Toxicity of cryoprotective agents at 30 degrees

Karow, A.M.; Carrier, O.; Clower, B.R.

Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 20(4): 297-301


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-3573
PMID: 4384608
Accession: 025998837

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The toxicity of 4 cryoprotective agents (glycerol, dimethylsulfoxide, dextran, magnesium ion) as a function of time was assessed at 30° on isolated rabbit atria. Glycerol, 2.0 M, in Ringer solution killed all atria in less than 30 min. Atria tolerated 2.1 M dimethylsulfoxide in Ringer for 1 hr., 0.7M glycerol in Ringer for 4 hr, 6% (w/v) dextran in saline for 6 hr. and 6.6 x 10-2 m magnesium chloride in Ringer for 8 hr. After washing out the cryoprotective agents the tissue was examined histologically and for its response to isoprenaline, MJ-1999 ]4,2-(isopropylamino-10-hydroxyethyl) methanesulfonilide, a β-blocking agent] and isoprenaline and ouabain. These tests were the more sensitive indicators of functional integrity.