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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 26066

Chapter 26066 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Deno, Richard, A., 1937:
Uterine macrophages in the mouse and their relation to involution

Pavlovsky, Alejandro, J., 1927:
Uterine malformation and congenital scoliosis

Dreyfus, J., 1963:
Uterine Malformations and Abortion

J.A.derson, N.C.; Zarrow, M.X., 1964:
Uterine membrane potential and tension in relation to ionic balance following treatment with relaxin

Schultze, A.B., 1966:
Uterine metabolic status during pregnancy and litter size in rats

Bosch, L.; Emmelot, P., 1955:
Uterine metabolism of ovariectomized mice bearing transplanted ovarian tumors

Lindgren, L., 1966:
Uterine motility at the onset of labour

Reynolds, S.R.M.; Firor, W.M., 1933:
Uterine motility in hypophysectomized and in pregnant rabbits

Setekleiv, J., 1964:
Uterine Motility Of The Estrogenized Rabbit. Ii. Response To Distension

Johannes Setekleiv, 1964:
Uterine motility of the estrogenized rabbit III Response to hypogastric and splanchnic nerve stimulation

Setekleiv, J., 1964:
Uterine Motility Of The Estrogenized Rabbit. Iv. Reflex Excitation And Inhibition

Setekleiv, J., 1964:
Uterine Motility Of The Estrogenized Rabbit. V. Response To Brain Stimulation

Bickers, W.; Woods, M., 1949:
Uterine muscle physiology from laboratory to bedside, a treacherous crossing

Malachini, G., 1946:
Uterine myoepitheliomas in cattle

Thommen, D., 1968:
Uterine myoma and conservation of the uterus

Jacobson, F.J.; Enzer, N., 1956:
Uterine myomas and the endometrium; study of the mechanism of bleeding

Karpas, C.M.; Merendino, V.J., 1964:
Uterine Osteogenic Sarcoma: Histochemical Studies and Report of a Case

Garrett, W.J., 1960:
Uterine over-distension and the duration of labour

Albers, H.J.; Bedford, J.M.; Chang, M.C., 1961:
Uterine peptidase activity in the rat and rabbit during pseudopregnancy

Tacchi, D., 1968 :
Uterine perforation by a inst saf t coil intra uterine contraceptive device

Pystynen, P.; Ylostalo, P., 1968:
Uterine perforation following insertion of inst intra uterine contraceptive device report of a case

Burnhill, M.S.; Birnberg, C.H., 1967:
Uterine perforation with inst intra uterine contraceptive devices review of the literature and cases reported to the national committee on maternal health woman

Waghmarae, D., 1967:
Uterine perforation with intra uterine device during puerperium

Garran, D.Teppa, D., 1967:
Uterine perforations woman inst intra uterine contraceptive device

Townsend, J.F.; Hall, D.G.; Cavazos, F.; Lucas, F.V., 1965:
Uterine peroxidase activity in abnormal human endometrium

Herbener, G.H.; Atkinson, W.B., 1961:
Uterine phosphamidase in sex hormone-treated and deciduomata-bearing ovariectomized rats

Santoli, G.; Balestra, E.; D.P.lma, V., 1964:
Uterine position anomalies observed in ten years

Balassa, G., 1940:
Uterine potentials

London, E.J.; Peck, S.J.; Fond, M.S., 1954:
Uterine prolapse and pregnancy; report of a case

YELLEN, H.S.; McNEILL, D.B., 1954:
Uterine prolapse and pregnancy; report of two cases

Bluett, D., 1966:
Uterine prolapse in pregnancy case report and description of inst pessary

King, Arthur, G., 1934:
Uterine reaction to sex hormones in the immature guinea pi

Robson, J.M., 1934:
Uterine reactivity and activity in the mouse at various stages of the sex cycle

Graubard, Mark, 1941:
Uterine respiration, cytochrome oxidase and copper

Miller, M.D.; Marshall, J.M., 1965:
Uterine response to nerve stimulation; relation to hormonal status and catecholamines

White, M.R.; Pratt, J.P., 1936:
Uterine response to pitocin

Anguiano, L.Guillermo, 1962:
Uterine response to stimulation of the caudal hypothalamus

Sadler, William Anderson, 1962:
Uterine responses to prolonged estrogenic stimulation

Lenzi, Giovanni, 1962:
Uterine reticulosarcoma and the problem of its differentiation from pseudo-reticulosarcomatous carcinoma

Lopez Risso, N., 1967:
Uterine rupture at the maternity service of the civil hospital of maracay venezuela human

Zeller, R.E.; Schwarz, R.H.; Emich, J.P., 1966:
Uterine rupture: an analysis of 43 cases

Karkashin, V.N.; Likhachev, A.A., 1966:
Uterine sarcoma in a 14-month old girl

Sarsembaev, A.O.; Dosymbetova, M.K., 1967:
Uterine sarcoma in a 5 year old child

Bailey, P.A., 1964:
Uterine Sarcoma With Special Reference To Endometrial Stromal Sarcoma

Cid, J.M., 1964:
Uterine schwannosis and blue nevus of the endocervix: The visceral homologues of the skin neurofibroma and blue nevus

Symeonidis, A.; Loustalot, P., 1953:
Uterine sensitivity to progesterone in mice of high and low mammary tumor incidence

Coppola, J.A.; Ball, J.L., 1966:
Uterine sialic acid in relation to ovarian steroids

Bergman, Ronald, A., 1968:
Uterine smooth muBcle fibers in castrate and estrogen treated rats

Salles, A.A.; Peano, M.; Melin, A.; Marcondes, N.; Silveira, S.C., 1963:
Uterine Synechiae in the Etiology of Female Infertility

Bedrosian, L.; Gamble, J.J., 1963:
Uterine tetany and fetal distress coincidental with administration of sparteine sulfate. Report of a case

Timoshek, Z.K., 1968:
Uterine tone during labor in normal and complicated pregnancy

King, T.M., 1966:
Uterine tonoactomyosin

Murphy, Douglas, P., 1942:
Uterine tonus during labor

Lowi, R.N., 1960:
Uterine tube physiology. A review of the literature

Hermannsson, K., 1943:
Uterine tuberculosis in cattle in spread of bovine tuberculosis

Hermansson, K.A., 1940:
Uterine tuberculosis of cattle and intrauterine infection of the fetus

Arbeiter, K.; Geigenmuller, H., 1966:
Uterine tumor as cause of uterine torsion

Goldfarb, A.F., 1965:
Uterine Utilization of Steroids. its Role in Oral Contraception

Brent, R.L.; Franklin, J.B., 1960:
Uterine vascular clamping: new procedure for the study of congenital malformations

Greiss, F.C., 1966:
Uterine vascular response to hemorrhage during pregnancy, with observations on therapy

Greiss, Frank, C., 1965:
Uterine vascular responses to hemorrhage during ovine pregnancy

King, C.D.; Olson, C., 1967:
Uterine-amnionic pathway of infecting the rabbit fetus with Listeria monocytogenes

Haenszel, W.; Hillhouse, M., 1959:
Uterine-cancer morbidity in New York City and its relation to the pattern of regional variation within the United States

Borras, P.E., 1944:
Utero doble, vagina doble y embarazo simultaneo

Bakkal, T.P., 1967:
Utero placental circulation in rabbits at different rates after fever during the 1st days of pregnancy

Revaz, C., 1968:
Utero vaginal malformations and confinement concerning 16 cases

Anderson, L.L.; Bowerman, A.M., 1963:
Utero-ovarian function in oxytocin-treated heifers

Butcher, R.L.; Chu, K.Y.; Melampy, R.M., 1962:
Utero-ovarian relationships in the guinea pig

Klaften, E.M., 1944:
Utero-thermometry. A study of uterine temperature during reproductive life, menopause, and amenorrhea

Dalsace, J., 1966:
Utero-tubal investigations in cases of inapparent genital tuberculosis

Mussi, F.Urnier, J.C.; Po.D.S.Ntiago, A., 1949:
Utero-tubal persufflation curve in myxedema; effect of thyroid therapy

Beier, H.M., 1968:
Uteroglobin: a hormone-sensitive endometrial protein involved in blastocyst development

Harpel, P.C.; Bang, N.U., 1964:
Uterone, coagulation and fibrinolysis

Kowalski, E.; Twardowski, Z., 1965:
Uteroplacental apoplexy complicated by acute non-inflammatory renal failure

Ramsey, E.M., 1968:
Uteroplacental circulation during labor

Monroe, C.W.; Andresen, R.H.; Hass, G.M.; Madden, D.A.; Swartzbaugh, S., 1962:
Uteroplacental trauma as a method of conditioning the maternal host to adult homografts

Takacs, P.; Nassiri, M.; Gualtieri, M.; Candiotti, K.; Medina, C.A., 2009:
Uterosacral ligament smooth muscle cell apoptosis is increased in women with uterine prolapse

Spanos, W.J.; Steele, J.C., 1959:
Uterosacral block

Desrosiers, J.A.; Faucher, G.L., 1964:
Uterosacral Block: a new Diagnostic Procedure

Stamm, H., 1964:
Uterosedative therapy with Valium in threatened abortion Relaxation and sedation of the human uterus, Bern, 1963

Knolle, Peter, 1965:
Uterotrop effect of RNA extractions

Tullner, W.W., 1961:
Uterotrophic action of the insecticide methoxychlor

Trmal, T., 1967 :
Uterotrophic activities of some androgenic steroids in the immature mouse adrenosterone androstenedione bolasterone chloro testosterone acetate dehydroiso androsterone fluoxymesterone ethylestrenol methandrostenolone methenolone acetate methyl testosterone nandrolone phenpropionate norbolethone norethandrolone nortestosterone oxandrolone oxymetholone stanolone stanozolol testosterone metab

Coleman, E.A.; Stob, M.; Keim, W.F., 1965:
Uterotrophic activity in Lotus Corniculatus L

Raboch, J.; Rezabek, K., 1963:
Uterotrophic activity in human ejaculate

Dorfman, R.I.; Kincl, F.A., 1966:
Uterotrophic activity of various phenolic steroids

Gonzalez, M.F., 1968:
Uterotrophic characterization and action of a new placental protein

Scott, E.B.; Read, W.O., 1957:
Uterotrophic effect of digoxin administration in the rat

Stavorski, J.; Hartman, C.G., 1958:
Uterotubal insufflation; a study to determine the origin of fluctuations in pressure

Doyle, J.B., 1956:
Uterotubal oxygenation and growth after paracervical denervation

Robins, S.A.; Spector, B., 1961:
Uterotubographic diagnosis of congenital anomalies of the female genital tract

Drukman, A.; Rozin, S., 1951:
Uterovenous and uterolymphatic intravasation in hysterosalpingography

Kohler, E., 1940:
Utersuchungen uber Y-Virus-Resis-tenz bei Karoffeln

Frost, A.W.; Weese, H., 1926:
Uterus active substances from ergot. II. Histamine

Melampy, R.M.; Anderson, L.L.; Kragt, C.L., 1964:
Uterus And Life Span Of Rat Corpora Lutea

Anderson, L.L.; Melampy, R.L.B.tcher And, R.M., 1963:
Uterus and occurrence of estrus in swine. In: 47th Annual meetlng of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, 1963

Stander, R.W., 1956:
Uterus bicornis unicollis complicated by pregnancy in a rudimentary horn

