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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 26011

Chapter 26011 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Cruchaud A.; Pometta D.; Rousso C., 1967:
Treatment of disseminated lupus erythematosus by anti metabolites relationship between the clinical evolution and the immunological reactions azathioprine immunol methotrexate immunol human

Ariel, I.M.; Pack, G.T., 1967:
Treatment of disseminated melanoma by systemic melphalan, methotrexate and autogenous bone marrow transplants

Drutz D.J.; Spickard A.; Rogers D.E.; Koenig M.G., 1968:
Treatment of disseminated mycotic infections a new approach to amphotericin b anti infect therapy human smaller dosage histoplasmosis cryptococcosis blasto mycosis

Gromow, P.; Rzenicka, Z., 1958:
Treatment of disseminated sclerosis by administering hydrocortisone acetate in the vertebral canal

Anonymous, 1966:
Treatment of disseminated sclerosis by the drug proper-mil Disseminated sclerosis and other demyelinizing diseases of the nervous system clinical and experimental aspects

Pautrizel, R.; Bailenger, J.; Trebouley, J.; Duret, J., 1964:
Treatment of distomatosis due to Fasciola hepatica with dehydroemetine

Gallart Esquerdo, A.; Rotellar, E., 1962:
Treatment of disturbances of electrolyte balance caused by digestive diseases

Anonymous, 1965:
Treatment of diverticulosis and diverticulitis In Symposium on treatment of chronic disturbances of bowel function

Anonymous, 1962:
Treatment of dogs against tapeworm before export to New Zealand

Kling, J.M.; Burns, M.J.; Clark, C.H., 1963:
Treatment Of Dogs With Experimentally Induced Achylia Pancreatica

Anonymous, 1955:
Treatment of domestic sewage in lagoons Danish experiences from a two-year period

F.Z.rita; J.D.A.da; M.A.B.lmont, 2009:
Treatment of domestic wastewater and production of commercial flowers in vertical and horizontal subsurface-flow constructed wetlands

Dennis Konnerup; Thammarat Koottatep; Hans Brix, 2009:
Treatment of domestic wastewater in tropical, subsurface flow constructed wetlands planted with Canna and Heliconia

Beteta, A.; Cañizares, P.; Rodrigo, M.A.; Rodríguez, L.; Sáez, C., 2009:
Treatment of door-manufacturing factories wastewaters using CDEO and other AOPs: a comparison

Grimpret, J.; Corvisier, M.; Sadot, M., 1950:
Treatment of dourine with diamidinodiphenoxypentane

Anonymous, 1952:
Treatment of dourine with p pdiamidinodiphenoxypentane

Oduntan, S.O.; Lucas, A.O.; Gilles, H.M., 1967:
Treatment of dracontiasis with niridazole

Macario C., 1966:
Treatment of dracunculosis with 9955 rp anti parasit or mel w anti parasit in a single injection attempt with a view to mass treatment 1st clinical results trimelarsan anti parasit human dracunculus medinensis

Besse S.; Macario C., 1966:
Treatment of dracunculosis with 9955 rp anti parasit or mel w anti parasit in a single injection attempt with a view to mass treatment 2nd and last preliminary note trimelarsan anti parasit human dracunculus medinensis

Lane, Clinton W., 1965:
Treatment of drug eruptions In Symposium on treatment of skin diseases

Jensen, K.; Amdisen, A., 1964:
Treatment Of Drug-Induced Parkinsonism: A Comparison Between Uk-738, Orphenadrine, And A Placebo In A Double Blind Study

Treatment of drug-induced coma: effectiveness of methylphenidate

May, R.H.; Ruland, M.B.; Gold, M.R., 1959:
Treatment of drug-induced extrapyramidal hyperkinetic reactions with UK-738

Anonymous, 1959:
Treatment of drug-induced extrapyramidal symptoms

Davis, R.V.; Cooley, C.E.; Hadder, A.W., 1965:
Treatment of duck wastes and their effects on the water quality in the Rappahannock River, Urbanna, Virginia

Miller, Ben N., 1952:
Treatment of duodenal ulcer and functional bowel disease with Kolantyl, a new antispasmodic compound

Anonymous, 1963:
Treatment of duodenal ulcer based on histamine stimulation test In Aktuelle Probleme der Erkrankungen des Magen-Darm-Kanals

Sadoyan, V.S.; Muselimyan, S.A.; Aristakesyan, R.A., 1965:
Treatment of duodenal ulcer with paraffin and procaine electrophoresis

Chabal J., 1968:
Treatment of duodenal ulcers by vagotomy and pyloroplasty through jejunal serous sections abstract film

Anonymous, 1951:
Treatment of duodenal ulcers with banthine A study of forty cases

Anonymous, 1947:
Treatment of duodenal ulcers Partial gastrectomy versus palliative resection

Sevgi Ertu?rul; Nalan Oya San; Gönül Dönmez, 2009:
Treatment of dye Remazol Blue and heavy metals using yeast cells with the purpose of managing polluted textile wastewaters

Vishnyakova, V.V.; Murav'eva, N.I., 1966:
Treatment of dys-hormonal hyperplasia, of mammary glands

Sakharov, P.I.; Krasnogolovets, V.N., 1963:
Treatment of dysentery and nonspecific ulcerative colitis with colibacterin

Mathers, G., 1943:
Treatment of dysentery at sea

Istrati, G.; Meitert, T.; Ciufeco, C., 1968:
Treatment of dysentery bacilli carriers with a liver nonpathogenic antidysenteric vaccine

Libov, A.L.; Vereshchagin, I.A.; Lagert, I.K.; Ostrovskii, A.D.; Polyakova, L.K., 1964:
Treatment of dysentery in children by means of streptosulfanylamide

Cherkasov, O.V.; Byelousova, N.V.; Blavdzevych, P.O., 1966:
Treatment of dysentery in children with pentoxyl in a complex with antibacterial drugs

Zuzanova, V.I.; Bakhtina, I.Z.D., 1944:
Treatment of dysentery with Schizandra chinensis

Gitsch, E., 1963:
Treatment of dysmenorrhea with benzodiazepinei derivatives

Matera, A.; Veiga, J.S.M.rcondes, 1965:
Treatment of ear hematoma of the dog with triamcinolone acetonide

Ledlie, E.M., 1967:
Treatment of early Hodgkins disease

Smith, D.C.; Kaufman, W.H.; Shafer, J.C., 1947:
Treatment of early acquired syphilis with 600,000 units of sodium penicillum

Ershkovich, I.G.; Knyaz'kova, A.I., 1964:
Treatment of early cataracts by iontophoresis with cysteine

Magyar K.; Kovacs P.; Rethelyi J.; Siket K., 1967:
Treatment of early dumping syndrome abstract from orv hetil 107 30 1424 1426 july 1966 drugs human

Pike M.C.; Hancock P.E.T.; Ledlie E.M., 1967:
Treatment of early neopl hodgkins disease letter human chemo therapy

Pardo Castello, V.; Pardo, O.A., 1950:
Treatment of early syphilis with Penicillin and Bismuth Subsalicylate

Irgang, S.; Alexander, E.R., 1951:
Treatment of early syphilis with aureomycin; report based on a study of sixty-eight cases

Gonzalez Ochoa, A.; Moreno, J.B., 1915:
Treatment of early syphilis with cephaloridlne

Mazzini, M.A.; Blasi, A.A., 1954:
Treatment of early syphilis with chloromycetin

Greaves, A.B., 1961:
Treatment of early syphilis with erythromycin

Buschemeyer, W.C.; Loveman, A.B.; Zaugg, F.B., 1951:
Treatment of early syphilis with four weekly injections of procaine penicillin and alluminum monostearate

Sternberg, T.H.; Leifer, W., 1947:
Treatment of early syphilis with penicillin

Treatment of early syphilis with penicillin

Anonymous, 1949:
Treatment of early syphilis with penicillin G Administration of penicillin G in peanut oil and wax twice weekly for eight weeks

Anonymous, 1949:
Treatment of early syphilis with penicillin injection in oil and wax USP report of one hundred and fifty-three cases

Schwemlein, George X., 1949:
Treatment of early syphilis with penicillin Report on three hundred and twenty-four patients treated with 1,200,000 units over seven and one-half days

Anonymous, 1948:
Treatment of early syphilis with sodium penicillin A preliminary report with a comparison of results with 48 million, administered in seven and a half days with smaller dosages

Willcox, R.R., 1962:
Treatment of early venereal syphilis with antibiotics

Mcgregor, I.A.; Carrington, S.P., 1963:
Treatment of east African Plasmodium falciparum malaria with West African human gamma-globulin

Adels, B.R.; Oppe, T.E., 1966:
Treatment of eczema vaccinatum with n-methylizatin beta-thiosemicarbazone

Izaki, M.; Kurosawa, S.; Takasu, N.; Kon, S., 1962:
Treatment of eczema with corticosteroids

Vollmer, H., 1953:
Treatment of eczema with cortisone ointment

Kristensen, K.P.; Vendel, S.N., 1940:
Treatment of eczema with vitamin B complex

Strickler, A., 1944:
Treatment of eczematous contact dermatitis with intravenous injections of sodium thio-sulfate

Solch G., 1967:
Treatment of edema after child birth with polythiazide renal acting and chlorthalidone renal acting abstract from wien med wschr 116 17 381 384 april 1966 woman

Seller, R.H.; Fuchs, M.; Swartz, C.; Brest, A.N.; Moyer, J.H., 1963:
Treatment Of Edema By The Combined Administration Of Chemically Different Diuretic Agents

Delon J.; Lisnic N.; Sijilmassi M., 1967:
Treatment of edema following weaning by intra peritoneal injections of plasma human

Borg, Joseph F., 1942:
Treatment of edema with an orally administered mercurial diauretic

Bernstein, L.H.T.; Evans, J.M., 1954:
Treatment of edema with exchange resins, including certain hormonal observations

Samvelyan, V.M., 1967:
Treatment of edema-swelling of the brain A review with 72 references

Kawka B., 1967:
Treatment of edematous diseases

Shepard, H.L., 1963:
Treatment of edematous states and hypertension with bendroflumethia-zide

Basu, A.K., 1967:
Treatment of effluents from the manufacture of soap and hydrogenated vegetable oil

Fesenko I.P., 1968:
Treatment of elderly patients having hypertension with depressin cardio vasc hexamethonium chloride cardio vasc human

Dracheva, Z.N., 1964:
Treatment of elderly patients with essential hypertension with ganglioplegic agents

Lugnegaard H.; Nylen B., 1968:
Treatment of electrically burn damaged hands

Cooke, W.T.; Flear, C.T., 1965 :
Treatment Of Electrolytic Disturbance Associated With Malabsorption

Villacis, Manuel, 1956:
Treatment of elephantiasis nostras with hyaluronidase

Chastel, F.; Perrot, A., 1964:
Treatment of elephantiasis of lower limbs with 804-04 C and elastic retention

Connola, D.P.; Hagmann, L.F.; Collins, D.L., 1942:
Treatment of elm logs to prevent bark beetle entry, breeding, and emergence

Henny F.A., 1968:
Treatment of embryonal neopl rhabdo myo sarcoma of the maxilla with combined therapy child irradiation actinomycin d anti neoplastic

Anonymous, 1962:
Treatment of emergency burns New treatment combination

Maddox, P.F., 1963:
Treatment Of Emotional Disorders With Chlorprothixene

Anonymous, 1941:
Treatment of empyema Treatment of tuberculous and mixed infection empyema with bactericidal substance reinforced with wetting agents

Grigor Eva E.M., 1967:
Treatment of enchondromata according to data of the orthopedic traumatological department

Abrahams, David, 1963:
Treatment of encopresis with imipramine

Balint, T., 1965:
Treatment of endarteritis obliterans with Mydocalm

Thoelen H.; Colombi A., 1968:
Treatment of endogenic liver comas with coenzyme a

Ingrova, L.; Bojanovsky, J.; Choupkova, K., 1963:
Treatment of endogenous depression with intermittent reserpine administration Abstract only

Arnold O.H.; Heves H.P., 1967:
Treatment of endogenous depression with mono chlorimipramine cent stim abstract from wien klin wschr 79 1 3 6 january 6 1967 human

Hurxthal, L.M.; Smith, A.T., 1952:
Treatment of endometriosis and other gynecologic conditions with large doses of estrogens, H.J.; D.P.essis, J.M.; Dommisse, J.; Rorke, M.J.; Theron, M.S.; D.V.lliers, V.P., 1966:
Treatment of endotoxic shock with isoprenaline

