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Chapter 26,052

Untersuchungen uber Pracipitine

Olbrycht, J.; Snieszko, S.

Deutsche Zeitschr Ges Gerichtl Med 12(6): 515-548


Accession: 026051832

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A reinvestigation of the common methods of immunizing. 237 rabbits were used in production of precipitating antisera against human, horse, beef and pig sera and human and sheep hemoglobins. The strength and specificity of these antisera were studied in relation to amounts and intervals of antigen injections, season of yr., heating of antigen before injection, etc. The method of repeated injection of small amounts of normal serum, with rest periods, gave best results. A new method of immunization comprising the best parts of the old methods is described as follows: (1) Blockade the reticulo-endo-thelial tissues with 2 intravenous injections of 5-7.5% colloidal India ink on successive days; (2) give a series of 10 intravenous injections of 0.1 cc. normal serum + 0.9 cc. saline, with injections on each 2nd day; (3) pause for several wks. to several mo.; (4) repeat (1) ; (5) give a series of daily intravenous injections of 1 cc. of normal serum per kgm. body wt. To prevent anaphylactic shock give an intravenous injection of 0.1 cc. of normal serum + 0.9 cc. saline 1 hr. before the 1st injection in (5).

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