Section 27
Chapter 26,037

Uber die Grenzflachen-spannung von Pferde- und Meerschweinchen serum gegen Vaselinol und deren Anderung nach Erhitzen des Serums auf die Inaktivierungstemperatur

Seelich, F.

Biochemische Zeitschrift 273(1): 135-146


ISSN/ISBN: 0366-0753
Accession: 026036889

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The interfacial tensions of horse and guinea pig sera against vaseline were measured with the apparatus of du Nouy. Parallel results were obtained with both species. The velocity of decrease in tension on standing depends on the extent of dilution of the sera and on the previous treatment. The initial tensions of heat inactivated sera (57[degree]C) are only a little lower than those of normal sera. On standing, however, the values given for the inactivated sera when in high dilution fall off much more rapidly. In low dilution the values for the active sera fall off more rapidly and after 2 hours are lower than those for the inactive sera. Sera heated only to 50[degree] in low dilution showed initially less of a reduction in tension and on standing the rate of further decrease was parallel to that of the active sera. In low dilution sera heated to 57[degree] and then mixed with an equal volume of active serum, or 57[degree] sera stored 21/2 hours at 37[degree], showed tensions similar to those of the sera heated only to 50[degree]. The author interprets these results as parallel to the reported restoration of hemolytic activity of inactive guinea pig serum.

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