Piskorz, A.; Stengert, K.; Jurczyk, W.; Brodzińska, K.; Adamiak, S., 1967:
Treatment of endotoxin shock in the course of postoperative peritonitis

Zwderz, C.; Rogos Witakowska, H., 1965:
Treatment of enterobiasis with Vanquin

Jung, R.C.; Beaver, P.C., 1953:
Treatment of enterobiasis with diphenan, egressin and gentian violet

Miller, J.H.; Anthony, S.O.; Swartzwelder, J.C.; Frye, W.W.; Lampert, R., 1958:
Treatment of enterobiasis with dithiazanine

Molina Pasquel, C.; Hernandez Silva, J., 1960:
Treatment of enterobiasis with papain

Anonymous, 1962:
Treatment of enterobiasis with pyrvinium pamoate study of 321 cases

Harant, H.; Castel, P.; Gras, G., 1954:
Treatment of enterobiasis with tetracycline

Kostrubala, M.; Wisniewska, M., 1963:
Treatment Of Enterobiasis With The Preparation Molevac

Salgado, M.A.; Kerdel, V.Gas, O., 1963:
Treatment of enuresis with imipramine

Kantarjian, Artin D., 1964:
Treatment of enuresis with imipramine hydrochloride

Ichim, V.; Rugendorff, E.W., 1968:
Treatment of enuresis with Lisidonil

Frieden, C., 1967:
Treatment of enzyme kinetic data. II. The multisite case: comparison of allosteric models and a possible new mechanism

Cernochova, Zdenka, 1962:
Treatment of epicondylitis humeri with small doses of ultrasonic waves

Ekimova, A.L., 1967:
Treatment of epicondylitis with hydrocortisone

Thibaudeau, R., 1951:
Treatment of epidemic diarrhea in new-born with chloromycetin

Suda, E., 1964:
Treatment Of Epidemic Kerato-Conjunctivitis With Local Instillation Of Convalescent Serum

Hecht, S.D.; Hanna, L.; Sery, T.W.; Jawetz, E., 1965:
Treatment of epidemic keratoconjunctivitis with idoxuridine

Lages, W., 1941:
Treatment of epidemic tropical ulcer

Payne, E.H.; Knaudt, J.A.; Palacios, S., 1948:
Treatment of epidemic typhus with chloromycetin

Malek, A.I., 1963:
Treatment Of Epidermal Mycoses With Asterol

Tesalova O.T., 1967:
Treatment of epidermophytia pedum human topical solution epidermophyton kaufmann wolf

Strimpl, V., 1927:
Treatment of epilepsies with nerve poisons

Saito, Y.; Sugai, K.; Nakagawa, E.; Sakuma, H.; Komaki, H.; Sasaki, M.; Maegaki, Y.; Ohno, K.; Sato, N.; Kaneko, Y.; Otsuki, T., 2008:
Treatment of epilepsy in severely disabled children with bilateral brain malformations

Vasconcelos, D., 1967:
Treatment of epilepsy using Tegretal

Gordon, Neil, 1961:
Treatment of epilepsy with -ethyl- -methylsuccinimide

Gastaut, H.; Soulayrol, R.; Vincent, D.; Loiseau, P.; Cohadon, S.; Miletto, G.; Colomb, D.; Tchicaloff, M.; Gold Aubert, P.; Titeca, L.S.rel; Courjon, J., 1964:
Treatment of epilepsy with Trinuride

Rupollo W., 1968:
Treatment of epilepsy with an association of gardenal and caffeine

Canger R.; Wahl L., 1968:
Treatment of epilepsy with maliasin cent depress human

Hayashi, T.; Namba, H., 1963:
Treatment of epileptic patients by precursor substances of the inhibitory transmitter in the central nervous system

Lintz, William, 1943:
Treatment of epileptiform attacks caused by calcified adrenals

Starrak, E.S., 1954:
Treatment of Equine Encephalomyelitis

Seshadhri, A.S.; Theophilus, G., 1945:
Treatment of equine surra

Gopalakrishnan, V.R., 1942:
Treatment of equine surra in Assam

Shkurina A.S., 1966:
Treatment of erosion of the cervix uteri by a poly vitamin preparation containing vitamin a metab vitamin e metab vitamin f metab linoleic acid metab arachidonic acid metab woman

Vasil'eva, S.V.; Zmigrodskaia, O.B.; Marshova, S.A.; Bachjileba, C.B.; O.B.; Maphioba, C.A., 1928:
Treatment of erysipelas by streptococcus filtrates of Besredka, particularly in cases of sepsis

Filatov, G.I., 1966:
Treatment of erysipeloid Rosenbach with erythromycin

Dodge, B.G.; Knowles, W.R.; McBride, M.E.; Duncan, W.C.; Knox, J.M., 1968:
Treatment of erythrasma with an antibacterial soap

Kozyreva A.L., 1967:
Treatment of erythremia patients with the aid of radio phosphorus clinical observations intra venous

Lichtwitz, L.; Francke, W., 1929:
Treatment of erythremia with a spleen preparation

Molony, Clement J., 1950:
Treatment of erythroblastosis; analysis oi community efforts using the substitution transfusion

Radu, C.; Pop, T.E.; Baierlein, H., 1943:
Treatment of erythrodermia desquamativa with reticulin M

Zedgenidze, G.A., 1964:
Treatment Of Esophageal Cancer With Cobalt-60

Froggatt, D.L.; Gunning, A.J., 1966:
Treatment of esophageal perforation

Hoffmann, W.; Vogel, G., 1967:
Treatment of essential and symptomatic hematurias during childhood using antifibrinolytics

Culpepper, W.L.; Madden, E.E.; Olson, E.C.; Hutton, J.H., 1938:
Treatment of essential hypertension and diabetes mellitus by irradiation of the pituitary and adrenal regions

Bardley, J.; Galdston, M.; Dandy, W.E., 1943:
Treatment of essential hypertension by -sympathectomy

Katz, J.; Skom, J.H.; Wakerlin, G.E., 1953:
Treatment of essential hypertension in dogs with renin and antirenin

Kokh, E.I., 1963:
Treatment of essential hypertension with Kamfonii

Sultanov, M.N.; Erina, E.V., 1964:
Treatment of essential hypertension with a new ganglioblocking agent, Synapleg

Grenfell, R.F., 1953:
Treatment of essential hypertension with the hydrogenated alkaloids of ergot

Grenfell, R.F., 1954:
Treatment of essential hypertension with the hydrogenated alkaloids of ergot: further observations

Fontana L.; Peschle C.; Rengo F., 1967:
Treatment of essential hypertension with tocopheryl quinone cardio vasc abstract from clin ter 37 5 437 446 june 1966 human renal blood flow

Bianchessi, M., 1957:
Treatment of essential or arteriosclerotic hypertension by mecamylamine plus reserpine

Becker, M.B.; Jacox, H.W., 1962:
Treatment of esthesio-neuroepitheliomas and other nasal fossa tumors

Perloff, W.H., 1950:
Treatment of estrogen deficiency with estradiol pellets

Wacker, W.E.; Haynes, H.; Druyan, R.; Fisher, W.; Coleman, J.E., 1965:
Treatment of ethylene glycol poisoning with ethyl alcohol

Crooke A.C.; Davies A.G.; Morris R., 1968:
Treatment of eunuchoidal men with human chorionic gonadotrophin hormone and follicle stimulating hormone

Blumgart, H.L.; Freedberg, A.S.; Buka, R., 1948:
Treatment of euthyroid cardiac patients by producing myxedema with radioactive iodine

Paxson, T.E.; Orleans, L.P.; Harris, W.A.; Naylor, R.L., 1967:
Treatment of evaporator thick juice with Pittsburg activated carbon

Banks, Harlan P., 1960:
Treatment of evolution in elementary botany

Botella Garcia J.; Mirete J.O., 1968:
Treatment of evolving glomerulo nephritis with immuno suppressive drugs

Egorov, M.N.; Nozdryukhina, L.R.; Markova, M.G., 1965:
Treatment of exacerbations of chronic pancreatitis with anti-enzyme preparations

Goldzieher, M.A., 1956:
Treatment of excessive growth in the adolescent female

Hagstam, K.E.; Lindholm, T., 1964:
Treatment Of Exogenous Poisoning With Special Regard To The Need For Artificial Kidney In Severe Complicated Cases

Topper, Anne, 1948:
Treatment of exophthalmic goiter in childhood

Aleksandrov, S.N.; Galkovskaya, K.F.; Baidachenko Rostovtseva, T.I., 1965:
Treatment of experi-mental radiation sickness by administration of bone marrow and antibiotics

Joy, Harold H., 1942:
Treatment of experimental Bacillus pyocyaneus ulcer of cornea with sulfapyridine

Broad, G.G.wing; Berman, L.G., 1941:
Treatment of experimental Mann-Williamson ulcers with anterior pituitary-like hormone

Anonymous, 1956:
Treatment of experimental R orientalis infection with spiramycin

Anonymous, 1950:
Treatment of experimental acute arterial insufficiency A comparison of the sympatholytic agent Priscoline and sympathectomy

Orr, T.G.; Haden, R.L., 1929:
Treatment Of Experimental Acute General Peritonitis In The Dog With Ileostomy And Sodium Chloride Solution

Zagorski, W., 1961:
Treatment of experimental acute pancreatic necrosis in dogs

Chernova, A.A., 1967:
Treatment of experimental alkali burns of the cornea with heterogeneous fibrin films Abstract only

Brumpt L C.; Ardoin F., 1968:
Treatment of experimental amebiasis of the rat by niridazole anti parasit abstract

Brumpt L.; Ardoin F., 1968:
Treatment of experimental amoebiasis in the white rat with niridazole anti parasit entamoeba histolytica

Jervis, B.J.; Bourdillon, R.B., 1929:
Treatment of Experimental Anaemias with Ultra-Violet Light

Anonymous, 1966:
Treatment of experimental and human atherosclerosis with bradykinin-antagonist, pyridinolcarbamate A preliminary report

Calderon Munoz, Rafael, 1942:
Treatment of experimental and human tuberculosis by tuberculin peptones

Evans, J.H.; Baker, R.D., 1959:
Treatment of experimental aspergillosis with amphotericin B

Oono K., 1968:
Treatment of experimental athero sclerosis by pyridinol carbamate

Anonymous, 1960:
Treatment of experimental atherosclerosis in the rabbit with L, D Alpha lecithin

Deysine, M.; Clarke, R.L.; Clifton, E.E., 1965:
Treatment Of Experimental Burns With Systemic Human Fibrinolysin

Anonymous, 1965:
Treatment of experimental dysentery caused by an antibiotic-resistant strain of Flexner dysentery bacteria with a combination of antibiotics and drugs increasing immunogenesis ,

Kovalev, G.K., 1965:
Treatment of experimental dysentery infection with a combination of an antibiotic and a preparation which enhances immunogenesis

Zichis, J.; Shaugh Nessy, H.J., 1941:
Treatment of experimental equine encephalo-myelitis with hyperimmune rabbit serum

Navarro R.U.; Ferguson C.C., 1968:
Treatment of experimental hemorrhagic shock by the combined use of hyperbaric oxygen hematol and low molecular weight dextran hematol dog

Paley, A.; Seifter, J., 1941:
Treatment of experimental hydrofluoric acid corrosion

Mcchesney, E.W.; Giacomino, N.J., 1945:
Treatment of experimental hypoparathyroidism in dogs

Rokyta J., 1967:
Treatment of experimental infected wounds with neomycin anti parasit inst iontophoresis abstract from cas lek ces 105 40 1085 1089 sept 30 1966 guinea pig staphylococcus aureus

Rebrova, R.N., 1967:
Treatment of experimental infection caused by Corynebacterium diphtheriae in association with Candida albicans

Bryer, M.S.; Schoenbach, E.B., 1948:
Treatment of experimental infections with aureomycin

Oliver Gonzalez, J.; Hewitt, R.I., 1947:
Treatment of experimental intestinal trichinosis with 1-diethylcarbamyl-4-methyl-piperazine hydrochloride

Lowry, J.V.; Ashburn, L.L.; Sebrell, W.H., 1945:
Treatment of experimental liver cirrhosis