Halbert, D.R.; Loughead, J.R.Jr, 1968:
Uterus didelphys 2 patients with pregnancy alternating in each hemiuterus with a review of pregnancy and uterus didelphys

Brown, D.C.; Nelson, R.F., 1967:
Uterus didelphys and double vagina with delivery of a normal infant from each uterus

Semmens, J.P., 1956:
Uterus didelphys and septate vagina; review; report of a case with gynatresic right vagina and associated hematoceles

Connell, E.B., 1961:
Uterus didelphys presenting as leukorrhea. Report of a case

Allan, N.; Cowan, L.E., 1963:
Uterus Didelphys with Unilateral Imperforate Vagina. Report of 4 Cases

Moench, G.L., 1927:
Uterus duplex bicollis, vagina simplex, and superfetation

R.H.Metcalfe, 1930:
Uterus masculinus complete tubular hermaphroditism, with teratomatous enlargement of an undescended testicle

Baumgarten, K., 1968:
Uterus motility inhibition in the pregnant organ

Shinagawa, Minoru, 1926:
Uterus musculature in mammals

Smernova, E.V., 1963:
Uterus myometrium and fibromyoma proteins

Schlesinger, M., 1962:
Uterus of rodents as site for manifestation of transplantation immunity against transplantable tumors

Elliott, L.; Mcmahon, K.J.; Gier, H.T.; Marion, G.B., 1967:
Uterus of the cow after parturition Bacterial content

Heinze, W., 1964:
Uterus simplex with ovarian and tubular agenesis in a calf

Robinson, G.W., 1965:
Uterus unicornis and unilateral renal agenesis in a cat

Forst, A.W., 1926:
Uterus-effective substances in ergot

D.W.rms, C.G.M., 1962:
Utetheisa pulchella in Great Britain during 1961. A correction

Dring, Vivienne, J., 1960:
Utharomyces epallocaulus Boedijn in Ghana

Feliska, C.; Feliski, L., 1962:
Uti-lization of energy-producing feed components in the alimentary tract of sheep

Alverdes, K., 1933:
Utiber Verknocherungserschein-ungen am Knorpelskelet der ausseren Nase

Karpas, A.M.; Lanschina, M.N., 1932:
Utiber den Verlust des mitogenetischen Strahlungsver-mogens des Blutes: a bei langerem Stehen in vitro, b nach der Bestrahlung mit ultraviolettem Licht

Lange, Johannes, 1937:
Utiber die Grenzen der Um-weltbeeinflussbarkeit erblicher Merkmale beim Menschen

Roller, Siegfried, 1937:
Utiber die Verbindung der theoretischen und empirischen Erbprognose zur Ermittlung des Erbgangs einer Krankheit

Brucker, W., 1954:
Utiger's reaction for the determination of sex in P. blakesleeanus

Leoncini, G., 1927:
Utilisation by part of V. faba plants in the post-germination period of the minerals in the cotyledons

Colombi, C.; Maggi, C.L., 1949:
Utilisation clinique de la Neutrophylline Houde

Con Stantakato, G., 1932:
Utilisation dun nouvel antigene pour le diagnostic de la malaria par la methode de flocula-tion

Dalla, T.rre, L., 1943:
Utilisation d'une nouvelle methode pour l'enregistrement du sphygmogramme des arteres digi-tales

Reveillaud, R.J., 1964:
Utilisation de T.H.A.M. per os.

Brumpt, L., 1940:
Utilisation de l'hemo-agglutination en pratique medicale

Penau, H.; Prudhomme, M.; Simonnet, H., 1931:
Utilisation de l'uterus de certains ruminants pour le dosage du pouvoir ocytocique des extraits post hypophysaires

Sergent, E.; Berger, R.H.rren, 1944:
Utilisation de la chevre pour la preparation du vaccin non vivant contre le typhus exanthematique avec du virus provenant de pneumonie rickettsienne provoquee

Leulier, A.; Policard, A.; Revol, L., 1941:
Utilisation de pieces osseuses, fixees au formol, pour le dosage de calcium et de phosphore. Valeur des resultats obtenus

Tondo, M.F.D.mon, 1931:
Utilisation des algues marines sur les cotes de l'Ocean Pacifique

Mezincesco, M., 1934:
Utilisation des amides pour la satisfaction des besoins azotes de l'organisme

Chorine, V., 1940:
Utilisation des anticoagulants salins tamponnes pour le maintien du volume globulaire reel et pour le dosage des provides plasmatiques

Nodon, A., 1930:
Utilisation des fibres de Yucca

Fabre, P., 1932:
Utilisation des forces electromotrices d'induction pour l'enregistrement des variations de vitesse des liquides conducteurs: un nou-vel hemodromographe sans palette dans le sang

Brumpt, E., 1933:
Utilisation des larves de certaines mouches pour le traitement de losteomyelite et de diverses affections chirurgicales chroniques

Metalnikov, Serge, 1941:
Utilisation des microbes dans la lutte contre les insectes nuisibles

Lafenetra, M., 1938:
Utilisation des sarments de vigne dans l'alimentation des animaux

Pien, J., 1943:
Utilisation des serums de fromager-ies et des lacto-proteines dans l'alimentation

Carter Wood, Fr, 1939:
Utilisation des tests bio-logiques pour un dosage des rayons X

Holtam, B.W., 1965:
Utilisation development,

Kuhner, R., 1934:
Utilisation du bleu de cresyl en mycologie systematique

Jagerschmidt, J., 1927:
Utilisation du bois et du charbon de bois comme carburant Use of wood and charcoal for operation of motor vehicles

Marcel, H.G.slin; Henin, S., 1932:
Utilisation du fumier artificiel au point de vue thermique en horticulture

Diacono, Hector, 1941:
Utilisation du sang desseche pour le serodiagnostic du typhus et des fievres typhoide et paratyphoide

Pettit, Auguste; Ste, F.n0p0ul0, Georges, J., 1933:
Utilisation du serum antiamaril d'origine animale pour la vaccination de l'homme

Leroy, A.M.; Archambaud, J., 1941:
Utilisation du son et de la luzerne eclates pour l'alimentation des porcs

Guinier, P., 1939:
Utilisation en papeterie du bois de trois coniferes americaines cultives dans l'Est de la France

Danon, B.ileau, H.; Lavitry, S.; Lab, P.; Levy, E.; Ruffiot, S.; Laborit, H., 1962:
Utilisation en psychiatrie du gamma-OH. Use of gamma-OH in psychiatry

Purkayastha, B.K.; Krishnan, Y.S., 1964:
Utilisation of Palas for the Baisakhi crop and Ber for the Katki crop

Harris, G.; MacWilliam, I.C., 1966:
Utilisation of certain derivatives of alanine and arginine by yeasts

Roy, Asit Ranjan Guha, 1960:
Utilisation of fungal pectolysis

Mottram, J.C., 1930:
Utilisation of immunity in treatment of cancer

Chmielewska, I.; Toczko, K.; Kaniuga, Z.; Szumiel, I., 1961:
Utilisation of infused protein hydrolyzate by the human organism. IV. Excretion to urine of N-blocked amino acids

Szymona, M., 1957:
Utilisation of inorganic polyphosphates for phosphorylation of glucose in Mycobact. phlei

Hancock, R., 1957:
Utilisation of internal proline during protein synthesis in Staphylococcus aureus

Júli.N.C.L.Uzada, P.Ul.R.C.Rvalh, E.Sil, A., 2009:
Utilisation of introduced Brazilian pastures ecosystems by native dung beetles diversity patterns and resource use

Misra, V.K.; Sen, A., 1959:
Utilisation of mahua cake as manure

Moral, R.; Paredes, C.; Bustamante, M.A.; Marhuenda-Egea, F.; Bernal, M.P., 2009:
Utilisation of manure composts by high-value crops: safety and environmental challenges

Richardson, L.R., 1962:
Utilisation of marine invertebrates

Lascelles, J.; Still, J.L., 1946:
Utilisation of molecular hydrogen by bacteria

Sunthankar, S.R.; Jatkar, S.K.K., 1938:
Utilisation of myrobalans. I. Preparation and purification of myrobalan extract. II. Myrobalan oil. III. Utilisation of myrobalan extract for the preparation of ink and for cotton dyeing

Bhide, V.P., 1949:
Utilisation of organic nitrogen by Corynebacterium michiganense Dowson and its possible bearing on parasitism

Adem Gharsallaoui; Rémi Saurel; Odile Chambin; Eliane Cases; Andrée Voilley; Philippe Cayot, 2010:
Utilisation of pectin coating to enhance spray-dry stability of pea protein-stabilised oil-in-water emulsions

Cathal, M.D.ynes; Peter, A.M.Gee; David, J.M.dgley, 2008:
Utilisation of plant cell-wall polysaccharides and organic phosphorus substrates by isolates of Aspergillus and Penicillium isolated from soil

Kowalewski, K.; Mooney, A.W.; Friedman, M.H., 1956:
Utilisation of radioiodine in dogs with experimental portocaval anastomoses

Desikachar, H.S.R.; De, S.S.; Subrahman Yan, V., 1948:
Utilisation of soya-milk protein for the formation of blood proteins

Jörg Tittel; Ines Wiehle; Nicola Wannicke; Heike Kampe; Juergen Poerschmann; Jutta Meier; Norbert Kamjunke, 2009:
Utilisation of terrestrial carbon by osmotrophic algae

Agarwal, R.M., 1950:
Utilisation of the blast furnace slag in India

Hong, W.Kin; Soon, T.Ghee, 1967:
Utilisation of timber by N.E.B. for distribution and trans-mission lines

Azam, M.A., 1941:
Utilisation of water hyacinth in the manufacture of paper and pressed boards

Eliane, Lebreton; Schaeffer, G., 1933:
Utilisation totale de la chaleur de combustion de l'alcool ethylique par l'homeotherme a la neutrality thermique

Drennan, H.O., 1952:
Utilities in the landscape scheme of highway and street design

Dou, H-Yunn.; Lu, J-Jih.; Lin, C-Wei.; Chang, J-Ru.; Sun, J-Ren.; Su, I-Jen., 2009:
Utility and evaluation of new variable-number tandem-repeat systems for genotyping mycobacterial tuberculosis isolates

Anonymous, 1962 :
Utility and efficacy of insecticides

Roby, T.B., 1962:
Utility and futurity

Picard, D., 1965:
Utility and inconvenience of fixation by perfusion in nervous cytochemistry

Becker, Selwyn William, 1958:
Utility and level of aspiration Experimental test of level of aspiration theory in a decision-making context

Bryan, H.S., 1960:
Utility of 17g-acetoxyprogesterone in delaying estrus in the bitch

Klaassen, Cé.H.W.; de Valk, H.A.; Balajee, S.Arunmozhi.; Meis, J.F.G.M., 2009:
Utility of CSP typing to sub-type clinical Aspergillus fumigatus isolates and proposal for a new CSP type nomenclature

Scott, G.H., 1965:
Utility of Haeuslerella Parr in New Zealand Middle Tertiary stratigraphy

Szeto, I.Y.Y.; Leung, K.K.H.; Sham, M.Har.; Cheah, K.S.E., 2009:
Utility of HoxB2 enhancer-mediated Cre activity for functional studies in the developing inner ear

