferous limestone of McKay, 1893

Dell, R.K.; Marshall, B.A., 1967:
The rediscovery of the crab Cyclograpsus insularum Campbell and Griffin in New Zealand

Brunel, Jules, 1949:
The rediscovery of the desmid Pleurotaenium spin-ulosum, with description of a new variety from Madagascar

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The rediscovery of the water snake, Natrix harteri, in Western Texas, with the description of a new subspecies

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The redistribution of respiration following paralysis of the hemidiaphragm

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The redistribution of the red cells on centrifugation

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The redoubtable kingbird

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The redox potential as an index of the antiradiation protective effect of some agents

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The redox potential in cases of iron-induced chlorosis

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The redox potential of fungal laccase

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The redox potential of the blood in vivo and in vitro Its measurement and significance

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The redox potentials of fat emulsions under the action of light

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The redox pump and the yeast cell membrane

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The redox system; ascorbic acid dehydroascorbic acid, the normal level and the level after irradiation

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The redox-potential of the lactate-pyruvate system in blood as an indicator of the functional state of cellular oxidation

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The redox-potential of the living tissue

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The reduc-tase test

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The reduced anthelmintic effect of tetrachlorethylene in oily solution

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The reduced building-power and other variation in the astrean corals of Tahiti, with a note on Herpetolitha limax and Fungia spp

The reduced diphosphopyridine nucleotide oxidase of Streptococcus faecalis: purification and properties

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The reduced glutathion content of some glands of the dog

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The reduced glutathione of blood; its relations to pulmonary respiration

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The reduced production of the east Sicilian tunny-fisheries in the last quiquennium and related problems

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The Reduced Pyridine Nucleotide Dehydrogenases Of Human Erythrocytes

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The reduced secretion of, and sensitivity to insulin in zinc-deficient rats

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The reducing action of bacteria on triphenyl-tetrazoliumchloride

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The Reducing Groups of Proteins

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The reducing power of cysteine

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The reducing power of filtrates from the blood of the rabbit

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The reducing power of human saliva and its component secretions

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The reducing power of the tissues of the tuberculous guinea-pig

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The reducing power of tissues of some marine plants

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The reducing power of wheat grains during the formation of the grain and during its germination

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The Reducing Powers of Physiologically Important Carbohydrates

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The reducing properties of ascorbic acid; a colour reaction with selenious acid and with AuCl3 and the precipitation of ascorbic acid with lead acetate

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The reducing properties of di thiols in experimental aniline met hemo globinemia

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The reducing properties of fibrinogen

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The reducing properties of fibrinogen; the role of SH groups in the clotting of fibrinogen

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The reducing properties of saliva

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The reducing property of saliva toward several oxidation-reduction indicator dyes

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The reducing value of plant juices containing vitamin C as determined by 2, 6-dichlorophenol indo-phenol

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The reductase examination

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The reductase test for the evaluation of milk I Principles, technic and degree of accuracy A review

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The reductase test. A comparison and some observations

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The reductase test. Fermentation test. Determination of the micro-organisms' cubic content and superficies. The question of staining the milk

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The reductase test. Turnover of sugar and reduction of methylene blue by S. lactis

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The Reduction and Oxidation of Glutathione by Plant Mitochondria

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The Reduction And Reoxidation Of The Disulfide Bonds Of Soy-Bean Trypsin Inhibitor

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The reduction and restoration of galactose transport in osmotically shocked cells of Escherichia coli

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The reduction by concurrent tri glyceride feeding of hyper cholesteremia and experimental athero sclerosis in the cholesterol fed rabbit abstract

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The reduction division in C. glomerata

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The reduction division in a haploid Oenothera

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The reduction in diaminopimelic acid biosynthesis

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The reduction in heat stress resulting from rest periods spent in a cool environment

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The reduction in the sufferings and deaths of children from diphtheria due to the use of anti-diphtheritic serum treatment during the last forty years

