Utude des hybrides entre Zea et Euchlaena. 1. Heredite du taux de l'azote chez Zea mays X Euchlaena mexicana

Sosa, B.urdouil, C.; Miege, E.

Bull Biol France Et Belgique 70(3): 358-370


Accession: 026066705

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Maize and teosinte are similar with respect to the C and H composition of the seeds, but teosinte seeds have a higher N content than those of maize. The F1 is intermediate with respect to N content and the F2 shows the customary variability with the parental conditions recovered. The author believes his data show that the lower N content of maize behaved as a recessive. The illustrations of the F1 seed spikes indicate that the teosinte parent was, in fact, already hybridized with maize.