Hohf, R.P.; Goldman, R., 1961:
Utility of RISA blood volumes in total cardiopulmonary bypass in dogs

Isaacs, J.H.; Hoffman, I.; Wilburne, M.; Mills, H.; Dooley, J., 1964:
Utility of XYZ scalar leads for vectorcardiographic analysis

Rasmus Houborg; Martha Anderson; Craig Daughtry, 2009:
Utility of an image-based canopy reflectance modeling tool for remote estimation of LAI and leaf chlorophyll content at the field scale

Lehrer, S.B.; McClain, S., 2009:
Utility of animal models for predicting human allergenicity

Dewey, J.E., 1958:
Utility of bio-assay in the determination of pesticide residues

Kaul, K.N., 1961:
Utility of botanical gardens in the modern world

Lance, K.P.; Groisser, V.W., 1965:
Utility Of Cells Exfoliated Onto The Esophagoscope As An Aid In The Diagnosis Of Esophageal Carcinoma

Schabel, F.M., 1958:
Utility of drug-resistant organisms in cancer chemotherapy studies

Foster, N.R., 1968:
Utility of egg and larval characters in the classification of atheriniform fishes abstract cyprinodontoidei

Berkley, E.M.F.; Goens, M.Beth.; Karr, S.; Rappaport, V., 2009:
Utility of fetal echocardiography in postnatal management of infants with prenatally diagnosed congenital heart disease

Luo, B.; Li, W.; Deng, C-Hua.; Zheng, F-Fu.; Sun, X-Zhou.; Wang, D-Hu.; Dai, Y-Ping., 2009:
Utility of fluorescence in situ hybridization in the diagnosis of upper urinary tract urothelial carcinoma

Ashworth, C.T.; Stembridge, V.A., 1964:
Utility Of Formalin-Fixed Surgical And Autopsy Specimens For Electron Microscopy

L.Chapelle, Andre, 1928 :
Utility of genealogic studies from the point of view of eugenics

Iyengar, R.L.N.; Sen, D.L., 1951:
Utility of hand stapling measurement of length for cotton breeding

Bogner, R.L.; Lawler, J.P., 1968:
Utility of inst radio isotopes methodology in estuary pollution control study title

Noritaka Iwai; Takamasa Tanaka; Tomoya Kitazume, 2009:
Utility of ionic liquid for improvement of fluorination reaction with immobilized fluorinase

Zamfiresco Gheorghiu, M.; Vladesco, G.; Grozea, P.; Chirulesco, Z.; Maximilian, S.; Serban, M., 1968:
Utility of isoenzymatic models of erythrocytic and serum lactate de-hydrogenase for the diagnosis of hemolysis

Sen, P.P., 1940:
Utility of leaf-tip smear technique

Chirigos, M.A., 1965:
Utility of leukemogenic viruses for testing antiviral agents in vivo

Gawowska, Jadwiga, 1964:
Utility of lichens and the necessity of their protection

Sie, L.; Loong, S.; Tan, E.K., 2009:
Utility of lymphoblastoid cell lines

Decowski, M., 1961:
Utility of lyophilization in microbiology

Rosenberg, Paul, 1959:
Utility of manned 3pace operations for photo-grammetry and for a physics laboratory in space

Shultz, T.D.; Gibeau, P.J.; Barry, S.M., 1968:
Utility of minnesota multiphasic personality inventory cookbooks

Hao, W.; Li, Q.; Zhang, J.; Jiang, Y.; Liang, W., 2010:
Utility of nematode Acrobeloides nanus for assessing subacute toxicity of heavy metals

Karbowski, K., 1967:
Utility of neurological routine examination for diagnosis of vestibular disturbances abstract human

Howard, J.; Hall, B.; Brennan, L.Eve.; Arbuckle, S.; Craig, M.E.; Graf, N.; Rawlinson, W., 2009:
Utility of newborn screening cards for detecting CMV infection in cases of stillbirth

O.P.rkash Yadav; Francis, R.B.dinger; Dharam, V.S.ngh, 2009:
Utility of pearl millet landraces in breeding dual-purpose hybrids for arid zone environments of India

Teotia, T.P.S.; Kikshith, T.S.S., 1963:
Utility of phloro-glucinol in the chromosome studies of Laccifer lacca Homoptera-Coccidea

Natarajan, S.S.; Xu, C.; Cregan, P.; Caperna, T.J.; Garrett, W.M.; Luthria, D., 2009:
Utility of proteomics techniques for assessing protein expression

Schurhoff, P.N., 1927:
Utility of serum diagnosis in determining plant relationships

Nahmmacher, Ernst, 1929:
Utility of serum experiments in determining plant relationships

Rocha, L.F.N.; Luz, C., 2009:
Utility of six fungicides for selective isolation of Evlachovaea sp. and Tolypocladium cylindrosporum

Saijo, T.; Maeda, J.; Okauchi, T.; Maeda, J-Ichi.; Morio, Y.; Kuwahara, Y.; Suzuki, M.; Goto, N.; Suzuki, K.; Higuchi, M.; Suhara, T., 2009:
Utility of small-animal positron emission tomographic imaging of rats for preclinical development of drugs acting on the serotonin transporter

Rode, L.J.; Williams, M.G., 1966:
Utility of sodium hypochlorite for ultrastructure study of bacterial spore integuments

Heerwagen, A.; Aandahl, A.R., 1961:
Utility of soil classification units in characterizing native grassland plant communities in the Southern Plains

José Contreras-Calderón; Eduardo Guerra-Hernández; Belén García-Villanova, 2009:
Utility of some indicators related to the Maillard browning reaction during processing of infant formulas

Feldman, S.E., 1968:
Utility of some rapid estimations of intelligence in a college population

Komarek, Jiri, 1964:
Utility of synchronized algal cultures in experimental taxonomy

Steclaci, A.; Jovin, G.; Suseanu, I., 1968:
Utility of television for amelioration of the contrast and transposition in color of the hepatic scintigraphy in black and white

Branceni, D.; Levy, J., 1961:
Utility of tetracycline for the demonstration of extra-osseous calcification

DeLima, C.; Blair, J.; Low, D.E.; Burton, L.; Mazzulli, T.; Drews, S.J., 2009:
Utility of the BD Directigen Flu A+B rapid antigen detection assay as an influenza outbreak detection tool

Harmon, P.H.; Kernwein, G., 1942:
Utility of the Congo red test in diagnosis and in differential diagnosis

Koyama, T.; Osada, H.; Tsujii, H.; Kurita, H., 2009:
Utility of the Kyoto Scale of Psychological Development in cognitive assessment of children with pervasive developmental disorders

Schulte Tigges, H., 1927:
Utility of the Neuberg-Klopstock antigen for complement fixation in tuberculosis

Favilli, G., 1929:
Utility of the association of thermo- and sero-agglutination in serodiagnosis of undulant fever

Mitra, S.N.; Chatterji, R.K., 1957:
Utility of the ethyl acetate extractive in the analysis of tea

Sieke, F.; Keim, P., 1928:
Utility of the indol test for drinking water and water for domestic use

Andrew, G.; Sibilio, J.P.; Stehman, V.A., 1960:
Utility of the small group discussion method as practiced in certain applied settings. I. Instrumental goal achievement of a mental health group

Wolf, H.H.; Stock, G.A., 1966:
Utility of two convulsant techniques as indicators of CNS excitability

Muri, Shuighi, 1945:
Utility of wood impregnated with coal tar creosote oil for wooden ships to prevent the attack of borers

Melville, E.L.; Abell, T., 1968:
Utility pig pens without slats

Recd, M.J.; White, H.D., 1968:
Utility requirements for processing broilers

Bianchi, Umberto, 1967:
Utility significance and limitations of electrophoresis, applied to particular taxonomic problems

Czabajska, W.; Szulc, W., 1967:
Utility value of different cultivated mentha piperita d varieties

Tavildarova, T.F.; Gordiyenko, M.F., 1956:
Utiliza- tion of measurements in the evaluation of the body build of cattle

Rauterberg, E., 1950:
Utilizability of blood-meal and horn-meal as nitrogenous fertilizers in vegetation vessels

Husing, J.O., 1968:
Utilizable and useful insects

Marrero, J., 1944:
Utilizacion de la cana guadua en Ecuador

Mehrhof, N.R.; Rusoff, L.L., 1939:
Utilization citrus meal for poultry

Goering, K.G.; Eslick, R.F.; Watson, C.A.; Keng, J., 1966:
Utilization and agronomic studies of cow cockle

Schaefer, Milner, B., 1957:
Utilization and conservation of the tuna resources of the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean

Roitman, A.; Barenholz, Y.; Gatt, S., 1967 :
Utilization and degradation of dihydrosphingosine and phytosphingo-sine by intact rat brain

Ingols, Robert, S., 1944:
Utilization and disposal of citrus processing residues

Anke, M.; Jeroch, H.; Diettrich, M.; Hoffmann, G., 1967:
Utilization and distribution of Mn52 from various manganese salts in laying hens

Handovsky, Hans, 1927:
Utilization and distribution of carbohydrates in the mammalian organism

Kuhner, H.A., 1963:
Utilization and efficacy of Decortilen in dermatology

Zimmerman, E.F.; Magasanik, B., 1964:
Utilization And Interconversion Of Purine Bases And Ribonucleosides By Salmonella Typhimurium

Buff, A.P.; Velluti, G., 1957:
Utilization and metabolism of choline in Pseudomonas pyocyanes

Geiger, E.; Pinsky, J.J., 1955:
Utilization and nitrogen sparing effect of fructose in alloxan diabetic rats

Wright, J.R.; L.T.urneau, D., 1965:
Utilization and production of carbohydrates by Pyrenochaeta terrestris

Obrejanu, G.; Sandu, G.; Stepanescu, E., 1968:
Utilization and reclamation of saline and alkaline soils in the socialist republic of romania

Rosenbaum, J.B., 1968:
Utilization and stabilization of solid mineral wastes abstract

Lal, B.; Tandon, R.N., 1968:
Utilization and synthesis of oligo saccharides by some pathogenic isolates of colletotrichum capsici solanum melongena d manihot esculenta d codiaeum variegatum d inst paper chromatography

Mehrotra, B.S.; Agnihotri, V.P., 1961:
Utilization and synthesis of oligo-saccharides by some ascosporous members of the Apergillus nidulans group

Wilson, R.H., 1959:
Utilization and toxicity of dialdehyde- and dicarboxyl-starches

Meister, A., 1952:
Utilization and transamination of the stereoisomers and keto analogues of isoleucine

Cline, J.H.; Hershberger, T.V.; Bentley, O.G., 1958:
Utilization and/or synthesis of valeric acid during the digestion of glucose, starch and cellulose by rumen micro-organisms in vitro

Aguila, H., 1967:
Utilization area of the oats m vetch d mixture for silage

Herissey, H., 1927:
Utilization by A niger of geine, the eugenol-containing glucoside of the root of G urbanum

Sveshnikova, M.A.; Maksimova, T.S., 1963:
Utilization by Actinomycetes of various carbon sources

Ismailov, M.N., 1966:
Utilization by experimental animals of different superetherified cotton-seed oil fractions

Sukhoverkhov, F.M.; Pisarenkhova, A.S., 1961:
Utilization by fish of primary production in ponds of the Savvinskii fish hatchery Primary production of the sea and internal waters