Malgras, J.; Sartory, R.; Meyer, J.; Beauvais, M., 1957:
Treatment of experimental moniliasis with p-hydroxybenzoate administered orally

Bloch, J.H.; Manax, W.G.; Eyal, Z.; Lillehei, R.C., 1964:
Treatment of experimental myocardial infarction by increasing volume work of the heart

Potter E.V.; Humair L.; Briggs J.D.; Kwaan H.C., 1968:
Treatment of experimental nephritis with anti coagulants and enz uro kinase hematol abstract mouse dicumarol hematol heparin hematol

Anonymous, 1965:
Treatment of experimental nephropathies with heparin Perspectives of clinical application

Il'yuchenok, R.Yu, 1959:
Treatment of experimental neurosis in dogs with Tropacine

Jacobs, L.; Melton, M.L.; Kaufman, H.E., 1964:
Treatment Of Experimental Ocular Toxoplasmosis

Kanellakopoulou, K.; Galanopoulos, I.; Soranoglou, V.; Tsaganos, T.; Tziortzioti, V.; Maris, I.; Papalois, A.; Giamarellou, H.; Giamarellos-Bourboulis, E.J., 2009:
Treatment of experimental osteomyelitis caused by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus with a synthetic carrier of calcium sulphate (Stimulan) releasing moxifloxacin

Fournel, J.; Celice, J.; Hillion, P., 1952:
Treatment of experimental parathion intoxication

Thompson, R.E.M.; Whitby, J.L.; Harding, J.W., 1960:
Treatment of experimental penicillin-resistant staphylococcal lesions with BRL 1241

Welch, E.L., 1967:
Treatment of experimental peritonitis with kanamycin and methylprednisolone

Gumbinas, M.; Krone, R.J.; Ferguson, D.J., 1966:
Treatment of experimental pulmonary arteriosclerosis with cortisone, heparin and fibrinolysin

Sosnovskii, A.T., 1964:
Treatment of experimental radiation skin injuries with cigerol and linol

Sonne, C.; Rekling, E., 1927:
Treatment of experimental rat rachitis with monochromatic ultra violet light

Wada, H.; Fujino, T., 1955:
Treatment of experimental rat-bite fever with various antibiotics

Wakerlin, G.E.; Moss, W.G., 1943:
Treatment of experimental renal hypertension with Vitamin A concentrates

Wakerlin, G.E.; Johnson, C.A.; Smith, E.L.; Gomberg, B.; Weir, J.R.; Moss, W.G.; Goldberg, M.L., 1943:
Treatment of experimental renal hypertension with partially purified renin

Wakerlin, G.E.; Johnson, C.A.; Moss, W.G.; Goldberg, M.L., 1944:
Treatment of experimental renal hypertension with renal extracts

Lher, D., 1944:
Treatment of experimental renal obstruction from sulfadiazine I Forcing of fluids and alkalinization

Manfredi, F.; Sieker, H.O., 1960:
Treatment of experimental respiratory acidosis by extracorporeal circulation

Bridges, J.F.; Clemmer, D.I.; Shaffer, M.F., 1964:
Treatment Of Experimental Salmonellosis In Chicks With Synnematin B

Rush, B.F., 1967:
Treatment of experimental shock: comparison of the effects of norepinephrine, dibenzyline, dextran, whole blood, and balanced saline solutions

Wise, James B., 1966:
Treatment of experimental slderosis bulbi, vitreous hemorrhage, and corneal bloodstaining with deferoxamine

Tsubura, E.; Schwarz, J., 1961 :
Treatment of experimental sporotrichosis in mice

Tsubura, E.; Schwarz, J., 1960:
Treatment of experimental sporotrichosis in mice with griseofulvin and amphotericin B

Williamson, C.K., 1961:
Treatment of experimental streptococcal nephritis n

Libikova H., 1968:
Treatment of experimental tick borne encephalitis in mice with amiphenosine anti viral 5 p aminophenyl cytosine anti viral chick embryo human diploid cell culture

Podos, S.; Liebman, S.; Pollen, A., 1964:
Treatment Of Experimental Total Hyphemas With Intraocular Fibrinolytic Agents. Ii

Trevino, A.; Varela, G.; Palencia, L., 1953:
Treatment of experimental toxo-plasmosis in the white rat with hydroxychloroquine, 5-p-chlorophenyl-2,4-diamino-6-ethyl pyrimidine and fumapillin

Ogada T.; Owino H., 1968:
Treatment of experimental trypanosoma rhodesiense infection in mice using oral mel b

Anonymous, 1955:
Treatment of experimental tuberculosis in guinea-pig with isoniazid Effects on viability and virulence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Swedberg, B.; Widstrom, G., 1948:
Treatment of experimental tuberculosis in mice and guinea pigs with para-aminosalicylic acid and streptomycin

Anonymous, 1949:
Treatment of experimental tuberculosis in the guinea pig by hyperactive forms of PAS

Tison, F., 1952:
Treatment of experimental tuberculosis in the guinea pig with iodochlorhydroxy quinoline An abstract

Steenken, W.; Heise, F.H.; Wolinsky, E., 1943:
Treatment of experimental tuberculosis in the vaccinated and nonvaccinated guinea pig with promin

Ulstrup, J.C., 1950:
Treatment of experimental tuberculosis of guinea pigs by a combination of PAS and TB-I 698

Kato, L.; Gozsy, B., 1958:
Treatment of experimental tuberculosis of the guinea pig with dihydrostreptomicine and simultaneously with substances acting on the host

Blanchard, R.J.; Grotenhuis, I.; Lafave, J.W.; Frye, C.W.; Perry, J.F., 1964:
Treatment of experimental tumors

Anonymous, 1943:
Treatment of experimentally induced Type I pneumococcus pneumonia in albino rats A comparative study of the therapeutic efficiency of various sulfonamides and specific rabbit antipneumococcus serum and combinations of the two

Hamilton J.M., 1968:
Treatment of experimentally induced lungworm of the cat by parental administration of tetramisole anti parasit aelurostrongylus abstrusus

Thiermann, Erica, 1958:
Treatment of experimentally induced toxoplasmosis of mice with Lederkyn, either alone or in combination with Primaquine

Smelser, George K., 1938:
Treatment of experimentally produced exophthalmos with thyroxin and other iodine compounds

Anonymous, 1941:
Treatment of exptl pneumonia of mice by sulfonamide aerosols

Buzdygan, Danuta, 1960:
Treatment of extensive cutaneous moniliasis with Amphotericin B

Van Vaerenbergh M.; Van Vaerenbergh P.M.; Schelstraete K.; Bekaert J., 1967:
Treatment of extensive eu thyroid struma in mature adults

Sousek, O., 1962:
Treatment of extensive hepatic failure

Lenartovich, V.A.; Kolpikova, G.V., 1967:
Treatment of external lesions of candi-diasis with gordecine

Papastrat, C.J.; Miller, J.M., 1958:
Treatment of external pancreatic fistula with diamox; report of a case

Houtsmuller A.J., 1968:
Treatment of exudative diabetic retinopathy with atromid s metab human hyper lipemia

Lepold, I.H., 1959:
Treatment of eye disorders with anti-inflammatory steroids

Arato, K.; Eross, S., 1964:
Treatment of eye with X-rays of high dosage with effective protection of the front third

Szujewski, H.A., 1964:
Treatment Of Facial Cancer In The Geriatric Patient: Chemosurgery

Amris C.J.; Hilden M., 1968:
Treatment of factor xiii deficiency with cryo precipitate human

Kramish, D.; Kauvar, A.J., 1963:
Treatment of far advanced or recurrent malignancies of the gastrointestinal tract using continuous intra-arterial infusion of 5-fluorouracil

Hall, B.E.; Good, J.W., 1962:
Treatment of far-advanced cancer with 5-fluorouracil, used alone and in combination with irradiation. Incidence and duration of remission and survival-time data in 223 patients

Taylor, S.G.; Slaughter, D.; Preston, F.W., 1948:
Treatment of far-advanced inoperable carcinoma of the breast with estrogens and androgens

Mathur, P.B.; Dutt, S.C., 1963:
Treatment of fascioliasis

Hicks, J.T., 1964:
Treatment Of Fatigue In General Practice: A Double Blind Study

Polonskaya, I.I., 1968:
Treatment of female patients having trichomoniasis with Levorin

Alvarez Bravo, Alfonso, 1960:
Treatment of female sterility of endocrine origin

Grupper C., 1967:
Treatment of feminine acne with the estro progesteroids hormone indications details limits abstract

Andersson, L.; Nilsson, I.M., 1961:
Treatment of fibrinolytic states in prostatic disease with -ACA

Adams, R.E.; Tamburo, S.E., 1959:
Treatment of field boxes for the control of post-harvest rots of peaches and storage rots of apples

Brown, H.W., 1948:
Treatment of filariasis with anthiomaline

Anonymous, 1966:
Treatment of first and second degree burns The use of flumethasone plvalate

Woynarovich, E., 1956:
Treatment of fish ponds with organic fertilizers in the light of porductional biology

Anonymous, 1955:
Treatment of flax seed with copper sulfate Referat Zhur, Biol, 1956, No 13768

Ingels, Bert Dee, 1947:
Treatment of flour with carbon tetrachloride

Tourtellotte, W.W.; Coon, J.M., 1951:
Treatment of fluoroacetate poisoning in mice and dogs

Patterson, M., 1966:
Treatment of food poisoning

School Latour, O., 1946:
Treatment of foot-and-mouth disease with sulphonamides

Johnson, Howard W., 1959:
Treatment of forage legume seeds with fungicides in the South

Anonymous, 1956:
Treatment of foulbrood with penicillin

MacLennan, W.D.; Simpson, W., 1965:
Treatment of fractured mandibular condylar processes in children

Kadyrov M.A.; Sharkirov D.S., 1967:
Treatment of fractures by adaptogens under experimental conditions dibasol metab aloe m metab ceresin metab asil metab rat guinea pig rabbit

Frick, E.J.; Witter, R.E.; Mosier, J.R., 1948:
Treatment of fractures by intramedullary pinning

Decoulx J.; Duquennoy A.; Capron J C., 1968:
Treatment of fractures cotyleid depression

Kluge W.; Zerbes H., 1968:
Treatment of fractures in nitrous oxide oxygen anesthetic analgesia human

Rydosz J., 1968:
Treatment of fractures of the corpus mandibulae in children with a modified groove splint and circular suture

Rueff F.L.; Bedacht R., 1968:
Treatment of fractures of the extremities human

Ellis, V.H.; Langston, H.H.; Ellis, J.S., 1944:
Treatment of fractures of the femoral and tibial shafts in the same limb

Rehn J.; Hierholzer G.; Schramm W., 1968:
Treatment of fractures of the femur located near the hip joint human

Souyris M.F., 1968:
Treatment of fractures of the frontal sinus by multiple osteo synthesis and endo sinusal ballonets human

Raisch, O.E., 1965:
Treatment of fractures of the head of the radius in childhood

Mayer W.; Andrassy G.; Voelter D., 1967:
Treatment of fractures of the humerus shaft human rev

Cwioro F.; Rzeszutko T., 1968:
Treatment of fractures of the roots of the anterior teeth

Nicaise H.; Lardennois B.; Pire J C.; Rives J., 1967:
Treatment of fresh fractures of the leg results of our experience in a continuous series of 100 cases human anatomy skin lesions osteo synthesis complications

R.Behandlung Von Obstbaumen Nach Unwettern, 1953:
Treatment of fruit-trees after tempests

Stubenrauch, L., 1961:
Treatment of fuliginous dermatosis in suckling pigs with gluco-corticoids

Grant, A.; Wotzilka, H., 1943:
Treatment of fulminating meningococcal septicaemia

Watts, M.S.; Wilbur, D.L., 1953:
Treatment of functional disorders

Johnson D., 1968:
Treatment of functioning neopl thyroid cancer abstract human radio iodine therapy surgery

Kamyszek, Franciszek, 1966:
Treatment of fungal disease in guinea-pigs

Shibaki H., 1966:
Treatment of fungal infections with new fungistatics abstract mercaptobenzothiazol ointment anti infect dd59 ointment anti infect griseofulvin anti infect superficial lesion

Shibaki H.; Shimazaki T., 1966:
Treatment of fungal infections with t 265m ointment anti infect and tincture anti infect abstract

Kamimura M.; Takahashi S., 1966:
Treatment of fungous disease with takamycin ointment anti infect abstract human

