Section 26
Chapter 25,935

The significance of electrophoretic studies of the urine and serum in renal diseases

Kasanen, A.; Harri, J.

Annales Medicinae Internae Fenniae 50: 29-37


ISSN/ISBN: 0365-4362
PMID: 13751635
Accession: 025934137

In the nephrotic syndrome the albumin/globulin ratio is low in serum, whereas this ratio is reversed in urine. These changes are associated with the fall in total protein. In the early stages of nephrosis excretion of albumin and alphaglobulin dominate, in contrast to the terminal stage where the excretion of gammaglobulin is a dominant change. In cases of proteinuria of different origin studied electrophoretically small differences were observed in the means in both serum and urine. The individual deviations were, however, great and the electrophoresis was found to be of no diagnostic importance except in cases of the nephrotic syndrome and myeloma. As the electrophoretic study of serum protein is considerably easier technically than the study of urinary proteins electrophoretically the authors come to the conclusion that the study of serum is quite sufficient in renal diseases.

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