Rusakova, G.S., 1961:
Utilization by microorganisms of low concentrations of ethane, diffusing through sandy-clay blocks

Terroine, E.F.; Bonnet, R., 1928:
Utilization by organisms of energy liberated by oxidation and the food value of alcohol

Terroine, E.F.; Bonnet, R., 1929:
Utilization by organisms of the energy liberated in oxidation and the problem of the food value of alcohol

Smirnov, P.M.; Lavrova, I.A.; Kidin, V.V., 1968:
Utilization by plants of nitrogen from different forms of nitrogen fertilizers and their aftereffect

Gueguen, L.; Mathieu, C.M., 1965:
Utilization by the calf of minerals in the feed. 2. Influence of phosphorus and calcium intakes

Chmielewska, I., 1958:
Utilization by the human organism of peptides of bovine blood protein hydrolyzate

Lahy, B., 1939:
Utilization de la methode piezographique pour determiner les modifications cardio-vasculaires au cours des etats emotifs

Champeau, Maurice, F., 1950:
Utilization des matieres plastiques en histologie normale et pathologique

Gasnier, Andre, 1947:
Utilization digestive et teneur en matieres cellulosiques de la ration

Dufrenoy, J.; Langeron, M., 1948 :
Utilization en parasitologie des agents mouillants, detergents ou emulsifiants

Tsukamura, S.; Mizuno, S.; Tsukamura, M., 1967:
Utilization for growth of ten carbohydrates by slowly growing mycobacteria in the presence of ammoniacal nitrogen and trimethylene diamine nitrogen

Roseberry, R.D., 1960:
Utilization from forest to finished product

Nottin, P.; Tillieu, J., 1950:
Utilization in milling of wheat containing Melampyrum

Weill, J.; Bernfeld, J.; Rosenblum, 1958:
Utilization in pediatrics of methylpentynol carbonate as a tranquilizing drug

Nelson, N.; Grayman, I.; Mirsky, I.A.thur, 1938:
Utilization of -hydroxybutyric acid by fed and fasted rats

Utilization of 1-C14-D-glucose by Torula utilis yeast

Gottlieb, S.F.; Mandel, M., 1959:
Utilization of 1-amino-2-propanol by a soil bacterium

Melius, P.; Simmons, W.S., 1965:
Utilization of 1-butanol for the preparation of pancreatic lipase

Crockett, R.L.; Leslie, I., 1963:
Utilization of 14C-labelled glucose by human cells in tissue culture

Pimentel Wutke, A.C., 1962:
Utilization of 2 types of blast furnace slag as a soil corrective in the paraiba valley brazil potato d tomato d

Gosselin, L.; Lynen, F., 1964:
Utilization of 2- mevalonic acid by a rat liver enzyme system in the absence of nicotinamide-adenine nucleotides

Williams, William, J., 1951:
Utilization of 4-amino, 5-imidazole carboxamide for purine synthesis by yeast

Hewitt, R.; Suit, J.C.; Billen, D., 1967:
Utilization of 5-bromouracil by thymineless bacteria

Fink, K.; Adams, W.S., 1963:
Utilization of 5-ribosyluracil by Neurospora crassa 36601

Roy-Burman, P.; Roy-Burman, S.; Visser, D.W., 1967:
Utilization of 5,6-dihydrouridine 5'-triphosphate in the reaction catalyzed by Escherichia coli RNA polymerase

Shigeura, H.T.; Sampson, S.D., 1967:
Utilization of 6-methylamino-9- purine by KB cells

Harris, G.; Macwilliam, I.C., 1965:
Utilization Of 8-Azapurines By Yeasts

Israel, L.; Croufer, F.; Kress, J.J.; Wartel, R., 1965:
Utilization of 8909 R P in hospitalized character disorders

Qiao, Y.; Keren, N.; Mannan, M.Sam., 2009:
Utilization of accident databases and fuzzy sets to estimate frequency of HazMat transport accidents

Sabina, L.R.; Georgi, C.E.; Young, G.A., 1962:
Utilization of amide-N15 in normal and virus-infected tissue culture cells

Futatsumori-Sugai, M.; Abe, R.; Watanabe, M.; Kudou, M.; Yamamoto, T.; Ejima, D.; Arakawa, T.; Tsumoto, K., 2009:
Utilization of Arg-elution method for FLAG-tag based chromatography

Aribort, Vidal, 1927:
Utilization of Austrian pine for paper making

Spanyer, J.W.; Thomas, A.T., 1957:
Utilization of C14 leucine and C14 glycine by Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Mohri, H., 1964:
Utilization of C14-labeled acetate and glycerol for lipid synthesis during the early development of sea urchin embryos

Milstein, S.W., 1962:
Utilization of C-14-labeled cottonseed oil emulsion by normal and thermally injured rats

Wollenberger, Albert, 1951:
Utilization of C14-labeled glucose by cardiac muscle treated with cardiac glycoside

Shaposhnikov, V.N.; Kondrat'eva, E.N., 1960:
Utilization of C2-C3 organic acids by the purple bacteria Rhodopseudomonas palustris

Prescott, J.M.; Ragland, R.S.; Hurley, R.J., 1965:
Utilization of CO2 and acetate in amino acid synthesis by Streptococcus bovis

Aristovskafa, T.V., 1941:
Utilization of CO2 and the possibility of carboxyl reduction by heterotrophic organisms

Kuzin, A.M.; Mezenova, V.I.; Mamul, I.V., 1952:
Utilization of CO2 by roots

Pontovich, V.E., 1951:
Utilization of CO2, in synthetic processes of heterotrophic organisms

Monroy, A.; Vittorelli, M.L.tizia, 1962:
Utilization of Cl4-glucose for amino acids and protein synthesis by the sea urchin embryo

Wang, C.H.; Labbe, R.F.; Christensen, B.E.; Cheldelin, V.H., 1952:
Utilization of Cl4-labeled pyruvate and acetate by yeast

Edwards, C.H.; Gadsden, E.L.; Higginbotham, C.; Edwards, G.A., 1964:
Utilization of D- and L-methionine for protein synthesis

Patricia Brown, 1961:
Utilization of D- and L-xylose by twenty species of bacteria

Elliott, A.M.; Hogg, J.F.; Wu, C., 1952:
Utilization of D-amino acids by Tetrahymena geleii

D.G.rolamo, M.; Magliocco, F.; Schiesser, A.; Tecce, G., 1958:
Utilization of D-arabinose in Escherichia coli

Frankel, Sam, 1955:
Utilization of D-glucose-1-C14 by Torula utilis yeast

Frankel, S.; Sowden, J.C., 1956:
Utilization of D-glucose-1-C14 by Torula utilis yeast. II

Slater, W.G.; Beevers, H., 1958:
Utilization of D-Glucuronate by Corn Coleoptiles

Ayengar, P.; Roberts, E., 1952:
Utilization of D-glutamic acid by Lactobacillus arabinosus: glutamic racemase

Cooper, S., 1966:
Utilization of d-Methionine by Escherichia coli

White, J.; Fones, W.S.; Sober, H.A., 1952:
Utilization of D-valine for growth by the rat

Bradley, J.R.; Graves, J.B.; Clower, D.F., 1966:
Utilization of DDT resistance as a means of investigating the possible existence of hosp-specific strains of the bollworm, Heliothis zea

Kurth, E.F.; Kiefer, J.; Hubbard, J.K., 1948:
Utilization of Douglas fir bark

Hyun-Sung Yoon; Seung-Taik Lim, 2009:
Utilization of Enzyme-resistant Starch to Control Theophylline Release from Tablets

Giordano, G., 1949:
Utilization of Ethiopian forests

Vangelatos, I.; Angelopoulos, G.N.; Boufounos, D., 2009:
Utilization of ferroalumina as raw material in the production of Ordinary Portland Cement

Koval'chuk, S.I., 1965:
Utilization of H3 -labelled deoxyribonucleic acid from thymocytes by regenerating liver cells

Shadrin, B.P., 1965:
Utilization of H3-labelled thymidine in deoxyribonucleic acid by thyroid homotransplants in thy-roidectomized and thymectomized mice

Salzman, N.P.; Sebring, E.D., 1960:
Utilization of HeLa cell components as precursors for the synthasis of animal virus nucleic acid

Athawale, D.Y., 1944:
Utilization of Indian cotton seed

Barua, A.K.; Chakravarti, D.; Chakra Varti, R.N., 1953:
Utilization of Indian dioscorea plants for preparation of cortisone

Ammerman, C.B.; Wing, J.M.; Dunavant, B.G.; Robertson, W.K.; Feaster, J.P.; Arrington, L.R., 1967:
Utilization of inorganic iron by ruminants as influenced by form of iron and iron status of the animal

Zygmunt, W.A.; Sarett, H.P., 1964:
Utilization of L and D Isomers of Pantothenate and Pantoate for Microbial Growth

Crocken, B.; Nyc, J.F., 1963:
Utilization of L- -glycero-phosphorylcholine by a lecithin-deficient strain of Neurospora crassa

Lin, E.C.C.; Koch, J.P.; Chused, T.M.; Jorgensen, S.E., 1962:
Utilization of L- -glycerophosphate by Escherichia coli without hydrolysis

Camien, M.N.; Dunn, M.S., 1955:
Utilization of L- and D-glutamic acids and L-glutamine by aspartic acid-resistant strains of Lactobacillus arabinosus

Kostyukovskaya, O.M.; Rozenfel'd, E.L., 1962:
Utilization of L-fucose by enzymes of the kidney

Cavier, R.; Buot, P., 1964:
Utilization of Magarain medium for in vitro evaluation of trichomonacidal activity

Velluz, L.; Amiard, G.; Heymes, R., 1954:
Utilization of N-benzyl intermediates in peptide synthesis. I. N-benzyl amino-acvl chlorides

Tserling, V.V.; Shcheglova, G.M.; Plyshevskaya, E.G.; Zertsalov, V.V., 1957:
Utilization of N15 for investigation of plant metabolism in relation to age of the plant, time of introduction of fertilizers and their doses

Robinson, Dan, D., 1948:
Utilization of Oregon hardwoods

Chapman, Douglas, G., 1965:
Utilization of Pacific halibut stocks Study of Bertalanffys growth equation

Chapman, D.G.; Myre, R.J.; Southward, G.M.rris, 1962:
Utilization of Pacific halibut_stocks: Estimation of maximum sustainable yield, 1960

Kozak, M., 1965:
Utilization of Rb86 isotope in investigating potassium exchange of soils: II. Dynamics of Rb86 labelled potassium in various soils

Kapa, S.; Henz, B.D.; Dib, C.; Cha, Y-Mei.; Friedman, P.A.; Munger, T.M.; Ladewig, D.J.; Hammill, S.C.; Packer, D.L.; Asirvatham, S.J., 2009:
Utilization of retrograde right bundle branch block to differentiate atrioventricular nodal from accessory pathway conduction

Shapiro, S.K., 1962:
Utilization of S-adenosylmethionine by micro-organisms

Wiebers, J.L.; Garner, H.R., 1962:
Utilization of S-methylcysteine and cystathionine by methionineless Neurospora mutants

Bostrom, H.; Aqvist, S., 1952:
Utilization of S35-labeled sodium sulphate in the synthesis of chondroitin sulphuric acid, taurine, methionine, and cystine

