Section 26
Chapter 25,917

The Relative Toxicity of Angiographic Contrast Media

Foster, J.H.; Killen, D.A.; Sessions, R.T.; Rhea, G.W.; Winfrey, E.W.; Collins, H.A.

Vascular Diseases 1: 8-20


ISSN/ISBN: 0506-4287
PMID: 14192296
Accession: 025916264

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The toxicity of several organic iodide angiographic contrast media (Thorotrast 25%, Angio-Conray 80%, Hypaque M-90%, Ditriokon 68%, Diodrast 70%, Miokon 90%, Neo-Iopax 75%, Urokon 70%, Sodium iodide 55%) was studied by means of the abdominal aortic injection test and the intravenous injection test. Studies conducted included standard tests, repeat injection, graded dosage, selective injection, physicochemi-cal studies, and studies in the prevention of toxic reactions incident to abdominal aortography and the intravenous injection of Urokon 70%. Angio-Conray was found to be the least toxic concentrated organic iodide medium. Hypaque M-90% was found to be safe, but its high viscosity seriously limits its usefulness in translumbar aortography and catheter aortography when a small catheter must be used. Urokon 70% was the most useful medium for studying mechanisms of toxic reactions.

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