Uber sklerotische Organveranderungen, insonderheit der Arterien III. Mitteilung: Untersuchungen uber experimentelle Veraanderungen der Arterien durch Produkte des Kohlehy-dratstoffwechsels

Mancke, R.

Arch Exp Path U Pharmakol 141(3/4): 228-236


Accession: 026041748

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Aliphatic aldehydes were fed to 49 rabbits, 24 receiving formaldehyde bisulphite, and 25 acetaldehyde; 24 other rabbits received Na pyruvin-ate, 19 Na lactate and 26 irradiated ergosterol. Aortic changes, including calcified plaques and aneurysmal dilatations, were produced in all, most extensively by irradiated ergosterin, then by the aldehydes, least of all by the Na salts. Experiments in feeding 4 dogs a protein-poor diet and Na lactate gave almost completely negative results.