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The reduction in vitro in viscosity of mucoprotein solutions by a new mucolytic agent, N-acetyl-L-cysteine

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The reduction in vitro of 17a-hydroxypregnenolone by rabbit skeletal muscle

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The reduction of -hydroxy- -methylglutaryl coenzyme A to mevalonic acid

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The reduction of -nitroacrylic acid to -nitropropionic acid by extracts of Penicillium atrovenetum

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The Reduction of 2,3,5-Triphenyltetrazolium Chloride by Penicillium chrysogenum

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The reduction of 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene by animal tissue in vitro

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The reduction of 3,5-dinitrosalicylic acid by sugar

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The Reduction Of 5-Oxodecanoic Acid By Normal Baker's Yeast

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The reduction of C19 keto-steroids by guinea pig tissue homogenates

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The reduction of DPN+ and TPN+ with sodium borohydride

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The reduction of Furacin by cell-free extracts of Furacin-resistant and parent-susceptible strains of Escherichia coli

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The reduction of L-xylulose to xylitol by guinea pig liver mitochondria

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The reduction of S-methyl-L-cysteine sulfoxide and L-methionine sulfoxide in turnip and bean leaves

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The reduction of SU-4885 by adrenal glands and other tissues and its inhibition by ACTHT

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The reduction of a-amino-acid esters to amino-alcohols by Li Al hydride

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The reduction of acetoacetate to B-hydroxybutyrate in animal tissues

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The reduction of adrenochrome with thiols

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The reduction of aldehyde groups in cardiac glycosides and aglycones with NaBH4

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The reduction of anxiety: the dentist, the psychiatrist, and diazepam

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The reduction of autoprothrombin. II. Activity with dicumarol

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The reduction of bacteria in mountain streams

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The reduction of bacterial count in egg pulp by use of germicides in washing dirty eggs

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The reduction of bleeding in laminectomy operations for intervetebral disk hernias by the combined use of fluothane and trimetaphan camphorsulfonate

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The reduction of carbon dioxide during photosynthesis

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The reduction of ceruloplasmin by the electron transport system

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The reduction of coenzyme Q10 by an anticoagulant sensitive enzyme from dog liver

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The reduction of cozymase by sodium borohydride

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The reduction of cystine-hydrogen peroxide as a catalyst

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The reduction of cytochrome and fumarate by hydrogen in extracts of a cytochrome-producing anerobe

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The reduction of cytochrome c by enzyme-generated ascorbic free radical

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The reduction of cytochrome c by free radicals in irradiated solutions

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The reduction of cytochrome c by free radicals produced by gamma rays

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The reduction of cytochrome c by hydroquinone

The reduction of cytochrome c by photosynthetic pyridine nucleotide reductase and transhydrogenase

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The reduction of cytochrome c by reduced vitamin K1

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The reduction of cytochrome c by xanthine oxidase

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The reduction of dehydroascorbic acid by several strains of Vibrio cholera

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The reduction of dinitrophenols by redox indicators and enzymes

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The reduction of diphosphopyridine nucleotide by chemical synthesis

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The reduction of diphosphopyridine nucleotide by ethanol under the influence of x-irradiation

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The reduction of diphosphopyridine nucleotide by sodium dithionite

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The reduction of diphosphopyridine nucleotide of rabbit-heart sarcosomes by succinate

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The reduction of diphtheria following three doses of toxoid: further observations

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The reduction of disulphides by human erythrocytes

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The reduction of drop of Washington navel oranges by 2,4-dichlorphenoxyacetic acid

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The reduction of esters of simple peptides by metal hydrides

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The reduction of experimentally induced inflammation by sulphydryl compounds

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The reduction of ferric o-phenanthroline complexes by reduced diphosphopyridine nucleotide

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The reduction of ferric oxalate by isolated chloroplasts

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The reduction of ferricyanide by living Chlorella cells

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The reduction of fetal mortality and malformation from X-irradiation by the use of the uterine vascular clamping technique