Kitamura, S.; Motomura, M., 1960:
Treatment of fungous diseases and antibiotic test with variotin

El-Mofty, A.M., 1961:
Treatment of fungus infections with griseofulvin

Miller, W.C., 1963:
Treatment Of Fungus Infections With Microcrystalline Griseofulvin

Mayr, Anton, 1966:
Treatment of game and on the utilization of game from hydrophobia infected areas

Rubinsky, E.A., 1941:
Treatment of gangrenous pulp with cultures of Lactobacillus acidophilus

Baisse, C.; Lafon, R., 1967:
Treatment of garlic seed cloves against the white decay

Kendrick, D.B., 1939:
Treatment Of Gas Gangrene Infections In Guinea-Pigs With Neoprontosil, Sulfanilamide, And Sulfapyridine: An Experimental Study

Caster, W.O., 1963:
Treatment of gas liquid chromatography data by digital computer methods

Thunold J., 1968:
Treatment of gaseous gangrene with hyperbaric oxygenation

Doll, R.; Hill, I.D.; Hutton, C.F., 1965:
Treatment Of Gastric Ulcer With Carbenoxolone Sodium And Oestrogens

Berkowitz, D., 1962:
Treatment of gastritis with an antacidoxethazaine mixture

Golbert T.M., 1968:
Treatment of gastro intestinal and food allergy human food avoidance

Aubertin, Emile, 1951:
Treatment of gastro-duodenal ulcers by extracts of the gastric or duodenal mucosa or of urine A review

Makarov, J.V.; Khain Makarova, I.G.A., 1944:
Treatment of gastro-intestinal disorders with sodium zosterate

Kaludi, M., 1959:
Treatment of gastroduodenal ulcer with Robu-den

Fogelson, S.J.; Shoch, D.E., 1944:
Treatment of gastroduodenal ulcerative disease with sodium alkyl sulfate

Fison, D.C.; Singer, E., 1950:
Treatment of gastroenteritis in infants with chloro-mycetin

Roditi, B.; Kaplan, R., 1963:
Treatment Of Gastro-Enteritis With Tetracycline Derivatives Parenterally

Sherlock, P.; Ehrlich, A.N.; Pavon, E.E.; Paglia, M.A., 1967:
Treatment of gastrointestinal cancer: current status and recent progress

Ernesto, G.H.rrera; Herrera, A.G.rcia, 1963:
Treatment of gastrointestinal spasm of the child with a solution of tridihexethyl chloride

Anonymous, 1966:
Treatment of generalized chest cancer by bilateral ovariectomy right adrenalectomv and portalization of the left adrenal gland Personal experience

Amiel J L.; Berumen L.; Schwarzenberg L.; Schneider M.; Cattan A.; Schlumberger J R.; Mathe G., 1968:
Treatment of generalized neopl hodgkins disease with multiple chemo therapy abstract from sem hop paris 42 49 2970 2974 nov 1966 human cortisone meta sulfo benzoate anti neoplastic orally procarbazine anti neoplastic natulan anti neoplastic vinblastine sulfate anti neoplastic vincaleukoblastine anti neoplastic tri ethylene melamine anti neoplastic triameline anti neoplastic tem anti neoplastic

Scholler K.L., 1968:
Treatment of genetically caused hyper sensitivity to succinyldi choline

Rubinstein, H.S., 1938:
Treatment of genital hypoplasia in the male

Sarewitz, Albert B., 1955:
Treatment of genito -urinary moniliasis with orally administered nystatin

Sternadel Z., 1968:
Treatment of genito urinary infections due to trichomonas vaginalis by tc 109 atrican anti parasit human candida albicans

Hinshaw, H.C., 1952:
Treatment of genito-urinary tuberculosis with streptomycin and synergistic drugs

Wildt, D.C.D.Ruyter De, 1940:
Treatment of genuine epilepsy

Anonymous, 1984:
Treatment of geothermal brine sulfate-rich fluids to facilitate the precipitation of silica

Kiessling, A.J., 1961:
Treatment of geriatric patients with etryptamine acetate

Coblentz A., 1968:
Treatment of geriatric peptic ulcer with chymotrypsin anti inflam and an antibiotic chymar anti inflam signemycin anti inflam human

Duperrat, M.B.; Goudie, G., 1962:
Treatment of giant aphthosis of the glans with moroxydine

Bustos, A.G.; Sosalara, E.V., 1963:
Treatment Of Giardiasis And Other Intestinal Parasites With Furazolidone

Albornoz Plata, Alberto, 1950:
Treatment of giardiasis by chloroguanidinechlorhydrate

Medina, F.D., 1956:
Treatment of giardiasis with Siosteran

Molina Pasquel, C., 1959:
Treatment of giardiasis with camoquinal

Mukherjea, A.K., 1965:
Treatment of giardiasis with furoxone

Anonymous, 1962:
Treatment of giardiasis with metronidazole About 100 case-histories

Abbatangelo, P.; Fiszerowicz, J.; Rey, O., 1962:
Treatment of giardiasis with paromomycin sulfate

Schneider, Jean, 1961:
Treatment of giardiosis with metronidazole

Amato, N.V.cente; D.M.ura Vasconcellos, A.T.ereza; Porto, G.T.exeira, 1966:
Treatment of giardlasis by a new drug Bayer 2493

Hurxthal, Lewis M., 1943:
Treatment of gigantism Observations on a pituitary giant for six years

Denny, F.E., 1942:
Treatment of gladiolus bulblets to stimulate germination

Creager, D.B., 1944:
Treatment of gladiolus bulbs before they are planted

Haye C.; Haut J., 1967:
Treatment of glaucoma by cryo coagulation application of the cryode at minus 120 degrees for 5 seconds 5 mm of the limb while trans conjunctival abstract human

Leydhecker, W., 1952:
Treatment of glaucoma with Vasculat

Obal, A., 1953:
Treatment of glaucoma with hormone of the corpus luteum

Cummins, F.M.; Taveras, J.M.; Schlesinger, E.B., 1960:
Treatment of gliomas of the third ventricle and pinealomas; with special reference to the value of radiotherapy

Linton, A.L., 1966:
Treatment of glutethimide intoxication

DeMyttenaere, M.; Schoenfeld, L.; Maher, J.F., 1968:
Treatment of glutethimide poisoning. A comparison of forced diuresis and dialysis

Hundley, J.M., 1945:
Treatment of gonococcic vulvovaginitis A study of 442 children

Ill, Herbert M., 1945:
Treatment of gonococcus infection

Putnam, L.E.; Welch, H.; Olansky, S., 1945:
Treatment of gonorrhea and studies of intramuscular irritation with seven salts of penicillin

Anonymous, 1945:
Treatment of gonorrhea by a single intramuscular injection of penicillin-oil-beeswax A cooperative study of 1,060 cases

Lucas, J.B.; Thayer, J.D.; Utley, P.M.; Billings, T.E.; Hackney, J.E., 1966:
Treatment of gonorrhea in males with cephaloridine

Rajka G., 1968:
Treatment of gonorrhea patients with intolerance to penicillin tetracycline anti infect

Greaves, A.B.; Macdonald, G.R.; Romansky, M.J.; Taggart,, 1950:
Treatment of gonorrhea with chloramphenicol

Jacoby, A.; Goldberg, W., 1950:
Treatment of gonorrhea with dihydrostreptomycin

Jacoby, A.; Ollswang, A.H., 1950:
Treatment of gonorrhea with oral penicillin

Anonymous, 1946:
Treatment of gonorrhea with penicillin Results of therapy with penicillin in water -in-oil emulsion as compared with those obtained by single or multiple injections of aqueous penicillin solutions

Bersano Begey, A., 1947:
Treatment of gonorrhea with sulfonamides and penicillin in combination

Delouche, L., 1961:
Treatment of gonorrhea with triacetyl-oleandomycin

Berry, E.B., 1967:
Treatment of gonorrheal urethritis evaluated in 230 men

Brown, Willis E., 1942:
Treatment of gonorrheal vulvovaginitis with estrogens

Fitch, F.R., 1943:
Treatment of gonorrheal vulvoyaginitis with silver picrate suppositories

Willcox, R.R., 1968:
Treatment of gonorrhoea in the male

Willcox, R.R., 1953:
Treatment of gonorrhoea with terramycin; a comparison with penicillin

Oller, L.Z., 1964:
Treatment Of Gonorrhoea With Nalidixic Acid

Cobbold, R.J.; Morrison, G.D.; Willcox, R.R., 1968:
Treatment of gonorrhoea with single oral doses of rifampicin

Willcox, R.R., 1951:
Treatment of gonorrhoea with streptomycin

Willcox, R.R.; Mallet, K.J., 1962:
Treatment of gonorrhoea with streptomycin in London in 1961

Bettley, F.R.; Baker, R., 1944:
Treatment of gonorrhoea with sulphathiazole

Koch G.; Schlosser G A., 1968:
Treatment of gout among surgical patients

O.Duffy J.D.; Scherbel A.L., 1968:
Treatment of gout and urate calculi with allo purinol metab report of 3 representative cases human

Kersley, G.D., 1966:
Treatment of gout by reduction of uric acid production

Hazard J.; Motte G., 1968:
Treatment of gout human pathogenesis drugs

Rouques, L., 1963:
Treatment of gout using probenecid

Delbarre, F.; Auscher, C., 1963:
Treatment of gout using uracil-6-carboxylic-acid and its derivatives

Anonymous, 1961:
Treatment of gout with zoxazolamine Experience with 19 patients treated for 13 to 23 months

Charpin J.; Aubert J.; Rocca Serra J P.; Zafiropoulo A., 1967:
Treatment of gramineae m hay fever a slow extract of alum pyridine anti hist abstract human allpyral anti hist

Livingston S., 1968 :
Treatment of grand mal epilepsy phenobarbital versus diphenylhydantoin sodium human anti convulsive activity

Greenblatt, R.B.; Deibert, A.V., 1945:
Treatment of granuloma inguinale with diramin; a new antimonial

Daft, Floyd S., 1952:
Treatment of granulocytopenia in folic acid-deficient rats with adenine

Robinson, H.M.; Cohen, M.M., 1953:
Treatment of granuloma inguinale with erythromycin

Lafon, M., 1952:
Treatment of grape mildew without copper

Marsolat, R., 1946:
Treatment of grape vines injured by hail

Sobel, G., 1966:
Treatment of grass pollenosis with various preparations: eleven-year study

Brown, E.A., 1958:
Treatment of grass pollinosis with a single annual injection of emulsified extract. IV

Ivanitskaya N.N., 1968:
Treatment of guinea pigs infected with a mixture of sensitive and drug resistant mycobacterium tuberculosis isoniazid anti infect iso nicotinic acid hydrazide anti infect

Keller, W.; Dol Ter, W., 1927:
Treatment of guinea pigs with serum albumen and tuberculin

Anonymous, 1959:
Treatment of gummosis in citrus fruits

Gonzalez Munoz, E., 1961:
Treatment of gynecological changes with estriol

Stone, M.L.; Sedlis, A.; Bamford, J.; Bradley, W., 1958:
Treatment of gynecological infections with glucosamine-potentiated tetracycline

Kasko, P.I., 1957:
Treatment of gynecological patients in the postoperative period with Aminazine

Anonymous, 1951:
Treatment of gynecomastia with adrenal cortex hormone Internatl

Roujansky; Andre, M., 1964:
Treatment of habitual abortion with vitamin A Medical Meeting of Madagascar, 16-21 March 1964, Tananarive, Malgasy Republic Abstract only

Checkler P.; Bonnet P., 1968:
Treatment of habitual insomnia and more particularly sleep disorders of anxiety and anguish with etodroxizine in the di maleate form

Pavlovsky, A.; Andino, A.; D.T.zanos Pinto, M., 1965:
Treatment of haemophilia A

Anonymous, 1965:
Treatment of haemophilia A and von Willebrands disease

Prentice, C.R.M.; Breckenridge, R.T.; Forman, W.B.; Ratnoff, O.D., 1967:
Treatment of haemophilia with human antihaemophilic factor prepared by the cryoprecipitate process

Alonso, E.Martinez, 1944:
Treatment of haemorrhage and shock

Albrechtsen, O.K.; Skjodt, P., 1962:
Treatment of haemorrhagic diathesis by epsilon-amino-caproic acid and human fibrinogen in a case of abruptio placentae