Odell, T.T.; Upton, A.C., 1956:
Utilization of S35-labeled sulfate in scorbutic guinea pigs; uptake in healing wounds, megakaryocytes, and blood platelets

Ocumpaugh, David, E., 1964:
Utilization of S35-sulfate by the retina

Elder, W.C., 1967:
Utilization of Sericea lespedeza in Oklahoma

Ratnam, C.V.S.; Ramanathan, V.S., 1956:
Utilization of South Arcot lignite char as domestic fuel

Kiselev, O.N., 1962:
Utilization of Soviet hydrostats for observing commercial fishes

Bionda, Giacomo, 1941:
Utilization of Spartium junceum in the Province of Alessandria

Lamy, J.; Devin, R.; Brandone, H.; Mercier, C., 1963:
Utilization of Staphylomycin powder in the prevention and treatment of surgical infections

Hinds, W.E.; Spencer, H., 1928:
Utilization of Trichogramma minutum for control of the sugarcane borer

Glassner, H.F.; Vaught, J.B.; Agress, C.M., 1955:
Utilization of Winthrop-Stearns protargol-S for cardiac staining

Ginsburg, J.M.; Schmitt, J.B.; Granett, P., 1935:
Utilization of a completely refined, low-boiling petroleum distillate in controlling insects infesting chrysanthemum and other plants

Ho, G.P.; Yang, S.P.; Moore, M.E., 1963:
Utilization of a delayed lysine supplement by adult rats

D.Grouchy, J., 1958:
Utilization of a discontinuous buffer system in the starch-gel electrophoresis of hemoglobin

Anonymous, 1963:
Utilization of a means of production in Hesse: Fertilization

Dayal, Ram, 1959:
Utilization of a mixture of amino acids by some Saprolegniales

D.G.squet, P.; Lowy, R.; Tremolieres, J., 1959:
Utilization of a mixture of racemic amino acids administered intravenously in man

Dayal, Ram, 1961:
Utilization of a mixture of sugars by some Saprolegniales

Morin, G.; Vignot, P.; Bouchacourt, A., 1960:
Utilization of a neuroleptic of the butyrophenon series in clinical

Bonsembinate, M.; Rioni, M.; Lanari, D., 1968:
Utilization of a new concentrate based on dried beet d pulp for beef and milk production

Bettina Mahler; Yanina Sarquis Adamson; Alejandro, G.D.G.acomo; Viviana, A.C.nfalonieri; Juan, C.R.boreda, 2009:
Utilization of a new host in the screaming cowbird Molothrus rufoaxillaris , a host specialist brood parasite host switch or host acquisition?

King, T.E.; Strong, F.M.; Cheldelin, V.H., 1950:
Utilization of a pantothenic acid conjugate for rat growth

Utilization of a phenylalanine-deficient or D-phenylalanine-containing diet by the starved rat

Lechien, P.; Coutelier, L., 1963:
Utilization of a semi-quantitative measurement of urinary porphyrin levels in serial study of workers exposed to lead poisoning

Arthur, R.M., 1964:
Utilization Of A Stable Isotope Of Oxygen By Pseudomonas Fluorescens

Roger, J., 1962:
Utilization of a taxonomic machine in one branch of natural science Palynology

Johnstone, B.M.; Pugsley, I.D., 1967:
Utilization of a time shared computer in real time neurophysiological experiments

Kowalewski, K.; Shnitka, T.K.; Gouws, F., 1957:
Utilization of a tracer dose of radioiodine in rats with experimental liver injury

Roberts, Eugene; Hunter, P.F.; Ayengar, P., 1954:
Utilization of a-ketoglutarate for growth by Lactobacillus arabinosus: Enhancement by y-L-glutamylmethylamide

Kuttner, R.E.; Lorincz, A.B., 1968:
Utilization of accentuated environmental inequalities in research on racial differences

Bartos, S.; Skarda, J., 1968:
Utilization of acetate and glucose examined in vitro in the adipose tissue of cattle and rats

Burton, S.D.; Morita, R.Y.; Miller, W., 1966:
Utilization of acetate by Beggiatoa

Krotkov, G.; A.H., 1948:
Utilization of acetate by tobacco leaves, as determined with C14

Guseva, A.R.; Borikhina, M.G.; Paseshnichenko, V.A., 1960:
Utilization of acetate for the biosynthesis of chaconine and solanine in potato sprouts

Noble, E.P.; Reed, D.R.; Wang, C.H., 1958:
Utilization of acetate, pyruvate, and CO2 by Penicillium digitatum

Shaposhnikov, V.N.; Osnitskaya, L.K.; Chudina, V.I., 1960:
Utilization of acetic acid as sole carbon source by the photosynthezing bacterium, Chromatium vinosum

Curran, G.L., 1951:
Utilization of acetoacetic acid in cholesterol synthesis by surviving rat liver

Shu, P.; Neish, A.C.; Ledingham, G.A., 1956:
Utilization of added substrates by uredospores of wheat stem rust

Harris, M.; Kutsky, P.B., 1953:
Utilization of added sugars by chick heart fibroblasts in dialyzed media

Soldatenkov, S.V.; Vainshtein, E.A., 1966:
Utilization of adds of the primary oxidation of sugars by the soluble fraction of the cytoplasm of plant cells

Stacey, J.L.; Casselton, P.J., 1966:
Utilization of adenine but not nitrate as nitrogen source by Prototheca zopfll

Werbin, H.; Chaikoff, I.L., 1961:
Utilization of adrenal gland cholesterol for synthesis of cortisol by the intact normal and the ACTH-treated guinea pig

Werbin, H.; Chaikoff, I.L., 1961:
Utilization of adrenal gland cholesterol for the synthesis of cortisol by the normal and ACTH-treated guinea pig

Polievka, A.; Lattova, I.; Karlubikova, E., 1968:
Utilization of aerial photos and aerial photo base maps for the working out of the scheme of division of land

Liberovskiy, Y.A., 1957:
Utilization of aeromethods in soil science

Anonymous, 1963:
Utilization of agricultural land

Saez, Henri, 1963:
Utilization of alcohol by yeasts according to a solid medium technique

Nagatomo, Takeo, 1941:
Utilization of alcoholic distillation waste

Harada, T.; Hirabayashi, T., 1968:
Utilization of alcohols by hansenula miso

Ghosh, A.K.; Tandon, R.N., 1967:
Utilization of alcohols by some anthracnose fungi

Parrish, O.B.; Sanford, P.E., 1962:
Utilization of alfalfa carotene by growing chickens

Stross, H.G.; Unger, F.M.; Jones, J.C.; Vail, J.M., 1965:
Utilization of algae by Daphnia as influenced by cell senescence and UV Irradiation

Bergstrom, S.; Rottenberg, M., 1950:
Utilization of alpha-ketoadipic acid by lysineless Ophiostoma mutants

Shentyakov, V.A.; Maizelis, M.R., 1959:
Utilization of alternating-current electric fields in trawl fishing

Waller, J.A.; Garner, R.; Lawrence, R., 1966:
Utilization of ambulance services in a rural community

Edelson, J.; Humphreys, J.; Shive, W., 1960:
Utilization of amino acid esters by intact cells

Romano, A.H.; Nickerson, W.J., 1958:
Utilization of amino acids as carbon sources by Streptomyces fradiae

Mehrotra, B.R., 1967:
Utilization of amino acids by 2 species of mucor inst chromatography alanine leucine asparagine glutamic acid glycine valine arginine methionine

Majumdar, S.K.; Bose, S.K., 1958:
Utilization of amino acids by Bacillus subtilis during growth and antibiotic production

Gaby, W.L.; Logan, C.; Silberman, R., 1961:
Utilization of amino acids by Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Stocks, P.K.; Ward, B.Q., 1962:
Utilization of amino acids by Rhizopus nigricans

Ganguly, S.; Ganguli, N.C.; Roy, S.C., 1954:
Utilization of amino acids by Streptomyces griseus during production of vitamin B12

Khramova, N.I., 1968:
Utilization of amino acids by Bordetella

Almquist, H.J., 1954:
Utilization of amino acids by chicks

Sokhina, A.M.; Birger, M.O., 1965:
Utilization of amino acids by different pathogenic microbes

Tandon, R.N.; Chandra, S., 1961:
Utilization of amino acids by some fungi causing leaf spot disease

Olsen, M.W., 1947:
Utilization of amino acids by the chicken embryo

Kondrat'eva, E.N.; Dorfman, L.L.; Elise Eva, N.V., 1965:
Utilization of amino acids by the green bacteria Chloropseudomonas ethylicum

Petrova, E.A., 1961:
Utilization of amino acids by the purple bacterium Rhodopseudomonas palustris

D.H.as H.; Morse, E.H., 1968:
Utilization of amino acids from protein manual of procedures

Winnick, R.E.; Winnick, T., 1953:
Utilization of amino acids, peptides, and protein by cultures of embryonic heart

Brady, B.L., 1965:
Utilization Of Amino Compounds By Yeasts Of The Genus Saccharomyces

Clifton, C.E., 1939:
Utilization of amino-acids by Clostridium botulinum

Pariani, G., 1946:
Utilization of ammo N by various strains of Escherichia coli

Vitti, T.G.; Vukmirovich, R.; Gaebler, O.H., 1964:
Utilization Of Ammonia Nitrogen, Administered By Intragastric, Intraperitoneal, And Subcutaneous Routes: Effects Of Growth Hormone

Eng, K.S.; Riewe, M.E., 1963:
Utilization of ammoniated rice hulls by sheep

Nakajima, Taiji; Kandatsu, M., 1964:
Utilization of ammonium-nitrogen by the rabbit. I. Nitrogen-balance of the rabbit fed ammonium acetate

Weinrauch, L.A.; Bayliss, G.; Gleason, R.E.; Lee, A.T.; D'Elia, J.A., 2009:
Utilization of an abbreviated diabetes impact management scale to assess change in subjective disability during a trial of pulsatile insulin delivery demonstrates benefit

Krant, M.J.; Hall, T.C.; Lloyd, J.B.; Patterson, W.B., 1961:
Utilization of an air-free pump for intra-arterial infusion

D.S.K.; Srivastava, S.K.; Srivastava, R.P., 1968:
Utilization of an alkali soil by the addition of nag phana d cactus d and argemone mexicana d

Temime, P., 1958:
Utilization of an anticholinergic in the treatment of lichen planus

Anon, 1968:
Utilization of an enzyme by the butterfly to open its cocoon antheraea bombyx

Thivolet, J.; Kratchko, A.; Sepetdjian, M., 1963 :
Utilization of an immunofluorescent metnod for im-munologic diagnosis

Dabin, B., 1961:
Utilization of an index of structure for the determination of the physical quality of tropical soils

Leuillet, M.; Salmon Legagneur, E., 1968:
Utilization of an injectable hydrogen iron dextran compound by the sow during pregnancy and lactation intra muscular liver uterus

Reshchikov, V.P.; Khokhlova, M.P.; Fertukova, N.M.; Ageeva, S.N., 1961:
Utilization of an intermediate receipient as a condition for the induction of tolerance in homotransplantation of bone marrow

Reschikov, V.P.; Khokhlova, M.P.; Fertu, K.va, N.M.; Ageeva, S.N., 1962:
Utilization of an intermediate recipient as a condition for the induction of tolerance in homotransplantation of bone marrow. In: Symposium on mechanisms of immunological tolerance. Prague. Czechoslovakia. November 1961