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The reduction of folate and of dihydrofolate by homogenates of leukocytes from patients with leukemia or with myeloid metaplasia

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The reduction of folate by borohydride

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The reduction of folate by borohydride and by dithionite

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The reduction of formaldehyde by bacterial cells

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The reduction of free gossypol in cottonseed by pressure cooking

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The reduction of gastric acidity by back-diffusion of hydrogen ions through the mucosa

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The reduction of glutathione by a liver system

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The reduction of glutathione by plant tissues

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The reduction of glutathione by the Warburg-Christian syste

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The reduction of glutathione in mammalian erythrocytes

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The Reduction of Haematin and Methaemoglobin

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The reduction of hydroxylamine linked to hydrogenase activity in D. desulfuricans. I. Activity of cells and cell extracts

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The reduction of injuries to potato tubers through the use of padding materials

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The reduction of inorganic compounds by Micrococcus lactilyticus

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The reduction of inorganic compounds by Micrococcus lactlyticus

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The reduction of inorganic iron and cytochrome c by flavin enzymes

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The reduction of inorganic sulfates and sulfites by anaerobic bacteria

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The Reduction Of Inorganic Sulphate To Inorganic Sulphite In The Small Intestine Of The Rat

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The reduction of methaemoglobin by ascorbic acid

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The reduction of methaemoglobin in red blood cells and studies on the cause of idiopathic methaemoglobinaemia

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The reduction of methaemoglobin to haemoglobin in the ageing red cell

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The reduction of methemoglobin by a reductase isolated from brewer's yeast

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The reduction of methemoglobin by phenylhydrazine under anaerobic conditions

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The reduction of methemoglobin in erythrocytes of a patient with congenital methemoglobinemia, subjects with erythrocyte glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency, and normal individuals

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The reduction of methemoglobin in human erythrocytes incubated with purine nucleosides

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The reduction of methylene blue by hydrogenase

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The reduction of methylene blue catalyzed by the turnip peroxidase

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The reduction of methylene blue in milk: The influence of light

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The reduction of middlings

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The Reduction Of Mortality From Experimental Traumatic Shock With Adrenal Cortical Substances

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The reduction of narcotic activity time of urethane cent depress in the rat by pre treatment with urethane cent depress and materials that activate drug catabolizing enzymes

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The reduction of neoprontosil by tissues in vitro

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The reduction of nicotinamide N-odixe by xanthine oxidase

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The reduction of nitrate by bacteria of the family Enterobacteriaceae

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The reduction of nitrate to ammonia by Clostridium welchii

The reduction of nitrate, nitrite and hydroxylamine by E. coli

The Reduction of Nitrate, Nitrite and Hydroxylamine to Ammonia by Enzymes from Cucurbita Pepo L. in the Presence of Reduced Benzyl Viologen as Electron Donor

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The reduction of nitrates in animal tissues

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The Reduction of Nitrates to Nitrites by Salmonella pullorum and Salmonella gallinarum

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The reduction of nitrite and hydro-xylamine by ferredoxin and chloroplast grana from Cucurbita pepo

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The Reduction of Nitrite by Skeletal-Muscle Mitochondria

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The reduction of nitroprusside by hydrogen with Proteus vulgaris

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The reduction of osmic acid as an indicator of adrenal cortical activity in the rat

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The reduction of oxidized glutathione in erythrocyte haemolysates in pernicious anaemia

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The Reduction Of P-Chloronitrosobenzene In The Red Cells Of Dogs

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The reduction of pantethine by an extract of camel intestine

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The reduction of perchlorate by bacteria n The identity of nitrate reductase and perchlorate reducing enzymes from Bacillus cereus

The Reduction of Perchlorate by Bacteria. I. Studies on Intact Cells

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The reduction of phenazine-N-oxides by microbial cells

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The reduction of post operative bleeding in cardiac surgery by early heparin therapy 85 observations

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The reduction of postnephrectomy hypertension by renal homotransplant

