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The relation of O2 in bone marrow blood to post-hemorrhagic erythropoiesis

Grant, W.C.; Root, W.S.

American Journal of Physiology 150(4): 618-627


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-9513
PMID: 20268835
Accession: 025910587

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A technique for the removal of blood samples from the interior of red bone marrow of the un-anesthetized dog is described. Blood so obtained was studied during a period of erythropoietic stimulation induced by a single 30% hemorrhage. O2 content, O2 capacity and hema-tocrit value of bone marrow and jugular venous blood are decreased after hemorrhage. A gradual recovery occurs during the following 3 wks. indicating red blood cell regeneration. O2 saturation and O2 tension although markedly decreased immediately after a single hemorrhage return to control levels within 3-5 hrs. where they remain during the subsequent period of observation. Abolition of the transient decrease in O2 saturation can be accomplished by repeated removal of small quantities of blood over a period of several days. Under these circumstances, the erythropoietic response is the same as that following the single hemorrhage.

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