Section 26
Chapter 25,982

Therapy, by prolonged sleep, of disorders in the higher nervous activity, induced in white rats by staphylococcal in-toxication

Borukaev, R.K.

Trudy Instituta Vysshei Nervoi Deyatel'nosti Transl Pathophysiological Ser Vol III p 240-248


Accession: 025981522

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1The three-day medicinal sleep applied during disorders in the higher nervous activity induced by experimental staphylococcal intoxication has a positive therapeutical effect and helps to hasten the restoration of the cortical activity. 2. The process of reverse evolution of the disorders in the cortical activity after the application of sleep therapy[long dash]in the restoration of the functions of the central nervous system, from the point of view of their evolution. In the non-cured animals the results are the same.

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