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The reduction of premolar teeth. Three upper premolars in a gorilla

Sironval, C.; Brouers, M.; Michel J M.; Kuiper, Y., 1968:
The reduction of proto chlorophyllide into chlorophyllide i the kinetics of the p 657 647 greater than p 688 676 photo transformation lipo protein bean d inst spectro fluorometry

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The reduction of quinic acid to dihydroshikimic acid by certain lactic acid bacteria

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The reaction of reduced pyridine nucleotides with acid

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The reduction of respiratory and muscular artefacts during heart rate recording

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The reduction of retinene 1 to vitamin A1 in vitro

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The reduction of riboflavin by streptococci

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The reduction of seedling sugar-beet stands by heptachlor-impregnated fertilizer

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The Reduction Of Selenium Compounds By Sporulating Anaerobes

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The reduction of self-absorption in the spectrographic analysis of mineral powders

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The reduction of serum albumin, insulin and some simple disulphides by glutathione

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The reduction of serum lipids by the restriction of dietary cholesterol

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The reduction of sodium chlorate and its effect on the decomposition of farmyard manure and straw

Antoine, A., 1957:
The reduction of spoilage in the storing of fodders

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The reduction of storage losses in sugar beets by preharvest foliage sprays of maleic hvdrazide

Wenzl, H.; Krexner, R., 1957:
The reduction of sugar loss through the ventilation of stored beets

Peck, H.D., 1960:
The reduction of sulfate to sulfite by soluble enzymes of Desulfovibrio desulfuricans

Whiteley, H.R., 1962:
The reduction of sulfite with molecular hydrogen by Micrococcus lactilyticus

Postgate, J.R., 1951:
The reduction of sulphur compounds by Desulfovibrio desulfuricans

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The Reduction of Sulphur Containing Compounds in Wood Pulp and Paper Manufacture

Westfall, Benton, B., 1943:
The reduction of symmetrical trinitrotoluene by a succinic dehydrogenase preparation

Donohue, Jerry, 1962:
The reduction of tellurite to pure tellurium metal by micro-organisms

Yakaitis, A.A.n; Naylor, B., 1961:
The reduction of tetrazolium by adenocarcinoma cells found in human serous fluids

Barka, T.; Dallner, G., 1958:
The reduction of tetrazolium salts by ascites tumor cells in the presence of glucose

Kalina, M.; Palmer, J.M., 1968:
The reduction of tetrazolium salts by plant mitochondria jerusalem artichoke d tubers inst spectrophotometry atp electron transport

Rongone, E.L.; Strength, D.R.; Bocklage, B.C.; Doisy, E.A., 1957:
The reduction of the 4,5 double bond of steroids by bovine blood proteins

D.Courcy, C., 1957:
The reduction of the C-20 carbonyl group of tetrahydrocortisone by kidney homogenates

Spiegel, M.J.ne; Drysdale, G.R., 1960:
The reduction of the acetylpyridine analogue of diphosphopyridine nucleotide by dihydrodiphoaphopyridine nucleotide

Lauterbach, Fritz, 1964:
The reduction of the aldehyde group of strophanthidin and its glycoside in animal metabolism

Williams, J.R.; Grollman, A.; Harrison, T.R., 1940:
The reduction of the blood pressure of hypertensive dogs by the administration of renal extract

Twort, J.M.; Lyth, R., 1940:
The reduction of the carcinogenic and dermatitic activity of shale oil re covered from the peritoneal cavities of injected mice

Grahl, A., 1960:
The reduction of the cold resistance of wheat in the coleoptile stage by vernalization

Schwidetzky, I., 1968:
The reduction of the differences between european populations from the 5th millenium bc to the 2nd millenium ad

Lindley, H., 1955:
The reduction of the disulfide bonds of insulin

D.C.ombrugghe, B.; Edelhoch, H.; Pittrivers, R., 1965:
The reduction of the disulfide bonds of thyroglobulin by mercaptoethanol

