Section 27
Chapter 26,052

Untersuchungen uber Determination und Differenzierung. 1. Uber der Nachweis der Zellulosenbildner und uber das Vorkommen und die Lage derselben in Wurzelhaaren und Trichoblasten

Jensen, P.B.ysen

K Danske Videnskab Selskab Biol Meddelel 18(10): 1-19


Accession: 026051743

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Cellulose-forming enzymes are located in the tips of the roots and generally a thickening of the inner wall of the cell indicates that such enzymes are present. Such thickenings are also found on the inner side of the outer wall of hairless epidermal cells and indicate that cellulose-forming enzymes have accumulated there and that a root hair would have been produced if it had not been arrested, it seems that the development takes place in a definite place at the apical part of an epidermis cell of the outer wall.

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