Trial of Tanderil in prevention and therapy of thrombo-embolic accidents Study session on thrombo-embolic disease, Paris-UNESCO, 15 December, 1963

Giraud, L.

ANN ANESTH FRANC 5-(Spec no ): 171-176


Accession: 026014705

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Preliminary good results in 13 patients indicate the value of the anti-inflammatory effect of oxyphenbutazone in both prophylaxis and therapy of thrombo-embolic postoperative complications. This adjuvant agent may be used with antibiotics, anti-inflammatory hormones or local antiphlogistic ointments which currently are used. Oxyphenbutazone reinforces the action of a microbial lysate, Lantigen B. Mechanism of action through activation of blood proteases in different ways by these 2 agents are discussed.