Fodor A., 1967:
Treatment of hallucinations and delirium with centrophenoxin cent depress abstract from ther umschau 23 4 162 164 april 1966 human chronic alcoholism

Kashkina, E.G.; Osipov, S.N., 1967:
Treatment of hands and the area to be operated on with Lykvatol

Languillon J., 1968:
Treatment of hansens disease leprosy by long acting sulfamides human cutaneous

Johansen, Hendrik, 1946:
Treatment of hardness of hearing and tinnitus with vitamin B

Frankland, A.W.; Macaulay, D.B.air; Evans, R.G.yn, 1963:
Treatment of hay fever by depot injections

Anonymous, 1929:
Treatment of hay fever by specific desensitization II

Aronoff, S., 1961:
Treatment of hay fever with emulsified pollen extracts

Gould, M.M., 1961:
Treatment of hayfever patients with alum precipitated pyridine pollen extracts and evaluation of therapy by means of the intracutaneous threshold test

Jorge, H.; Estrada, A.M.guel; Puente Iturralde, H., 1967:
Treatment of head and neck sarcomas

Eddy, Gaines W., 1948:
Treatment of head lice with the MYL and DDT louse powders and the NBIN emulsion

Ascroft, P, 1943:
Treatment of head wounds due to missiles analysis of 500 cases

Magee, K.R.; Westerbert, M.R.; Dejong, R.M., 1952:
Treatment of headache with ergotamine-caffeine suppositories

Bluestone R.; Harris A.; Tucker S., 1966:
Treatment of heart block in children isoprenaline 1 a cardio vasc saventrine cardio vasc

Angarskaya, M.A.; Bezruk, P.I.; Krivolutskaya, O.I., 1966:
Treatment of heart deficiency by Gomphotin

Rubin I.L.; Gross H.; Arbeit S.R., 1968:
Treatment of heart disease in the adult book inst electro cardiography

Anonymous, 1928:
Treatment of heart disease with A vernalis

Sholokhova, G.I., 1957:
Treatment of heart failure with erysimin

Pilipets, O.A., 1957:
Treatment of heart failure with the glycoside preparation corglysan with consideration of some phases of protoplasmodynamics

Bluestone, R.; Harris, A., 1965:
Treatment of heart-block with long-acting isoprenaline

Schollmeyer P., 1968 :
Treatment of heartbeat disturbances digitalis cardio vasc procainamide cardio vasc quinidine cardio vasc isoproterenol cardio vasc human

Brown, H.P.; Austin, J.A., 1939:
Treatment of heartworms in dogs with Stibsol a new drug

Herrera E.G.; Katz Avrutski F.; Carrada Bravo T.; Garcia Herrera A., 1967:
Treatment of helminthiasis in children abstract from medicina mex 46 984 123 131 march 25 1966 di glycosyl piperazine anti parasit hexyl resorcinol anti parasit ascaris oxyuris trichocephalus hymenolepis nana hymenolepis diminuta

Popov, N.G., 1966:
Treatment of hemangioma of the parotid- masticatory region

Garkusha, G.T., 1966:
Treatment of hemangiomata of the faeio-maxillary region Problems of clinical oncology of the respiratory tract, facio-maxillary region, and ear

Cherntsova T.A.; Zvereva L.A.; Kakhetelidze M.G.; Gudim V.I.; Moskaleva G.P.; Propisnova N.G., 1968:
Treatment of hematological patients with a hypophysial preparation erypoietin hematol human

Anonymous, 1966:
Treatment of hematuria in hemophiliacs Study of 62 cases occurring in 40 hemophiliacs

Loeffler H.; Schultis K., 1968:
Treatment of hemo blastosis and of malignant lymphoma part 1 leukoses polycythemia vera and osteo myelo sclerosis

Bodin F., 1968:
Treatment of hemochromatosis deferrioxamine hematol human

Ruhrmann G.; Sturmann E., 1967:
Treatment of hemolytic disease of the new born with high doses of prednisone hematol abstract from z kinderheilk 98 3 197 207 december 9 1966 infants

Pool, J.G.; Hershgold, E.; Pappenhagen, A., 1965:
Treatment of hemophilia A

Egli, H., 1965:
Treatment of hemophilia A and B

Gugler, E., 1965:
Treatment of hemophilia A with plasma fraction I

Peetermans M.; Casman Govaerts J., 1968:
Treatment of hemophilia by a cryo precipitate

Penner J.A., 1967:
Treatment of hemophilia human

Peetermans M.; Casman Govaerts J., 1968:
Treatment of hemophiliacs with cryo precipitate human

Gokhberg, E.A., 1967:
Treatment of hemoptysis with epsilon-aminocaproic acid

Bogusz, Josef, 1958:
Treatment of hemorrhage of gastric and duodenal ulcer

Vainbaum, D.S., 1967:
Treatment of hemorrhages of the fundus oculi in newborn children

Anonymous, 1964:
Treatment of hemorrhagic accidents from an overdose of dicoumarol derivatives Study session on thrombo-embolic disease Paris-UNESCO, 15 December, 1963

Ruhrmann G.; Sturmann E., 1967:
Treatment of hemorrhagic disease of the new born with high dosages of prednisone hematol intra venous

Macpherson, A.I.S., 1941:
Treatment of hemorrhagic disease of the new-born

Ratnoff O.D.; Breckenridge R.T.; Shulman N.R.; Curtiss P.H.; Webster W.P.; Roberts H.R.; Penick G.D.; Agle D.P.; Mattsson A.; Kerr C.B.; Aggeler P.M.; Horowitz H.I.; Pritchard J.A.; Jackson D.P.; Hardisty R.M., 1968:
Treatment of hemorrhagic disorders book human

Arbus L.; Lazorthes Y., 1968:
Treatment of hemorrhagic meningitis by intra spinal injection of phosphate beta methasone

Gowdey, C.W.; Kilborn, R.M.; Stevenson, J.A.F., 1957:
Treatment of hemorrhagic shock in the dog with chorpromazine and/or hypothermia

Isaakyan A.I., 1967:
Treatment of hemorrhagic thrombasthenia human

Patsiora, M.D.; Kozyreva, A.L., 1966:
Treatment of hemorrhagic thrombocytemia in splenectomized patients with the aid of radiophosphorus

Babaev, O.G., 1965:
Treatment of hepatic amoebiasis with chlorquine diphos-phate

Bemvenuti G.A.; Martins J.J., 1968:
Treatment of hepatic ascites with fursemide

Eiseman, B., 1966:
Treatment of hepatic coma by extracorporeal liver perfusion

Sabin S.; Merritt J.A., 1968:
Treatment of hepatic coma in cirrhosis by inst plasmapheresis and plasma infusion plasma exchange human

Krebs, R.; Flynn, M., 1967:
Treatment of hepatic coma with exchange transfusion and peritoneal dialysis

Brown, Henry, 1967:
Treatment of hepatic failure and coma

Lange H.F., 1968:
Treatment of hepatic failure with ascites and with hepatic coma human

John-Baptiste, A.; Varenbut, M.; Lingley, M.; Nedd-Roderique, T.; Teplin, D.; Tomlinson, G.; Daiter, J.; Krahn, M., 2009:
Treatment of hepatitis C infection for current or former substance abusers in a community setting

Anonymous, 1960:
Treatment of hepatitis epidemica with Reducdyn A therapeutic comparison

Rueff B.; Cavalier J.; Frejaville J.P.; Jolly J.B.; Obriot J.J.; Turkel S.; Vaur J.; Vinot J.P.; Benhamou J.P., 1968:
Treatment of hepato cellular insufficiency by exsanguinating transfusions

Rueff B.; Cavalier J.; Frejaville J.P.; Joly J.B.; Obriot J.J.; Turkel S.; Vaur J.; Vinot J.P.; Benhamou J.P., 1968:
Treatment of hepato cellular insufficiency by exsanguino transfusion abstract human hepatic coma

Robles Gonzalez, Luis, 1962:
Treatment of hepato-cholecystic dyspepsia with a new combination for medication

Horodets'ka, E.H.; Hlovins'ka, L.G., 1965:
Treatment of hepatocholecystitis on an inpatient basis

Tu, J.B.; Cooper, W.C.; Black Well, R.Q.entin; Hou,, 1965:
Treatment of hepatolenticular degeneration in the asymptomatic stage

Grayzel, H.G.; Radwin, L.S., 1938:
Treatment of hepatomegaly in juvenile diabetes mellitus with a pancreatic extract

Kallai, L.; Cerlek, S., 1955:
Treatment of hepatopathies by a total extract of liver

Steinmuller, D.; Motulsky, A.G., 1967:
Treatment of hereditary spherocytosis in Peromyscus by radiation and allogeneic bone marrow transplantation

Klingman, W.O., 1958:
Treatment of heredodegenerative disorders: a continuing challenge to neurology

Dodge P.R., 1968:
Treatment of herpes simplex encephalitis with an anti viral agent human 5 iodo 2 deoxy uridine anti infect

Uchida, Yukio; Higai, Hiroshi; Kitamuro, Tomoya; Matsumura, Kayoko, 1962:
Treatment of herpes simplex keratitis by IDU -deoxyuridine ointment

Juel, J.Nsen, B.E.; Maccallum, F.O., 1964:
Treatment Of Herpes Simplex Lesions Of The Face With Idoxuridine: Results Of A Double-Blind Controlled Trial

Gelfand, M.L., 1954:
Treatment of herpes zoster with cortisone

Dennie, C.C.; Morgan, D.B.; Coombs, F.P., 1949:
Treatment of herpes zoster with moccasin venom

Anonymous, 1952 :
Treatment of herpes zoster with chloromvcetin

Zagaigora E.P., 1967:
Treatment of herpetic keratitis by metabolites 5 iodo 2 deoxy uridine anti viral human rabbit cortico steroid

Anonymous, 1965:
Treatment of herpetic keratitis with and corticosteroids Report of 105 cases

Salem, M.R.; Baraka, A.; Rattenborg, C.C.; Holaday, D.A., 1967:
Treatment of hiccups by pharyngeal stimulation in anesthetized and conscious subjects

Daly W.M., 1968:
Treatment of hiccups letter human inst catheter technique

Suwasa Kantawanichkul; Supreeya Kladprasert; Hans Brix, 2009:
Treatment of high-strength wastewater in tropical vertical flow constructed wetlands planted with Typha angustifolia and Cyperus involucratus

Louw J.H.; Cywes S., 1967:
Treatment of hirschsprungs disease child surgery

Casey, J.H.; Burger, H.G.; Kent, J.R.; Kellie, A.E.; Moxham, A.; Nabarro, J.; Nabarro, J.D., 1966:
Treatment of hirsutism by adrenal and ovarian suppression

Bennoun, J.R., 1963:
Treatment of hirsutism with metronidazole Meeting of the Endocrinology Society, Marseille, 1963

Bethune, J.E., 1966:
Treatment of hirsutism, virilism, and complications of adrenal steroid therapy

Anon, 1967:
Treatment of hodgkins disease human radio therapy surgery chemo therapy

Mcnatt M.; Rosser C., 1968:
Treatment of hodgkins disease involving the colon editorial human inst lymph angiography x ray therapy hemorrhage chemo therapy

Pitney, W.R., 1965:
Treatment of homophilia; A with fraction I-O

Stevens, R.; Roberts, J.B.; Williams, I.H., 1961:
Treatment of hops with gibberellic acid

Kvater, E.I.; Reinberg, S.A., 1965:
Treatment of hormonal spon-dylopathy

Heilbronn, Edith, 1962:
Treatment of horse serum cholinesterase with sialidase

Khil'ko, D.R.; Ostapenko, M.M., 1959:
Treatment of horses suffering from dourine

Saunders, John C., 2006:
Treatment of hospitalized depressed and schizophrenic patients with monoamine oxidase inhibitors Including reflections on pargyline

Marotta, Gaetano, 1943:
Treatment of hospitalized malaria cases with italchina

Feldman, Paul E., 1959:
Treatment of hospitalized mental patients with iproniazid Amine oxidase inhibitors

Anonymous, 1944:
Treatment of human anthrax with penicillin A report of three cases

Janbon, M.; Bertrand, L., 1949:
Treatment of human brucellosis due to Brucella melitensis by the synergistic action of streptomycin and sulfadiazine

Anonymous, 1958:
Treatment of human diabetic pregnancies with estradiol valerate and 17 -hydroxyprogesterone 17-n-caproate In New steroid compounds with progestational activity