Blumenfeld, Olga, O., 1961:
The reduction of the disulfide groups of native pepsin

Davidson, B.D.; Hird, F.J.R., 1964:
The reduction of the disulphlde bonds of ribonuclease and lysozyme by glutathione

Paul, Sheila Singh, 1961:
The reduction of the mortality rate of tetanus in children

Gohrbandt, Else, 1940:
The reduction of the proboscis in Noctuidae and the correlative connections with the structure of the wings and antennae

Bregadze, I.F., 1965:
The reduction of the radiation injury of isolated mammalian cells by some amino acids

Komarek, Jul, 1929:
The reduction of the segmentation of the dipterous body on account of aerostatic principles with morphological and systematic results

Staples, E.L.J., 1968:
The reduction of the sodium monofluoroacetate content of carrot baits of various thicknesses by weathering

Popov, V.V., 1953:
The reduction of the stinging apparatus of Dioxynae a parasitic subfamily of bees

Jensen, Aage, J.C., 1937:
The reduction of the stock of plaice in the southern Horns Reef area through intensive trawling in later years

Frisch, John, E., 1962:
The reduction of the third molar in hominoid evolution

Hoffmann, D.; Wynder, E.L., 1967:
The reduction of the tumorigenicity of cigarette smoke condensate by addition of sodium nitrate to tobacco

Marsh, J.C.; Perry, S., 1964:
The Reduction Of Thymine By Human Leukocytes

HITCHNER, E.R., 2018:
The reduction of trimethylamine oxide by representatives of the genus Pseudomonas

Jensen, C.O.; Sacks, W.; Baldauski, F.A., 1951:
The reduction of triphenyltetrazolium chloride by dehydrogenases of corn embryos

Sugimura, T.; Okabe, K., 1962:
The reduction of ubi-quinone in chromatophores of Rhodospirillum rubrum by succinate

Drabikowska, A.K., 1967:
The reduction of ubiquinone by sarcosine dehydrogenase system

Drabikowska, A.K.; Szarkowska, L., 1965:
The reduction of ubiquinone in rat liver mitochondria associated with the oxidation of choline

Ludmila Szarkowska; Alicja, K.D.abikowska, 1963:
The reduction of ubiquinone with -glycero-1-phosphate

Jones, A.; Bentler, P.M.; Petry, G., 1966:
The reduction of uncertainty concerning future pain

Leonard, S.L., 1950:
The reduction of uterine sperm and uterine fluid on fertilization of rat ova

PEEL, J.L.; BARKER, H.A., 1953:
The reduction of vinylacetate by clostridium kluyveri

Peel, J.L.; Barker, H.A., 1956:
The reduction of vinylacetate by Clostridium kluyveri and its dependence on catalytic amounts of high-energy acetate

Wosilait, W.D., 1960:
The reduction of vitamin K1 by an enzyme from dog liver

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The reduction of wool keratin by tertiary phosphines

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The reduction potential of cysteine

Akano, R.; Watanabe, M., 1940:
The reduction potential of formaldehyde with special reference to the microanalysis of formaldehyde

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The reduction potential of glutathione and the pH-dependence of its effect on SH-enzymes

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The reduction potential of green cells

Breyer, B.; Buchanan, G.S.; Duewell, H., 1944:
The reduction potentials of acridines, with reference to their antiseptic activity

Yudkin, J., 1935:
The reduction potentials of bacterial suspensions

Green, D.E., 1933:
The reduction potentials of cysteine, glutathione and glycylcysteine

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The reduction products of certain plant sterols

Aft, H.; Grant, R.R.; Molyneux, R.J., 1967:
The reductive acetylation of quercetin

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The reductive cleavage of 4-dimethylaminoazobenzene by rat liver; the intracellular distribution of the enzyme system and its requirement for triphosphopyridine nucleotide

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The reductive cleavage of disulfide bonds and its application to problems of protein structure

