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Theorie des Potentialabgriffs beim Elektrokardiogramm auf der Grundlage der Membran-theorie

Theorie des Potentialabgriffs beim Elektrokardiogramm auf der Grundlage der Membran-theorie

Pflugers Arch Ges Physiol 245(1): 72-97

DOI: 10.1007/bf01753302

The current flow and the potential distribution of membrane potentials in relation to nerve and muscle action currents are analyzed theoretically for various conditions and imitated in model expts. which confirm the theoretical assumptions. If the active fiber is surrounded by an electrically conducting field, a lead from the fiber surface has a positive phase preceding the normal negative potential. A true unipolar lead does not exist; the so-called unipolar lead is in reality an extreme multipolar lead. The true strength of the potential of a fiber surrounded by a field cannot be measured by any method. The excitation of the heart is spread in such a way that all parts of the heart have different potentials. The gradient of the potential distribution at the beginning of excitation is higher that at its end, and therefore T is smaller than A. Although Einthoven's triangular scheme of potential vectors is theoretically valid only for an unrestricted homogenous field with concentric potentials, it is, nevertheless, useful for all practical purposes. All the exptl. evidence interpreted by others in favor of a bipolar theory of potential origin, can be explained by the membrane potential theory.

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