Plotnikov, N.N.; Karnaukhov, V.K.; Zal'nova, N.S.; Alekseeva, M.I.; Borisov, I.A.; Stromskaya, T.F., 1965:
Treatment of human fascioliasis with chloxyl

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Treatment Of Human Herpes Simplex Keratitis With Idoxuridine

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Treatment of human intoxications due to organicphosphorus derivatives by classic methods and by sulfomethylate of -pyridylaldoxime

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Treatment of human malignant melanoma with actinomycin D

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Treatment of human paragonimiasis with bithionol

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Treatment of human psittacosis with penicillin

Alterio D.L., 1968:
Treatment of human taeniasis caused by taenia solium and taenia saginata with ethereal extract of male fern p anti parasit given through duodenal catheter

Anonymous, 1960:
Treatment of human taeniasis with 5, 5-dichloro-2,2-dihydroxydiphenylmethane

D.O.iveira, C.A.onso; Chaia, G.; Cambraia, J.N.minato, 1963:
Treatment of human taeniasis with a salycilamide derivative

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Treatment Of Human Tapeworm Infections With Yomesan: Single Dose Treatment In Non-Fasting Subjects

Ledentu, G.; Daude, J., 1926:
Treatment of human trypanosomiasis with 270 Fourneau

Berdashkevich Y.A.; Borovitskaya A.I., 1968:
Treatment of humero scapular peri arthritis shoulder epicondylitis and styloiditis of the radius by local hydro cortisone anti inflam injections novocaine anesthetic procaine anesthetin human

Keuth U., 1968:
Treatment of hyaline membrane disease of the metab newborn with infusions of sodium bi carbonate metab and glucose metab abstract from deutsch med wschr 92 6 248 255 feb 10 1967 infant intra venous injection

Malykhina, V.F., 1959:
Treatment of hybrid seeds with boric acid solution before sowing

Mavrin, M.I.; Nechunaev, L.M., 1965:
Treatment of hydrocalycosis

Nashold, B.S.; Mannarino, E., 1964:
Treatment Of Hydrocephalus By Ureteral-Subarachnoid Shunt: A 14 Year Follow-Up

Anonymous, 1964:
Treatment of hydrocephalus with a cetazolamide Report of twelve cases

Scarff, J.E., 1963 :
Treatment of hydrocephalus: an historical and critical review of methods and results

Bauer, G., 1940:
Treatment of hydronephrosis and renal pain by denervation of the kidney

Milne, F.J., 1953:
Treatment of hydrops amnii with ECP

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Treatment of hymenolepiasis with dimantine anti parasit abstract from medicina mex 47 1010 169 172 april 25 1967

Kaplan G., 1968:
Treatment of hyper calcemia by phosphates human oral intra venous

Cavagnini F.; Cortellaro M.; Praga C., 1968:
Treatment of hyper calcemia letter human symptomatic therapy sodium citrate

Varco R.L., 1968:
Treatment of hyper cholesterolemia human diet

Gay A., 1968:
Treatment of hyper fibrinolytic and hemorrhagic states with 4 aminomethyl cyclo hexanecarboxylic acid hematol human

Strisower E.H.; Adamson G.; Strisower B., 1968:
Treatment of hyper lipidemias ethyl chlorophenoxyiso butyrate metab human

Anon, 1968:
Treatment of hyper thyroidism human

Paoli A.; Camuzzini G., 1968:
Treatment of hyper thyroidism with iodine 131 in the state of merida goiter endemic zone

Delbarre F.; Auscher C.; Olivier J.L.; Rose A., 1967:
Treatment of hyper uricemia and gout with derivatives of benzofurane benziodarone anti inflam benzarone anti inflam human

Anonymous, 1961:
Treatment of hyper-cholesteremia Comparison of triparanol and nicotinic acid

Merigan, T.C.; Hayes, R.E., 1961:
Treatment of hypercalcemia in multiple myeloma. Report of two patients

Kistler, H.J., 1967:
Treatment of hypercalcemia with inorganic phosphate

Casdorph, H.R., 1967:
Treatment of hypercholesteremia with cholestyramine, a bile acid sequestering resin

Zollner, N.; Gudenzi, M., 1967:
Treatment of hypercholesterolemia with beta-pyridyl carbinol

Kerstell, J.; Svanborg, A., 1966:
Treatment of hypercholesterolemia with para-aminosalicylic acid

Corday, E.; Irving, D.W.; Jaffe, H., 1960:
Treatment of hypercholesterolemia with thyroid analogues in patients with coronary artery disease

Knudsen, E.A.; Meier, C.H., 1963:
Treatment of hyperhidrosis with topical propantheline bromide

Komov, O.P., 1967:
Treatment of hyperhy-drosis of the feet

Berlyne, G.M.; Janabi, K.; Shaw, A.B.; Hocken, A.G., 1966:
Treatment of hyperkalaemia with a calcium-resin

Knowles, H.C.; Kaplan, S.A., 1953:
Treatment of hyperkalemia in acute renal failure using exchange resins

Arner, Bengt, 1960:
Treatment of hypersensitiveness to iodized roentgen contrast media

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Treatment of hypertension

Mira Ribera A., 1968:
Treatment of hypertension

Losse H., 1968:
Treatment of hypertension and hypotension

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Treatment of hypertension in elderly patients with methium chloride

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Treatment of hypertension in medical practice with Hygroton -reserpine

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Treatment of hypertension in out-patients: mecamylamine, bretylium and guanethidine

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Treatment of hypertension using reserpine combined with a new analeptic agent, methyl-phenidylacetate hydrochloride; limitations of usefulness

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Treatment of hypertension with hydergine; a review of 200 cases

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Treatment of hypertension with Isoverin

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Treatment of hypertension with Rauwolfia serpentina alone and combined with other drugs: results in eighty-four cases

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Treatment of hypertension with a combination of pargyline hydrochloride and methylcothiazide

Portal A., 1967:
Treatment of hypertension with a diuretic combined with a sedative abstract from gaz med france 73 sup 9 39 47 may 1966 flonatril cardio vasc nozinan cardio vasc hygroton cardio vasc human

Bilgutay, A.M.; Lillehei, C.W., 1965:
Treatment Of Hypertension With An Implantable Electronic Device

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Treatment of hypertension with antihypertensive diuretic drugs

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Treatment of hypertension with benzydroflumethiazide as the sole antihypertensive agent

Chew B.K., 1968:
Treatment of hypertension with bethanidine cardio vasc esbatal cardio vasc human

Batterman, R.C.; Mouratoff, G.J.; Kaufman, J.E., 1964:
Treatment of hypertension with combination of alkavervir andepithiaztde

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Treatment of hypertension with furosemide cardio vasc and reserpine cardio vasc in ambulatory patients abstract from med klin 62 4 143 146 jan 27 1967 human lasix cardio vasc diuresis

Klebanov, Y.A., 1964:
Treatment of hypertension with ganglionic blocking agents

Spittel, J.A.; Gifford, R.W.; Achor, R.W., 1959:
Treatment of hypertension with hydrochlorothiazide as the sole antihypertensive agent

Rojas V.Francisco; Toledo, P.; Brailovsky, D.; C.Eliana Valenzuela; Moya, R.; Vera, G.; Marusic, E., 1959:
Treatment of hypertension with hypotensors in conjunction with chlorothiazide

Veretyanov, I.I., 1957:
Treatment of hypertension with infusion of eucommia bark

Aliyev, M.A.; Aliyeva, G.M., 1957:
Treatment of hypertension with lagochilus in polyclinics

Parsons, W.B., 1964:
Treatment Of Hypertension With Mebutamate Alone And In Combination With Hydrochlorothiazide

Martos, K.; Eroess, S.; Kiss, J., 1964:
Treatment Of Hypertension With Medicamentous Combinations

Loesel H., 1968:
Treatment of hypertension with mefrusid cardio vasc baycaron cardio vasc with special regard to the potassium balance presinol cardio vasc leron cardio vasc human

Joseph W.L.onard; Ray W.G.fford Jr.; David C.H.mphrey, 1965:
Treatment Of Hypertension With Methyldopa Alone Or Combined With Diuretics And Or Guanethidine. A Report Of 63 Cases

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Treatment of hypertension with oral protoveratrine

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Treatment of hypertension with oral reserpine alone and in combination with hydralazine or hexamethonium

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Treatment of hypertension with pempidine bitartrate

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Treatment of hypertension with propranolol cardio vasc bethanidine cardio vasc guanethidine cardio vasc methyl dopa cardio vasc human

Torosyan A.A., 1968:
Treatment of hypertension with quateron cardio vasc and preparations from rauwolfia serpentina d cardio vasc human

Treatment of hypertension with reserpine, with reserpine in combination with pentapyrrolidinium, and with reserpine in combination with Veratrum alkaloids

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Treatment of hypertension with spironolactone. Double-blind study

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Treatment of hypertension with terbolan cardio vasc abstract from wien med wschr 116 42 43 879 887 oct 15 1966 human furosemide cardio vasc reserpine cardio vasc

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Treatment of hypertension with trimethidinium methosulfate, a new ganglion-blocking drug

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Treatment of hypertensive disease

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Treatment of hypertensive disease with hypotensin A

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Treatment of hypertensive emergencies; parenteral use of reserpine

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Treatment of hypertensive patients with Dimecarbine

Kiseleva, S.K., 1957:
Treatment of hypertensive patients with Serpasil

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Treatment of hypertensive-patients with oxygen

Anonymous, 1967:
Treatment of hyperthvroidism with radioactive iodine A twenty-year review

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Treatment of hyperthyreosis with 131I

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Treatment of hyperthyroidism A lecture

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Treatment of hyperthyroidism during pregnancy with thyrostatic agents

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Treatment Of Hyperthyroidism In Children. Analysis Of Forty-Five Patients

Anonymous, 1968:
Treatment of hyperthyroidism with 131I One to ten years follow-up on 285 cases

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Treatment of hyperthyroidism with I-131: one to ten years follow up on 285 cases

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Treatment Of Hyperthyroidism With A Single Daily Dose Of Propylthiouracil

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Treatment of hyperthyroidism with methylthiouracil

Astwood, E.B.; Vanderlaan, W.P., 1946:
Treatment of hyperthyroidism with propythiouracil

Frisk, A.Rune, 1945:
Treatment of hyperthyroidism with thiourea and similar substances

Astwood, E.B., 1943:
Treatment of hyperthyroidism with thiourea and thiouracil

Mcsweeney, C.J., 1940:
Treatment of hypertoxic diphtheria with avid serum

Hall, T.C., 1967:
Treatment of hyperuricemia of neoplastic disease

Tabatabai A., 1968:
Treatment of hypo chlorhydria and of achlorhydria with roerisan

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Treatment of hypo fibrinogenemia with trasylol hematol and anti coagulants abstract from clin ter 43 1 19 33 oct 15 1967 human enzyme inhibitor

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Treatment of hypoglycemia associated with pancreatic and extrapancreatic tumors

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Treatment of hypoglycemia in infancy and childhood Symposium on treatment of hypoglycemia

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Treatment of hypoglycemia secondary to hypoglycemic agents

Fishbein, Efrain, 1965:
Treatment of hypogonadal impotence using a potentiated choriontc gonadotropin

Rath F.; Waldhaeusl W., 1968:
Treatment of hypophyseal hypothalamic retarded growth with human growth hormone

Mitchell M.E., 1968:
Treatment of hypophysectomized hens with avian follicle stimulating hormone title

Rambauske, F., 1967:
Treatment of hypotension using Sympatocard

Starr, P.; Liebhold, S.Hueck, R., 1954:
Treatment of hypothyroidism with sodium levo-thyroxin given orally

Gibbs, F.A.; Anderson, E.M., 1965:
Treatment of hypsarhythmia and infantile spasms with a Librium analogue

Stamps, F.W.; Gibbs, E.L.; Rosenthal, I.M.; Gibbs, F.A., 1959:
Treatment of hypsarhythmia with ACTH

Vignolo Lutati U.; Gavinelli R.; Cappetti C.A., 1968:
Treatment of icterus neonatorum with oral betamethasone gastro intest abstract from minerva pediat 18 33 1948 1949 nov 3 1966 infant corticotropin hormone acth hormone cortrophin hormone bentelan gastro intest celestone gastro intest

