Section 27
Chapter 26,038

Uber die Hydronephrose auf Grand klinischer und experimenteller Erfahrungen

Minder, J.

Zeitschr Urol Chir 31(5/6): 173-192


Accession: 026037054

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Various portions of the bladder and ureter in 29 rabbits and 7 dogs were treated externally with applications of paraffin or cerumen, the ureter being patent or occluded with paraffin or a drainage tube. Various portions of some ureters were denuded (usually surgically, also chemically) and the effect of mechanical obstruction at a distance therefrom observed. Undoubtedly the anatomical condition of the ureteral wall is of sig-nificance in the development of hydronephrosis, since denudation alone was sufficient to produce it, though it occurred more rapidly when mechanical obstruction was also present.

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