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The selection of the cold-resistance-strain in Acacia mollissima. . The relation between the cold-resistance and the ripe period of legume

Nishimura, Satsuki; Tanaka, M.

Jour Japanese Forest Soc 41(3): 98-102


Accession: 025930979

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Cold hardiness of seedlings from open-pollinated seeds of 7 trees which differed in ripening time were tested with various methods. The injury of seedlings when exposed to low temperatures of -2 to -3[degree]C for 24 hours and negative correlation with the injury by KC103 solution. The injury by low temperature showed positive correlation with the degree of plasmolysis in CaCl2 solution, but such a correlation was not found with plasmolysis in CO(NH2)2, KNO3, KC1 + CaCl2. In general, earlier ripening strains are less resistant to coldness.

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