Machella, T.E.; Miller, T.G.ier, 1948:
Treatment of idio-pathic ulcerative colitis by means of a medical ileostomy and an orally administered protein hydrolysate - dextri -maltose mixture

Hammann B., 1968:
Treatment of idiopathic hemo chromatosis presentation of a case following 52 liters of bleeding abstract

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Treatment of idiopathic hypertrophic subaortic stenosis with propanolol cardio vasc abstract from schweiz med wschr 95 48 1652 1654 1965 human

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Treatment of idiopathic myo cardial hypertrophy with thio guanosine cardio vasc human

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Treatment of idiopathic secondary amenorrhoea with single injections of follicle-stimulating hormone and chorionic gonadotrophin

Ungley, C.C., 1943:
Treatment of immersion foot by dry cooling

Latinek Ciazynska, D., 1953:
Treatment of imminent abortions with antistin

Becker, 1926 :
Treatment of immunized horses with metallic salts

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Treatment of immunodeficiency: long-term outcome and quality of life

Mori P.G., 1968:
Treatment of immunological diseases in children with azathioprine immunol abstract from minerva pediat 18 34 2010 2022 nov 10 1966 imuran immunol prednisone immunol betamethasone immunol celestone immunol corticotropin immunol acth immunol

Harris, T.N., 1943:
Treatment of impetigo contagiosa with a new physical form of sulfathiazole

Aldrich, C.A.; Holmes, C.A., 1946:
Treatment of impetigo neonatorum with minimal doses of penicillin

Treatment of impetigo with sulfonamide-urea powder

Sasscer, E.R., 1935:
Treatment of imported Spanish grapes and other foreign quarantine developments during the year

Dubin, M.F., 1964:
Treatment Of Impotence With A Methyltestosterone-Thyroid Compound

Sako, W.; Stewart, C.A.; Fleet, J., 1944:
Treatment of in-fluenzal meningitis with sulfadiazine

Mainzer, F., 1953:
Treatment of incipient apoplexy with intravenous aminophylline

Thygeson, Phillips, 1941:
Treatment of inclusion conjunctivitis with sulfanilamide

Peschansky, A., 1962:
Treatment of incontinence of urination by bee venom

Koszarowski, T.; Klein, A., 1968:
Treatment of individual types of breast cancer

Holmblad, Edw C., 1944:
Treatment of industrial injuries

Calheiros, C.S.C.; Rangel, Aónio.O.S.S.; Castro, P.M.L., 2009:
Treatment of industrial wastewater with two-stage constructed wetlands planted with Typha latifolia and Phragmites australis

Ruiz, S.; Francisco; Sanchez, A.R.iz; Calixto, M.U.ibe, 1961:
Treatment of infant bacterial diarrheas with colistin

Jasso, Roberto Guzman, 1964:
Treatment of infant malnutrition with oxymetholone and L-lysine

Rao, P.K., 1954:
Treatment of infantile cirrhosis of the liver with antibiotics

Anonymous, 1949:
Treatment of infantile congenital syphilis Results with aqueous penicillin alone in sixty infants followed for an average of two years after treatment

Linde K.; Koditz H.; Hasenjager H., 1967:
Treatment of infantile diarrhea caused by pathogenic strains of escherichia coli with large oral doses of procaine penicillin g anti infect abstract from pediat pol 41 8 905 912 august 1966 children

Goettsch, E.; Cobley, G.; Mulloy, M., 1948:
Treatment of infantile diarrhea with streptomycin and an oral amigen mixture

Trombetti, E., 1959:
Treatment of infantile dystrophy with 19-nortestosterone propionate

Richardson, P.; Snyderman, R.K., 1964:
Treatment Of Infantile Hemangiomas. Active Intervention Or Conservative Management Of Strawberry Nevi?

Normann E., 1968:
Treatment of infantile pylorus stenosis

Montero A.R., 1968:
Treatment of infantile respiratory affections with a mixture of chloramphenicol lysozyme dexamethasone and a cough anti spasmodic

Rail, L., 1963:
Treatment Of Infantile Spasms With Acth

Edelstein, A.J., 1958:
Treatment of infected acne with erythromycin

Anonymous, 1962:
Treatment of infected burns with RLB 1621

Sorsby, A.; Burn, R.A., 1950:
Treatment of infected corneal ulcer by subconjunctival injection of penicillin in doses of 1,000,000 units

Gohberg, G.G., 1940:
Treatment of infected hydronephroses in pregnancy

Wright, V.W.Murray, 1942:
Treatment of infected wounds by H-l, a new germicidal extract from soil bacilli cultures

Herz, Ralph, 1941:
Treatment of infected wounds in the hamster by contact application of ultraviolet rays

Zhitnyuk, I.D., 1967:
Treatment of infected wounds with powdery mixture

Forti G.; Benincori C.; Auriti R.; Ravagnan L., 1967:
Treatment of infection in premature infants with a new tetracycline doxycycline anti infect staphylococcus aureus proteus vulgaris pseudomonas aeruginosa escherichia coli streptococcus faecalis

Anonymous, 1966:
Treatment of infections arising in patients with neoplasms In Symposium on treatment of superinfections

Stollerman, Gene H., 1964:
Treatment of infections due to beta hemolytic streptococci

Kraljevic O.Roque; Borgono, J.M.nuel; Villalobos, M.; Mendoza, A., 1960:
Treatment of infections due to gram-positive bacteriae and Klebsiella with triacetyloleandomycin

Fish, J.G.; Peacock, F., 1962:
Treatment of infections in dogs and cats with sulfamethoxazole

Weinstein, L.; Kaplan, K.; Chang, T.W., 1964:
Treatment Of Infections In Man With Cephalothin

Cifuentes Bernal H.; Albornoz Plata A.; Nunez Olarte E.; Triana Aguilar S.; Buitrago B., 1968:
Treatment of infectious canine hepatitis with a enz mono amine oxidase inhibiting drug nialamide anti viral dog mitochondria

Hamilton, C.M., 1943:
Treatment of infectious coryza in chickens with sulfathiazole

Florio, R.; Cottereau, P., 1959:
Treatment of infectious coryza of poultry with erythromycin , Rovamycin , and Soframycin

Dugger, J.A., 1961:
Treatment of infectious diseases in children with oral phenethicillin

Shamrayev, N.A., 1957:
Treatment of infectious follicular vestibulitis of cows with phytoncides of onions and garlic

Hrachovina, V.; Zimak, V., 1963:
Treatment of infectious hepatitis with glucocorticoids in children and adults

Anonymous, 1963:
Treatment of infectious mono-nucleosis with steroids A preliminary report

Ozsan, K., 1951:
Treatment of infectious mononucleosis by aureomycin

Riley, W.F.; Barner, R.D., 1953:
Treatment of infectious ovine keratitis

Anonymous, 1967:
Treatment of infectious pericarditis In Symposium on treatment of pericardial diseases

Ose, E.E.; Barnes, L.E., 1960:
Treatment of infectious sinusitis in turkeys with tylosin tartrate

Prier, J.E., 1950:
Treatment of infectious sinusitis of turkeys with aureomycin

Gay, L.N.; Marriott, H.J.L., 1947:
Treatment of infective asthma with penicillin in beeswax and oil

Gordon, N.S., 1944:
Treatment of infective hepatitis with glucose, insulin and ascorbic acid

Gemzell, C.; Kjessler, B., 1964:
Treatment Of Infertility After Partial Hypophysectomy With Human Pituitary Gonadotrophins

Crooke, A.C.; Butt, W.R.; Bertrand, P.B.; Morris, R., 1967:
Treatment of infertility and secondary amenorrhea with follicle-stimulating hormone and chorionic gonadotrophin

Bayer, R., 1960:
Treatment of infertility with vitamin E

Batievskii P.A.; Volokhova E.S.; Kurilko L.V.; Romanovskaya T.F.; Tambovtseva V.K., 1968:
Treatment of inflamed pulp with bioxyl paste along with the use of dynamic currents

Minalyan, A.A., 1966:
Treatment of inflamed pulps with tetracycline at one session

Howles, J.K., 1948:
Treatment of inflammatory dermatoses with oral bismuth

Laudanska, E.; Gvozd', A.; Oko, S.; Vis'nevska, A., 1964:
Treatment of inflammatory diseases of the uterine appendages with intrauterine injection of antibiotics and hydrocortisone

McFarlin, D.E.; Griggs, R.C., 1968:
Treatment of inflammatory myopathies with azathioprine

Stavskaya, V.V.; Ignat'eva, N.A., 1963:
Treatment of influenza and infleunzal pneumonia

Baksheev, Y.A., 1965:
Treatment of inguinal hernia in girls

Gunnlaugsson, G.H.; Dawson, B.; Lynn, H.B., 1967:
Treatment of inguinal hernia in infants and children: experience with contralateral exploration

Haselmann, G.; Pulfrich, K.; Haselmann, H., 1952:
Treatment of injured epithelium of the cornea

Foreman, H., 1962:
Treatment of injury from radiation contamination of the skin and subcutaneous areas

Rodbard, S., 1968:
Treatment of injury to the root of the nail

Van Hove, W.; Van der Straeten, M., 1966:
Treatment of inoperable bronchial carcinoma by means of an antimitotic combination

Anonymous, 1959:
Treatment of inoperable cancer of the maxillary antrum by X-ray I Estimation of tissue dose in multi -field X-ray therapy

Kenis Y., 1967:
Treatment of inoperable neopl pulmonary cancers with inst tele cobalt and with association of inst tele cobalt and cyclo phosphamide anti neoplastic endoxan anti neoplastic

Ariel, Irving M., 1965:
Treatment of inoperable primary pancreatic and liver cancer by the intra-arterial administration of radioactive isotopes

Kahn, M.; Baker, B.L.; Weiss, J.M., 1968:
Treatment of insomnia by relaxation training

Geer, J.H.; Katkin, E.S., 1966:
Treatment of insomnia using a variant of systematic desensitization: a case report

Banyasz T., 1967:
Treatment of insulin hormone resistant diabetic patients with butyl bi guanide hormone abstract from orv hetil 107 42 1980 1983 oct 1966 human

Anonymous, 1964:
Treatment of insulin hypoglycemia in diabetic campers A comparison of glucagon and glucose

Romani, J.D., 1965:
Treatment of insulin-dependent diabetes of adults with intermediate insulins

Emich R., 1965:
Treatment of intermittent claudication abstract from wien med wschr 115 27 28 579 581 1965 human isonit hexa nicotinate cardio vasc nicotinic acid cardio vasc

Martorell, F., 1958:
Treatment of intermittent claudication with MY 301

Samuels, S.S., 1957:
Treatment of intermittent claudication A preliminary report

Boyd, A.M.; Marks, J., 1963:
Treatment of intermittent claudication A reappraisal of the value of tocopherol

Brasfield, R.D.; Henschke, U.K., 1964:
Treatment Of Internal Mammary Nodes With A Radioactive Wire

Seale, E.R.; Clark, W.A., 1948:
Treatment of intertriginous moniliasis

Magaldi, C.; Neto, V.A.ato; Meira, J.A.ves, 1961:
Treatment of intestinal amebiases with paromomycin sulfate

Sankale, M.; Rivoalen, A.; L.V.guelloux, J., 1957:
Treatment of intestinal amebiasis and acute or chronic intestinal infections by a quinone derivative, 4,7-phenanthroline-5,6 quinone

Andre, L.J., 1963:
Treatment of intestinal amebiasis by paromomycine sulfate

Arango A.Jorge Luis; Montoya, F., 1963:
Treatment of intestinal amebiasis with 4,5-dichlorosalicilanllide

Anonymous, 1961:
Treatment of intestinal amebiasis with 4,7-phenanthrolin-5, 6 dione Study of 28 cases ,

Gutierre, B.Llesteros, E.; Molin, P.Squel, C., 1956:
Treatment of intestinal amebiasis with camoform

Anonymous, 1957:
Treatment of intestinal amebiasis with PAA-701 A preliminary report

Zuluaga, H.; Botero, D.; Restrepo, M.; Pelaez, M., 1966:
Treatment of intestinal amebiasis with chlorhydroxyquinolein in 109 patients

Villamil, C.F.; Dolcini, H.A.; Arabehety, J.T.; Stapler, N.M., 1964:
Treatment Of Intestinal Amebiasis With Paromomycin

Anonymous, 1954:
Treatment of intestinal amebiasis with the sodium salt of bis- -12-ethane

