Section 26
Chapter 25,929

The root-knot of abaca, or Manila hemp

Ocfemia, G.O.; Calinisan, M.R.

Phytopathology 18(10): 861-867


ISSN/ISBN: 0031-949X
Accession: 025928208

Root-knot due to Heterodera radicicola, is a very common disease of abaca, or Manila hemp, in the Philippine Islands. The disease is not usually serious. On account of the wide distribution of root-knot in abaca, districts where bunchy-top occurs, the 2 diseases were regarded as synonymous. Root-knot, causes drawfing of abaca plants, yellowing of foliage, reduction in size of leaves, and formation of galls in the roots. The roots finally die and rot. The disease is entirely different from bunchy-top, showing that the nematode can not cause this disease as heretofore reported.

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