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The Reductive Dissociation Of Rabbit Immune Globulin In Sodium Dodecylsulfate

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The Reflection Coefficient Of Plant Cell Membranes For Certain Solutes

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The reflection in the structure and ontogenesis of mammals bones of their philogenesis

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The reflection of individual characteristics of the higher nervous activity in the nature of the autonomic reactions in the course of ontogenesis of puppies

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The reflection of inhibition in the electroencephalogram of animals

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The reflection of temporary pancreatic duct occlusion in serum amylase levels of the experimental animal

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The reflection of visible radiation from leaves of some western Australian species

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The reflection property of the skin in the Brown Swiss cattle

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The reflection, absorption and transmission of solar radiation by fog and cloud

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The reflex influence of the heart on the skel-etal musculature

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The reflex influence of the kidney on the cardio-vascular system in man

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The reflex nature of the phenomenon of lagging of respiratory movements in unilateral lung lesions

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The reflex response to intra-arterial nociception with bradykinin

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The reflexology of the pudendal nerve field

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The Reflux Of Bile From The Bile Ducts Into The Blood Of The Liver

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The reforestation in the gusswerk wildalpen area austria

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The reforestation of burns and large forest areas destroyed by the pine moth in the mountainous pine taiga in the south of the Baikal region and the role of vertebrates in this process

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The reforestation of degraded lands

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The reforestation of waste land in the commune of Rubiana

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The reforestation problems of Norrland

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The reform of the nomenclature of fruit proposed by N. N. Kaden and M. E. Kirpichnikov

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The refraction of light in a spherical lens

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The refractive constant of whole and skim milk

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The refractive index of muscle striations

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The refractive index of the wool of sheep and the hair of certain other mammals

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The Refractive Indices of Whole Cells

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The refractivity of protein solutions

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The refractometric method and selection of tomato varieties for industry

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The refractometric method in the determination of total proteins in the bovine blood serum

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The refractometric method of diagnosing water deficit in plants

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The refractory period

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The refractory period of the motoneurones

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The Refractory Period of the Normally-Beating Dog's Auricle; with a Note on the Occurrence of Auricular Fibrillation Following a Single Stimulus

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The refractory period of the sensory synapses of the lateral geniculate nucleus

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The refractory state of the generator and propagated potentials in a pacinian corpuscle

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The refractory state produced by adrenal extract

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The refreshing mints

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The refrigerated microtome in a horizontal deep freeze

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The refrigeration of gulf shrimp cause, prevention of black spot

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The refrigeration treatment of chronic osteomyelitis

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The refuge ability of plankton animals models of plankton-eating animals

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The refuge in pheasant management

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The regal lily

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The regal ringneck snake in Nuevo Leon, Mexico

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The regenerated tail of Anolis carolinensis

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The regeneration in Spadella cephaloptera Busch : The head influenceon the regeneration

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The regeneration in the body louse, Pediculus humanus corporis

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The regeneration of Annelida

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The regeneration of Douglas fir, Pseudotsuga taxifolia Britt in the New Forest

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The regeneration of Eisenia foetida as determined by the lymphotrophic system

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The Regeneration Of F1 Host Cell Spleen And Thymus At Ectopic Sites In F1 Animals Induced By Implantation Of Parental Spleen And Thymus

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The regeneration of Sarcina flava from filtrable forms

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The regeneration of acid-fastness in apparently degenerated tubercle bacilli

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The Regeneration of Autoplastic Splenic Transplants

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The regeneration of bony tissue in experimental injuries of the labyrinthine capsule of dogs

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The regeneration of hyaline cartilage in joints: an experimental study

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The regeneration of lymph nodes after their partial removal or injury

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The regeneration of nervous tissue

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The regeneration of rhodopsin

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The regeneration of rodent peridental membrane

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The regeneration of some species of legumes and mixed grasses on meadowland

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The regeneration of spinal medulla in the regenerated tails of Newts

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The regeneration of striated musculature

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The regeneration of the River Oak