Neill, W.A.; Krasnow, N.; Wagman, R.J.; Levine, H.J.; Gorlin, R., 1962:
Utilization of anaerobic metabolism by heart muscle

Verine, H., 1968:
Utilization of angiographic methods in canine medicine interpretation of pictures

Kout, M., 1963:
Utilization of animal serum for determining the human erythrocyte group in the ABO system

Speck, F.G.; Dexter, R.W., 1952:
Utilization of animals and plants by the Malecite Indians of New Brunswick

Speck, F.G.; Dexter, R.W., 1951:
Utilization of animals and plants by the Micmac Indians of New Brunswick

Cain, R.B., 1966:
Utilization of anthranilic and nitrobenzoic acids by Nocardia opaca and a flavobacterium

Goudemand, M.; Delmas Marsalet, Y.; Parquet Gernez, A.; Lerche Habart, B., 1968:
Utilization of anti hemophilic fractions of animal origin in hemophilia hemostatic effectiveness and immunological consequences

Feldman, Z.Ya, 1956:
Utilization of antibiotics in storing lemon

Utilization of antibody for the localization of metals and dyes in the tissues

Dubost, C.; Carpentier, A., 1968:
Utilization of aortic hetero grafts in mitral position clinical results abstract human blood vessels heart disorders

Chapman, I.; Kwun, C.; Vargha, Z., 1961:
Utilization of aortic knob calcification for radiographic localization

Fujii, Yoshitsugu; Orimo, Nobuyuki; Kondo, Fumio; Furusaka, Choseki; Uemura, T., 1952:
Utilization of apples. IX. Production of the mould pectic enzyme by submerged culture. 2

Matsuda, Kazuo; Aso, K., 1952:
Utilization of apples. VII. By-products of apple-pulp manufacturing

Reid, Kenneth, 1943:
Utilization of aquatic resources

Disler, E.N., 1964:
Utilization of arginine and ornithine by Pseudomonas pyocyaneum and P. fluorescens

Deibel, R.H., 1964:
Utilization of arginine as an energy source for the growth of Streptococcus faecalis

Decicco, B.T.; Umbreit, W.W., 1964:
Utilization of Aromatic Amino Acids by Hydrogenomonas Facilis

Stevenson, I.L., 1967:
Utilization of aromatic hydrocarbons by Arthrobacter spp

Pop, M.; Paraschivescu, M.; Marandici, A., 1966:
Utilization of artificial insemination in hen improvement works

Ringwald, F., 1949:
Utilization of artificial light in horticulture

Calhoun, John, B., 1948:
Utilization of artificial nesting substrate by doves and robins

Krotkov, G.; Masoro, E.J.; Nelson, C.D.; Reed, G.B., 1953:
Utilization of asparagine by rats

Humfeld, H.; Feustel, I.C., 1943:
Utilization of asparagus juice in microbiological culture media

Tuneberg, E.; Ryan, F.T., 1951:
Utilization of aspen from the Turtle Mountains

Garland, H., 1947:
Utilization of aspen. A problem analysis

Truffaut, G.; Bezssonoff, N., 1927:
Utilization of atmospheric N by green plants

Durbin, R.P., 1968:
Utilization of atp from anaerobic glycolysis by the stomach abstract frog active transport enz atpase

Traurig, H.H.; Morgan, C.F., 1964:
Utilization of autoradiography and tritiated thymidine to measure the growth response of mammary epithelium to hormonal treatment

Ruperez, A., 1967:
Utilization of bacillus thuringiensis in the struggle against lymantria dispar in spain

Lamy, L.; Piechaud, D., 1963:
Utilization of bacterial sensitivity to antibiotics in studies on the role of bacteria in the determinism of spontaneous encystment of Entaraoeba histolytica in culture

Lamy, L.; Piechaud, D., 1963:
Utilization of bacterial sensitivity to antibiotics to study the role of bacteria in the determination of the spontaneous encystment of Entamoeba histolytica in culture Title only

Kirk, W.G.; Peacock, F.M.; Davis, G.K., 1960:
Utilization of bagasse in the fattening rations

Eticha, F.; Berghofer, E.; Grausgruber, H., 2009:
Utilization of barley Hordeum vulgare L landraces in the highlands of West Shewa, Ethiopia

Filipinsky, M.; Dohnalek, J.; Eysselt, M.; Canek, A., 1967:
Utilization of basic minerals for cariogenic and anti carious diets follow up study of offspring rat

Trushkin, A.V., 1960:
Utilization of bees for cotton plant pollination

Itschner, K.F.; Drechsler, E.R.; Warner, C.; Fox, S.W., 1954:
Utilization of benzoyl amino acids by four species of bacteria

Gilbert Dreyfus; Delzant, G.; Sebaoun, J.; Schaison, G.; Benveniste, J., 1967:
Utilization of beta inhibitors in thyro toxicoses and during the treatment of thyroidal insufficiencies abstract human

Severina, L.O.; Sys, Z.D.; Lenskaia, G.S., 1967:
Utilization of bile acids and cholesterol by microorganisms consuming cholic acid

Arnim, S.S., 1942:
Utilization of biologic principles in the practice of operative dentistry II Statistics, an aid to efficient diagnosis

Spahr, S.L.; Kesler, E.M.; Flipse, R.J., 1965:
Utilization Of Blood Acetate And Butyrate By The Isolated, Perfused Goat Rumen

Evans, C.L.; Hsu, F.Y.; Kosaka, T., 1934:
Utilization of blood sugar and formation of lactic acid by the lungs

Vives, M.; Shapiro, J., 1966:
Utilization of boron-loaded nuclear track plates in a spherical moderator for measuring environmental neutron dose

Frank, G.B., 1963:
Utilization of bound calcium in the acetylcholine contracture of frog skeletal muscle

Frank, G.B., 1962:
Utilization of bound calcium in the action of caffeine and certain multivalent cations on skeletal muscle

George, M.J.; Mohamed, K.H., 1967:
Utilization of brackish water areas for prawn culture

Dickson, J.A., 1967:
Utilization of britains timber resources

Puecher Passavalli, Luigi, 1930:
Utilization of broom

Zarour, A.anacio, J., 1964:
Utilization of brown algae in propagating T. utilis by deep tank fermentation

Popkhadze, M.Z., 1968:
Utilization of brucella bacterio phage tbilisi for brucella differentiation human brucella abortus brucella melitensis

Bornstein, Simon, 1961:
Utilization of by-products of the soybean oil industry for poultry feed

Mussehl, F.E.; Hill, R.S.; Blish, M.J.; Ackerson, C.W., 1930:
Utilization of calcium by the growing chick

Boyd, 0. F.; Lyman, J.F., 1930:
Utilization of calcium soaps by the white rat

Brown, E.; Macleod, F.L.; Mcdonald, B.B.; Morrell, E.; Schofield, F.A.; Williams, D.E., 1956:
Utilization of calcium, phosphorus, riboflavin and nitrogen on restricted and supplemented diets

Soskin, S.; Levine, R.; Lehmann, W., 1938:
Utilization of carbohydrate by the phlo-rhizinized dog

Cole, D.F., 1963:
Utilization Of Carbohydrate Metabolites In The Rabbit Ciliary Epithelium

Raj, H.D.; Duryee, F.L.; Deeney, A.M.; Wang, C.H.; Anderson, A.W.; Elliker, P.R., 1960:
Utilization of carbohydrates and amino acids by Micrococcus radiodurans

Wohlhieter, J.A.; Brinton, C.C.; Baron, L.S., 1962:
Utilization of Carbohydrates and Metabolic Intermediates by Piliated and Nonpiliated Bacteria

Kovaleva, N.I.; Kuz'mina, A.P., 1963:
Utilization of carbohydrates and nitrogenous substances by paratyphus B bacteria

Sweeney, E.E.; Jann, G.J., 1962:
Utilization of carbohydrates and polyhydric alcohols by Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Holm, August, 1934:
Utilization of carbohydrates and salts of organic acids by C diphtheriae in the production of toxin of high Lf value

Georgi, C.E.; Ettinger, J.M., 1941:
Utilization of Carbohydrates and Sugar Acids by the Rhizobia

Evans, D.H., 1966:
Utilization of carbohydrates by Actinobacillus mallei

Liu, P., 1952:
Utilization of carbohydrates by Pseudomonas aeruginosa

O'brien, E.; Perlman, D., 1956:
Utilization of carbohydrates by strains of Streptomyces griseus

Cosgrove, W.B., 1959:
Utilization of carbohydrates by the mosquito flagellate, Crithidia fasciculata

Bartos, S.; Skarda, J., 1968:
Utilization of carbon 14 acetate and of carbon 14 glucose by beef fatty tissue in vitro abstract pentose cycle

Dasani, U.P.; Desa, J.D.H., 1965:
Utilization of carbon and nitrogen compounds by Indian Nocardia species isolated from soil and other sources

Majumdar, M.K.; Majumdar, S.K., 1967:
Utilization of carbon and nitrogen-containing compounds for neomycin production by Streptomyces fradiae

Mcclung, N.M., 1954:
Utilization of carbon compounds by Nocardia species

Bhatnagar, G.C.; Prasad, N., 1968:
Utilization of carbon compounds by fusarium solani f aurantifoliae lime d

Merrill, Malcolm, H., 1931:
Utilization of carbon compounds by mycobacteria in a synthetic medium

Abelson, P.H.; Bolton, E.T.; Aldous, E., 1952:
Utilization of carbon dioxide in the synthesis of proteins by Escherichia coli. I

Abelson, P.H.; Bolton, E.T.; Aldous, E., 1952:
Utilization of carbon dioxide in the synthesis of proteins by Escherichia coli. II

Materna, J.; Kohout, R., 1964:
Utilization of carbon from Na2CO3 in assimilation organs of various trees

Singh, R.R., 1967:
Utilization of carbon sources by Macro-phomina phaseoli Ashby

Tandon, R.N., 1965:
Utilization of carbon sources by Pestalotia bicolor Ell et Ev causing leaf spot disease of Diospyros peregrina Gurke

Mastalerz, P.; Wieczorek, Z.; Kochman, M., 1965:
Utilization Of Carbon-Bound Phosphorus By Microorganisms

Durdle, W.M.; Love, S.B.; Smith, G.S.; Hatfield, E.E., 1962:
Utilization of carotene and performed vitamin A by sheep and cattle fed rations high in content of urea

Halverson, A.W.; Moxon, A.L., 1952:
Utilization of carotene and vitamin A by rats deficient in essential fatty acids

Johnson, V.; Arnrich, L., 1960:
Utilization of carotene as effected by variations in dietary nitrogen in young rats

Jarl, F.; Hellstrom, V., 1954:
Utilization of carotene from hay and sugar beet top silage by diary cows

Tinsley, I.J.; Bubl, E.C., 1961:
Utilization of carotene in rations containing irradiated carrots

Record, R.E.; Beeson, W.M.; Smith, W.H., 1963:
Utilization of carotene, oral and injectable vitamin A in beef

Smith, G.S.; Durdle, W.M.; Smart, L.I.; Neumann, A.L., 1963:
Utilization of carotenes in forages and silages

