Total hemoglobin and blood volume of the rat after sublethal whole body radiation with rontgen rays

Tribukait, B.

Acta Radiol Therapy Phys Biol 3(1): 1-11


Accession: 025996817

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On exposure of rats to 410 r roentgen rays, a continuous decrease in the total hemoglobin and erythrocyte volumes takes place and on the 11th day reaches 75% of the normal. After 6 weeks normal values are again attained. The blood volume remains constant. Cell division is completely blocked between the 1st and 4th days, but starts up again at day 6, and is doubled at the stage when the total hemoglobin has reached a normal level. The daily loss of hemoglovin is 2 or 3 time the normal during the first 2 weeks. Physiologically old and young erythrocytes are decomposed at the same rate.