Section 27
Chapter 26,038

Uber die Hydrolyse von Acylpeptiden

Moritsune, N.

Enzymologia Hague 9(6): 356-363


Accession: 026037053

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Dipeptidopeptidase, an enzyme found in aqueous and glycerin extracts of hog kidney, liver, and pancreas, but most abundantly in glycerin extracts of the first, was isolated as a stable soln. from glycerin extracts of hog kidney by alumina adsorption, elution with dilute aqueous NH3, purification by KH2PO4 and Fe2O3 precipitations, dialysis, and H2S treatment. The enzyme hydrolyzed triglycine and tetraglycine with the formation of 1 mole of glycine and 1 of diglycine with the former and 2 of digly-cine with the latter. With benzoyldiglycyl-l-asparagine the hydrolysis gave benzoylglycine for the 1st two and ben-zoyldiglycine with the last two. Benzoylglycine, diglycine, benzoyldiglycine and caseinogen were not attacked but glycerin extracts of hog kidney also contained an enzyme which did hydrolyze benzoylglycine, benzoyldiglycine, diglycine and benzoyltriglycine.

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