Boez, L., 1927:
Utilization of cathode vacuum for surface culture of anaerobes

Hardisson, C.; Villanueva, J.R., 1964:
Utilization of cellulose by certain Streptomyces isolated from soil at Tenerife Colloquim of the Division of Southern Microbiology of the French Microbiological Society, February, 1964

Messerle, N., 1926:
Utilization of cellulose in the animal intestine by oral administration of a cytase preparation

Schafer, M.L.; King, K.W., 1965:
Utilization Of Cellulose Oligosaccharides By Cellvibrio Gilvus

Solov'ev, G.M., 1960:
Utilization of certain features of the interrelationship between bees and entomophilous plants

Diamond, L., 1967:
Utilization of changes in pulmonary resistance for the evaluation of bronchodilator drugs

Janiece McHale and R.E.Alston, 1964:
Utilization of chemical patterns in the analysis of hybridization between Baptisia leucantha and B sphaerocarpa

Tosti Croce, Eduardo, 1933:
Utilization of chestnut coppice

Antsyshkina, L.M.; Kirilenko, N.S.; Mel Nikov, G.B.; Ryabov, F.P., 1968:
Utilization of chlorella as feed for fish carassius auratus gibelio yeast vitamin amino acid enrichment

Piedallu, A.; Balachow Sky, A., 1928:
Utilization of chloropicrine against scale insects injurious to the orange tree and date palm

Eyal, Z.; Lillehei, R.C.; Manax, W.G.; Bloch, J.H., 1965:
Utilization Of Chlorpromazine In Heart Storage And Its Combined Use With Hyperbaric Oxygen And Hypothermia

Mueller, A.O.; Schmitt, H.P.; Mueller, G.P., 1951:
Utilization of cholesterol by organisms of the genera Mycobacterium and Nocardia

Shieh, H.S.; Spears, D., 1967:
Utilization of choline or betaine for phospholipid synthesis in an aerobic marine microbe

Wallace, J.D.; Raleigh, R.J.; Sawyer, W.A., 1961:
Utilization of chopped, watered and pelleted native meadow bay by weaned Hereford calves

Mckean, Harlley Ellsworth, 1959:
Utilization of chromosomes in quantitative inheritance

Bieri, J.G., 1955:
Utilization of circulating carotenoids by the rabbit and chick

Bieri, J.G., 1955:
Utilization of circulating carotenoids in the chick and rabbit

Lucis, O.J.; Raheja, M.C.; Millard, O.; Morse, W.I., 1967:
Utilization of circulating precursors for the synthesis of testosterone by human testis in vivo

Randriananja, 1964:
Utilization of circulatory analeptics. Experimental and clinical facts Medical Meeting of Madagascar, 16-21 March 1964, Tananarive, Malgasy Republic Abstract only

Formica, J.V., 1962:
Utilization of citric acid carbon for the biosynthesis of long-chain fatty acids

Guillot, B.R., 1968:
Utilization of citrus d in the food and pharmaceutical industries

Anonymous, 1941:
Utilization of city sewage

Child, R.; Nathanael, W.R.N., 1947:
Utilization of coconut water

Moat, A.G.; Delwiche, E.A., 1950:
Utilization of coenzyme A by Propionibacterium freudenreichii

Fellers, C.R.; Mack, M.J., 1929:
Utilization of cold packed fruits in frozen dairy products. Parts I-III. Strawberries and raspberries

Laugel, P.; Hasselmann, M., 1968:
Utilization of combinations of the nitrogenous acid base dye for the fluorometric determination of alkaloids

Burris, R.H.; Wilson, P.W., 1943:
Utilization of combined nitrogen by Azotobacter

Palenik, S.; Nosal, V., 1968:
Utilization of combined silage prepared out of corn m ears in pig fattening

Gisiger, L., 1955:
Utilization of compost from domestic wastes in Swiss agriculture

Kortleven, J., 1955:
Utilization of compost from domestic wastes, experiencies obtained in the Netherlands, in the field of agriculture

Duhart, A.J., 1959:
Utilization of concentrated insecticides by means of a new apparatus for the anti-locust campaign

Osterwalder, H., 1961:
Utilization of conditionally edible meat and disposal of inedible meat and offal

Kondratenko, F.T., 1963:
Utilization of controlled growing conditions in winter rye breedings

Sollami, Blase, J., 1960:
Utilization of controlled leak rate for regulation in a closed respiratory syste

Pierce, Harold Hunter, 1956:
Utilization of corn with higher oil and protein content by steers

Wells, S.D.; Steller, R.L., 1943:
Utilization of cornstalks in the manufacture of paper and paperboard

Dudnikov, I.Ya, 1958:
Utilization of cotton cake as pig fodder

Rojas, S.W.; Zevallos, J.M., 1968:
Utilization of cotton d husks in the rations of dairy cattle

Tamamshev, A.Z.; A. ., 1928:
Utilization of cotton seed cakes and cotton pods as cattle fodder

Krishna, P.V., 1958:
Utilization of cottonseed oil in vanaspati manufacture

Cabana, H.; Jones, J.Peter.; Agathos, S.N., 2008:
Utilization of cross-linked laccase aggregates in a perfusion basket reactor for the continuous elimination of endocrine-disrupting chemicals

Aleksandrov, A.V.; Boos, G.V., 1958:
Utilization of cucumber varieties grown in hothouses for selection and economy

Tosa, T.; Chibata, I., 1965:
Utilization of cyclic amides and formation of -amino acids by microorganisms

Kamibayashi, A.; Saeki, Y.; Higashihara, T.; Yamaguchi, M.; Ono, H., 1967:
Utilization of cyclic hydro carbons by microorganisms part 1 isolation and the oxidation products of p cymene assimilative microorganisms

Hall, W.K.owlton; Sydenstricker, V.P.; Reeves, N., 1950:
Utilization of cystine in man

Johnston, P.M.; Harvey, J.A., 1963:
Utilization Of Cystine-S35 By The Chick Embryo

Calderone, R.A., 1968:
Utilization of d forms and l forms of leucine and aspartic acid by species of pythium and phytophthora

Threlfall, D.R.; Whistance, G.R., 1968:
Utilization of d tyrosine and p hydroxyphenyl pyruvate for the biosynthesis of plastoquinone and related compounds by maize m shoots amino acid metabolism enzyme

Chen, Y.M.; Chavin, W., 1967:
Utilization of d tyrosine by vertebrate skin enz tyrosinase melanogenesis

Spencer, J.F.T., 1966:
Utilization of d-amino acids by Prototheca

Drekter, L.; Scheiner, J.; D.R.tter, E.; Rubin, S.H., 1951:
Utilization of d-biotinol by the rat and human

Zubchenko, I.A., 1966:
Utilization of d-glucqse-l-C14 dissolved in water by fresh-water shrimp Gammarus balcanicus

Wilkening, M.C.; Schweigert, B.S., 1947:
Utilization of d-tryptophan by the chick

Anantakrishnan, C.P.; Paul, T.M., 1945:
Utilization of dairy by-products

Deesquef, L.P.; Carputti, T.H., 1947:
Utilization of dark sugar as in iron source

Benvegnin, L.; Capt, E., 1954:
Utilization of data of measurements of density for estimation of the probable alcohol in the evaluation of grape musts

Jankovits, Tibor, 1966:
Utilization of data of structural examination iii planning for soil protecfion

Utilization of dehydroascorbic acid by human subjects

Benvegnin, L.; Capt, E., 1954:
Utilization of densimetric information to estimate the alcoholic content of grape must

Shingari, B.K.; Rao, P.V.; Negi, S.S., 1968:
Utilization of deoiled rice m polish in poultry mashes digestibility of protein in deoiled rice m polish mashes

Osogoe, B.; Ueki, A.; Nakahara, H., 1968:
Utilization of deoxy cytidine for the synthesis of dna thymine in lymphocytes

Burgess, R.L., 1965:
Utilization of desert plants by native peoples: An overview of Southwestern North America

Lulla, B.S., 1948:
Utilization of desizing washings for the culture of industrially important organisms

Reichard, P.; Estborn, B., 1951:
Utilization of desoxyribosides in the synthesis of polynucleotides

Adams, S.M., 1968:
Utilization of detritus by some macro fauna of an eel grass m community palaemontes pugio fish

Carlier, G., 1968:
Utilization of diazepam in convulsions of the child

Longenecker, J.B., 1963:
Utilization of dietary proteins

Gintovt, V.E.; Ivanova, E.A., 1961:
Utilization of diethylstilbestrol in fattening chickens

Saksena, R.K.; Sarbhoy, A.K., 1960:
Utilization of different carbon compounds by two species of Cunninghamella

Chan, C.; Stephen, R.C., 1968:
Utilization of different carbon sources by the genus Linderina

Semushina, T.N.; Stakhorskaya, L.K.; Monakhova, N.L., 1963:
Utilization of different sugars by nutrient yeast cultures

Goldberg, L.; Kahan, E.; Kahan, J., 1957 :
Utilization of different sugars in liver injury

Eagle, H., 1955:
Utilization of dipeptides by mammalian cells in tissue culture

Sever, J.L.; Ley, A.C.; Wolman, F.; Caplan, B.M.; Crockett, P.W.; Turner, H.C., 1964:
Utilization Of Disposable Plastic Plates, With A Serologic Microtechnic

Pampapath, R.O.K.; Goldberg, E.D., 1954:
Utilization of dissolved calcium by a pelecypod

Miller, Lawrence, P., 1947:
Utilization of dl-methionine as a source of sulphur by growing plants

Cuno, John, B., 1926:
Utilization of dogwood and persimmon

Cosack, J., 1955:
Utilization of domestic wastes and of sewage in silviculture: experiments in Germany and the Netherlands

Seppala, Niilo, 1958:
Utilization of drain traps with a view to avoiding covered drains becoming blocked with rust

Yakushenko, L.K., 1959:
Utilization of drained swamps and bogged-up soils for poplar growing

Sladovnik, Karel, 1960:
Utilization of dung and other manures in fertilizing

Protasov, A.A.; Kozlova, L.L., 1958:
Utilization of dwarf mole trout in fish cultural establishments

Crowley, T.A.; Reid, B.L.; Kurnick, A.A., 1963:
Utilization of egg phosphorus by the developing embryo

Leclercq, Bernard, 1967:
Utilization of elaidic acid for the study of lipid metabolism in laying hens

Leclercq, B.; Blum, J.C., 1967:
Utilization of elaidinized peanut d oil by laying hens i effects on formation and composition of vitelline reserves

Pigorini, L., 1931:
Utilization of electric light in cultivation of plants

Moricard, R.; Hinglais Guillaud, N.; Cartier, R., 1959:
Utilization of electron microscopy techniques in the study of ovogenesis of mammals

Olson, R.E.; Hoeschen, R.J., 1967:
Utilization of endogenous lipid by the isolated perfused rat heart

Danilova, N.S., 1966:
Utilization of endosperm nitrogen and nitrogen of the nutrient medium by maize shoots

Hill, F.W., 1965:
Utilization of energy for growth by chicks

Mayer, M.; Avi-Dor, Y., 1968:
Utilization of energy sources for potassium accumulation in EDTA-treated cells of Escherichia coli

Martouret, D., 1967:
Utilization of entomo pathogenic microorganisms in agriculture actual potentialities and perspectives presented by bacillus thuringiensis

