Section 26
Chapter 25,924

The role of histamine in the secretion of hydrochloric acid by the gastric mucosa

Epshtein, Y.A.; Salakhvtdingv, U.I.

Dokl Akad Nauk Tadzh Ssr 10(3): 56-58


Accession: 025923852

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Histaminolysis of nicotinamidedinucleotide occupies a place in the mucosa of the stomach during secretion of HC1 and can be discerned by the accumulation of methylnicotinamide, a product of histaminolysis (a break-down of the co-enzyme nicotinamidedinucleotide under the effect of histamine). Histaminolysis in the gastric mucosa whether it is caused by histamine or insulin, points to the similarity of the basic type of biochemical mechanism of HC1 secretion. Histamine brings histaminolysis about directly, while insulin, most probably, brings it about by its formation in the tissue when secretion is stimulated.

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