Bezjak, B.; Breitenfeld, V., 1963:
Treatment of intestinal amoebiasis with Entobex

Schneider, J.; Dupoux, R., 1953:
Treatment of intestinal amoebiasis with bis- 1,2-ethane

Botero, D., 1967:
Treatment of intestinal amoebiasis with diloxanide furoate, tetracycline and chloroquine

Schneider, J.; Dupoux, R.; Montezin, G., 1957:
Treatment of intestinal amoebiasis with diphetarsone-spiramycin

Molina Pasquel C.; Hernandez Y.Silva J.; Rosas M., 1967:
Treatment of intestinal amoebiasis with erythromycin stearate anti parasit of controlled release with enteric cover a 16535 study of 13 cases preliminary report human

Meeroff M., 1968:
Treatment of intestinal amoebiasis with erythromycin stearate anti parasit parasitological study on feces human

Felix, H.; Badrouillard, L.; Lesbre, F., 1964:
Treatment of intestinal amoebiasis with paromomycin sulfate

Caile, R., 1943:
Treatment of Intestinal Carriers of the Enteric Group of Organisms

Anonymous, 1965:
Treatment of intestinal gas and bloating In Symposium on treatment of chronic disturbances of bowel function

Anonymous, 1966:
Treatment of intestinal swellings in the adult Symposium on therapeutics of the functional disturbances of the intestine, Geneva, Switz, 17 March, 1966

Hofmann G.; Guth E., 1965:
Treatment of intoxications with psychotropic drugs with special reference to combined preparations abstract from ther umsch 22 4 174 177 1965 hypertensin antidote human

Sandberg D.H., 1968:
Treatment of intra hepatic biliary atresia alterations of bile acid and lipid metabolism abstract child

Mathur J.H., 1968:
Treatment of intra ocular foreign bodies

Premont, M., 1960:
Treatment of intra-hepatic gall-stones with partial hepatectomy A brief report

Miller, R.H.; Clark, E.C.; Dodge, H.W., 1955:
Treatment of intracerebral hematomas in young and middle-aged patients

Evans, H.L., 1944:
Treatment of intracranial infections with penicillin

Logue, B., 1960:
Treatment of intractable angina pectoris

Pearlman D.M.; Duremdes G., 1967:
Treatment of intractable ascites by reinfusion of unmodified autogenous ascitic fluid human

Salazar Mallén, M., 1965:
Treatment of intractable asthma with diethylcarbamazine citrate

Mousel, L.H., 1967:
Treatment of intractable pain of the head and neck

Schwab, R.S.; Sweet, W.H.; Mark, V.H.; Kjellberg, R.N.; Ervin, F.R., 1965:
Treatment of intractable temporal lobe epilepsy by stereotactic amygdala lesions

Vas, C.J.; Parsonage, M.J., 1967:
Treatment of intractable temporal lobe epilepsy with pheneturide

Dufour, R.; Meyer Schwickerath, G.; Fison, L.; Guillaumat, L., 1968:
Treatment of intraocular tumors and progress in chorioretinal surgery 5th Symposium of the Club Jules Gonin

Konstantinova, N.N.; Kosheleva, N.G., 1966:
Treatment of intrauterine fetal asphyxia by intravenous injection of the parturient with Sigetin

Falk, Viking, 1963:
Treatment of intrauterine synechiae of traumatic origin with hydrocortisone

Krause U., 1968:
Treatment of iron deficiency anemia by a single infusion of iron dextran hematol imferon hematol human

Vanier, T.M., 1967:
Treatment of iron deficiency anemia in children

Martsishevskaya, R.L., 1965:
Treatment of iron deficiency anemia in patients with gynecological diseases

Kostina, A.K., 1964:
Treatment of iron deficiency anemia in pregnancy with preparations of iron

Moeller, H.C., 1965:
Treatment of irritable colon

Nocito, Francisco J., 1948:
Treatment of ischemic affections of the extremities by ether-heparin mixture

Lincoln, C.S.; Nordstrom, R.C.; Batts, E.E., 1959:
Treatment of itching; a preliminary report on results with a new oral antipruritic

D'aubigne, R.M., 1966:
Treatment of iuxta-articular nonunion associated with joint stiffness

Petra, A., 1964:
Treatment of joined waste water from a wool washery and municipal sewage

Galvan R.J., 1967:
Treatment of juvenile acne in women with a combination of chlormadinone dermatol and mestranol dermatol abstract from medicina mex 46 996 441 443 september 25 1966

Treatment of juvenile melanomas and malignant melanomas in children

Naussac, H.; Pellerat, J.; Gonnet, L., 1947:
Treatment of kala-azar by a new antimony derivative

El-Hefnawi, H., 1962:
Treatment of keloid with asiaticoside

Alessandrini H., 1968:
Treatment of keloids and contracted fibrous cicatrices human burns madecassol dermatol

Bernstein, H., 1964:
Treatment Of Keloids By Steroids With Biochemical Tests For Diagnosis And Prognosis

Shiratori A.; Nakamura J.; Tsuyuki S., 1966:
Treatment of keloids with tetra hydroxy quinone dermatol title

Thomas, C.; Cordier, J.; Algan, B., 1957:
Treatment of keratitis rosacea

Toussaint, W.; Roggenkamp, K.; Bassler, K.H., 1967:
Treatment of ketonemia during childhood using xylitol

Toussaint W.; Roggenkamp K.; Bassler K.H., 1968:
Treatment of ketosis in childhood with xylitol metab abstract from z kinderheilk 98 2 146 154 nov 1966 diabetes mellitus

Horn, R.A.; Simmonds, F.A., 1965:
Treatment of kraft paperboards and a kraft pulp with acrylonitrile

Zal'nova, N.S., 1965:
Treatment of lambliasis

Fedun, I.F., 1966:
Treatment of lambliasis with Enteroseptol

Vorob'eva, N.K.; Buevich, V.I., 1967:
Treatment of lambliasis with Furaxone

Fedun I.F., 1967:
Treatment of lambliasis with iodochlorohydroxyquin anti parasit abstract from terap arkh 38 1 99 102 1966 children

Monafo, William W., 1965 :
Treatment of large human burns with 0 5% silver nitrate solution

Limbour J., 1968:
Treatment of large tympanic perforations

Bayley, H.H., 1941:
Treatment of larva migrans

Irvine, E.W.; Irvine, E.S.; Moffitt, O.P., 1961:
Treatment of laryngeal papillomas with bovine wart vaccine. A preliminary report of 4 cases

Tyniecki, Jozef, 1951:
Treatment of late pregnancy toxicoses with hormones and vitamins

Dubonosov, T.S., 1960:
Treatment of leached chernozems in the central and southern regions of Kuban

Coffin, R.; Phillips, J.L.; Staples, W.I.; Spector, S., 1966:
Treatment of lead encephalopathy in children

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Treatment of lead encephalopathy with BAL

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Treatment of lead encephalopathy with calcium disodium versenate Report of case

Smith, H.D.; King, L.R.; Margolin, E.G., 1965:
Treatment Of Lead Encephalopathy. The Combined Use Of Edetate And Hemodialysis

Mehbod, H., 1967:
Treatment of lead intoxication. Combined use of peritoneal dialysis and edetate calcium disodium

Anonymous, 1959:
Treatment of lead poisoning II Experiments on effect of vitamin C and rutin

Cotter, L.H., 1954:
Treatment of lead poisoning by chelation

Wegelius, O.; Harjanne, A., 1956:
Treatment of lead poisoning with calcium EDTA fethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid

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Treatment of lead poisoning with sodium citrate

Selander, S., 1967:
Treatment of lead poisoning. A comparison between the effects of sodium calciumedetate and penicillamine administered orally and intravenously

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Treatment of lead-poisoning with oral penlclllamine

Anonymous, 1964:
Treatment of leg ulcers of venous origin Study of 3,494 cases

Jacobs A., 1968:
Treatment of leg ulcers with cinnarizine

Germond, R.C., 1940:
Treatment of lepra reaction and lepromatous ulcers by antimony and the arsphenamides

Hoffmann, W.H., 1927:
Treatment of leprosy by antimony

Anonymous, 1955:
Treatment of leprosy by monthly injections of 25 g diaminodiphenylsulfone

Schneider, J., 1951:
Treatment of leprosy by spaced injections of D D S in ethyl chaulmoograte

Bellossi A., 1968:
Treatment of leprosy by sulfones and slow acting sulfamides comparison of therapeutic results in 100 cases

Faye I.; Privat Y.; Bellossi A., 1968:
Treatment of leprosy by sulfones and sulfamides retardants comparison of therapeutic results out of 100 cases abstract early treatment human

Anonymous, 1958:
Treatment of leprosy in Brazil Pres-ent plan of campaign and its execution

Browne, S.G., 1965:
Treatment of leprosy with B 663

Floch, H.; Mailloux, M., 1958:
Treatment of leprosy with D-cycloserine

Schulz, E.J.; Egnal, M.L.; Doevendans, G., 1966:
Treatment of leprosy with a combination of injectable thiamoutosine streptomycin and isoniazicd

Anonymous, 1967:
Treatment of leprosy with a delayed action sulfonamide Acetylsulfamethoxy-pyrazine

Floch, H.; Destombes, P., 1950:
Treatment of leprosy with a monosubstituted sulfone

Anonymous, 1953:
Treatment of leprosy with a new disub-stituted sulfone Its elimination in biological media An abstract

Floch, H., 1951:
Treatment of leprosy with aminohydroxyethylaminodiphenylsulfoneI

Muir, E., 1952:
Treatment of leprosy with diaminodiphenyl sulphone

Faget, G.H.; Pogge, R.C., 1947:
Treatment of leprosy with diasone, a preliminary report

Laviron, P.; Lauret, L., 1953:
Treatment of leprosy with isonicotinic hydrazide, diaminodiphenylsulfone and streptomycin

Schneider, J.; Languillon, J.; Clary, J.; Boissan, R.; Picard, P., 1960:
Treatment of leprosy with sulfamethopyrazine by the oral route or in injectable suspensions

Faye I.; Privat Y.; Bellossi A., 1968:
Treatment of leprosy with sulfone anti infect and sustained release sulfonamide anti infect comparison of therapeutic results from 100 cases abstract human

Faye I.; Privat Y.; Bellossi A., 1968:
Treatment of leprosy with sulfones and late action sulfamidos comparison of therapeutic results in 100 cases

Faye I.; Privat Y.; Bellossi A., 1968:
Treatment of leprosy with sulfones and sulfamido agents with delayed action comparison of the therapeutic results in 100 cases

Anonymous, 1951:
Treatment of leprosy with sulfones Fate of disubstituted sulfones in the body Mode of action

Floch, H.; Lecuiller, A.; Destombes, P., 1951:
Treatment of leprosy with suspensions of diaminodiphenylsulfone in various vehicles

Montestruc, Etienne, 1959:
Treatment of leprosy with the p-aminosalicylate of iso-nicotyl hydrazide

Montestruc, E.; Blache, R., 1952:
Treatment of leprosy with thiosemicarbazone

Anonymous, 1967:
Treatment of leprous perforating plantar ulcer with an extract of protein-free blood First results

Destombes, P.; Chambon, L., 1955:
Treatment of leprous reactions with phenylbutazone

Montestruc, Etienne, 1955:
Treatment of leprous reactions with prolonged cortisone therapy

Barth G.; Graebner H.; Kampmann H.; Kern W.; Noeske K., 1967:
Treatment of lethal inst x ray damage with derivatives of nicotinic acid ii the therapeutic effect of complamin 7 2 hydroxy 3 n hydroxy ethyl n methylamino propyl 1 3 dimethylxanthine pyridine 3 carboxylate radio protect in mice after lethal whole body radiation abstract from arzneimittelforschung 16 7 841 847 july 1966

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Treatment of leucopenia and granulopenia in rats receiving sul-faguanidine in purified diets

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Treatment of leukaemias and reticuloses with uracil mustard

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Treatment of leukemia and lymphomata with triethylene melamine

Bethell, F.H.; Thompson, D.S., 1954 :
Treatment of leukemia and related disorders with 6-mercaptopurine

Craver, L.F., 1942:
Treatment of Leukemia by Radioactive Phosphorus

Shanbrom, E.; Kahn, D., 1957:
Treatment of leukemia cutis with demecolcin

Hill, J.M.; Loeb, E., 1961:
Treatment of leukemia, lymphoma, and other malignant neoplasms with Vinblastine

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