Jensen, Leo, S., 1961:
Utilization of enzymes in bird feed

Zuckerman, A.; Grace, H.N., 1949:
Utilization of erucic acid oils

Emoto, C.; Murayama, N.; Rostami-Hodjegan, A.; Yamazaki, H., 2009:
Utilization of estimated physicochemical properties as an integrated part of predicting hepatic clearance in the early drug-discovery stage: Impact of plasma and microsomal binding

Rao, M.R.R.; Stokes, J.L., 1953:
Utilization of ethanol by acetic acid bacteria

van der WALT.J., 1962:
Utilization of ethylamine by yeasts

Smith, H.C.; Brown, H.E.; Moyer, J.E.; Ward, C.H., 1968:
Utilization of excretory products of chlorella pyrenoidosa by selected bacteria

Gordon, M., 1955:
Utilization of exogenous adenine by the rat

Olson, R.E., 1967:
Utilization of exogenous and endogenous lipids by the isolated perfused rat heart

Mcdaniel, J.S.; Dixon, K.E., 1967:
Utilization of exogenous glucose by the rediae of parorchis acanthus digenea philophthalmidae and cryptocotyle lingua digenea heterophyidae thais lapillus littorina littorea inst radio isotope labels

Miller, J.H.; Kempner, E.S., 1963:
Utilization of Exogenous Proline by the Yeast Candida utilis

Kessler, G.; Feingold, D.S.; Hassid, W.Z., 1960:
Utilization of Exogenous Sugars for Biosynthesis of Carbohydrates in Germinating Pollen

Anonymous, 1962:
Utilization of exotic varieties in breeding garden pea

Rubinshtein, S.Ya, 1965:
Utilization of experimental methods in the study of psychopathological phenomena Problems of experi-mental psychopathology

Whitson, D.; Carrick, C.W.; Roberts, R.E.; Hauge, S.M., 1942:
Utilization of fat by chickens A method for determining the absorption of nutrients

Eusebio, J.A.; Hays, V.W.; Speer, V.C.; Mccall, J.T., 1963:
Utilization of fats by baby pigs

Stern, A.M.; Ordal, Z.J.; Halvorson, H.O., 1954:
Utilization of fatty acids by and lipolytic activities of Mucor mucedo

Rose, H.; Vaughan, M.; Steinberg, D., 1964:
Utilization Of Fatty Acids By Rat Liver Slices As A Function Of Medium Concentration

Ara, K., 1944:
Utilization of fatty acids in liver and muscle during starvation

Nehring, K.; Schiemann, R.; Hoffman, L., 1961:
Utilization of feed energy in dependence of intake level M. Experiments with steers and wethers

Nehring, K.; Schiemann, R.; Hoffman, L.; Klippel, W., 1960:
Utilization of feed energy with respect to level of nutrition

Ullrey, D.E.; Miller, E.R.; Hoefer, J.A.; Struthers, R.D.; Hall, H.H., 1963:
Utilization of fermentation carotenoids by swine

Welch, C.D.; Hall, N.S.; Nelson, W.L., 1950:
Utilization of fertilizer and soil phosphorus by soybeans

Leclerc, H.; Catsaras, M., 1959:
Utilization of filters in the isolation of fecal streptococci in drinking water

Gunasekera, C., 1958:
Utilization of fish liver residues

Horner, C.K.; Allison, F.E., 1944:
Utilization of Fixed Nitrogen by Azotobacter and Influence on Nitrogen Fixation

Bentse, F., 1966:
Utilization of flood-plain lakes in the Hungarian region of the Danube for intensive fish culture. Contributions to the 7th Session of the joint commission on fisheries agreements in Danube waters

Siluyanova, N.A., 1967:
Utilization of fluorescent antibodies for a rapid identification of yeastlike fungi in pure cultures

Lyshchina, L.P., 1957:
Utilization of fodder protein in meat fattening of pigs with corn rations

Ivlev, V.S., 1961:
Utilization of food by planktophagous fish

Menzel, David Washington, 1958:
Utilization of food by the reef fishes Holacanthus bermudensis and Epinephelus guttatus

Squibb, Robert, L., 1961:
Utilization of forages for poultry nutrition in the Pacific area

Dolezhal, 1955:
Utilization of forest types in improving forest economy

Crovari, P., 1960:
Utilization of formalinized mutton erythrocytes for Salmonella antibody detection, with special emphasis on antigen storage

Rossi, L.; Dokoupil, S., 1965:
Utilization of fortuitin, kansasin, swischin, and johnin in differential diagnostics of mycobacterial infections in cattle

Rosenkrantz, H., 1957:
Utilization of fractionation procedures with infrared analysis. In: Biological applications of infrared spectroscopy

Bodel, P.T.; Rubenstein, D.; Mcgarry, E.E.; Beck, J.C., 1962:
Utilization of free acids by diaphragm in vitro

Bauguess, L.C.; Berg, C.P., 1934:
Utilization of free and acetylated 1- and dl-tryptophane by Oidium lacti

Dailey, R.E.; Swell, L.; Treadwell, C.R., 1962:
Utilization of free and esterified cholesterol-4-C14 for corticoid biosynthesis by hog adrenal homogenates

Dutt, B.K.; Thakurta, A.G.ha, 1949:
Utilization of freshly harvested potato tuber for cultivation

Dutt, B.K.; Thakurtha, A.G.ha, 1948:
Utilization of freshly harvested potato tuber in the cultivation

Spag, Edward, F., 1954:
Utilization of fringed sagewort on a winter sheep range

Gibson, M.S.; Wang, C.H., 1968:
Utilization of fructose and glutamate by Rhodospirillum rubrum

Gottschalk, G.; Eberhardt, U.; Schlegel, H.G., 1964:
Utilization of fructose by Hydrogenomonas H 16

Geiger, A.; Magnes, J.; Taylor, R.M.; Waelsch, H., 1949:
Utilization of fructose by the perfused brain of the living cat

Joslyn, M.A.; Marsh, G.L., 1937:
Utilization of fruit in commercial production of fruit juice

Karczewska, Helena, 1955:
Utilization of fruit water from starch plants in yeast production

Corman, J.; Tsuchiya, H.M., 1951:
Utilization of fungal amylase for alcohol production

Horr, W.H., 1936:
Utilization Of Galactose By Aspergillus Niger And Penicillium Glaucum

Erz, Wolfgang, 1966:
Utilization of game animals in Africa as an agricultural basis

Bunyatyan, G.K.; Osipova, E.N., 1967:
Utilization of gamma-aminobutyric-acid in brain tissue

Miller, T.L.; Johnson, M.J., 1966 :
Utilization of gas oil by a yeast culture

Kvasnikov, E.I.; Malashenko, Y.R.; Romanovskaya, V.A.; Zapotyl, K.E.F., 1968:
Utilization of gaseous hydro carbons by bacteria isolated in western ukrainian oil gas deposits

Bean, M.L.; Hanson, H.L., 1962:
Utilization of geese 2 Precooked frozen foods

Bean, M.L.; Hanson, H.L., 1962:
Utilization of geese. I. Tenderness and yield

Rossmoore, H.W.; Goehler, B., 1961:
Utilization of gelatin by Bacillus species

Gartler, S.M., 1967:
Utilization of genetic mosaics for problems of development title

Kutkuhn, Joseph, H., 1958:
Utilization of gizzard shad by game fishes in North Twin Lake

Brown, H.; Brown, J., 1961:
Utilization of globin peptides in hemoglobin synthesis in vitro

Dubois, A., 1927:
Utilization of glucides by S duttoni

Levine, A.S., 1964:
Utilization of glucose and fructose by Rous sarcoma virus induced tumors

Liljestrand, A.; Lundsgaard, E., 1939:
Utilization of glucose and phosphate metabolism in hind-limb preparations of cats poisoned with phlorizin

Bartos, S., 1962:
Utilization of glucose and volatile fatty acids by liver and muscle of calves and adult cattle

Schlegel, H.G.; Gottschalk, G., 1965:
Utilization Of Glucose By A Mutant Of Hydrogenomonas H 16

Higuchi, T., 1963:
Utilization of glucose by bacteria of the coliform groups, in conditions of aerobiosis and anaerobiosis. Effect of 2,4-dinitrophenol

Vasil Eva, L.E., 1968:
Utilization of glucose by different tissues and their response to the action of insulin hormone and neuro hypophyseal hormones rat rabbit

Burton, S.D.; Robbins, E.D.; Byers, S.O., 1956:
Utilization of glucose by hyperthyroid isolated rat liver

Fuhrman, G.J.; Fuhrman, F.A., 1963:
Utilization of glucose by the hypothermic rat

Campbell, P.N., 1955:
Utilization of glucose for the synthesis of protein in chicken and rat liver and rat hepatoma in vitro

Miyao, N.; Hayashi, M., 1968:
Utilization of glucose in chicken liver and muscle and effect of alloxan on it rat pancreas

Sutherland, V.C.; Burbridge, T.N., 1951:
Utilization of glucose in vitro by human brain slices

Hashimoto, S.; Dayton, S., 1968:
Utilization of glucose, octanoate and palmitate by normal rat aorta, and the effect of these acids and of albumin on glucose metabolism

Gilvarg, C., 1952:
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Utilization of haploids in the improvement of cotton

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Utilization of host purines by transplanted tumors

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Utilization of hybrid vigor for increasing disease resistance and productivity of bees

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Utilization of hybrid vigor for increasing vegetable production

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Utilization of hydroponics in ecological studies of the cotton aphid

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Utilization of idle lands around cranberry bogs

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Utilization Of Inlying Ph Probe For Evaluation Of Acid-Peptic Diathesis

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Utilization of inorganic nitrogen by Fusarium solani f sp phaseoli and F roseum f sp cerealis

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Utilization of inorganic nitrogen in the synthesis of free amino acids by BCG

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Utilization of inorganic phosphates by ruminants

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Utilization of inst electronic electro encephalographic analysis in sleep control under anesthesia human

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Utilization of inst photometric method for determing pork color

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Utilization of inst quasilinear fluorescence spectra in analysis of poly nuclear aromatic hydro carbons air pollutants

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Utilization of inst scanning electron microscope in the study of micro mammals teeth microtus arvalis hypolagus brachygnathus allophaomys pliocaenicus

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Utilization of inst thin layer chromatography for the characterization of anthracenic derivatives in cassia d species and their identification abstract

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Utilization of intensity of plant bleeding for estimating development of root system

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Utilization of intermediate flax for fiber

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Utilization of inulin from Arctium lappa and certain soluble inulins by the rat

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Utilization of iodine by the thyroid of the platyfish Xiphophorus maculatus

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Utilization of ion exchangers for the separation of some amino acids formed by the enzymatic degradation of cysteinesulfinic acid. Application to the isolation of hypotaurine

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Utilization of ion exchangers in analytical chemistry. XXIV. Isolation of mono-saccharides

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Utilization of iron from ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid-iron chelate complex in culture medium by fusarium

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Utilization of isotope Rb86 in investigations concerning the circulation of potassium in the soil

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Utilization of italian wheat m cultivars under the conditions existing in czechoslovakia

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Utilization of ketone bodies by the myocardiu

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Utilization of ketone bodies in normal and depancreatized dogs

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Utilization of ketone bodies in the rat

Nekhorccheff, J., 1949:
Utilization of ketone bodies in the rat under conditions of basal metabolism and during thermogenesis of reheating