Section 27
Chapter 26,042

Uber percutane Immunisierung gegen Diphtherie nach Lowenstein

Baar, H.; Grabenhof Fer, A.

Zeitschrift für Kinderheilkunde 48(2-3): 248-268


ISSN/ISBN: 0044-2917
Accession: 026041641

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Guinea-pigs may be immunized by percutaneous application of diphtheria-toxoid (Loewen-stein's ointment), and then show no reaction to intra-cutaneous injection of several min. necrotic doses or a subcutaneous injection of several M.L.D. of diphtheria toxin. They are immune to an intraconjunctival infection with diphtheria-bacilli. In percutaneous immunization of children [203,509 inunctions] 50-60% gave a negative Schick-test after 6 weeks, and 70-75% after 4 mos. Immunization depends on the number of toxoid applications, and, between 1-14 yrs., ia independent of age.

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