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The regeneration of the aqueous humor

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The regeneration of the bones of the skull vault in dogs induced by the destruction method

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The regeneration of the caudal fin in Gambusia holbrooki

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The regeneration of the central nervous system in earthworms

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The regeneration of the chestnut tree

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The Regeneration Of The Crystalline Lens

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The regeneration of the epithelium in the blood vessels after suture of the vessels

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The regeneration of the fish population in the Svratka River through water purification

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The regeneration of the gonads of Asterina gibbosa

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The regeneration of the gustatory apparatus in the rat

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The regeneration of the lens and its initial development

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The regeneration of the liver and the rapid reversion of cirrhosis by CCl4 after extirpation of a large part of the cirrhotic liver

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The regeneration of the liver in various vertebrates

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The regeneration of the lymphatics

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The regeneration of the marginal periodontium after flap operation. An experimental study on dogs

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The regeneration of the musculature of the small intestine under experimental conditions

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The regeneration of the nerves in corneal grafts

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The regeneration of the neural retina from retina pigment cells in adult newt eyes: An electron microscopic study

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The regeneration of the pineal body cornea in river lampreys Lampetra fluviatilis

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The regeneration of the primate nail studies of the squirrel monkey, Saimiri

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The regeneration of the rabbits corneal endothelium after its mechanical abrasion

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The regeneration of the retina in an adult teleost

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The regeneration of the sal in the United Provinces

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The regeneration of the sciatic nerve in animals prevented from running

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The regeneration of the skin in sheep

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The regeneration of the spinal cord in adult Triturus viridescens

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The regeneration of the striated muscle in the rat

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The regeneration of the thyroid gland

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The regeneration of the vascular plexus in the lateral ventricles of the brain after trauma

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The regeneration of venous endothelium after experimental crushing

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The regeneration of ventral fins of a carp as related to a study of fin anomalies

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The regeneration of vibrissae a model for the study of dermal epidermal interactions rat wound healing

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The Regeneration Of Wounds Of External Membrane Of The Eye In The Light Of New Pathologico-Anatomical Results

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The regeneration of yeast cell fragments

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The regeneration potency of the extremities of chick embryos at various developmental stages

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The regeneration potential of aortal endothelium

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The regeneration process in leaf tissues of Gloxinia

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The regeneration processes in experimentally placed bone fractures in vitro cultures

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The regeneration rate of the water vapour loss of heavily damaged skin

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The regeneration-fellings in the forest district of Goendih

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The regenerative ability of hemopoietic tissue following lethal x-irradiation in dogs

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The regenerative and tumour growths are not identical, but they are not antagonistic either

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The regenerative buds of Arctic plants

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The regenerative capacity of cardiac muscle

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The regenerative capacity of the liver in various stages of carcinogenesis mouse benzene carcino o amino azo toluol carcino

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The regenerative capacity of the telencephalon of the goldfish and rat

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The regenerative capacity of the thymus in hypophysectomized rats

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The Regenerative Cycle of Motoneurons, with Special Reference to Phosphatase Activity

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The regenerative poly-globulia in iron-deficient chronic chloro anemia

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The regenerative power of the cranial bone tissue of warm-blooded animals during postnatal ontogenesis

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The regenerative power of the hypertrophied lung of the crested triton

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The regenerative process in the hind limb of the lizard

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The regenerative responses of amputated limbs to delayed insertion into the body cavity

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The regent bird

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The regio occipitalis of the lorisiform lemuroid Galago demidovii

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The region of Punta Lara and its lepidopterous fauna A list of 69 spp

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The region of fes sept 7 1966

Khelimskii, A.M., 1958:
The region of minute concretions in the brain from colloid of the pineal gland

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The region of the frontal bone: A vestibular study

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The region of the pterion

Ramirez Coria, Carlos, M., 1927:
The region of the tuber cinereum in normal dogs and with experimental polyuria

Masamune, Genkei, 1952:
The region which has no epiphytic orchids